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Renekton Build Guide by LoLicon_King

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoLicon_King

The PMS Croc-Renekton

LoLicon_King Last updated on April 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Well, w***ap guys, I am Lolicon_King and this is my frist guide on Mobafire. I apologize for my lousy English first (I'm Asian, play TW Server), and please take note that my guide would work for mid/low Ranks (B-G). So Plat, Diamond and Challenger pros please tell me how to improve by sending me a message or write in the comments. So, without further ado lets look at Renekton, the PSM Croc :D.

Sorry... Can't stop myself.

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Anyway, let us start off with runes.

For Renekton, runes is pretty simple. He can go with the Scaling MR on Blues and Flat AMR on Yellows.
For Reds, you can either take Flat AD or AMR Pen. Personally I prefer AMR Pen, it can shred down your enemy's AMR early game and dealing almost true damage. While, maybe not that strong but it sure can widen your early game advantage. AD is also a good choice, but it helps more in Mid Game.
Finally, I take Flat AD for Quints. However you can take AMR Pen too , same concept as the Reds.

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This is the Mastery I usually run on. It is meant for further boosting Renekton's tankyness, and giving him a little offense at mid/late game. I would prefer Sorcery than Fury as Renekton is more spell based rather than basic attack reliant.

However, this is another one way you can use if you want early game advantage.

For Offense, the main thing is to getALL the AD you can get. I don't usually run this but my friend seem quite satisfied with it. According to him, you should start off with around 80 AD so if you take Ruthless Predator at Lv1, which is W, it deals 120 damage. If you reset your basic attack with it, it deals about 200 damage in just a second. It help you win duels in lane easily.

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You can refer to the exact choices above, I will just mention the typical items on him here.

Renekton is a tanky pain in the neck for opponent ADCs if played well. Thus, I prefer to go almost full tank (obviously), with around 200 for ARM and MR, 3000+ HP and quite a bit of AD.

This is my typical final build

Item Sequence

Sunfire Cape

Ravenous Hydra

Spirit Visage

Randuin's Omen

Maw of Malmortius

Sometimes I will replace Sunfire Cape with Guardian Angel, if I plan to focus more on team fights. Reason being Sunfire Cape, in my opinion is a little weaker in late game. If offers the burn, yes, but I think it don't help much in team fights. The damage is too small and it is harder to stick onto a target to deal enough damage in team fights. I prefer changing that damage to a revive and the HP to some MR to tank APs. But Sunfire Cape still work very well in duels or lane pushing.

Now to the explanation of all the possible items


Mercury's Treads-One of the must buy for Renekton offers tenacity, which helps in sticking onto targets or anti-kiting greatly.

Ninja Tabi-Get this if there is very little magic damage on the other team, or when their team have a basic attack reliant top lane and you need it for laning. Like if you are against Jax, Irelia, Aatrox or maybe Shyvana.


The Black Cleaver-Personally I don't like this on Renekton, it just offer to little defense and there is no sustain. However for those who like it, buy a The Brutalizer early, in fact rush it and build it into The Black Cleaver last.

Ravenous Hydra-Good for clearing waves, 1 extra burst offer sustainability and aoe damage. Good item, but like the The Black Cleaver, don't rush it, you just need a Tiamat then get another defense item before you build into Ravenous Hydra. I recommend this very much as the active is good in team fights and passive is good in lane pushing.

Maw of Malmortius-Same as The Black Cleaver, get the Hexdrinker early and then build into Maw of Malmortius last. Reason being it cost too much for the little stats it give, but non the less it is a better item on Renekton than The Black Cleaver as it give MR. If you have Guardian Angel it is better as it allow you to fight until very low health and get the passive AD.

Frozen Mallet-Possible choice but not very popular. Since it does not give that much AD it is more like a defense item, but it also don't give AMR or MR. A little weak for current META but if you need its passive, it would be a good to chase down foes.


Spirit Visage-Good item to get. Great passive to have, even better if you have Ravenous Hydra or when you use Q. I love how the item give you CDR, though nerved but still good, and a little health. Most importantly, the MR is quite useful. I prefer getting this as my first or second item.

Sunfire Cape-Mentioned earlier on, it's a good item, but the AMR and HP it give is a bit too little in late game. But to split push it is still good. Get it early.

Randuin's Omen-ADC's counter. So much AMR and HP and 1 extra aoe slow, just great. I would have it as my second AMR item.

Frozen Heart-Not many buy this as the mana is useless on Renekton but I still buy it if the other team have Vayne or Kog'Maw, as they deal too much damage on consecutive basic attacks. Also CDR is great on him.

Warmor's Armor-Typical Tank item. They nerved it long time ago, I don't buy but if you desperately need some HP, I recommend this.

Thornmail-Used to counter ADCs. It greatly reduce their life steal potential. Sometimes ADCs would not even dare to hit you when you have it. It is a very good item, a must get against Vayne. However it does not give HP so I don't get it much.

Banshee's Veil-I buy this when there is a strong poker or initiator on the enemy team. You can also buy it against leblac as she requires to hit all skills to complete her damage combo. It give good HP, MR, great item overall.

Guardian Angel-Mentioned above how it is better than Sunfire Cape under some conditions. If the game hit 45 minutes, I will change one of my items for this. Just in case we get initiated badly in a team fight.

