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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by balrop

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League of Legends Build Guide Author balrop

The harraser's guide to the Mundoverse

balrop Last updated on June 24, 2011
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This build will show you exactly how you can dominate on the Fields of Justice. As usual this will not insure you win every game or not die or anything like that. Let it be noted also that I am not a level 30 yet, but this build has allowed me to win almost all games scince I started using it. Please read and try the build before rating/ commenting.
This is my first build, hope you enjoy :)

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I used 9-0-21 mastery tree because, YOU NEED HP Dr. Mundo uses no mana so you need hp from the utility field. You don't need nearly as much damage mid game because your skills deal insane damage for you and you have an extremely low cooldown. You can do the 21-0-9 mastery tree if you want, but i wouldn't strongly recommend it because although masteries don't seem to do much they do more than people give them credit for.

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Summoner Spells

The reason to use heal as one of your two summoner spells is because in early-game you run out of H.P. way too fast to do your abilities for a substancial amount of time and it can easily be a saving grace.

This is also an excellent choice for Mundo because early-game which is mainly when you get low on hp you will have to recall at least once if you plan on not feeding. This provides you with a element of suprise and will keep your turret up and running.

Ghost can also be used every now and then but usually your boots of swiftness and your cleaver will make it so that you never really need to worry about chasing... or running for that matter. I DO NOT RECOMMEND

Basically the same as above.

This is the one that I would use also use occasionaly with to some good. It allows you to get out of any fix and run away with your superior speed and your cleaver arcing behind you. The other good part about flash is it allows you to suprise enemies by flashing in right next to them when they don't have enough H.P. to take you out. The negative on this is that another use for it is chasing, you don't need this because you already have a fairly long ranged cleaver that slows them down allowing you to catch up.

Rally. OMG this is a good summoner spell, especially in early-game when you are hugging that turret like a boss. It gives enough health do keep you in lane for a long time. It gives more H.P. than health but it gives it slowly and as a fairly mobile tank you do not need this.

Ignite, I have seen used to some avail, but in late-game it will do almost nothing. Do not get unless you are fairly new to tanking or really want first blood

Smite you should only get if you know for a fact you are jungling and I know I know, most people don't think jungling Mundo is a good idea but you'll be suprised

All the other I didn't go over are basically not good at all. Clarity, you don't need to get rid of effects all that often other than early-game or if you are going one on 4. Clairvoyence, you never need it as a tank and revive, what is the point if you are winning insanely like this build should let you do.

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Skill Sequence

The main reason to get machocism third instead of continually doing the sequence is when you start destroying with the item build you will need higher damage to do a max. amount of damage to a turret, masochism does just that and you only need to level it one time!

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First off,get Dorans shield,it will save you
Than, I reccomend building as much as you can to get the extra H.P. Always get Frozen Mallet first thing with the money you will make. with the boots of speed somewhere in the middle of it.
Your second order of business is to get warmog's armor, it gives hp and regeneration, what could be better mid-game?
Next get boots of swiftness because,all though they aren't completly needed, at this stage of the game you will be destroying everything and all you need is to be able to catch all them baddies.
Next i would suggest to get to get the Banshee's veil just because right around mid-late game your worst enemy will be ap ranged attackers this allows the first attack ,which is generally a stun or slow, to be stopped which allows a clean getaway
Last off, sell your doran's shield and get Sunfire Cape. Just what you need, more insane damage especially this because it just allows you to walk in the middle of every one with your burning agony and this and do damage that will kill fast.

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Special build scenarios

If you are against a particularly hard ap, like brand or le blanc, keep the first two items (Frozen Mallet, Warmog's armor) and go instead for the Mercury Treads Mercury Treads with Banshee's Veil, Force of Nature and Guardian Angel.

If you are against an entire team of dps than just switch up the Sunfire Cape and Banshee's Veil with Randuin's Omen and thornmail, when you get thornmail any attack they deal 30% of the damage will hit them back and with Randuin's omen you get extra armor health and health regen.

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How to tank gank late game

First off send off a lot of infected cleavers to do damage to them. Then when the actions starts keep up your burning agony and keep it the whole battle. Spam Masochism and infected Cleaver, when you get low on hp first use heal. Finnaly use your ult. Sadism, but only if you need to, it will keep your health from ever dropping too low

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How to gank early game

Never over estimate your ult. it takes a long time at first level sadism to get health back so rarely do it in battle and when you do, do it when you have bout 1/3 of your hp left, earlier if it an ap enemy and never think you can tank early game,better safe than sorry. Other than that basically the same as late game ganking

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The best way to farm with this build early-game is to first go bush, but use your cleaver to scan the bushes for enemies first (if you get health back don't go in but keep hitting right there) than wait and spam the minions with cleavers from the bushes. If you get hurt too much hug the turret immensly and spam the cleavers out try hitting the enemy champions as they come. If you can't just last hit as many minions as possible, it doesn't take any hp if you hit because you regen that health so fast it is like you just deal damage everywhere.

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Creeping / Jungling

Mundo should almost never jungle, but when he does it has to be a VERY good jungler to be successful. Do not get cleaver first in this scenario, get machocism it will increase your damage output which is needed for jungling. Do not get Doran's shield but get Rejuvination Bead and a health potion, Go double golems first as always use smite than go ghouls than wolves, than lizards elder, go ancient golem next (get an ally to take the buff you don't need it), than get the same ally to help you do dragon

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Who to lane with

When laning you must only go middle when the rest of your team is tanks. But when you lane top or bottom always prioritize who you lane with
1. Any stealth champion (Teemo, Twitch)
2. any long range support champions (Lux, Caitlyn)
3. All other supports ( Zilean, Brand)
4. Dps champions (Katrina, Xin Zhoa)
5. Support Tanks (Galio, Taric)
6. Tanks (Amumu, Rammus)

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Please Please Please try this before you rate it, and I am not a level 30 so I have no idea how well this works in ranked games. I will be constantly making changes to this build as I see fit or adding suggestions found in comments.