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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Malzahar Build Guide by Nakopa

AD Offtank The Jungle Prophet

AD Offtank The Jungle Prophet

Updated on May 3, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nakopa Build Guide By Nakopa 109,618 Views 0 Comments
109,618 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nakopa Malzahar Build Guide By Nakopa Updated on May 3, 2016
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Hello guys,
this Guide is all about Malzahar and how to correctly play him. I'll keep on updating this guide whenever I have free time, so enjoy reading
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Who is Malzahar?

His rework gave him a new identity, he is no longer a burst mage nor do I consider him a viable midlaner anymore. Why? Because his base damage on Q and E are so low that you wont burst anyone and to gain maximum damage, he has to delay his abilites which wont work against Assassins. His kit feels like he was meant to jungle, as his Q is more utility, his Voidlings spawn much faster by attacking Monsters, his e is basicly a deathtag now and his ult is the best ability to gank. Who doesnt want a point and click stun as a jungler. I tested him on pbe for a couple games and so far, a healthy mix out of 3/4 ad and 1/4 ap works best.
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Pros and Cons

-Easy Jungle (requires as much skill as Warwick jungle)
-Best gank post 6 (can literally hold down any target long enough)
-Has one of the last silences ingame
-Great pushing power
-He can solo drake at any given time
-Passive forgives some rooky mistakes in positioning
-Passive and voidlings can prevent blitz hooks
-Best dance euw
-Snowstorm as passive in snowday skin

-If hes caught with W on CD, hes done for
-Shield can be broken by Monsters, such adding a crucial weakness for counterjungling rengars
-Pre 6 ganks require Stalkers blade enhanced Smite
-Voidlings cant towerdive properly
-AD Malzahar has a limited item viarity as his voildings profit from a few stats only
-Now needs skill
-Right now, all other skins look ****ty with passive applied
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Passive: Summon Voidling If Malzahar doesnt get hurt for 23 seconds (6 seconds at lvl 18)(Minion damage does not count), he gains a shield that gives him cc immunity and 90% damage reduction. If Malzahar gets hit, his shield will remain for 1 second and then go on cooldown (Minions wont destroy it, but minion damage is not reduced too).
How to use:As we are playing in the jungle, this shield isnt all too important at first. It will block the initial damage from gromp or golems, but nothing much more. When it comes to ganking, this thing shines. You have literally one second to walk up to your victim while you are immune to anything that could stop you from doing so. What can be done with this is up to your imagination.
Sidenote: This shield will also reduce towershots by 90%

Q: Call of the Void Malzahar opens 2 Gates to the void in a straight line. After 0,3 seconds, the portals shoot a line inbetween them dealing damage and silencing enemies.
Hitting an enemy that has Malefic Visions on them will refresh the duration.
How to use: Nothing all too new here, hit as many as you can while focusing on your visioned target as it will refresh the duration of your deathtag. This abilty scales with AP and has a bad scaling, but nevertheless its important in the jungle. Look at Malefic Visions Info why.

W: Null Zone RIP Null zone, welcome Voidlings. Malzahar spawns one voidling where the cursor is facing in 375 range. This voilding scales with total AD (from 38% to 51%) and AP (0.1) and its health scales with Malzahars Level. If this voidling attacks a Monster, a champion, kills/***its on minionkills it will spawn another voidling. All Voidlings have the same duration to live, regardless if they have been spawned later (12 Secs on all levels). If more than 2 Voidlings are alive, they receive a 50% AS Buff. Voidlings also receive 100% Movement speed against visioned targets.
How to use: This is our bread and butter to kill things. In the jungle, start by just spawning one near a camp and autoattack to help. Its likely that you will receive some initial damage, but then the voidlings will tank the damage for you. Use W whenever you start a new camp.
Important: Voidlings will always attack whats nearest to them, your autoattacks wont do anything. Use Visions or your ult to get them to attack.

