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Kayle General Guide by trentallain

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League of Legends Build Guide Author trentallain

The perfect build - ADC - TOP - JUNGLE

trentallain Last updated on September 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, thank you for choosing my build. In this build I hope to cover everything that you need. The items in this build use a lot of life steal. The reason being that Kayle is squishy. The life steal helps get her back up to health and continue fighting, and when combined with her W, she can restore lot of health. It also helps in team fights because you can slow them with your Q, then start auto attacking them to death while using your E, which slows them again due to the frozen mallet.

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Summary of Kayle:

Kayle is a Melee to Ranged hybrid. Kind of Like a Jayce or Nidalee. Kayle's kit consists of a slow, an instant heal/movement, a convert-to-ranged, and 3 second invincibility.

She is also the type of champ that you can put in any of the roles, due to her versatile kit.

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Pros and Cons with this build:

- Great sustain after/during fights (lifesteal)
- High DPS
- Fast minion wave clears
- Strong slows with Q and Frozen Mallet

- Squishy if targeted directly
- Hard to carry properly
- Expensive build items

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Summoner Spells:

If you are going ADC, take the essential summoner spells Heal and Flash.

If you are going TOP, take Flash and combine it with either Ignite, Ghost or Teleport. Taking Ghost adds that bit of chasing potential, Teleport to get into the fight quicker, and Ignite to secure kills.

If you are JUNGLING, take Smite and combine with either Flash or Ghost. Flash is a good escape tool and Ghost adds more chasing potential.

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Passive - Holy Fervor - All this damage and they have little defense. This passive is great against tanks that build defense.

Q - Reckoning - Kayle isn't the fastest champion, so instead of making her fast, they gave us an ability that slows the enemy.

W - Divine Blessing - As stated before, Kayle isn't the fastest champ, so this ability really helps if you are getting chases or chasing. Plus its heal, I once bet a fed Yasuo because he forgot about my insane life steal and W.

E - Righteous Fury - My favorite. Poke. Poke. Poke. First blood. Plus its AoE is really good for lane control.

R - Intervention - Its so funny watching bursts trying to kill you. Since you end up killing them in the end because all their abilities are on cool-down.

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Essence Reaver Is for that extra AD and mana restore upon AA. Since Kayle is mana based and can run out easily, this is a good item that prevents that.

The Bloodthirster Is great for its shield and 20% life steal passive.

Berserker's Greaves Gives a nice attack speed bonus which are essential on Kayle, to get the most AA with E as possible.

Runaan's Hurricane Is really good for Kayle because of its 70% attack speed and combines well with life steal items because of how insanely quickly you heal.

Frozen Mallet Seems like an unusual item to build on Kayle but, you will be very glad of it if you are trying to chase and its always good to have extra health.

Blade of the Ruined King Turns you into an unstoppable carry and allows you to vs a lot more people at once.

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Laning and Trading:

Early lane you want to just constantly last hit minions until you have enough for the Essence Reaver. If you want a few early kills then you just constantly harass with AA from E. This deals a heck of a lot of damage and if they recall then you have essentially won your lane and you have some free creep score.

Once your lane has been pushed fairly far and you have your first two items, start ganking other lanes. This shouldn't be too hard unless your teem has fed.

This is the basic harass combo (at least level 2):
Q - to slow them
Then W - to catch up
AA - auto attack
And if you want the kill E - to finish them off at a distance

If your are constantly being ganked, make sure to have ult ready for any burst attacks, like Kha'Zix and Rengar. Otherwise if it's Master Yi, make sure you buy boots and W away.

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This is a map of where I suggest your jungle routs should be, after getting the three buffs, recall and gank a lane.

If spawned on Blue side, start at Krugs, then move to Red buff, then Wolves or Blue Buff.

If spawned on Red side, start at Gromp, then move to Blue buff, then Red Buff.

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My guide has briefly touched on a couple of important areas of her build and if you like this guide, please say thanks. This is my first guide, so don't be harsh.

Thank you for using my guide, and I wish you luck in Solo Queue.


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