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Kennen Build Guide by itzkwintosz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author itzkwintosz

The Speed of Forever Stunned AD Kennen

itzkwintosz Last updated on June 30, 2012
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Hey my fellow League Players! This is my 1st ever guide and I am excited to share this guide with you all.

This guide is an AD Kennen in-depth guide!

Just for you Kennen lovers that would love to spice things up with ninja stars!

This build is relatively similar to the occasional AD Carries.
~Two thing I have to say before we start~

    This is not an AP Guide of all means.
    AD Kennen his stuns are the key to his full potential

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The Pros and Cons


    Stunning is his bestfriend
    Wonderful in the Early Game
    Attack Speed plus his passive for his W makes it worth while
    Can easily chase another enemy
    Can easily initiate and run out of a fight
    All his spells help build up his passive for the important stuns
    Strong AD user
    Silencing Kennen wouldn't hurt him too much, unlike AP Kennen

    Any type of slow ruin his ULT fun
    Also typical AD range carry problems

AD Kennen is like any other AD Carry when it comes to positioning.
AD Kennen still does great in the Mid/Late Game or sometimes still wonderful if you got them kills!

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We take a 21/0/9 Masteries because well he is an AD carry!This benefits [pkennen]] by the extra movement speed and that 10% reduce time for being dead. Believe me or not 10% is a good amount! Also the red-blue buff stays longer. An offer I cannot refuse.


Summoner's Wrath : We take this for the great bonus on Exhaust worth one point!

Brute Force : +3 AD worth it

Alacrity : 4% attack speed pretty good plus it unlocks Weapon Expertise

Weapon Expertise : 10% armor penetration! perfect, imagine adding Youmuu's Ghostblade
and/or Last Whisper Near true damage!

Deadliness : Extra damage per level! Why not?

Lethality : More damage? More the fun because Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge!

Vampirism : Max it as well 3% Lifesteal is great in the early game plus the Doran's Blade stacks , sometimes you might not need to take that Vampiric Scepter.

Sunder : 6 Armor Pen. niceeeeeeeeee

Executioner : AD Carry or even AP carry need to take this! Worth it.


Summoner's Insight : CDR on Flash. 15 seconds faster to either initiate or to get out.

Good Hands : 10% reduce time spent being dead. Take it

Swiftness : The extra 2% of movement is wonderful THAT Lightning Rush!

Runic Affinity : Buffs stay longer. 20% longer!!!

More Defense
Alright if you guys don't like the utility portion because you think AD carries don't need utility and they strive better with DEFENSE, then choose the 21/9/0 masteries.

Resistance : 2 points for 4 MR

Hardiness : 2 points for 4 ARMOR

Durability : More health for level making it your overall HP higher!

Veteran's Scars 30+ Health wonderful with the Doran's Blade. Sometimes more health than tanks in the early game! ^^

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Summoner Spells

What I want YOU to GET

This bad boi is great with flash ult! Just like typical AP KENNEN but you aren't. You can engage and run away with this spell. There's a few champions that don't need it. Flash saves lives too!

Slow down boi! I still want to you stun you! This spell helps you 1v1 a Vayne and other AD Carries in your way. The bonus from the masteries and the reduction on the enemy. TAKE THIS. NOW. LOL

Others that are exceptable

This is a great bait killer ;D Especially with a kiting artist like Kennen The heal is great throughout the game, but if you get this you would have to use the 21/9/0 Masteries to use the full power of Heal.

New to AD Kennen or just want to move around faster? You can take this~

You want 1st blood. You just want to guarantee your KILL. ^^ Take it if you would like. Or if you see Dr. Mundo, Volibear, PPL WITH BUILT IN HEALS! Take it if no one in your team is willing to.

... Tell me why ...

How does this help you later in the game?

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greater mark of desolation greater mark of desolation 9 of them for more armor pen!

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist 9 of them for the needed Magic Resist for those pesky AP carries.

Greater Seal of Armor 9 of them for the extra armor at bot lane vs the other AD carry you are against.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage 3 of them for the 7.75 AD damage!

