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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by DemonicAngel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DemonicAngel

The Harbinger of Doom, Bot/Mid Lane Guide (S3)

DemonicAngel Last updated on September 3, 2013
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Before I go any farther, I know I am not a pro LoL player, and I know I do not have a high ELO. However, this guide works and I hope you will take the time to read it and even try it out in a few games to see how you like it. Advice is always welcome, and you can always in box me if you do not understand why I did some things I did. This guide shows you how to dominate as Fiddlesticks as long as you do not feed the other team. In most cases you will be carrying the team throughout the whole game. There have been multiple occasions where I have been the main source of damage for my team.

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Some advantages of Fiddle are as followed:
1. Great either mid lane or bot lane
-It's fun playing as either but I prefer to bot because it is easier to feed with someone aiding you through the beginning game

2. Very hard/impossible to kill early game
-Spell Vamp from Drain

3. You do not have to go back to base as much as other champs
- Drain allows for staying in lane long periods of time

4. Will win many team fights
-Fiddle's ult, Crowstorm is the best way for a team fight to be won (As long as your team is smart enough to come fight with you)

Some Disadvantages to Fiddle:
1. If your hit with a stun/fear while you are using Drain then your pretty squishy

2. Not a strong lane pusher, I usually require someone else to come help destroy my turret

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These can be altered as you see fit, this is just what I use. I like the AP and Mana Regen that my ruins give me, which is why I use them. If you want to change it up I suggest getting less Scaling Mana Regen and some more simply Mana Regen, because you tend to run low on mana early game.

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This is the basic caster mastery build. In my utilities section I took Vampirism just for that extra bit of spell vamp for Drain

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I feel I explained myself fairly well in the notes section. If you have any questions please ask me and I will add the question (no names included) and my answer in this section so others can see.

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Skill Sequence

Some ask me why I take Dark Wind first instead of Drain and this is because at lower levels even the small amount of damage Dark Wind does can be enough to kill an enemy. Also there have been times when I have gotten a kill off of a bounce of champs. There have even been a few times where I have even gotten a level 1 double kill off the bounce.

Up to level 6 is a little changeable based off of what lane partner you have (if you have one) and how strong the enemy champs are. If you have a lane partner who either has a strong cc or can get them to jump on them, then take Drain before Dark Wind.

After level 6 stick to the guide cause you want Drain to be as effective as possible.

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I normally take Flash and Teleport as my spells

Flash is the bread and butter of all summoner spells. It can be used to run away from enemies as well as jump to them. However, with fiddle it has another awesome use. When I am getting ready to Crowstorm I normally hide in a bush and wait for the enemy to come into range. With Flash you have a larger range to Crowstorm cause you can tele with Crowstorm then flash the same distance for that kill.

Teleport is the other spell I go with normally. It allows for easy ganking across map and also allows for quick trips back to base to buy something (with that massive amount of gold you have because you never have to head to base). However a good alternative to Teleport is Ignite.

Ignite allows for early game dominance, especially if you are mid lane. You can use Terrify followed by Drain then instantly Ignite if you take enough health away with Drain and it's an almost guaranteed kill.

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Team Work

The important thing to remember when you are using Crowstorm is timing. Even if you are a second late you can miss out on kills. A perfectly timed Crowstorm can even secure you a pentakill. My first pentakill ever was a well timed Crowstorm.

Another use for Crowstorm is if the whole other team is hanging on a turret, and you have your whole team with you, you can Crowstorm in on the turret and they should follow you in cause your tanking the turret hits. You should also be regaining lots of health cause of Hextech Revolver so the turret will not be able to do much to you, especially if you are draining their tank at the same time.