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Nami Build Guide by Princess Saber

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Princess Saber

The Tidecaller is upon us.

Princess Saber Last updated on January 14, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Bounty Hunter
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Resolve: 12

Threats to Nami with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Bard Really, REALLY, easy. You make sure you are positioned away from a wall or not directly behind minions and you spam your W and then eventually attempt to bubble him when he is about half HP.
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About the author!

Before we get started, I would like to let you in on some background information about myself; I am currently lurking around Diamond 2 and Diamond 3 on NA. I normally add people, so you can go ahead and add me if you like. I'm not a fan of normal games, but I do love to play some ARAMs if not playing ranked. Currently before the reset, I sit at around the 19th best Nami in the world, number four in NA.

My can be found right here;

On another note, this is my VERY FIRST Mobafire post... I will eventually get better, but the timing right now is really weird. So, maybe within the next week or so I might work on a more updated and detailed version of this one.

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Pros / Cons


+Very strong with most of the top tier picks.
+Can win any lane if played correctly.
+One of the strongest supports in laning phase.
+Has one of the most CC oriented kits in the game.
+Can help your team snowball or recover from losing.
+Once ahead, can easily finish the game.
+Has amazing poke in lane.

-Rather squishy and has no way to escape, besides flash.
-Mana can be a problem when spamming abilities in lane.
-All your CC abilities are skill-shots.
-Very high skill cap: she's quite hard to pick up as a new player.

Why pick Nami to play? Her kit fits with so many team compositions and helps so many Marksman. Her sustain helps you stay in it when behind, her Damage helps you snowball from your aggression, you can give Marksman an on hit slow and more damage in addition. Plus, you have a giant AoE Wave that speeds up your allies and knocks up and slows your enemies. Nami is really good at peeling for your Marksman and great at making picks as well as CCing your enemies.

But her weaknesses consist of no mobility other than flash, her Mana bar is rather small to her ability costs, and you can completely miss your CC abilities. Once a Zed or some single target CC gets a hold of you, you are pretty much done, unless your team saves you. Later on in the game, you might tank through the damage, but you most likely will have to run away and recall or you will die.

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Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration

Having Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration runes on Nami is just not fair for the enemy laners. The amount of aggression you can do while having these on is just sometimes uncounterable. Your Auto Attacks deal insane damage while trading, your Ebb and Flow's damage will increase, and your E would help pen with your Auto and Magic Damage.

Greater Seal of Health

Having Greater Seal of Health makes you get tankier as the game goes longer and longer, until you hit 18. It helps you become more tankier when the fights matter so you don't get instantly evaporated off the face of the rift. Especially if you buy some HP items like Banshee's Veil or Locket, you will almost reach 3k HP, or even break it.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

I like having these runes on because they help give you more damage while in lane. The damage spike usually happens when you get your second point in W, which is why I get it level 3. It just does so much damage when I have AP glyphs on. Plus, it increases your Heal amounts, your slow amounts, and your speed increases when you target yourself or an ally.

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Having flat armor Quintessences on helps you not get poked out by enemy Marksmans. It will help you survive against the Auto Attacks that the enemy will be dealing to you.

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Ranked Play

Pre 1:40

First things first, never level a spell before you actually arrive in lane or need it in an invade or comparable situation. You´ll sometimes need the bubble in case of an invade, but otherwise you really want Ebb and Flow.

Always make sure to cover for your jungler, regardless of the side he is starting on. However, if you have to pull for your jungler keep this in mind: NEVER stay too long. Give him a few hits but make sure to head to lane in time.

Also, even if you're not planning on pushing early on, you don't want to miss experience from the first creeps dying on you while you're still helping out the jungler on his first buff. This does not mean you should not help at all – just know when to back off so you're back to lane in time to actually show some resistance. Again, the botlane pairing that wins the level 1 push war generally wins the first 3 levels if they play it out correctly.

Overall Gameplay

Nami is a really effective support before the first base. Generally both sides will have little to no sustain which means you'll easily be able to both outpoke and outsustain the enemy, as long as you manage your mana correctly. Early game you can trade really effectively by using Ebb and Flow + AA (basic / auto attack) – usually you'll get the second bounce back to you which will heal up all the damage the enemy did to you during the trade.

However, never go to deep to poke the enemy because you'll get a lot of minion aggro that way (minion damage counts up quite quickly!). Only trade when the enemy minion wave is equally sized as yours, or smaller. If the enemy wave is bigger than yours, you'll get more minion damage from attacking them than you'll probably deal to them – that's another reason why pushing the wave is important: it means the enemy won't be able to engage on you or they'll get a lot of minion aggro.
Another risk is that you're really squishy so you'll get punished really hard if you misposition, so never go too far ahead of your AD carry or you will die.

You should try to get a Sightstone on your first base (if not, get Frostfang) and get some deep wards down near dragon and possibly in the enemy jungle. It's also really good to get a pink ward and place it somewhere in the river. I'll cover warding in a later chapter.
Another good thing to keep in mind is to adapt your build correctly to your matchup. Against Thresh or Leona it's often a very good thing to buy an extra Ruby Crystal to prevent yourself from dying too often.

In fights you should pretty much always prioritize hitting the enemy carry with your bubble. Their movement is usually very predictable (since they are attacking you they'll also be moving in your way) and this often means you can counter their engage really effectively by hitting a bubble on the carry and from there on turning the fight. I mentioned before but I'll do it again: NEVER forget to pop a potion in the middle of a fight. In an extended fight this can give you over 100 hp back which can really turn a low level fight around.