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Janna Build Guide by The real kagoyme

Support The storm approaches - Janna Support

Support The storm approaches - Janna Support

Updated on April 3, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author The real kagoyme Build Guide By The real kagoyme 6,032 Views 0 Comments
6,032 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author The real kagoyme Janna Build Guide By The real kagoyme Updated on April 3, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: Janna
    Ancient Coin Janna
  • LoL Champion: Janna
    Spell thief janna
  • LoL Champion: Janna
    AP Janna support


Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Font of Life


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Hello my name is kagoyme I have played league for about three years now and I am by far not the best player their is but I know the struggles of being stuck in Bronze/silver elo and wanting to get out, and as a support that is the hardest thing.

I am here to share my knowledge of Janna and try to help you know the basics.

Thank you in advance for reading!
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Janna's story (BY RIOT)


They think Zaun is where the losers live.

They won’t admit it, of course – they’ll smile through their teeth and pat us on the back and tell us that Piltover would be nowhere without Zaun. Our hard workers! Our bustling trade! Our chemtech that everyone in Piltover pretends they don’t buy, except they constantly do! Zaun is a vital part of Piltover’s culture, they’ll say.

All lies. Obviously.

They think Zaun is where the idiots go. People too stupid to make it in Piltover’s golden towers.

People like me.

I spent months dealing shimmer so I could afford to apply for Clan Holloran’s apprenticeship. I studied every crusty, dog-eared book I could find on gearwork machinery. I built a prototype gearbrace for people with broken or arthritic wrists that increased their mobility. I did everything I could have done to earn an apprenticeship in Piltover. I even made it to the final stage of the vetting process: a face-to-face meeting with Boswell Holloran himself.

They said it was a formality. Just a way to welcome me to the family.

He entered the room, looked down at my Gray-stained clothes, and laughed a strangled, joyless laugh. He said, “Sorry, my boy – we don’t take sump-rats here.”

He never even sat down.

So now I’m back here. In Zaun. One more idiot.

The Gray rolls through the streets, welcoming me back. Most days, it’s thin enough that you can breathe deep without coughing up something wet. Today, though, is what we call a Grayout. You choke with every breath. Your chest feels tight. Can’t see much past your fingertips. I want to run, but I know there’s nowhere to run to. The Gray feels like it’s closing in on me, crushing me, smothering me.

These are the times I pray to Janna.

Not everyone in Zaun believes she’s real, but my mother always had faith. She told me a bluebird hovered outside her window on the day of my birth, and she knew – she knew – it was Janna telling her I was going to be fine.

She was wrong, of course. I wasn’t fine, in the end. Couple of years ago, she – my mother – died while sump-scrapping, and I had to raise myself with the few gears she left me. Then, the usual: couldn’t make friends. Got beaten up a lot. Boy I loved didn’t love me back. Tried to study, tried to think my way up to Piltover. Couldn’t. Figured Janna had forgotten about me.

But I still keep the pendant my mother gave me: a wooden engraving depicting the bluebird she saw. Just in case of moments like these.

So I sit on the wet ground because I don’t care enough to find a bench, and I take out the bluebird pendant I always keep tucked in my shirt, and I talk to Janna.

Not out loud, of course – don’t need people thinking I’m some chem-burnt freak – but still, I talk to her.

I don’t ask her for anything. I just tell her about my day, and the day before that, and how scared I am that I’ll never become anything worthwhile and that I’ll die down here knee-deep in the Sump with nothing to show for it just like my mother, and that sometimes I just want to run away somewhere I can breathe and stop being so frightened and not feel like crying all the time and how I hate myself for feeling like I want to cry because I have it so much easier than some other people, and how sometimes I think about throwing myself into the chem pools of the Sump, just throwing myself in with my mother where I’d let myself sink to the bottom and my lungs would fill with fluid because then it’d be over, at least. I tell Janna I hope she’s okay. I hope she’s happy, wherever she is.

That’s when I feel the breeze caress my cheek. Just a light flutter, but it’s there. Soon, I can feel it blow hair across my face. The wind whistles loud and fast, and soon it’s whipping my coat in the air and I feel as though I’m at the center of a maelstrom.

