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Ashe Build Guide by bitpik

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bitpik

The most annoying poke at toplane (quick guide)

bitpik Last updated on April 10, 2013
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Why play dat ashe on toplane?

Well, oddly enough a well played Ashe can lane against most toplaners without bigger problems. She has absolutely amazing poke, since her enemy can't relaliate unless he has an instant gapcloser. One thing to keep in mind though is to NEVER play Ashe toplane if you're against someone like Irelia who can instantly gapclose and probably kill you at once. Generally, Ashe only reaches her full potential when matched against champions that are very movement speed reliant such as Udyr, Shen or Volibear. She also dominates champions that lack damage.

One thing more: Ashe is a GOD at later stages of the game as long as she is farmed. She is probably the best lategame AD carry because of her amazing and constant utility.

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Lifesteal runes?

greater mark of armor penetration

Ashe is all about sustained damage but she has no innate sustain from any of her abilities. Because of this, i always take as many lifesteal runes as possible. They also scale better than any other rune for Ashe. Lategame when you crit for about 800, +6 attack damage won't really matter but 6% lifesteal will. I take one AD quintessence to synergise with the Armor penetration and the lifesteal. Obviously, both armor penetration and lifesteal is useless without attack damage.

I take armor penetration because they greatly scale with Volley, and since Ashe has nothing more of AD scaling i prefer to deal more damage with my autoattacks. Attack damage marks are overall better for early game.

As a new Ashe player the first thing you will probably realise is her mana problems. Because of this i use scaling mana regeneration runes(they Catch up to flat mana regeneration at level 6). Magic resist or armor is needed though, depending on matchup.

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What about Cleanse, Flash, Exhaust and Ignite?

  • I personally don't like Cleanse on Ashe if not in very rare circumstances where you absolutely need it.
  • While it's pretty strong lategame given the right circumstances, it is terrible in lane unless you're lane opponent is running Exhaust+ Ignite for whatever the **** reason.

  • Flash is inferior to Ghost on Ashe. I only use it if im against someone like Jarvan IV.
  • Flash is all-around better for escaping terrible situations but why are you in these terrible situations to start with?
  • I sort-of recommend Flash for newer players.

  • Exhaust can be taken if you're facing a burster such as LeBlanc.
  • Useless compared to Flash/ Ghost lategame since you already have a 35% slow with every frost arrow.
  • Ignite can be taken if you're either very manly or very bad. Please don't walk that close to people.
  • While Ignite can provide useful earlygame it is useless lategame.
  • Barrier > Ignite.

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Boots of swiftness?

I might be alone on this, but i firmly believe that Boots of Swiftness is the best type of boots for Ashe on later stages of the game as she relies heavily on kite.

The standard items in the build are all very standard for Ashe. Not much to explain here, other than that i prefer to get lifesteal once my build is complete since i run lifesteal runes.

Banshee's Veil should be taken if the enemy team's composition is full of Heavy single target spells, such as Nidalee's Spears. In fact, Banshee's Veil is AP Nidalee's worst enemy.

Randuin's Omen should be taken if you're facing many AD melee's such as Irelia, Jax or Tryndamere. Additionally, it works very well with your kiting since people who attack you have a chance to be slowed. This item heavily mitigates the damage you take from enemy AD carries.

Warmog's Armor is an amazing item if you are confident in that you can stay safe from damage. It work's really well with lifesteal.

Guardian Angel is in my opinion pretty mediocre on Ashe since 90% of the time Guardian Angel won't help you. Ashe dies very quickly if she is in melee range unless EXTREMELY fed. This is probably the best item for newer players.

Youmuu's Ghostblade looks pretty strange in combination with Ashe, but i really don't Think it's that weak on her. The Active basically makes you the god of kite for 4 seconds. I don't recommend you use this item when going Flash since it just doesn't have much synergy with it overall. Flash is for burst while Youmuu's Ghostblade is amazing for sustained damage. If chosen, take it instead of Statikk Shiv.

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Laning and Matchups

Now one thing to keep in mind before playing Ashe is that against descent opponents, she is VERY hard to play. In lane you need to hold as much distance between you and you're enemy as possible. Ashe isn't a melee champion, she is a ranged champion who heavily relies on kite.

