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Sona Humor Guide by Weas007

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Weas007

The Sona Chronicles - A Lazy Guide to a Lazy Champion

Weas007 Last updated on July 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sona - Even a Baby can play this champ!

Hello I'm Weas007 or Rydia is Hax on LoL NA server. I'm Bronze II 'cause I'm lazy as hell but I play easy champs like sona so its all good. This is my first guide on MOBAFIRE and I'm flying off the seat of my pants here...But I've played Sona enough to give you advice on this subject, even if that advice is bad.


  • Is Poor at last hitting
  • Always says "fill" during draft pick even when given first pick
  • Likes to be carried
  • Is generally lazy

Then this guide is for you. Sona is by FAR the easiest champ to play in LoL. One skill shot with an AoE the size of a jumbo jet and 3 abilites that don't even require targeting. And not only is she easy to play: You will have fun playing her and rack up SO MANY ASSISTS that people will shower you as "best support" hands down, wether you want to or not. So if you're ready to rock!!!, Then let's get this show on the road.

Guide Top

A quick Pros / Cons


  • Easy To Play
  • No, Really: So easy to play!
  • Team will not blame you ever for loss because you're so darn cute!

  • fingers get tired spamming q/w/e every second
  • you will get focused hard
  • you still have to aim your ult or team WILL hate you and blame you for loss

Guide Top

Summoner Spells [NEW]

Core Options

Flash is taken because it is awesome. It lets you jump over walls escape if they get too close and position better for your Q/E/R.

Ok so I got a lot of comments/down-votes because I included clarity as one of my summoner spells of choice. Let me "clarify" why clarity is so awesome. (Especially for Lazy Sona, which this guide is all about):

  • You don't have to back when you run out of mana right away
  • Your ally (provided they use mana) does not have to back when THEY run out of mana.
  • During a team fight, if you are caught on low mana, Suddenly everyone has mana again and can spam. (cait/ez not enough mana for ult? spam clarity)
  • AFTER a team fight, you can spam W and KEEP pushing as though nothing had happened.

SO many times I get teammates who cry OOM after losing a team fight/failing a gank. Not so with clarity. I lane bot more than 90% with Cait/EZ/MF and they always need mana for Q/E/R at crucial times. First 10 minutes of the game is so important not to leave lane if you wanna get ahead, and clarity combined with your W and hard poking potential does just that. So many times 10 minutes (I kid you not) in my EZ/Cait goes first back and rushes an IE/BTand meanwhile their opposing combo is sitting with dorans+ vampiricbecause they have to b every 2 mins and can't farm at all.

In Short, Clarity IS a good spell for teamwork and support, which is what Sona is all about.

Now, I get it: you have 2v2 bot lane and you're gonna be against an ADC/Support combo. Everyone wants you to take exhaust because you're the support and your job is to help the ADC kill. It also slows/weakens their adc so you don't die should they get the jump on you. But you have E for that. Or hell, you have W for that. Every 5 seconds. You don't need exhaust. And would you rather disable ONE unit for 2.5 seconds during a tema fight, who is proably gonan be first targeted and die anyways before you can even exhaust, or heal 50% of everyones mana (read 1000+ mana to EVERY champion on your team, provided they all use mana is 5000 mana) and spam Q/W/E like a boss. A Lazy, ****in' boss. Yeah, that's what I thought. Forget Exhaust, you have R which is like a multi targted exhaust. It is better that the ADC or TANK get exhaust, since they will be doing the chasing/getting close enough to the action to use it. You are better of SUPPORTING by keeping everyones mana and hp full, and stunning/slowing whatever you do. End of rant!

TL;DR: Exhaust is over-rated and is not suited for LAZY-Sona.

Other Options

This fits in perfectly with Lazy Sona. Don't wanna walk all that way? Ghost. Creeps blocking your path? Np, ghost through 'em. Need to help out mid 'cause you forgot to call mia and their bot came to gank? Ghost just might save the day. (Wards/calling mia are good too though).

Your W does almost as much as heal early on, and while it helps everyone on your team, you will get hated upon for taking this. Clarity is much more efficient is this department. (You will still get hated upon though).

Too lazy to Ward? Use this little guy. Short cool down, and if you took the mastery it gives lingering vision so you can se where your opponents are running off to. Problem is two fold: For one, your allies will think you are very proactive if you get clarity, which defeats the whole lazy Sona theme (they will soon realize this and flame you hard). Also, it means you gotta keep casting it all the time which wards are much more lazy/effective in that you cast once every 3 minutes. Not a bad choice but takes practice, team coordination and a bunch of other time consuming rituals to be done effectively.

It doesn't get any lazier than this...

Oh, wait.

Guide Top


Most of our Masteries will be from utility, because they are useful, and we don't have time for useless masteries.