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Oh boy the items~ This is how I personally build Kennen for me its the best and I would like to share my build to the community.

-Alright let us get started-

Core Items

These 6 items are core because the DAMAGE, LIFESTEAL, ATK SPEED, another LIFE?!, and the Movement Speed.

Here is how we start our match hopefully you have a healer support or if you're good at avoid damage~

I normally start with Doran's Blade then Boots of Speed and on our way to another Doran's Blade.

These Doran's help a lot because they give that extra health, lifesteal, and 20+ AD already. It's worth it you can sell these later the game goes for a reasonable price back.

Usually you would 'B' back home when you have about 825 Gold or if you are feeling ballzy go for that B.F. Sword. Then get boots you need it trust me! Your movement= Positioning!

If not, continue our way to farming and achieve that Berserker's Greaves. Then the B.F. Sword we haven't gotten yet, if you are still following the build. Next is on our way to Infinity Edge.

We have some crazy damage right here, AD carry in the other team should be afraid of you, since you have stun and that sick CRIT & DAMAGE.

Because you will start getting cheap items for now~ Dagger > Vampiric Scepter > Zeal > Phantom Dancer

We want that PD as soon as possible crits man crits! They are number 1 here! The reason why I don't immediately get Zeal or wait to get a couple more creeps of gold is because that attack speed from dagger is decent and we need lifesteal now. Even though we have a decent amount of lifesteal, you want to stay out in lanes longer and farm more!

If you already have the money just go straight to PD, then buy that Vampiric Scepter for that lifsteal. We have to be practical in this stage of the game it's in the Mid Game by now. If you have money go get it.

Right after the PD we get into our The Bloodthirster because our Lifesteal is more enchanted! LOLOL it's better than before, take it and the damage.

Here comes the important items; are you getting focused too hard too much CC or just plain dying. Get the Guardian Angel. This baby will save your life if they dive for you, especially if you bait them kinda and you still have your team around you and still have Slicing Maelstrom aka. your ULT. You can try to burst down that champion trying to kill you. Muhahahahah.

Usually in teamfights Kennen is a great trader. When I play him, someone trys to kill me... They succeed unfornuately but... BUT with kennen's ability to kite and such and the build I've shared, most likely you can trade with that other carry or that pesky jungler trying to gank you. haha my personal exprience.

Well I get the Guardian Angel not only for the Revive but the Armor and Magic Resist it gives! Also those lame 4v5 you might be placed in T^T get it especially in a 4v5. But now you are much tankier now its harder for carries to kill you. You can also get Banshee's Veil for those fed Karthus and the other painful AP carries that hurt you.

If this game goes any longer. Invest into another Phantom Dancer faster stuns and you move even faster!!! Getting those Mark of the Storm aka STUNS out there! Good combo to use is the E-R-W autoattack combo with a Q somewhere at an enemy. Shreds fast you might not even see you auto attacks by now. But you are doing damage.

Hmmm Game taking forever???? Sell Berserker's Greaves for another Phantom Dancer It's much better if you just replace it you just lose about 18Movement? It's ok. I'd rather have more attack speed and 100% guaranteed crits out there! Or The Black Cleaver your choice.

-Situational Items-

Alright that 5th(GA) or 6th(PD) item you can choose actually.

I recommend plenty of items
Frozen Mallet : OMG Forever slow with a hint of Stuns, For sure if you are caught you will not escape. Also more survivability good replacement for Guardian Angel

Wit's End : Replacing that Doran's Blade if you want, good attack speed and passive also magic resist.

Quicksilver Sash : Suppressors annoying you? Use this perfect counter what else, Use ult that other person suppressing you is going to be punished and more MR!

Mercury's Treads : CC annoying? Take these replacing Zerk Greaves or even...

Ninja Tabi : Vs a Fed AD carry or hard bruiser, the 10% reduce damage is great I tell you!

Youmuu's Ghostblade : TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. A good replacement for a Phantom Dancer, but your choice.

Last Whisper : 40% armor pen. A good item as long as its after the Infinity Edge.