Ashe has 0 kill potential in lane. It's true, only if your opponent makes huge mistakes do you have any chance of killing him. The things you should focus on is poke, kiting and farming.


Ashe is good against:

These lanes are heavily in favour of Ashe. Summoner spells only need to be used when ganked and as long as you keep long distance, you can poke them 24/7.

  • He has close to no harrass and kill potential on you. The only thing that poses any kind of threat is his taunt, but with good map awareness and kiting this matchup should be incredibly easy.
  • You can freely push against him and any time he lasthits you will bring him pain.

  • Udyr has been one of the stronger champions since his latest rework/buff. He is however countered by Ashe because he is very movement speed reliant.
  • A skilled Udyr will know how to engage on you in different ways, keep this in mind and keep as much distance as possible while poking.
  • Poke him whenever he goes for lasthits.
  • If he just used Bear Stance, you are free to lay pain onto him, since it has a reasonably long cooldown.

  • Volibear lacks ways to engage on you, but he has an even harder time keeping his focus. He will never be able to lay his Frenzy unless you have very bad positioning.
  • He has no burst whatsoever, and an unreliable source of sustain which is his Chosen of the Storm.

  • Although strong in engages, Jax has very high cooldowns and no way of sustaining your damage.
  • Keep pressure on him from level 1.

  • It's Nasus and im sure you know how to play against him effectively. Unless you are camped 24/7, this lane is always a breeze.

  • Your autoattack's have higher range than her gapcloser. Just put pressure from the start and keep your distance. If Poppy spam's abilities she will be out of mana quite quickly.
  • Don't stand next to a wall when she jumps you.

Ashe works against:

These lanes can be a problem but shouldn't if you can manage to outplay your enemy. Very even match-ups, but you still have more lategame power than all of them.

  • Tanky, deals TONS of damage if he gets up close. He is kitable though, so staying out of his small range shouldn't be a huge problem. Remember his passive, Perseverance and harass him accordingly.
  • If he keeps bush-camping, buy a ward and place it onto said bush. Suddenly he can't do anything.
  • Your slows in teamfights greatly affect Garen.

  • Rengar pretty much oneshot's you without barrier the first levels but he has no way of getting to you unless you stand close to the bush he's in.
  • Use range to your advantage, he can't jump you unless he's in a bush. NEVER walk close to the bush he's in.
  • Don't walk close to the bush he's in.
  • Bush.

  • Pretty annoying, but beatable if you outplay her enough. I recommend getting either Health Potion's or lifesteal relatively early to negate her harass.
  • She has a gapcloser but it's on a very long cooldown.

Never play Ashe against:

  • Where to start? She is an assassin with many gapclosers and insane burst level 6+.
  • You never need to take melee hits from her before she has her ultimate.
  • She gets considerably stronger with her ultimate but before she gets stacks its quite underwhelming compared to yours.

  • Jayce has around the same range as you and can easily engage onto melee range whenever he pleases.
  • Keep in mind that his stances have cooldowns. If he has just switched to ranged from melee stance he won't have melee stance for a moment.


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Best Friends

You picked Ashe toplane, which probably means you have two AD carries. Now this is extremely potent as long as you can both stay alive. For this you need tanky champions that are CC Heavy. Some great friends to Ashe are: Alistar, Janna, Cho'Gath, Lulu, Maokai, Morgana and Yorick. These champions are all good at defending Ashe from her worst enemies.

Worst Enemies

Gapclosing assassins, especially those that are reliant on spells counter Ashe very hard. Her slow's will prove quite ineffective when they keep flying on you until you die. A few gapclosing assassins are: Irelia, Akali, Malphite and Diana.

Teamfighting tips:

  • Focus the enemies carries as first priority, but remember that safety always comes first. Basically, you want to attack the champion closest to you. Tank or not, if you run passt him to get a few shots on their carries you will probably die.
  • Use ghost on either tight situation's where you need to hit-and-run or when you are chasing. It has a very long cooldown, so make sure it's Worth it

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