  • Intelligence + Sorcery will give us 10% CDR which minimizes other items we need to buy so we can spend money on wards and Elixers.
  • Wanderer/Swfitness gets us where we want to go sooner.
  • Expanded mind/meditation give us more mana right now please which is what we want.
  • Greed and wealth start us off nice with more money for wards.
  • Pick pocket gives us something to do while our ADC farms/wards are up.
  • One point in Summoner's Insight boosts our Clairty AND our Flash. Yes Please.

    On the offence tree 4 points in AP for the early boost because why not and %mpen because I said so. The extra damage goes a long way in the beginning. If were less lazy we would instead get summoners wrath for exhaust (we don't have have exhaust because we are lazy and don't want to go back for mana, NOR do we wanna click on the champ that we are gonna exhaust). For the truely lazy, scrap the AP and dump 4 points into awareness, and swap out Summoner's Wrath for an extra point in wanderer.

Guide Top

Runes - Because why not


Scaling MP5

Scaling MP5

Scaling MP5

Pretty straight Forward.

You COULD go with these... I hear they're good:

I've never used em

Guide Top

Items - Lazy Sona needs her Lazy gear

What!? I have to BUILD STUFF?????

No, not really. But if you want to experience the domination over your opponents that only a true lazy Sona can achieve, you do. Just a couple things too:

This is your salvation. MP5, CDR, that cool passive that doubles your MP5 as you run out... even some AP and MR to boot. You can't ask for a lazier item that helps you do what you do. Except maybe...

This guy. Makes you heal your team without doing anything. Reduces damage without doing anything. This is your W without having to do anything. Your team is expecting you to get this, and if you do you've done your job, so now it's up to them to do theirs.

Oh yeah, and this. You wanna get to where you gotta goo faster, right? Which is wherever you feel like going. SO get this guy, and smack on some alacrity or if you're feeling the team vibe, captain.

Guide Top

Spells and Skill Sequence - Explained

This is how you win. Whenever people are in range, you press Q. It's like attacking except it does more dmg and you don't have to aim. Pretty sweet eh? The nice thing is it prioritizes Champions so you don't have to worry about stealing your ADC's creeps or not hitting your target. Here are some tips to QQ'ing your way to victory:

  • Learn the range. It's a pain, once you get used to it, you can pretty much run in, Q, and run out. Without them even knowing what hit them. It's important to back off after you Q because you are vulnerable at this point until the CD resets.
  • Don't Q near the enemy tower when enemy champions are around. Except to secure kills. Otherwise the tower will hit you and you will die. On the other hand: you can pull tower aggro of an ally by doing just this sort of thing. But on the other hand...meh

This is how you don't lose. W will heal you and a nearby champion (whichever is lowest hp) a bit of health. Unlike Q, it costs a bunch of mana so wait until you have a solid 5 mp/sec to use it often, and a good 10 mp/sec to spam it without care. More tips:
  • the range is much bigger than Q, letting you spam from a safe distance
  • If two champions are in range, it will heal the lower one. Sometimes this means you have to position yourself to heal the one you want and not the other guy. However feel free to yell at the other guys for "getting in the way" and "stealing the heal". Expect to be reported for abusive behaviour if you do so.
  • great to save tower dives!

Eh? What is this useless skill that gives me 4 move speed? I don't want! Your E helps you move faster. This may not seem like a big deal, except it affects multiple allies. This is money making skill right here. The thing about assist is that it doesn't matter how much or how little you help: you still get a good chuck of gold for helping. Even if it's 4 ms at a time. That means that in those team fight where everything goes blank and you panic and freeze up, fear no more! Even if you die, even if you did NOTHING ELSE as long as you hit e, anyone who gets a kill on your team automatically gives you an assist. Amazing, eh? 20 stacks on Soulstealer? No problem! Quick tips:
  • Press e when leaving fountain to give yourself a speed boost until you get back to lane.
  • press e during team fight to get assists.
  • after you get enough mp5, do not stop pressing e.

Ah yes, the best ult in the game. Maybe not. But we're gonna pretend it is. Basically you stun people and deal dmg for 1.5 seconds. It's long enough for everyone else to pile on someone and get the kill while your opponents "dance" mindlessly in awe.

Good time to ult is:
  • Everyone (2-3+) on the opposing team is swarming your tower.
  • Everyone (2-3+) on the opposing team is swarming your tank/ADC.
  • Someone (Nunu for example) is Channeling up a whole lot of pain with their ult.
  • If you can get the kill. Even if you die. So worth.

Bad time to ult is:
  • No one is around
  • During a team fight in the COMPLETELY WRONG DIRECTION
  • 5v1 gank and you KS your ADC
  • Creep Wave (it doesn't work on minions or monsters, sorry (but wouldn't that be funny))

This is your only job as far as your team is concerned (other than warding and showing up to the fight to spam q/w/e) so you WILL get hated upon if you miss your ult. Land it right, and you just got yourself 5 assists, baby! (Hopefully you spammed e before committing so you should get 5 assists regardless, but this makes the magic happen so to speak).