Overall, focus on AMR MR HP and Sustain on Renekton. Remember, if a team fight break out, you have to tank most of the damage.

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Q CUT THE MEEK-Bread and Butter in lane. Abuse in to heal and recover in lane. Try not to waste your fury on hitting just 1 minion. In team fights, just dash in and spam Q.

W Ruthless Predator-Your only CC, use it wisely. Normal in lane I use it to last hit or cancel opponent combos. It is also an auto attack reset so use it right after an auto attack for max damage output. In team fights use it on enemy Carrys or on initiators near your Carrys.

E Slice and Dice-The short dash, range is about the same as flash but it can't be used to pass through thick walls that flash does (don't know why). Can be used to poke in lane; slice through minions or onto champion, W, Q, then dice back. Use the double dash to get to squishys in team fights.

R Dominus-The ult of Renekton, extremely useful for diving at 6 or win duels, escape, team fight. Quite an all rounded skill. Try to dive your lane opponent with jungler to maximize your advantage in early game. In team fights you can use it before engaging to prevent getting to low or CCed before you use it.

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I usually take Ignite and Flash in solo q. But when I am playing 5v5 ranked team, I prefer to change Ignite to Teleport.

Teleport allow you to BD while your team is having a team fight. I only take it in rank team matches as the use of Teleport need good communication. If you are early, it would be wasted, the enemy will run away or you have to roam around wasting time before the fight even starts. Too late and your team will lose the upper hand, or even killed.

Teleport when used correctly add in the element of surprise into your initiation. Like when your SP let's say Leona goes in and they thought it's a nice 4v5, they jump on her, she put a ward down and a angry PMS Croc appears. Or they know you are teleporting, and when Leona initiates, they run in fear of you. It would be the best scenario, winning the team fight 4v5 and save a Teleport and maybe taking a turret. However this all depends on your team's communication and the caller's judging ability.

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The use of fury determines a good Renekton and a professional Renekton. Unfortunately I don't classify myself as a pro but I can still give a point or two in using fury.

Lets start off with the analysis of the enhance abilities.

Q-Extra Heal, Extra Damage
W-Extra Damage, Extra Stun duration
E-Dice extra damage and shreds armor

Under different scenarios, there will be different judgement. I'll list down a few in dueling first.

When you're poking-I prefer to store 80~90 fury then E onto the champion, W to trigger the first 50 fury then basic attack once so that you get another 50 fury, Q for extra damage then E back.

When you can kill-When you can kill, you don't have to save another E to go back to safety. So just double E when you have 80~90 fury, make sure the second E hit, W for the 1.5 sec stun then Q and stick to him, Ignite whatsoever. This is because with the second E that shred AMR, all of your skills deal extra damage, not only individual ones.

IN team fights-This is a little trick depending on you situation. Most of the time I prefer to use my fury on Q and E since once you land 1 stun, your team's CC can quickly follow up, there is no need for the extra stun.

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Pros / Cons

Overall these are Renekton's Pros and Cons


No cost
Heals a lot in lane
1 CC 1 Escape
Good aoe burn and damage in team fights
Dive easily at 6
20-30 min unstoppable


No real/good poke
Late game not the best
Can't do anything if he have no early game advantage
No aoe CC
Must build tank

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Laning Opponents

Renekton have little counters in lane now. Most of the hardcore counters are either not in the META or they are risky. He counters most mainstream Top laners now and is pretty unstoppable. I'll just name the few that are quite common in solo q.

Easy Lane

Jax-Simply put, Jax may win duels, but against Renekton his early game is just too weak to fight him. Renekton can just out heal after every trade and never get mana hungry.

Darius-His bleed deals too little damage on Renekton, at lv1, i would like to force trad with Darius until he run out of mana or get very low. Then when I get all 3 skills, I would just go up with ignite and kill him.

Irelia-Same as the previous 2, Irelia is too mana hungry early to deal with renekton, and with high health, she can't safely poke Renekton. She will just get caught up with double E and stun.

Hard Lane

Ryze-I think Ryze is the only hardcore counter to Renekton now (that is still safe to pick in solo q). Ryze can just stay out of range to poke and farm. His trades are just as strong as renekton and in turns of sustain, Ryze is also strong after 6. Whenever Renekton gets near, he can just use a full E,Q,W,Q combo to force Renekton back and maybe cut done 40% of Renekton's health.

Trundle-I don't have to explain for this, any AD champion that want's to duel him would have a hard time. Jax with R can maybe beat him, but Renekton is weak to him. Renekton's damage will drop right after he get hit by Trundle's Q, and trundle can just rely on Q in lane, so he would not get mana hungry.

Apart from these 2 the rest have a lower pick rate now, like kennon or Vladimir. Vayne top is also diminishing now.

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Overall, as Renekton you can simply build tank and apply lots of pressure to ADCs in team fights or win your lane in almost every game.

Just keep in mind that you have to be very tanky, like in my build I have around 200 AMR and MR and 3300 HP. If not, you will just die in team fights or get killed by some DPS champ like Jax or Shyvana in duels.

Use your fury well, if you need to escape, always use W. If you need to heal stand in a bunch of minions and Q,ect...

Anyway thanks for looking at my first guide on MOBAFIRE featuring Renekton. Please tell me how you few about it and teach me how to improve or share your thoughts.

Once again

Thank you