Banshee's Veil : You may have the GA already but fed AP carry? Add another arsenal to your protection Banshee's Veil. Depends if you want it because you have two items for survivability but the problem is you are AD CARRY, you want to do the damage. But in the bright side you'll still be doing more damage with these items. -DEPENDS in your Situation-

This are the items I recommend for replacement. The build I have showed should help you shape in building AD Kennen.
If you can think of other replacement recommended situational items tell me! It'd be great.

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Skill Sequence


Get Lightning Rush at the 1st Level
2nd Level Get Electrical Surge
then 3rd Thundering Shuriken

Now you are Level 3 you have almost all his abilities for his lovely stuns he is about to make.
Max W 1st , Max E 2nd , Max R 3rd Slicing Maelstorm, lastly Max Q

~About the skills~

Thundering Shuriken : This ability on AD Kennen is really used to add another Mark of the Storm onto your enemy.

Electrical Surge : Gives that enemy a little shock at them when they carry the Mark on them. Also this skill is why we pick AD Kennen the STUNS! wootwoot. Every 5 basic attacks add a Mark

Lightning Rush : Makes you run around like a mouse! Tag minions and enemy champions to refund 40 energy and do some damage. What also great is it tags them with the his passive and gives him about a 200+ movement for a short duration. Adding Phantom Dancer into his fire power makes him faster tagging even more people! FACEBOOK KENNEN, tagging people these days. GROUP TAG. SINGLE TAG. he can do all! lol

Slicing Maelstrom : This ability will work wonders for you it will stun carries and anyone near you including you passive and other skills you can shred and possibly give you the wanted PENTAKILL!!!!!!!!! Use it often, trust me you aren't AP Kennen you are AD. So his ULT will not render him useless!

Mark of the Storm : His bread and butter. Use it. USE IT. :D

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How to use AD Kenn's stuns

Here we go!
You want to hit minions or even other champions with some of your basic attack before you truly initiate the teamfight or just a 1v1.
The goal before attacking the enemy like Miss Fortune is to get those stacks up from Electrical Surge so you are able to add a 1st mark on her or any other champion. But for now ~I'll use MF as a dumby~

1st mark is on her so now you use E Lightning Rush and hit her with it. You should be able to knock a good portion of her health of the abilities you have used. 2nd mark is on her from the E!

You can either use Q Thundering Shuriken or W Electrical Surge to start the stun on your enemy. Stunned?! YEAHHH. Now shred the enemy in pieces.
If not rinse and repeat!

Do it more often and make them cry!hehe

The goal here is to get your passive of the Electrical Surge about 4-5 so you can add that mark immediately. Especially with this build you are throwing shurikens all over the place stunning them often.

Add Slicing Maelstrom into the fight the AD or AP carry you are against WILL BE STUNNED. unless you miss everything... But his options are terrific in killing for that pesky Carry.

Sometimes you use his ULT b4 you use any abilities then charge with E then W then Q if added effect and OF COURSE AUTO ATTACK.

R> AA> E> W> Q> E> AA

Good Combo. His lightning surge gives him positions and adds marks. And if you want to auto attack immediately use E while you are in it so you can free yourself.


> AA > > > > AA



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You want someone like:
Blitzcrank : His PULLS and KNOCKUP and ULT is a perfect package

Janna : Knockup and SLOW and ULT-push and SHIELD WITH AD <omg

Shen : Taunt and Q passive also his ULT is great for saving your butt and diving!

Renekton Not really seen but this combo is scary BOTH of you can kill one person instantously

Sona Great I must say because Q= more damage, W= Heal Me baby, E= Move me faster baby, R/ULT= STAY THERE PLEASE

Soraka : Not aggresive enough and you only benefit from her is HEALS and SILENCING.

Hmmm IM still writing on partners so check back some other time~

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I will be posting up scores and crazy plays on youtube etc. If i find one or if i get a good game~ to show

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Credit & Other MISC.




etc. <3

This build/guide is still in progress and I'd love to hear for what you guys think of my guide. THANK YOU