The Gray swirls before me, pushed up by a breeze that seems to flow from everywhere at once. The fog slowly dissipates, and I can see other passersby on the Entresol level watching it float away.

The wind stops.

The Gray clears.

I can breathe.

Not just small, cautious gasps, but deep breaths that fill my lungs with cold, fresh air. No longer veiled in Gray, the sun shines past the towers of Piltover into Zaun itself.

I can see the Piltovans above, peering down at us. Without the Gray clouding their view, they can see us from their lofty bridges and balconies. I don’t think they like it very much. Nobody wants to be reminded they live above a slum; I see a few scowls.

That’s when I see him again: Boswell Holloran. Holding a sweetcake in his hand, looking down at me again. An expression of disgust on his face, just like before.

I’m so busy staring at his contemptuous face that I don’t notice the presence behind me until her hand is on my shoulder.

“It’s okay,” she says, and I know without turning who it is.

She squeezes my shoulder, then kneels and crosses her arms in front of my chest, pulling me into a hug.

“It’s going to be okay,” she says.

Strands of her hair fall onto my shoulders. She smells like the air after a long rain.

“It might not be okay now. You might not be okay for a while. And that’s fine. But someday, without knowing exactly when or why or how it happened, you’ll feel happy,” she says. My face is warm and wet and I don’t know when I started crying but it’s a relief, like the clouds are clearing, and I hold her arms and she holds me, just telling me over and over that it’s okay, that she’s here, that things will be better.

I don’t know how long she holds me, but soon I see everyone on Zaun’s Entresol and the balconies of Piltover above are staring.

Before I can say anything, she says, “Don’t think about them. Just take care of yourself. Will you do that for me?”

I try to speak, but instead I just nod.

“Thank you,” she says, and she kisses my wet cheek and gives me one last, quick squeeze.

She rises and glides past me. For the first time, I see her in her entirety – a tall, ethereal figure that I would’ve assumed was from my imagination if she hadn’t just touched me. I notice her long, pointed ears. Feet that don’t touch the ground. Hair flowing in the wind, even right now when there isn’t any. Eyes so blue I feel a little cold just looking at her.

But then she smiles, winks, and says, “You’ll want to watch this next part.”

There’s a massive gust of wind, so fast and sharp I have to cover my eyes. When I open them again she’s gone, but the wind is still blowing. It blows up toward Piltover and its gawking citizens.

It whistles as it picks up speed and strength, and the Pilties run for cover but it’s too late, the breeze hits them full force, sending their frocks sailing and mussing their hair. Boswell Holloran shrieks in terror as the wind launches him off the balcony.

It seems as if he’s about to plummet toward certain death, but another gust of wind shoots up toward him, and his descent slows significantly, as if the wind is guiding him down. You wouldn’t know it to look at him, though. Even though he’s falling with all the velocity of a tumbling leaf, He screams the entire way down. Very high pitched. Very undignified.

His clothes flap upward, smacking him in the face as he descends, until he’s hovering a few inches above a puddle.

“I –,” he begins, before the wind disappears altogether and he plops ***-first into the puddle, ruining what I assume was a very expensive ensemble. He yelps in a mixture of surprise, pain, and irritation, splashing around like an angry child. He tries to get to his feet, only to slip and fall back down all over again. If I’m being completely honest, he looks like an idiot.

And I can’t stop laughing.
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Janna's Bio (BY RIOT)

Armed with the power of Runeterra’s gales, Janna is a mysterious, elemental wind spirit who protects the dispossessed of Zaun. Some believe she was brought into existence by the pleas of Runeterra’s sailors who prayed for fair winds as they navigated treacherous waters and braved rough tempests. Her favor and protection has since been called into the depths of Zaun, where Janna has become a beacon of hope to those in need. No one knows where or when she will appear, but more often than not, she’s come to help.

