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Diana Build Guide by Dante Beleren

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dante Beleren

The Joker Known As Diana (AP Laning)

Dante Beleren Last updated on August 14, 2012
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Hey there ladies and gents. Name's Dante Beleren and this is my first guide for League of Legends and MobaFire, but I'm not gonna ask for pity votes because this is a learning experience. Vote as you see fit but please comment so I can know what to improve upon in my guide building as well with Diana herself.

Now for the actually point of this. Diana and her horrible jokes. I've been playing Diana since she came out (not long I know), but found her to be very easy to play, powerful, and most importantly FUN. I tried to make a build that was a little different then other peoples, like to make sure that it wouldn't take a lot of money to setup, but still do amazing. This was the result that I reached.

Once again this is my first guide, I'm sure there will be mistakes, but I'll try to keep the ball moving. Please remember as with any guide you can do what you want and don't have to follow in every little thing. Now let's go see the wonderful Wizard of Oz...

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Pros / Cons


+ Large damage output the whole game
+ Can chase down most other champions
+ Good Range
+ Low cooldown times and mana costs
+ Can reuse Ult immediately
+ Has shield that does damage

- Squishy
- Can burn through mana quickly
- No escape mechanism to speak of
- Terrible jokes

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Diana has a great passive ability ( Moonsilver Blade) that smacks enemy minions, champions, and turrets for additional magic damage which gets powered up with your Ability Power.So I felt that this was her most potent feature and should focused on for at least early game, for it doesn't cost any mana and gets exceedingly powerful with more AP.

For this reason I picked these runes: Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power, and the Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power. As you may notice I did NOT pick any attack speed. While her passive is fantastic I wanted to make sure that her runes would help her regular abilities as well.

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For Diana's masteries they are similar to most everyone else's in at least the offensive bar. Lots of AP and cooldown reduction boosts with Arcane Knowledge , Archmage , etc. Where I changed from the "norm" is by adding Demolitionist in the offense tree so you can push towers faster. The bigger change however is instead of putting the last 7 points in defense I put them into utility for mana and mana regen with Expanded Mind and Meditation as well as a point in Summoner's Insight for Flash cooldown.

This may seem strange, maybe not, for Diana needs all the help with escaping as she can get, and waiting 15 secs less for Flash is very helpful. Secondly is that when laning with Diana I usually have more issues with running out of mana then health, so I tried to fix this by upping her mana.If you don't like it put the 6 points in Resistance and Hardiness , but I recommend leaving the one point in Summoner's Insight because like I said before Diana needs all the help she can get getting out of tough spots.


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Ok. Items. The defining point of all champions, and as you can see it look very similar to any other AP champion... oh boy! (Please note the sarcasm)

Now yes this looks similar to any other build but let's be honest, we wouldn't use the items if they weren't good on the champions. Some just take them in different orders. For ex. instead of starting with the current favorite of Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion I chose the multi-purpose fan favorite Doran's Ring. Like I said in the masteries I don't typically have an issue with low health Diana but low mana. Doran's Ring does add some meat on her bones but more importantly it adds mana regen and another 15 (OMG!!!) AP to start bringing the hurt locker for longer. Then comes the boots to really kick it up a notch, followed by ANOTHER RING!!! You know if you really want it...

Now the fun begins. Buy those narly Sorcerer's Shoes for some magic penetration and more speed (always fun) and then Sheen. The first BIG order change up.I get Sheen this "early" because you'll still be doing more damage with your AD then AP probably (if not you're awesome) and you wanna start working on that Lich Bane. Why LB first instead of an AP booster like the Rabadon's Deathcap? Well I like to do it first because it's a Speed booster, adds Magic Resistance, AP and the awesome ability which will get better every level even if you don't get more items due to your runes and masteries (although you should keep buying items anyway).

Anyway next is the catalyst the protector to go into Rod of Ages for the health and mana boosts. If you're feeling really squishy the game you're in get the Rod before Lich Bane or if you really need to get a Banshee's Veil to stop foe abilities. I usually get one late game anyway just to start upsetting the other team...

Now that you have you're "support" items I start going for the big AP boosters like Rabadon's Deathcap and more Magic Penetration with the Void Staff. Even though the little chart at the top says AP maxes at 440-ish you'll be closer to 650 or so at this point. If you're still going, get the Trinity Force or Banshee's Veil to kick it up another notch or two. If you want, buy another Cap or something else a Blasting Wand can go into if your game just doesn't want to end.

