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Janna Build Guide by PrideOfShurima

Support The Storm's Fury [Patch 8.15]

Support The Storm's Fury [Patch 8.15]

Updated on August 16, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrideOfShurima Build Guide By PrideOfShurima 17,393 Views 0 Comments
17,393 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PrideOfShurima Janna Build Guide By PrideOfShurima Updated on August 16, 2018
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Introduction and a Bit about Janna

Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at any sort of guide hence why it's so simple. I've played Janna for quite a while, and have over 200k mastery points on her. She often gets branded as the braindead egirl champion but in my opinion she is fun, and can be rewarding to play once you've got some experience with her. She's exceptionally good at peeling, and can cover for a lot of mistakes allies make.

Janna is good against certain hard engage supports like Alistar because of her Howling Gale and monsoon]. She's also good in comps with AD champions like [[Riven and Master Yi since Eye Of The Storm gives bonus AD to the target while the shield is on them.

AP champions pop up quite often in the bot lane either in the support role or carry.. Janna can negate a fair amount of damage with her shield, although it has a long cooldown at early ranks, so in lanes like this you want to play safe and just deny the enemies from snowballing with your disengage Howling Gale and Monsoon. Don't be overaggressive because you are squishy and a Brand with his ADC can kill you easily if you get caught. Also try not to pick her into strong AP laners if your own adc is weak in lane, otherwise the two of you will have a very difficult time.

I hope you enjoy the guide, feel free to leave a comment or even give the guide a thumbs up :D but mainly just have fun playing Janna and I hope this guide helped.
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So up above I advised for Summon Aery to be your primary tree with Resolve as your secondary, but there are a few other options.

Primary Tree Alternatives

  • Guardian is another shield orientated one. It has a longer cooldown, but a bigger shield, and gives you access to the full Resolve tree.
  • Arcane Comet is a more aggressive option. When you use your Zephyr or Howling Gale it's almost a guaranteed proc. Still, in my opinion, the damage really isn't going to be that meaningful over the entirety of the game. I feel like aery will give a higher damage output over the whole game.
  • Lastly is Unsealed Spellbook, not many people are playing with this rune since it got changed but it has its uses. The ability to essentially gain a summoner spell every few minutes can feel really nice, but you have to be smart about what and when you choose things. It's a more utility based rune.

Secondary Tree Alternatives

You're almost never going to be delving into the precision tree, but the other four are fair game.

If you're going Domination I would recommend Zombie Ward, I really love having the extra vision. The bottom row of domination is useful too, aside from Ravenous Hunter all three are good options.

Look to go sorcery for Nullifying Orb if you're going into a heavy AP comp, I feel this rune is really underrated, but the magic shield came come in really clutch. Celerity recently got nerfed so I wouldn't recommend that. Your other options are Manaflow Band and Waterwalking.

You have a couple good options here depending on whether you prioritise your own survival, or aiding an ally. If you want to keep yourself alive then go Bone Plating and Chrysalis and if you'd rather help your ad go Font of Life and Revitalise.

Finally, if you want to take inspiration as your secondary, you also have a lot of options available to you. If I do delve into this tree I always go Cosmic Insight having extra cooldown on your ult, your items, your sweeper, is all so useful. Most of the time I'll then go Magical Footwear but you could switch that out for Perfect Timing if you feel you need it. Bearing in mind you're probably going to sell the broken stopwatch afterwards.

In summary The runes at the top of your page are going to be your 'default page' but if you think you're going to have an easy matchup then feel free to switch out he resolve secondary for something more aggressive/useful.
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Flash and either Exhaust or Ignite. I don't really see a situation where you take anything outside of these three.
Ignite will give you kill pressure in lane and is also good if the enemy team has a heal-reliant champion e.g. Dr. Mundo.
Exhaust on the other hand is especially good against assassins e.g. Katarina, Kha'Zix or Evelynn. It's still decent against non-assassins but remember as Janna your going to be standing in the backline in teamfights, this means you won't always be in range to use your Exhaust on the enemy ADC.
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Okay, let's talk items. You're normally going to be starting with Spellthief's Edge but Ancient Coin is viable as well.
On your first back you want to be looking to upgrade this if possible.

You're first non-ward item tends to be ardent censor or Redemption (if Ardent isn't needed). If there's a lot of AP on the enemy team/you're laning vs. an AP support, then Athene's Unholy Grail or at least the Chalice of Harmony component to it should be considered.

For your 3rd and 4th items go for Locket of the Iron Solari or a Mikael's Blessing depending on how the game is going. You can leave upgrading your Boots for quite a while compared to other champions since Janna has high base movement speed anyway.

Make sure you always have a slot for Control Ward's up until you can buy a full last item - believe me that extra Control Ward will be more useful than a Forbidden Idol.

There are other items you might end up building if the game calls for it. A Banshee's Veil could be useful if you're consistently getting caught by a big spell/CC. Maybe even a Guardian Angel if you are in desperate need of the revive. Just note that the chances of you needing items like these as support Janna is low, you're not a frontline champ so if you position correctly you're out of most harms way. And if there are assassins they're likely going to go for the ADC, PLUS you have your Monsoon to knock them away.
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Playing as Janna

So you've just loaded into your game, what now? Well here are my tips:

You don't pick Janna for amazing roams and ganks, she has awful setup, so during laning you're mainly on protect the ADC duty. The other thing you can do though is keep ward. You're a fast champion, especially if you have any of the movement speed runes ( Waterwalking, Celerity, Relentless Hunter), so if you know your ADC will be safe, consider warding to cover bot and mid.

When around other champions, be it in lane, or in the late game, remember not to overextend. You're very squishy, like I said earlier. If you do happen to get caught, you can use your Monsoon for the knockback and then escape.

In general, you do what any other utility support does, peel. Peel your carry (not necessarily the ADC, just whoever's CARRYING your team) and shield them too. You have your slow, knockup, and knockback, to counter any engages.
If you have Ardent censor remember that using Monsoon will apply the buff to everyone you heal, this can be useful situationally outside of teamfights. The extra attack speed could net you a baron just in time, or an extra tower.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrideOfShurima
PrideOfShurima Janna Guide
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The Storm's Fury [Patch 8.15]

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