Many of Runeterra’s sailors have strange and unusual superstitions, which is no wonder as they often live or die by the tempestuous whims of the weather. Some captains insist on pouring salt onto the deck so the sea doesn’t notice they’re from the shore. Others make sure to throw the first fish they catch back into the water as a show of mercy. It’s not surprising, then, that most implore the wind itself for steadfast breezes, calm seas, and clear skies.

Many believe the spirit Janna was born out of these prayers.

She started small. Seafarers would sometimes spot a bright blue bird just before a healthy tailwind billowed their sails. Others could swear they’d hear a whistling in the air right before a storm, as if to warn them of its approach. As word of these benevolent omens spread, sightings of the bird grew more common. Some swore they had seen the bird transform into a woman. With tapered ears and flowing hair, this mysterious maiden was said to float above the water and direct the wind with a flick of her staff.

Seafarers created ramshackle shrines of seasparrow bones and shining oyster shells which they tucked into the bows of their ships. The more successful vessels built their shrines as figureheads on their masts, hoping their more ostentatious displays of faith would be rewarded with even better winds.

Eventually, Runeterra’s seamen agreed upon a name for this wind spirit: “Janna,” an ancient Shuriman word meaning “guardian.” As more sailors came to believe in Janna and made increasingly elaborate offerings to gain her favor, she grew ever stronger. Janna helped explorers traverse new waters, blew ships from treacherous reefs, and – on particularly starless nights – wrapped the comfort of a warm breeze around a homesick sailor's shoulders. For those sailing with ill intent – pirates, raiders, and the like – Janna was sometimes said to blow them off course with sudden squalls and storms.

Janna took great joy in her work. Whether helping people or punishing the deserving, she felt happy to watch over Runeterra’s oceans.

For as long as Janna could remember, a single isthmus separated the western and eastern oceans of Valoran. In order to move from the west to the east, or from the east to the west, ships would have to brave the long, incredibly dangerous waters around the tip of the southern continent. Most ships subsequently made offerings to Janna for strong winds that would expedite their perilous journey around the rocky coast.

The city fathers of the bustling trade city on the isthmus’s coast tired of watching ships make the long trek around the southern continent, which could often take many months. They hired the most innovative scientists to use the rich chemical resources recently discovered in the area to create a massive waterway that would unite Valoran’s major seas.

Word of the canal spread like a pox amongst sailors. Such a passage would open up boundless trade opportunities, allow for easier passage through dangerous waters, reduce time at sea and introduce the transportation of perishable goods. It would bring the east to the west, the west to the east, and above all: it would bring change.

With the canal in place, sailors wouldn’t need Janna’s winds to keep their ships safe from Valoran’s cliffs. They wouldn’t need to build elaborate shrines or watch the stormy horizon for bluebirds. Their ships’ safety and speed no longer depended on an unpredictable deity, but the ingenuity of man. And so, as construction progressed over the decades, Janna fell out of favor. Her shrines grew ragged, picked apart by gulls, and seldom was her name whispered, even as the waters grew sharp and choppy with winter.

Janna felt herself weaken and her powers fade. When she tried to summon a squall, she’d only conjure a light draft. If she transformed into her bird form, she could only fly for a few minutes before needing to rest. She’d meant so much to those at sea only a few years prior – was this how easily they could forget someone who just wanted to keep them safe and honor their prayers? Janna was saddened by her slow decline into irrelevance and as the canal reached completion, all that remained of her was a faded breeze.

The opening of the canal was a joyful celebration. Thousands of chemtech devices were placed across the isthmus. The city fathers gathered for the ceremonial igniting of the charge as travelers from all over the world watched and waited, smiles on their faces and pride in their hearts.

The devices activated. Chemical fogs of molten rock bloomed. Booms echoed through the isthmus.

The cliff faces began to crack. The ground began to shake. Those assembled heard a roar of water and a hiss of gas.

That is when the screaming started.

In the years to come, no one would know the exact cause of the disaster. Some said it was the instability of the chem bombs, while others argued it was a miscalculation by the engineers. Whatever the cause, the explosions caused a chain reaction of earthquakes that shook the isthmus to its core. Entire districts collapsed into the ocean, and nearly half of the city’s denizens suddenly found themselves fighting for their lives against the clashing currents of the western and eastern seas.