E: Malefic Visions Malzahar lays a DOT (damage over time) on an enemy unit (Creeps and Champions) which can hop over to nearby units if the unit dies. Malzahar will recieve Xp, Gold and Mana if it dies to his DOT. NOTE: He will still get Mana back, even when the DOT didnt kill it but other sources. The duration can be refreshed by either applying Malefic Visions, Nether Grasp or Call of the Void.
How to use: The Ap scaling makes it look like its useless in the jungle, but it is certainly important that you keep on using it. His E is a deathtag and voidlings will attack nothing but your visioned target. To farm effectively, keep visions on the largest monster and refresh it. Else voidlings will attack the smaller ones and will die before killing the big one. And yes, it is possible to have visions on your enemy 24/7.

R: Nether Grasp This thing is now utility only. Malzahar spawn old Null Zone beneath your targeted enemy and suppresses it. The Aoe remains for 5 seconds, while the suppress lasts for 2,5 seconds. The base damage got removed and now deals %max HP to anyone standing on the AOE (6%/8%/10%+1,5%/100AP).
How to use: This is what allows us to gank effectively, just walk up, vision your enemy, press w and Ult this guy. In teamfight it serves the old purpose of disabling the biggest threat. The base % burn lets AD Malzahar do some heavy damage (Standing on the aoe deals 10% max hp/second!!!!)
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When to pick Malza?

Now, you've read the pros and cons. The big question is: "When do I play him? What is a indicator not to pick malzahar?"
Quite simple. Pick Malzahar if the enemy has less than 3 initators or has one extreme threat and your team lacks cc to stop it (eg. Yasou or Katarina).
Dont pick him if the enemy team has tons of cc and everyone is a big threat. Malzahar works around locking one person down allowing your team to effectively 5v4. Malzahar is a peeler, not a figher in Tf. Remember that it is YOUR job to protect your team. You are not the midlaner.
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Tips and Tricks WIP

1. You can have Malefic Visions on a target as long as you have enough mana. With 20%CDR, your E CD and Q CD are short enough to keep it alive 24/7

2. Use your E on big jungle Monsters and keep it going. Else voidlings will loose interest and will attack smaller ones which will result in fewer voidlings spawned

3. You can block a lot of abilities just by spawning a voidling in the path. EG. rammus Q.

4. Don't panic when you are engaged, focus on finding the shortest way to safety.

5. Try to get lvl6 asap. Your ganks will be legendary with your ult.

6. Your passive can block towershots, use it.

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Season 6 Changes HEAVY WIP

With the new Season rolling in, Malzahar recieved a Buffs and nerfs.
First of, Masteries:
Ferocity Tree
- Sorcery, as it gives you 2% Damage increase on spells and summoners
- Feast gives you 20 HP back if you kill something (20 sec cd). A must have.
- Vampirism gives you some sweet Spellvamp and Lifesteal which is really effective early on against AA-Poke
- Oppressor really suits Malza to its fullest since he has his ult. Again damage increase by 2,5%
- Piercing Thoughts ? Malefic Visions? What a coincidence. 7% Magic Pen
- Deathfire Touch : Like the best thing you could possibly get. 6+ 50% AD + 20% AP over 3 Seconds (DOTS (Malzahars w,e,r) apply it for half the duration). Some nice burn damage with can be proced up to 5 times with 1 e.

- Savagy Free 5 Damage on his AA's and e (5 times proc= 25 extra damage on e) against Minions
- Secret Stash who doesnt like cookies
- Mercieless 5% increased damage against champs with less than 40% hp. To ensure those kills you deserve
- Dangerous Game Free HP reward if you get to kill someting

Now lets move over to Items
Rod of Ages is more expensive 2700 --> 3000 Gold for the same stats
Liandry's Anguish is RIGHT NOW a viable choice, but this will be nerfed I suppose. Abuse it while it lasts
Overall feeling of Malzahar in the new Season:
Now that Adc's are literally OP again and building Full AD>>>>Going bruiser Malzahar stands at a percect Spot. He struggeled with enemies who had tons of HP with tons of resistances, but now, this is kind of over.
Now what does this mean for midlane in general? Assasins are more popular than ever before. Yasou (will get nerfed soon, dont worry) is one of the strongest right now, but as we all know, Malzahar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yasou (and players)
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Last thing

Oh you made it to the bottom? Srry to tell you but thats all... for now. Im working on this guide as i get better with Malzahar and learn new tricks.

Also, shoutout to reddit's users who helped me finding mistakes in this guide.

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