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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shen Build Guide by BurningToast

AD Offtank The jungle Shen

AD Offtank The jungle Shen

Updated on December 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BurningToast Build Guide By BurningToast 20 10 127,648 Views 11 Comments
20 10 127,648 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BurningToast Shen Build Guide By BurningToast Updated on December 19, 2012
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Dont mess with the Shen) or an AP tank or as is shown here an AD offtank whose job is to protect the carries.
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For my masteries I take 15/15/0.
Some attack speed,damage,armor pen is allways welcome for Shen for early game.
And also armor,MR and generaly tankyness is obviously good.
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  • I go for movement speed quints early because I like lvl 2/3 ganks :D.You can also go for quints of armor or quints of attack speed.
  • For glyphs I choose flat armor glyphs for the easier jungling(Shen is a rather slow jungler).
  • And for seals you can go more attack speed or percent health.Again most of your damage and sustain is your q and passive proc so try to focus on that :D.
  • Marks are there for attack speed as they have the best ratio.And it helps procing the passive more often.
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I like rushing Sunfire Aegis as mid game you really don't have much damage.Then I go for Warmog's Armor or rush Trinity Force depending if I'm doing good in the game.Third item is the Wit's End.The item that makes you different from a regular tank is Atms' Impaler so I suggest that bought early.
As a offtank you build depending on the other team.Here a balanced build is show but if there more AD you can go for Randuin's Omen or if theres much AP ditch the Frozen Mallet and go for Maw of Malmortius.But I doubt you will ever get this far into his build.
You will have LOTS OF HP regen because of your Q even with only sunfire and warmogs.
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Skill Sequence

Your Q Vorpal Blade is your sustain ability and your harras ability so its a must to level it up first.
If you like shutting down lanes go for a red buff then a lvl 2 gank on bot/mid and grab your Shadow Dash.
I level up my W Feint second to make te cooldown smaller and the shield a bit bigger,because the damage on E Shadow Dash is really small.But if you are constantly ganking then a lvl 3 Shadow Dash can help more than Feint for the cooldown reduction but run more defensive runes.
Your ultimate Stand United is a must level up and has the biggest priority.
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Smite is obvious for a jungler...
Exhaust is for early game ganking and late game protecting the carries in teamfights.
Other good choices are Flash for more range on the ult/taunt combo or for running away,then Heal is good again for the carries if they dont have it.Some people suggest Ghost but I never used it on Shen.
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Creeping / Jungling

Now depending on the team you can:
a)Invade their red then go for lvl 2 gank on top.If you are playing with good teammates/friends so you can coordinate it well else it might end in a loss for your team.
b)Start at your red and do the jungle but give your blue for your mid since you don't really need it.
c)Start at blue then finish off the whole jungle and do a late gank.
So you focuse the biggest creep and use your Vorpal Blade on it,by procing the passive often you will finish it off rather fast and have lot's health left.Don't use your shield that often,it's a waste of energy,use it on when you are killing the buffs,dragon.Your taunt has nothing to do in jungle.
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Pros / Cons

  • Great gank
  • Easy jungle
  • Extra protection for the carries
  • Can play the role of an assassin
  • Doesn't need blue
  • Great sustain and survivability
  • Lack of mid game damage output
  • Slow jungle
  • Long ult cooldown :/
  • Split pusher
  • Easy early/mid game solo dragon
  • Rather cheap base build
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So as Shen your main early game job is to help top/mid and little bit less bot because it's hard to get a two people taunted and that gank might not get the kill or it might even get you CC'ed hard and in the end dead.But a burned summoners spell is allways good so dont be afraid to rush and take down half of their HP,you don't have anything to lose you use energy :D.Don't worry,you helped a lot.
As soon as you get your ult it is of most importance that you have good map awareness.Look for their health bars on the left part of your HUD but also don't waiste it on someone who has been feeding.
Look for 4 man ganks on bot if you have a stealth player like Kha'Zix or Rengar or even Evelynn cause your ult is also stealthed.
Don't be afraid to tower dive if you rushed Sunfire Aegis even if you die 2/3 kills for the ADC is a lot.
Use your ult only if you are sure someone is going to die from poison or ignite etc.Even if they live without it they will appreciate it.
The only real problem with Shen jungle is the fact that you spend time mostly ganking peoples lanes,less in the jungle so you might fall back with the levels and creep score.
And I said he can be a late game assassin if you build Randuin's Omen instead of Trinity Force so you can taunt,shied and Vorpal Blade combo on to an AD carry and destroy him.
Tip for your Q Vorpal Blade
Do target the squishies with it and DO tell the team to attack the targeted person so they can heal up any damage they take.
Don't be afraid to die to save someone worth it,just dont do it often xD.
Thank you for reading this guide I welcome any criticts,suggestions,comments from you guys.
Cheers :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BurningToast
BurningToast Shen Guide
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The jungle Shen

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