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Lee Sin Build Guide by InvadingNA

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InvadingNA

The Blind Bruce Lee [S4]

InvadingNA Last updated on June 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi ! im josho10 , a retired PH player . Maining Support. i think right now my rank now is silver since im inactive playing ranks and this is my first guide so if you have any questions dosent hesitate PM me or comment :D and since im new its all text but i think its worth reading lolol. . So. Leesin , well leesin is one of the most OP champs all around. You can make him Top, Mid,Jungle,Support which is rare but i do it and it works :D since LeeSin is mostly on Jungle so im making mine Jungle too. So Enjoy!

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Mark: Since youre in the jungle lane. You got to put some dmg to your LS since the normal ARMPEN/ARM/MR/DMG set is for the Top leesin you will be find it hard to rotate at the jungle very quickly so its is recommended to you to have DMG on mark since you want to have easier roatation at the same time. If the enemy counterjungles you . YOU CAN ACT and attack him/her Just Q/E/E him and if its not enough W out . Just play safe and make sure you make a statement that 'Hey no one touches my *****es'.

Glyph/Seal: Well this is the basic runes for Jungle/Top so i dont think im gonna explain this furher. But just in case. If youre gonna Gank you have some backup armor/MR which will make a great use of early ganks. Because if you gonna go in with Pure AD runes and youre gonna go against like Leb etc if you kick her and he goes free he can trade WQ with you . Since you have no MR . it will be a damn hassle to you . Because you lost half of your hp and youre gonna be forced to recall if youre gonna go in your camp and it was warded you will be in deeep **** as youre walking food in the enemy jungler . So this is the basic build of an Jungler so i recommended it .

Quint: if youre the farm type that go clean the farming camps and go gank go for DMG runes. If youre the gank type that puts pressure to the Mid/Top go to ARMPEN runes because its more easier especialy if the enemmy top/mid ar both AD.

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Pros / Cons


*OP Early Ganks
*OP Skill Set
*Not Mana Based
*Can make long range ADC's like Ez and cait come in to you (QQWR combo)
*Has High Mobility


*Not too much AOE
*Not too much Scale
*Running out of Energy OP
*Hard to handle
*If you hit the Q it will be hard o execute the combo.

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Summoner's Spells



Well. Smite is essential to EVERY JUNGLER there is . because if like Youre gonna go hard leash and sucsessfully gets it . Will it pay off ? NOPE. It will be more harder and longer to clear the jungle which makes the enemy jungler the upper hand the fact that he can clear faster than you , has the potential stealing Baron and Dragon from you , And can Counterjungle you in an instant. So you Need SMITE .


Well Plain and Simple. It is the perfect spell for Lee Sin because he can position himself with his W right ? so in case like Ezreal or Cait That if you go QQ on them They will E so after the E you go "WardJump" (Ill discuss it later on) as you go Wardjump what will they do after that ? Flash out so after they flash out go flash also and EE them so you can CC them hard and for the finishing touch the QQ .Easy i wouldnt recommend other spells. because the fact that his Skill set will be a whole different prospective if he has Flash.

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My Path of Blindness

Thats the path when i go LeeSin Jungle . Well LeeSin is one of the best junglers out there and its Pros and easy counterjungling from the chart Always go on Blue . Well he is energy based wtf we should go blue? well , in my prespective well your always aiming to make the enemy jungler as its disadvantages so you go counterjungling . Because if you go red you get a so much xp mostly you get 3 with wraiths golem. Which the enemy jungler will not have and a lot of cdr for Q . So after getting thier red "always go on top/mid" Gank man you got double buffs and you gonna waste it in jungle your farm ? nah man thats mess up. in my way ill go top because its super close and after that you not gonna temp yourself to get your red buff. BUT its easier to GANK MID . because the squishiness of thier Mid wil make them bleed with those Dbuffs . and may force a flash which its a great advantage to your Mid . but i go top because even the gank fails . i recall to get spirit stone THEN ill go mid .

BUT if your money is exact for the spirit stone . get some cs a two or 3 so YOU CAN GET A WARD. even you have a trinket which wards out like the normal ones. the normal ward last 3min which you gonna put it IN YOUR RED BUFF just in case the Enemy Jungler tries to go counterjungling you. reserve your trinket for emergency or sticky situation when you fought thier mid with jungler etc. at least you can go trinket W .

BUT if Red based champ EVEN with manapool Like XZ etc you go with red . Just go vice versa but DO THE SAME THING.

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Wombo Combos/Tips


Tips for the Blind Man:

Gank Early and Put Pressure in lanes
Focus on Snowballing
Split Push if your kinda hard in clashing or the enemy is ahead.
Always Aim your Q in ADC and MID not TANKS.
If you get QQ in wait for lee sin to be AT THE BACK not in the front mostly youre gonna be kicking him back to his team
If your team got caught up in a bad clash . Always think Ahead for ex. Me (LeeSin) and Soraka and we got caught up by Leona and Trundle . Usually Trundle will block the path which makes leona to hit harder. If she gonna R FIRST if the REQ of leona landed to soraka KICK TRUNDLE Because HE IS THE MAIN DAMAGE OF THE TWO OF THEM. If Like leona burns his R and goes for the E THE moment E connects Just kick leona . Because he ahs super high amount of substain and fot trundle you can just EE ward W out . so Always THINK AHEAD AND PREDICT THIER MOVEMENTS.