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Elise General Guide by Jeezye

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jeezye

The lovely Elise Jungle (S3) Guide!

Jeezye Last updated on December 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi guys,
this is my second guide I created here on Mobafire and it's about my new favourite champion Elise!
First if all I'm definatly not saying that I'm a pro player or this build is the way to go, I'm always glad to receive some criticism and new ways and items that fit to Elise.
Now as I love to play the role of a junger I was working quite long to find a build that would match to a jungle Elise. I hope you like it, if not pls leave comments on what you would change and why.
- Jeezye

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Pros / Cons


- quite fast clear time
- decent sustain due to her spiderlings and her W
- not mana hungry if you play her right
- strong dmg even without ap items
- awesomely fun to play!


- you might run our of mana if you spam your human abilities
- somewhat easily counterjungled if the enemy jungler is strong and good
- needs a huge amount of time to get used to
- not the strongest dualist
- sometimes hard to finish enemies even with her ability kit

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General Information

I am not going to discuss how Elise works, what her role in the team is and how she scales best.
There already are a lot of guides for TOP Elise or MID Elise out there, my favourite one is
by JBerger589

in which you can get In-Depth information about Elise. Credits go to JBerger589, thx!

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Quick summary by Dragatus of Elise


In early game AP scaling on Q is bad, but base damage is good. Max first when top.

W is only skill with good AP scaling whole game so max it when playing AP.

In midlane fight at long range with W if enemy has short range burst and fight at short range with Q if enemy has long range poke.

E has very good utility, but doesn't improve much when you level it up. Always max last.

AP scaling on your ultimate scales with the number of spiderlings. In early game it's bad. In late game it's good, but only if you can make sure the spiderling will do their damage (CC is essential).

Spiderlings only scale with AP and Banner of Command (only the +15% minion damage, they don't get health regen). Other aura items don't do anything.


Poke them until they are low, then transform into spider and kill. In top lane you poke with Q, in midlane you poke with Q or W. If jungling you focus on supporting your teammates and warding the map.

Most Useful Stats

Elise scales best with CDR, on-hit, Magic Penetration, and defense so the best builds will focus on these stats. Her AP scaling starts out poor, but becomes decent by lategame so it will be a secondary priority when chosing her items. She also has moderate scaling with AD and Spellvamp, but not enough to buy items just to get them. Other stats are less useful and shold largely be ignored.

Dragatus Guide:

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Now there are a lot of different ways you can pick your masteries. From personal experience I feel most comfortable with 10/11/9.
The reasons are

    - MP and CR in offense tree offer enough dmg with her bad AP scalings
    - Health, armor and reduced minon dmg give you a strong junge sustain and decent early game tankyness
    - Movementspeed and Mana in utility increase gank potential and reduce mana problems

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For runes I chose

    - Armor yellows to improve jungle sustain and tankyness
    - AS reds to increase the benefit of her
W(Spider Form), the Spider Form Passive and the +10 true dmg from Machete
- MP blues for more dmg output since MP works way better than AP
- Movement Quint to increase gank danger and flat AP for more earlygame dmg

Again, there are lots of different ways to build her runes, check out what you feel most comfortable with!

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As Elise scales best with CDR, MP and defensive stats, I recommend to build

Sorcere's Shoes and Haunting Guise early on to maximize MP for nice dmg and health.

You will not have to build more AP than you get from Spirit of the Spectral Wraith and Liandry's Torment to do enough dmg!! Remeber that your role is not to carry but be a tanky bruiser that does enough dmg to scare their carries while being tanky enough to not die first in teamfights.

Due to this fact, your Midgame Core offers enough dmg potential to be extended by defensive items.
Try to get an even balance between CDR, Armor, MR and Health with those 3 items!

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Creeping / Jungling

So lets get into the jungle section!

The general skill sequence for junge camps is
W(Human Form) [-> Q(Human Form) on Buffs and Golems] -> W(Spider Form) -> Q(Spider Form)
After that just stay in Spider Form to finish the camp.

Note: In Spider Form, try to let your Spiderlings tank the jungle creeps by moving behind the Spiderlings

Start off with Machete and 5 Health Pots and go for

Wolves -> Blue -> Wraiths -> Goems -> Red -> Wolves
and gank the **** out of your enemies as your supposed to be lvl 4 by now!

Another way is to go
Wolves -> Blue -> Wraiths -> Golems/Wolves and lvl up your E to gank with lvl 3!

After your first back, you should be able to buy Spirit Stone and lvl 1 Boots

Now just follow the general role of a jungler, but make sure to focus on ganking as its Elise most effective way to function.

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Elises ganks are somewhat the most powerfuls I've ever seen. There are basically two ways you can go gank:

Gank 1 (most dangerous one)

If your enemy is standing open and does not hide behind minions, stun him with E in Human Form and pop Q and E after to quickly burst him low.
Now most enemies will flash away, but simply turn into Spiderform and E after him to then finish him or bring him even lower with your W and Q.

Gank 2 (most common situation)

If your enemy isn't far enough out and surrounded by minions, run in Spiderform and E on him to burst him down with W and Q. If he's running away or flashing, turn on Human Form and try to stun him with E to hit him with Q and W! This way you won't defintaly finish him but he gets a huge amount of dmg and has more pressure on his lane!

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Closing Words

As this guide is very new, I'll add whatever I can in the next days. I know it's not explaining that much, but since most Viewers are only interested in Items, Masteries and Runes I already published it.

Thank you for reading, please drop a few words on what you think and what you would change, what you agree with and stuff.

With best regards
- Jeezye (EU West)


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