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Orianna Build Guide by DJXP21

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DJXP21

The Girl With the Ball

DJXP21 Last updated on June 16, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Pros / Cons

Great harassment.
Good farming.
Good zone control.
Good damage overall.
Good CC.

One of the most difficult champions to play and master.
Relatively squishy early game.
You will probably get confused with the the ball. (Remember that beside using the ball and moving it around, YOU will be the target of your enemies so do not focus only on the ball, but also on Orianna herself.)
You may mess up with the mechanic of The Ball returning to you. It automatically returns to you if you move too far away from it and by touching it, you will pick it up.

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Hello. In this guide, I hope to teach you some basic and advanced strategies that should be performed with Orianna. This is my first guide and i chose Orianna because of how I like her uniqueness. She definitely stands out from most champions because her abilities are centered around "The Ball" rather than herself. Let's get started! :)

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This specific rune will give you 8.55 magic penetration AT LEVEL 1. This can drastically increase your damage at early levels along with the mastery for 15% magic penetration.
Greater Seal of Vitality Orianna is a rather squishy champion and is highly susceptible to death throughout the game. These seals can grant her more survivability throughout the game to make up for this. (Do NOT use this as an excuse to be more aggressive and take more hits just because you can)
Cooldown Reduction is a MUST for any Orianna player. You need to be able to manipulate The Ball as much as possible by making it move around and do special effects every few seconds. With these glyphs, you will have max cooldown reduction by the end of your build.
This will give you 15 AP at level 1. Combined with your starting item, Doran's Ring size 64, you will have 30 AP at level 1, Giving you a ton of damage to harrass and farm with.

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In the way of masteries, I go for the standard 9/0/21 Caster masteries, being sure to take Cooldown reduction and magic penetration in offense along with Cooldown reduction, reduced summoner spell cooldown, and improved
With these masteries, you will obtain 9% cooldown reduction to go with your cooldown runes.
Improved grants you increased mobility to pair with your W skill for a nice movement speed boost when you need to escape or catch up to anyone.
Reduced death duration will definitely help in those times where you mess up and die. It happens to everyone.
Now, the 1 Gold per 10 seconds... I personally get this but feel free to switch it into the mastery for increased mana. If you do the math, 1 Gold per 10 secs = 6 gold per minute = 360 gold per hour added. Eh, its okay but it doesn't give as much as it may sound at first.

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Start your game with It provides a great health boost, a lot of AP, and good mana regen to start you off.
Once you have 995 gold, YOU MUST RECALL AND PICK UP YOUR . Do not waste any time waiting to die to pick up your items as you could be using that time to gain mana by using your abilties in lane. If you die before the 995 gold mark, pick up before you get . If you do not have enough money for , then get . This is because the mana regen you get from is sufficient enough to keep you with enough mana for the laning phase.
Stay in lane as long as possible. When it is time for your next trip to the fountain, get your or just buy your if you have enough gold by then.
Finish your ASAP. This item provides you with more than enough mana for the ENTIRE game along with giving a really nice AP boost depending on how much mana you have at the moment.
Your next major item is . Prioritize over . Farm up as much as possible for your as it massively increases your AP beyond compare and is relatively expensive, but worth the money. Enough said.
Now you want to buy your . Try to buy the before the because of the cooldown reduction. When you complete your , you will have exactly 39.85 cooldown reduction on your own. Finishing the item will max your cooldown reducion at 40%.
Now is the time to add to your durability. Getting a Will give you a massive chunk of HP, AP, and will give your abilities slows. So you can slow multiple people every few seconds with . Prioritize buying a , then either of the two AP items you can afford first.
Lastly, grab yourself an . This item provides you with a generous amount of MR, as well as enemy champion MR reduction. Magic Resist Reduction is different than magic penetration because reduction can make an enemy go lower than 0 MR. Penetration, on the other hand, will never go lower than 0 MR.

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Skill Sequence

Your primary skill is Q, . This ability deals great damage, allows for great zone control, and can even be used as a free ward if done correctly.
Your next skill to max would be W, . This ability also deals some good damage, but also leaves an area of energy which either boosts allied champion movement speed, or lowers enemy movement speed. Combined with each other, you can boost yourself whie lowering the speed of those chasing you: a pretty powerful combination.
Lastly, finish by maxing your E, This ability can be great for support and somewhat for damage with used after positioning for some good harassment. Be sure to take this skill somewhere between level's 2-4. I level it once at level 3 and leave it there so that I have all 3 abilities to use at level 3.
Of course, level up your ultimate whenever possible.
In short: R>Q>W>E

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Summoner Spells

I always take and .
I take so that i have better mobility (as mentioned before).
I take to debuff my enemy's healing and to finish them off when i need to.

Other good Summoner Spells to take would be:

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Team Fights

In a team fight, you want to abuse your long range by staying in the back and letting your opponents focus the melee champions and tanks. Your job in a team fight is to deal magic damage, provide CC with and , and to shield an ally or two if necessary. None of this can be done if you are the first one dead.
Once your team has initiated, or your team has been initiated upon, your first goal is to determine where you want The Ball to be. For a more offensive approach, use and aim it in the middle of a huge cluster of enemies to hit as many as possible and immediately use for a good AoE nuke. If your enemies remain in a cluster like idiots, use your ultimate to screw with their focus as you have just rearranged everyone's positioning. By now, should be up again so use it to hit the big cluster you just rearranged. Now, cast on the ally who needs it most, or use it on an ally so that The Ball will hit multiple enemies along the way. While waiting for your cooldowns to come up again, move around in the back of your team. This can help you dodge a potential attack or spell towards you and help position you for your next spell. You may also use auto-attacks on the people closest to you if you are safe from any real harm. Remember that your passive, will do increased magic damage with each basic attack against the same target. Orianna has one of the highest, if not, the highest attack speed of any caster in the game, so you can dish a lot of damage with your attacks. Now use your spells to either chase down and kill remaining targets or to escape with your team. the best way to do this is to position the ball in front of your team's escape route and cast so that your team will run over it as they run away, probably without even noticing it.

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Orianna's basic attacks are slightly more powerful at the beginning of the game due to her passive granting her some increased magic damage per hit. Utilize this to ensure you last-hit your minions. Using to farm is not a bad idea either, but do not waste this spell solely to farm as it is a great harassing and zone control ability. So use it with discretion. After gaining enough AP and ranks in and , you can farm the rear caster minions in a wave with just these two spells. Orianna is quite a competent farmer.

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In summary, Orianna is an amazing champion that i defitely recommend. She is 4800 IP in cost or 975 RP. Pick her up and try her out if you are looking for a new caster to play. She is a good AP caster and a relatively good support for her team as well. This is my first guide so comment and tell me how i did! :)