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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimbo Finelay

The league, in the Bag

Jimbo Finelay Last updated on October 17, 2011
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This is a guide for beginers of how to play in the League of Legends, a free to play game, where 5 people vs 5 other people from around the world
The League of Legends or as it is refered to, "LOL", Is a Moba based game simalir to DOTA 1 and 2 (Defence of the Ancients) , and HON (Heros of New Earth).
If you happened to know these games you might have a better chance of understanding,
In League of Legends, you take the Position of a "summoner" who summons champions to fight for them on the fields,
There are many different Champions and they all have Four unique abilities and one passive ability. I will talk more about these in the abilities section.

In this game you have a main building, which is guarded by turrets, no-one can hurt the base before the turrets are destroyed.

I will go on to explain all this in the folowing chapters.

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Your Base

Now I explained that your base can't be destroyed before the turrets, and when those turrets are destroyed and the enemies kill your base, you lose.
But before they even get to your base there are more defences,
Beteewn bases, there are three paths going from the enemies base, to your base.
every now and then, a group of NSP's called minons, or creeps, travel alonge each path heading towards the enemy base.
Before they arrive they must go through enemy minions, assisted by you, and kill two hard hitting and strong turrets before they even arrive.
If you kill enemy minions you get xp to uprade or activate your four abilities, one which you can acivate right at the start.
If you get the last hit on minions you get gold which you can spend at a shop.
In your base there is a spawn positon a little back from your main building.
If enemies try to kill you in the spawn, they die almost instantly, through you can't hit them if they are attacking your main base and you are in the spawn so you can't stay there if the enemy is nasty and mean.

Now not only to you minions and yourself have to go through two turrets, but you have to destroy a turret guarding a barracks kinda thing to get in the the enemies base, this barrack is like the main building in that you can't harm it exept if its turret is destoryed.
If you then kill the barrack, you minions get a bonus that is epic, making them bigger.
beteewn lanes there is a space for you to travel to the other lanes, so don't worry about picking a lane and then being unable to go to a different one.

Now for next chapter,

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The Shop

Right next to your spawn there is a man sitting there,
this person sells items that help you do stuff from the gold you get from minions, when you deal the finishing blow on them, if you don't deal the finishing blow, a minion or another player got it, through minions can't buy items anyway.
to get back to this base, there is a spell with the hotkey B on your skill bar that will slowely teleport you back there to heal and shop.
unfortantly if you are hurt while doing the slow telepot that takes a little to work, it stops.
If you kill the enemy champion, you get a huge amount of gold, and if you kill lots of enemy champs you can buy more and more items, to make you strong and like a boss.
if you got heaps of kills then a enemy kills you, he get bonus gold for stopping your rampage of destruction.

The more someone is killing, to more gold you get for stopping him.
there are levels that show you how good some is

Killspree: 3 kills no death in beteewn
Rampage: 4 kills no death in beteewn
Unstopable: 5 kills no death in beteewn
donamating: 6 kills no death in beteewn
godlike: 7 kills no death in beteewn
legendary: 8 kills no death in beteewn

if your die alot to one champion, giving them lots of gold for them to buy epic items, you are called a feeder and are disliked by your team for making on of the enemy pro.

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Minions, and the jungle

Minions consest of a Melee minion, a caster minion, and every second wave, a cannon minion.
When you destroy a barrack, which is called a inhibitor, each wave two of the minions are turned into super minions, sounds something like superman dosn't it?

anyhow, the space inbeteewn lanes is not unused,
inbeteewn there a load of minions that are on no-one's side but don't attack exept if you attack them, some of them drop bonuses and all give gold. some champions go in this inbeteewn place and stay there instead of a lane because they are good at it and it means they can jump on any lane they want and suprise enemy champions and get lots of kills while killing netural monsters,
of couse some champs are bad it this and the ones that are good sometimes take skill to use

One of the bonus droping monsters is a thing called the Ancient Golem and mages use this well as it gives them spell bonuses,
the only way to get these monster's bonuses is if you are the one that gets the last hit on them, mostly these monsters are hard to beat,
there is another bonus dropping monster called the Elder Lizard, this is more prefered by attack damage champs.
there are two EPIC monsters in the jungle, the weaker one is a dragon, that on death gives all friendly champs 150 gold so don't bother last hitting it, this dragon is hard and may need the help of your team to beat exept if you are fed by a enemy and are really powerful or you have a high level and you have cool items, some of the champs that sometimes can be used in the jungle can solo dragon at a point,
the greater Epic monster is a sea serpent and needs all your team to beat, but be wary, if the enemy catches you at it they can jump on you and kill you because the sea serpant (called Baron Nasher) is also killing you and then they will take out the wounded Baron Nasher.

On death the sea serpent gives 300 gold to your team and also gives all the team a epic bonus which lasts for 8 minitues.
In the consumable section in the shop there are Wards, which can be placed around and they will give you sight of a area you aren't in for 3 minitues, so putting on near Baron to see when you enemy is fighting it, or when your are fighting it and you need to see if they are trying to trap you a Baron, or around the place to stop enemies from other lanes, or the jungle, suprise attacking you

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Laning in Pathes

Two people go top, one goes in the middle, which is normaly a caster or ranged unit who
needs gold and xp without someone else to share, and two go bot
exept if one of your team is jungling and not in a lane, there is one top, never one bot, its easyer just to keep it one top and i don't really know why,:(
unfortantly that one soloing top is facing two enemies, but will get more xp than those
enemies cause they will share it, he won't exept if a enemy is jungling and each team has
one person top

When attacking turrets the turret attacks your minions first, so be carfull to back of after the minions die, or a bit before, try to kill the enemy champs before attack a turret or if
you couldn't just stay back and let the minions have a shot at it, if you attack a enemy champion when they are near there turret, the turret will switch targets to you, and it hits pretty nasty early game, if a enemy is wounded badly, and is near a turret, you may jump in
and try to kill him and excape be for the turret hits to bad, don't think it will one
shot you or anything, it just hits hard
here is a map of the battlefield
Key: black line:dragon, red line: baron nasher, blue line: the anceint golems,
green lines: lizard elder, grey lines: lesser golems, orange line: wolves,
pinkish lines: wrathes

(Note due to error map file has been corrupted, I will put this up as soon as possible)

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summoner spells

you get to choose two spells before battle, these spells are choosen at the start of a game and can't be changed after that in that game.
all people have these few spells and they add on to your 4 main spells,
some of these spells you can't use. after each game you get xp for if you win or lose, more if you win. I get levels out of game which unlock more summoner spells for you to use untill you have them all
your out game level has nothing to do with the level in game and you always start at level one in game, but yout out game level isn't changed

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you can buy champs in the out game store and Runes, which increase your power if you put them in you rune page in your summoner profial right next to the store button, the red runes go in the red place, the gold in the gold place, and so on, not all of your rune slots will be open intill your outgame level increases.
you get to buy champs with game money that you get after games and you can buy bonuses and different and cool looks to your champ if you pay REAL money to buy Roit points which unlock the cool looks, called skins, and in game money bosts and things like that, you don't have to pay real money if you don't.

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Right that's me done for the day,
this is a Begineres guide and not a pro one,
This is from the gother gamming,
i'll so you next time.


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