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Ezreal Build Guide by adiavis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author adiavis

The Caster ADC, Still in the works

adiavis Last updated on June 19, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Update Info

I hope to work on this when I can, and I am kinda getting somewhere, so I hope you enjoy and like the rest that is to come! Good luck, have fun, and most of all learn something!

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This is my first guide ever. I hope that you will learn something or even help me learn something about Ezreal. I find ADCs to be really fun to play, since Ezreal is my favorite ADC I had to make a guide for him at some point. Good luck!

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So Ezreal is very unique. He brings a lot to a team other than a high damage carry. His ultimate is one of the best global abilities in the game. His high burst makes it easy to kill an enemy that is over extended. His mobility is amazing as well. Finally, his passive makes it almost a waste to build an attack speed item. He is the caster ADC of League of Legends.

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A little about me

Hello and welcome to my first guide! I have been playing since the middle of season 3, about three weeks after Lissandra came out. I have always wanted to make a guide, but I never really found a champion that I thought I new well enough to actually follow through with it. I have been playing Ezreal for a while now and I love him! I really hated ADC and was really bad at it. I figured I had to learn sometime, and once I did learn; I had a whole lot of fun with it. An ADC can carry pretty hard as long as the rest of the team aren't potatoes. I liked ADCs, but I didn't find that one that fight my play style until I played Ezreal. He is very different from other ADCs. He is one of the few ADCs that can farm with abilities. He is also a caster like ADC with his abilities. I have always been pretty good with skill shots and loved mages, so Ezreal was and is the best ADC for my play style.

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Pros and Cons


•Insane burst
•High mobility
•Doesn't tend to fall off


•Relies on skill shots
•Very high skill cap
•No CC at all

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Ezreal's Niche

I would really like to explain how Ezreal works in a team. His role can be quite complicated, but also simple. He is like most ADCs and stays behind the rest of the team, but he can also be towards the middle or front depending on the situation. His high mobility let's him face the fight without much punishment. This is a great aspect of him. He can use abilities right in your face and then just run away in a blink of an eye. He has very few limits to his positioning. Just remember to stay safe from the fed assassins, or enemies with hard CC.

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Ezreal's abilities are very unique for an ADC which means they need some explanation.

His 'Q' is very simple. It is a skill shot that applies on hit effects. So items like sheen will apply to the damage or effect on the enemy it hits. This ability does the most damage for its up time.

His 'W' is very cool in my opinion. The skill shot is like his q, you shoot it out, but it goes through units. It only effects champions. When it goes through an enemy champion it does damage and when it hits an ally it increases his or her attack speed and gives you a stack of your passive.

His 'E' is pretty cool. Not only is it a way to escape, but it also has great engage potential because this ability does damage to the nearest enemy unit. Can be great to get that last hit on someone or even try to burst them out of nowhere.

Ezreal's 'R' is my favorite. It is similar to most other global ADC ultimates. It goes forever once casted and for every unfriendly unit it hits, if gives you a passive stack and it does damage. This damage is reduced for each hit, but only is reduced by a certain amount. This can be great for clearing a minion wave, hitting someone far away while they are escaping/backing, or even just to get passive stacks for a team fight.

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I talked about most of the items already and those are under the notes with the build.
here are the notes:

This is normally what you would buy first.
Doran's Blade
Health Potion
Warding Totem

I tend to like to grab my BF sword first, but it's more preference. Sheen is very good for last hitting minions as well as poking then enemy ADC. Even if you miss you 'Q', you can still have a very hard hitting auto to engage with. BF sword also brings a lot of damage, this helps me last hit minions, so I tend to build it.
B. F. Sword
Boots of Speed
Vampiric Scepter

These can be bought in any order. Blood thirster is better when you are trying to last hit, or engage a lot. If you completely depend on your 'Q' hits, then you are gonna lost a lot of fights, but both items are good for engage and farm, just my opinion.
The Bloodthirster
Trinity Force
Berserker's Greaves

This is essential for third item. Ezreal doesn't need an attack speed item as much as other ADCs because of his passive and Trinity force gives enough. The armor penetration is amazing for your auto damage.
Last Whisper

This part of the build really depends on how you and your team is doing, as well as the other team's composition and how they are doing. These are all situational. I really like to build infinity edge before I build my defensive item because the damage and burst this item gives can be worth buying over a tanky item in some situations. Do not, I repeat, do not build infinity edge if you the other team has a very fed member that can take you our in one hit, it is better to build the tanky item. I prefer guardian's Angel just because I like the passive more. I can run into a fight and die, but still live and fight some more. Bansee's veil has it's own uses as well. Champs like Nidalee hate that item and it will save you a lot, so don't be afraid to buy it if you have to.
Infinity Edge
Guardian Angel
Banshee's Veil
Mercurial Scimitar

This is a typical Ezreal build. Always remember to upgrade your trinket once you are full build. Good luck :)
The Bloodthirster
Trinity Force
Berserker's Greaves
Infinity Edge
Guardian Angel
Last Whisper
Banshee's Veil

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Farming with Ezreal can be very easy compared to other ADCs. I tend to struggle or do amazing with Farming as ADCs. I pretty much always do well with Ezreal because his kit allows him to use his q freely, so "'Q' farming" can be very effective when you are being harassed. The long range makes it easy to farm. Also always remember to hit enemy minions with abilities while attacking the turret, you gain attack speed stacks from your passive. This will help you destroy the turret much faster. Farming is big on ADCs so make sure you practice some if you are not getting 100 minions by 15 mins. That is always my low goal for farm. Even if I don't achieve it I still farm the jungle or any lane when I can to catch up and you should always do this no matter how ahead or behind you are on farm.