As thousands sank beneath the tides, they begged for help, praying for someone to save them. They called out for the name that, until recently, their hearts had always beckoned in times of great danger on the high seas:


Struck by a sudden surge of desperate pleas for aid, Janna felt herself materialize with greater power than she’d ever felt before.

Many of those who had fallen into the water had already drowned, but as clouds of toxic chem-gas leaked from cracks in the streets, poisoning and suffocating the hundreds of people unlucky enough to breathe them, Janna knew how to help.

She disappeared into the bleak, billowing gas, its acrid grasp overwhelming the helpless victims of the great canal’s birth. Holding her staff high, she closed her eyes as wind swirled around her, the vortex so powerful that those who had summoned her feared they might be swallowed whole or ripped to pieces. Her staff glowed a brighter and brighter blue until she finally slammed it down, blowing the gas away in one ferocious burst of air. Those who had summoned Janna caught their breath and looked upon the woman who had saved them, vowing never to forget her again.

With that, a gust of wind blew through the streets, and Janna was gone… though some swore they saw a bright blue bird make a nest high atop the iron and glass spires overlooking the city.

Years after the city called Zaun was repaired and the shining town of Piltover was built above it, Janna’s name endures in countless stories that tell of the wandering wind spirit who appears in times of great need. When the Zaun Gray grows thick, some say Janna blows it away, then vanishes as quickly as she came. When a Chem-Baron’s thug goes too far or a victim’s screams go unanswered, a fearsome torrent of wind might sweep through the alley and aid those who others are unwilling to help.

Some say Janna is a myth: an optimistic fairy tale that Zaun’s most desperate tell themselves to bring an ounce of hope to their hour of need. Others – the ones who think of Janna when the wind whistles through narrow corridors of the city or huddle around handmade shrines (now crafted of scrap and gearworks rather than bird bones) – know better. When the gust rattles the shutters and blows the laundry off the line, Janna is surely in the air. Every Progress Day, no matter how cold the weather, the believers throw open their windows and doors so Janna can blow away the stale air of the year past and welcome the new. Even skeptics can’t help but feel their spirits lift when they spy a curious blue bird swooping through the streets of Zaun. Though none can be sure when, how, or if Janna will appear, most everyone can agree on one thing: it’s nice to have somebody watching over you.
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Pro's and Con's


1) Movement Speed - Janna can quickly get to any lane she is needed in quickly from the start, Boots of mobility will ensure that she gets anywhere as quick as possible.

2) Strong peel - Janna can easily turn a gank around to her advantage or make the escape from the gank easy. With her knock up and slow getting to her and her ADC makes it nearly impossible at times.

3) Good trades - With your shield up enemy team will have troubles poking down your ADC or yourself, when enemy team engages a simple knock up and shield can turn everything around.


1) Squishy - Janna is very squishy so many people will try to pick her off as fast as they can, if you get caught out and your spells are down you have nearly any escape

2)Damage - Janna barley does any damage if she builds full support making it difficult to poke people down.
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1) SORCERY - Empowered Abilities And Resource Manipulation

2) SUMMON AERY - Your Attacks And Abilities Send Aery To A Target, Damaging Enemies Or Shielding Allies. Damage: 15 - 40 Based On Level (+0.10 AP And +0.15 Bonus AD)

Shield: 30 - 80 Based On Level (+0.25 AP And +0.40 Bonus AD)

Aery Cannot Be Sent Out Again Until She Returns To You.

Reasons to use: Creating extra damage will help a lot late game, I find having the double shield for just a few seconds helps a lot and keeps your adc alive! Plus increases the poke in lane early game.

3) MANAFLOW BAND - Every 75 Seconds, Your Next Ability Used Has Its Mana Or Energy Cost Refunded, And Restores 8% Of Your Missing Mana Or Energy.