What about this little guy? Oh yeah, your passive. This is what makes Sona that much more awesome. In short, you periodically do more damage when you attack based on your level. Then end.

No, wait! I wanna know more! *sigh* Ok: Depending on which aura you have up (that is, Q,W or E) you will do a bonus effect to the enemy it hits. It goes like this:
  • Q doubles the damage dealt from your passive. Use this when you wanna go for the kill/scare them off.
  • W reduces the opponents damage output by 20% for 3 seconds. Use this when someone is pounding on you/your ADC and you need to keep them alive longer. Great against oppoenents who use life leach or have high DPS.
  • E slows your opponent 40% for 3 seconds. Wait, what? Yeah, best slow in the game, on a 5 second cool down, for 40 mana. Use this when you're being chased and you need to get away (since pressing e also helps you run away) or to chase after fleeing opponents (since pressing e also helps you catch up).

Waah, too hard! Don't worry too much about it though; If you're lazy like me. Hesitating on wether or not to use a certain effect will almost always spell death. Quick tips for Sona's passive:
  • Q to harras/kill.
  • E any other time.
  • Forget w: w sucks.


The true lazy Sona Summary

Ignore my skill sequence and do the following:

  • Get Q, get W, get E, Then always get R->Q->W->E
  • Start off by just using Q. If it will save someones life/full mana, use W.
  • Once you have +10.0 mana/sec with Chalice of Harmony: press all three buttons non-stop.
  • R whenever there is a team fight.

Guide Top

Team Work - ... wait, Lazy Sona doesn't DO work!

Just be there. Honestly. Because you have unlimited mana, very low CD and aegis, you are in effect a walking fountain and your team will love you for it. Oh yeah, and don't forget wards. Wards are a good thing to have....

Guide Top

Wards - More liek wardzzZZ (*snores*)

Before you go "wain wain wain I don't wanna waste money on wards", first off, let's review our role on the team. As support, our job is to help everyone else win, because eventually they are gonna help us win. And we do this by letting other people have the cs (that's why we get those gold masteries and runes), and warning your ADC (who is happily farming and not going back to fountain due to your awesome sustain) that the enemy mid/jungle is incoming to gank. Wards also help you see in that pesky bush where regnar is hiding waiting to jump out at you. We don't want that. We want wards.

There are a lot of great guides about warding, as well as other guides which have maps n' shiz. I'm too lazy for that, but again... quick tips:

Great places for wards:

  • River intersection near dragon. you can see when people are going/coming from that side to gank, or to farm dragon. Because this is a popular location to ward, we want a pink ward here.
  • Tri bush if on purple side to see the jungle coming when pushed pass the river.
  • River bush. This spot sucks for wards because it doesn't give you enough time to react. HOWEVER, people like to hide here a lot and think they are clever, so putting a ward here will give them away and you can get easy kills on their idle butts.
  • lane bushes. If you are pushing hard, ward their bush so you can keep them back. If they are pushing you hard, ward your own bush to keep them back. Because this is a popular spot, we want a pink ward for this location.
  • Blue buff/red buff. Not so much for defensive play as it it way out of the way for your lane to bother with, but it's good to know where your enemy jungler is and this can save grief if they like to invade. Also, it's fun to steal their buff (as with dragon).

Wards win games. Especially if you're lazy and not gonna apply pressure. I kid you not, I was playing with a Sona who raged mid way through game and sold all her gear and bought 30 wards because top complained she wasn't warding enough. Then she went back and bought 30 more wards and kept this up until she was out of money. Being able to see 3/4 of the map for a good 10 minutes is something that once you experience, you can never go back. Despite the fact that she had NO items and was runing around the map helper skelter, we still managed to win simply because we knew the enemies every move. REgnar hiding in bush? Dead. Zyra planting a trap for us by blue buff? came from the other side. Dead. Sej Elise solo dragon thinking shes safe? Dead. Oh, and cause Sona doens't really need items. Team fight to jack Baron, but then Sona shows up with ult. Quadra kill, cya.

Guide Top

Conclusion - The End, woo!

Hope you Enjoyed my guide and learned some tips and tricks aboutu how to pwn with the Son(a).

Guide Top

Revision Summary

V 1.1 - Added Masteries chapter and some ranting about how AWESOME clarity is even though it is (unfairly) hated so hard by the LoL community for no good reason other than "So-and-so is Diamond IV and they say Clarity sucks so I'mma say so too"
- Cleaned up some typos/formatting from my drunken first attempt
- Renamed guide to "The Sona Chronicles"
V 1.0 Made this Guide! (almost didn't finish it, lol)


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