Now the items I suggested are just what have worked for me whether I was fed in the game or not, but it hasn't steered me wrong yet. It starts cheap and gets a little bit more pricey as you go on but the great thing is all the items have multiple build up items so experiment, it's ok I have faith that whatever you do will be spectacular... if not, well, it's not my fault... :D

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Skill Sequence

Those skills man...

As you can tell by now this guide has too much text and I'm loosing my mind but I will continue on for all your sakes (if anyone actually reads this)...

Anyway to get back on track I start with Diana's Q which is Crescent Strike then her W and E which are Pale Cascade and Moonfall respectively. I then master Crescent Strike first because it will be your most important and damaging ability in the long run. You can use it to clean up minions or last shot an enemy champ that is attempting to flee. It's an astounding move with it's 80% AP boost which can hit up to at least... 780 damage late game on each foe as well as giving you the chance to double strike with your Ult Lunar Rush.

You want to master Diana's pale cascsade next because of its usefulness as a damaging sheild. It can block a significant amount of damage late game and can leave you the only survivor in a team fight gone wrong if used properly. With this move and Diana you want to be right in the middle of the clusterbomb so that your shield can hit all surrounding enemies for damage and be refreashed. Each orb is a small bomb of damage with splash, which means one orb can hit multiple enemies. Keep that in mind...

Moonfall is a very useful ability but you only need the one at the start of game since all that gets upgraded is how much the enemies are slowed by. Be careful on when you use it though because the range is smaller then it appears to be in the heat of battle and so you might miss an escaping enemy. Another feature that you can use Moonfall for is to escape or help an ally escape. While helping an ally escape by sucking in an enemy should make sense (I hope) how does bringing in an enemy help you leave? Well the slow down for starters and another piece is if you have an ally just out of range that could help YOU Moonfall can bring them in closer to them while having the enemy bounce off and recharge your shield.

Sweet Jesus this is a long section lol.

Lastly is your Ult Lunar Rush. A beautiful finish to an amazing champion. Lunar Rush has a built in Flash but only towards an enemy, so if someone is hiding behind a base wall: warp in, gank him, flash or run out. It is also really good for turret diving since you can save yourself a few hits killing the enemy and running. Always try to hit the opponent with your Crescent Strike first so that the cooldown on Lunar Rush immediately resets and you can hit them again. Something else that you can do with this is steal Baron Nashor from the opposing team, warp in and kill it under their noses and flash out or try to take a few with them now that your team has baron.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells... Flash and Ignite... Don't really know what else to say about this one.

Flash is your saving grace in escapes or even chasing down enemy champs. Make good use of your surrounding walls to warp through to get away and just be careful where your pointer is when you use it. Fairly basic.

Ignite everything you think you can kill without question. Enemy running away? Ignite. Teamfight? Ignite. Last hits or just a bit more damage to help a teammate, Ignite the chump. Even if the enemy doesn't die you get an attack boost from Summoner's Wrath to dish out more while waiting to Ignite again.

Since this isn't meant to be a Jungling Diana the only other spell I'd really suggest is Exhaust. It's useful to slow down enemies even further then what Moonfall would do and stops a lot of incoming damage. Use it to escape or chase like Flash.

Heal and Ghost are good options too, but with Diana's already great speed you don't really need Ghost when you have Flash since it can go through walls. If you're starting with Diana go ahead and use Heal instead of Ignite but it really shouldn't be that big an issue. Then again it depends on the player and this is only a guide on what you CAN do not what you MUST do, so get whatever is comfertable with your style.

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Ok. Lots of text, lots of tags, but I hope it was worth it and you understood what I was trying to convey. If not I apologize and you can leave a comment on what I can/should fix and how, for like I said before this is my first guide and have a long way to go. I'm going to attempt to update this regularly with new tidbits and pics to further... explain, how AMAZING Diana really is. Some stats of games I've had are 25-5-17 down to 3-7-16. Nothing special, but what you can do with her is. She's a really easy character to play like I said before and you should give her a shot.

So vote as you see fit, hell don't vote if you don't want, but go out there and win some LoL lol

P.S. A note of thanks to Jhoijhoi's "Making a Guide" found here
just sayin' it's good to credit people for stuff they done.