Reasons to use: Mana is big when it comes to Janna and any little bit of mana to stay in lane a bit longer helps, you don't wan't to be constantly going back to base because you ran out of mana poking

4) TRANSCENDENCE - Gain 10% CDR When You Reach Level 10.
Each Percent Of CDR Exceeding The CDR Limit Is Converted To An Adaptive Bonus Of 1.2 Attack Damage Or 2 Ability Power

Reasons to use: Cool downs are where people will engage on Janna, getting her CDR lower is better that way she can keep shielding and knocking people up

5) SCORCH - Your Next Ability Hit Sets Champions On Fire Dealing 20 - 60 Bonus Magic Damage Based On Level After 1s.

Reasons to use: You can go with this or the extra AP but I find scorch works on Janna really well and helps add to her poke

RESOLVE - +65 Health Plus 10 Ability Power Or 6 Attack Damage, Adaptive.

1)FONT OF LIFE - Impairing The Movement Of An Enemy Champion Marks Them For 4s.

Ally Champions Who Attack Marked Enemies Heal For 5 + 1.0% Of Your Max Health.

Reasons to use: you have some impairing effects, it will give your ADC or team a little bit of extra healing which is very good

REVITALIZE - Heals And Shields Are 5% Stronger And Increased By An Additional 10% On Targets Below 40% Health.

Reasons to use: You have a shield so making it stronger can save your teams life!
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Summoner spells

FLASH: You have lot's of movement speed in general, but flash should always be a must. I can secure kills for you and your ADC in bot lane along with helping you escape.

EXHAUST : This is not a mandatory spell, depending on whom you are going against. If there is a Nasus on the team I would recommend taking it for late game to slow him down. Any tanky people you can slow down so your adc can burst them down.

IGNITE : Ignite is best I find when you are going against a champion that can heal, it can also secure kills for you and your ADC bot lane.
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Items in league are constantly changing, sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the better so adjusting your champions build will happen often! but for now her are the basic items I use


ANCIENT COIN: 5% Cooldown Reduction
2 Gold Generation
5 Movement Speed

UNIQUE Passive: Favor: Enemy minions killed by your allies sometimes drop coins that give either 25 gold or restore 6% missing mana (minimum 10). Cannon minions always drop coins if you don't kill them.

UNIQUE Passive: Quest: Earn 500 gold using this item and purchase upgrade to Nomad's Medallion.

REASON TO USE: This item is great for janna, I prefer it over the typical one it tells you to go with. It keeps you in lane a lot longer then Janna can usually stay in lane because it is constantly giving you mana back after minion kills.

HEALTH POTION: Restores 150 Health over 15 seconds. Limited to 5 at one time. Limited to one type of Healing Potion.

REASON TO USE: typically I take three, this will also help you stay in lane longer, you can be aggressive, take some damage and not have to go back right away


REMNANT OF THE ASCENDED: 0% Cooldown Reduction
2 Gold Generation
200 Health
125% Base Health Regeneration
10 Movement Speed

UNIQUE Passive: Favor: Nearby enemy minions, killed by any ally other than you, will sometimes drop a coin that can be picked up to either grant 45 gold or restore 6% missing mana (minimum 10). Cannon minions will drop a coin as long as you don't kill them.

UNIQUE Passive: Quest: Earn 500 gold using this item.
Reward: Item upgrades to Eye of Ascension, which can hold up to 4 ward charges

REASON TO USE: Your starting item will upgrade into this and will continue to grant you coins of money or mana which will help through out the game

CONTROL WARD: Places ward that reveals the surrounding area. This device will disable and reveal nearby wards and Camouflaged units will also be revealed.

REASON TO USE: This would be a site and anti site item, it is best to use these because they do not go away unless an enemy kills them or you place a new one, and it reveals enemy wards in that small area, try to carry one at all times

SWEEPING LENS: Summons a drone at the target location for 6 seconds, warning against hostile units while revealing and disabling invisible wards, only revealing traps.

ORACLE ALTERATION: Sweeps the area around your champion for 10 seconds, warning against hostile units while revealing and disabling invisible wards,and only revealing traps

REASONS TO USE: Both do the same thing, they both sweep the area for enemy wards, Sweeping lens i would recommend getting once you get Remnant of the ascended Then at level 9 upgrade your sweeping lens to Oracle Alteration Oracle can sweep more of an area then sweeping lens can and you can move around with it.


