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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by FatManOnWheels

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FatManOnWheels

The Devil Plays a Mean Fiddle (Jungle)

FatManOnWheels Last updated on July 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fiddle is a really fun and game-changing champion. With good team communication and map control Fiddle becomes practically unstoppable. Although he doesn't have as good AP ratios as other casters, he can rip a team to shreds with his ult and great crowd control. He also isn't the fastest of junglers, but he is hard to gank in the jungle due to drain keeping him at full health throughout his jungle.

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Dread (Passive)
Lowers enemy magic resist. Very good passive for Fiddle because he needs to be near his opponents as he kills them. One problem is it will give you away if you are in a bush waiting for a gank.

Terrify (Q)
One of the best crowd control abilities in the game. Single target 3 second fear. In team fights this ability practically takes an enemy out of the fight. Early game can be used to prevent enemies from getting out of your drain or crowstorm.

Drain (W)
Fiddle channels draining a target's health. If the tether is broken, the channel will stop. This ability makes Fiddle almost impossible to 1v1 without a stun, silence, or knock up. Fiddles main ability while jungling as it helps kill the creeps while staying at max health.

Dark Wind (E)
Fiddle throws a crow which bounces between 5 enemy targets dealing damage and silencing them. Great for farming and pushing. Good for interrupting channels and can deal pretty good damage if fed.

CrowStorm (R)
After channeling Fiddle teleports to target location dealing massive AoE damage overtime to targets around Fiddle. Best used when a fight has started so enemies do not get out.

Crowstrom is Fiddle's main contribution to teamfights. Very good in combination with other ults such as Jarvan IV,
Amumu, Sona, Kennen, and other AoE stun ultimates.

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Summoner Spells

I take Smite and Flash. With the new patch and rework of Fiddlesticks, he now needs Smite to jungle, so I pick it up. Flash is for quick escapes and chases.

Other good spells are Ghost, Exhaust, and Ignite.

Ghost helps keep up with enemies while you Crowstorm. It also helps get out of bad situations.

Exhaust helps keep enemies in your Crowstorm.

Ignite helps to ensure kills. (Not very recommended but can still be effective.)

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Masteries and Runes

I go 9/0/21 for magic penetration and cooldown reduction in Offense and the great utilities in the Utility tree like improved summoner spells, cooldown reduction, longer neutral monster buffs (with this build Fiddle will need blue buff).

Magic penetration marks for better damage output.
Armor seals are necessary for jungling as Fiddlesticks with his changes to his Drain.
I like magic resist per level glyphs for better defense against other casters.
Flat health quints for early game jungling and bulkiness.

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Item Build

Starting Items


You will want to start with an Amplifying Tome and a health pot. The health pot is to keep you alive while you take Golem.

Penetrate Their Defenses

Start by gettting Sorcerer's Shoes and a Haunting Guise for the increased magic penetration early game. Because the enemies will not have much resistance this will completely hamper their magic resist allowing you to deal full damage to them.

Get a Rylai's

If you don't need a Haunting Guise, skip it and build your Amplifying Tome into a Rylai's. Rylai's is a crutial item for Fiddle because it keeps your enemies inside your Crowstorm and Drain while giving you some much needed health for survivability.

Finish Your Core Items

To finish up your core build, you will get a Zhonya's Hourglass. The active allows you to Crowstorm in and take no damage while your opponents are being destroyed.

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Other Good Items

Ability Power

Morello's Evil Tome gives good cooldown reduction and mana regen if someone on your team needs blue buff more such as Anivia.

Will of the Ancients gives good ability power while giving you spell vamp to make your drain heal for more. The aura will also help your casters and supports.

Deathfire Grasp gives alright ability power, cooldown reduction, and mana regen. The active is also good as a nuke although nuking is not Fiddle's style.

Rod of Ages gives good health and survivability while giving good ability power. One downside is it needs to be build early and requires you to delay your other items.

Magic Penetration

Abyssal Scepter is good when the enemies do not have heavy magic resist and when facing high magic teams.

Void Staff is a better pick when the enemies are stacking heavy magic resistance.

Note: Do not get both.


Sunfire Cape is a good pick on Fiddle, the passive adds some damage to your Crowstorm while giving you great survivability.

Randuin's Omen gives good armor and health and has an amazing active that slows every enemy inside of your Crowstorm.

Frozen Heart gives amazing armor and cooldown reduction. The passive also helps you take less damage.

Magic Resist

Spirit Visage is a good choice on Fiddlesticks because it helps his Drain heal for more while giving cooldown reduction to use it more often.

Banshee's Veil is probably one of the best magic resist items due to its passive and health bonuses.

Mercury's Treads are a good choice when facing high CC teams.

Quicksilver Sash can get you out of suppression so good when facing Malzahar, and Warwick.

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Jungle Path

Start at Blue Golem and go the regular: Golem, Wolves, Wraiths, Lizard, Golems.

Jungling with Fiddle is pretty basic. Auto-attack, Drain, repeat. Once you get Dark Wind, mix that in between Drains. Hes not the fastest jungler but you will always have full health without too many mana issues.

Against the Golem, do not use your health pot while draining and use it after the second drain, so it is not wasted. Using the pot while you are draining will interrupt the drain.

The Dragon can be soloed at level 5 or 6

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As the jungler, you should make sure to ward key areas. Good spots are Dragon, Baron, and the red and blue buffs. Warding bushes to the lanes will also protect your laners from the enemies jungler. All champions need to ward, but junglers especially.