ARDENT CENSER: 60 Ability Power
10% Cooldown Reduction
50% Base Mana Regeneration

UNIQUE Passive: +8% Movement Speed.

UNIQUE Passive: Your heals and shields on an allied champion grant you and your target 10-30% Attack Speed and 5-20 on-hit magic damage (based on level). This does not include regeneration effects or effects on yourself.

UNIQUE Passive: Ardent Healing: +10% bonus healing and shielding power.

REASONS TO USE: Cooldown rates, mana regen and anything to help increase your shields are the best for you. This is always the first item after sight! the stronger the shields the less damage your team takes and that could be what wins you the team fights

REDEMPTION: 10% Cooldown Reduction
200 Health
50% Base Health Regeneration
150% Base Mana Regeneration

UNIQUE Passive: +10% bonus healing and shielding power.

UNIQUE Active: Target an area within 5500 range. After 2.5 second, call down a beam of light to heal allies for 30-370 (based on target's level) and deal 10% of maximum health true damage to enemy champions and 250 true damage to minions (120 second cooldown). Can be used while dead.

REASON TO USE: This along with your group heal is a great idea, even if you are a bit away from your team you can heal them up and get to them in time to use your ultimate. I find this keeps a team in the fight longer and saves a lot of people from death, meaning the other team does not get fed as easy.


Enhanced Movement: +25 Movement Speed. Increases to +115 Movement Speed when out of combat for 5 seconds.

REASON TO USE: you already have lots of movement speed, but the quicker you can get back to lane or to your team the better, i find these make for swift and fast warding so you are never gone for long and can escape enemies fast

MIKAEL'S CRUCIBLE: 0% Cooldown Reduction
40 Magic Resistance
100% Base Mana Regeneration

UNIQUE Passive: Gain +25% Base Health Regeneration for every +25% Base Mana Regeneration.

UNIQUE Passive: 20% bonus healing and shielding power.

UNIQUE Active: Instantly removes all stuns, roots, taunts, fears, silences and slows on an allied champion, as well as granting 2 seconds of slow immunity. Successfully cleansing an effect will also grant the target 40% Movement Speed for 2 seconds (120 second cooldown) (750 range).

REASON TO USE: Again strengthens your shields which is a very good thing! also by using the passive you can escape death.

MORELLONOMICON: 80 Ability Power
300 Health

UNIQUE Passive: Touch of Death: +15 magic penetration

UNIQUE Passive: Cursed Strike: Magic damage dealt to champions inflicts them with Grievous Wounds for 3 seconds

REASON TO USE: This can help your team more than most AP items that you could get instead, this is more of a filler item if you need one last item. It helps reduce the healing that enemies take.

In the end you can use whatever build you want or switch around some items, i would recommend you use the three mandatory items and then do the rest to your play style
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Wards should be placed each time a ward runs out, no sight means easy ganks for the enemy!

YELLOW DOTS: These are your early game wards depending the side you are on you would know which wards go where. If the enemy team has someone who can pull or stun you easily from a bush you want to be warding at the bush area to prevent them from getting you. Then river is another place to have wards to prevent a gank, try to get your adc to ward river or the one bush for you.

RED DOTS: These are places red wards are typically placed through out the game, I typically buy one red ward on my first back and place it in the bush behind where an enemy jungler can gank when your lane is pushed to tower. You will be using a lot of red wards through the game but try to place them where an may just pass it by.

PINK DOTS: These are you general warding areas, you can place is more then just this, when your team is pushing try to ward deeper into their jungle so you know when they are coming. If you are pushed back by them be sure to ward close to your side so you can see them better. Each time dragon is up be sure to try to ward it as much as possible, and same with baron! if you lose either they can have an advantage. Last but not least, when an enemy tower or inhib is taken down, if you have a ward place it, someone who has teleport can do so and take out and inhib or push for the win quickly when minions are pushed

Warding is the one thing that can keep your team alive and it is you who should be warding the most along with jungle.

Lot's of players in higher elo will have placed 60+ wards with vision scores of 150+ in their games, in silver elo the games usually end fast enough and you will have placed about 40 Wards and have a vision score of about 100. If you get less than that but prevented ganks on your lane dont worry, you are doing great!
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PASSIVE:Increases the movement speed Janna and of all nearby allied champions by 8% while they are moving toward Janna.

Janna’s basic attacks and single-target spells deal bonus magic damage equal to 15 / 25 / 35% (at levels 1 / 7 / 13) of her bonus movement speed.

HOWLING GALE (Q): Range: 1000
Cooldown: 12 Cost: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140
Janna summons a mighty whirlwind, which she can release to deal 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+35% of ability power) + 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 (+10% of ability power for each second it charges) magic damage to all targets in its path, knocking them into the air for 0.5 seconds and an extra 0.25 seconds for each second charged. The distance traveled by the whirlwind also increases for each second it channels to a maximum of 1750 units at 3 seconds.

HOW TO USE: Try to not hit minions in the process of using your tornadoes, it can take away CS from your ADC and mess them up. Use the tornado while the enemy is farming to poke them down and mess them up, try to save this as much as possible, it can be used to counter gank when the enemy jungler comes down and help you escape conflict.

The best time to use this is when your ADC is ready to engage on the enemy after you and/or your ADC have poked them down enough.

ZEPHYR: Range: 550
Cooldown: 8 Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90
Passive: Increases Janna's movement speed by 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 (+10% of ability power) %, and allows her to move through units.

Active: Janna launches her elemental at the target dealing 60 / 115 / 170 / 225 / 280 (+50% of ability power) magic damage, and slowing their movement speed by 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 40 (+16.67% of ability power) % (max 80 %) for 2 seconds. Janna loses the passive benefit while Zephyr is on cooldown.

HOW TO USE: This attack slows an enemy down, it is really easy to poke at them here and there when you are in range, this is best used after throwing out a tornado because you can get in range of them and it can possibly secure a kill, but it can also prevent and enemy from killing you or your ADC

EYE OF THE STORM: Range: 800
Cooldown: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110
Janna shields her target, absorbing 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+70% of ability power) damage and buffs them, increasing their attack damage by 10 / 17.5 / 25 / 32.5 / 40 (+10% of ability power) for 5 seconds (can target Turrets) or until the shield is broken.

HOW TO USE: This is the one ability I would recommend maxing ASAP, use it when your ADC is taking damage or you are engaging in a fight, the longer you can keep your team or carries alive the better the outcome

MONSOON: This could save everyone's life, if you can flash behind the enemies or come from behind it can also be used to engage a fight by knocking them into your team and forcing them. Try to ult your team alone and not knock the enemies away unless you need to.

Your combo alone does not do a lot of damage because you are full support, but it will ensure your team survives a fight if used right.
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People Janna goes good with

Honestly Janna can pair good with anyone I find but there are some carries in the game that match ultimately well with janna

YASUO: Janna is great with Yasuo as she is not the best placed against. If she can knock up 2-5 people in the team fight yasuo can use that knock up to his advantage and use his ultimate. Plus they both use wind, would that not make them the perfect team mates ?

VAYNE: Vayne is OP in general and most people hate her, if you can keep her alive she can take out a team very quickly

DRAVEN: basically the same as Vayne, he is very overpowered even in early game. If you can keep draven alive he can shred people down and win lane.

JHIN: Lot's of people can think this match up does not work all because hes longer ranged, basically all your attacks can proc his stun, also when he is ulting you can shield him from damage, knock people up so he can keep focused on them, and slow them down from escaping his range.

Now there are many more match ups that Janna is good with but it all depends on you and when you do things, sometimes you cant keep your adc alive because they engage stupidly or dont listen, don't put yourself down for their mistakes even if they blame you.
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“Do not fear the winds of change – they will always be at your back.”

In the end you can not carry every game or save everyone, all you can do is do your best and improve. I wish you the best of luck on your climb to whatever rank you desire and I hope this guide has helped you even the slightest bit.

May your days on the rift be good to you.
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