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Akali Build Guide by Klumpkurre

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klumpkurre

The true playstyle of Akali

Klumpkurre Last updated on December 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, my name is Joakim Johansson AkA "jocke med skeden". I main Akali for several reasons. First extremly hard to gank, second high skillcap high reward if you can play her. In my point of view she is a bit overpowerd. Well, carry on I´ll describe many things in this guide how I play what you should do what you NEVER EVER EVER goin to do and so on.

Thank you for reading and don´t forget to tell me what I can do better, it´s though my first guide.

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Akali is really dependent on runes, If you know that you don´t have these runes I´ve picked for you(The 7 AD is the most inportant, the armour is your choice if you want to trade for AP) You´re gonna have a bad time. Why? Because I´ve set the runes to match up perfect with the Mastery page. With both the runes and masteries you will have 10 ad. For new Akali players you need 10 AD to trigger her passive. So the Marks(red runes) IS A MOST, the glyphs(blue runes) would I recommend AP but you can go for something else, the zeals Is in my opinion best as armour first because that´s what they are made for so they give you most armour(exepct quintessence), and you will need armour when you´re facing top almost everyone of them are AD. And the quintessence´s What´s up with these little fellas? Ofcourse we will pick flat AP for these, because we want early dmg and to trigger Akali´s passive NO.2(when Akali reaches 20 AP her basic attacks deal a bit extra magic dmg).

Conclussion: If you don´t have these runes, stay away from ranked untill you get it cause Akali´s runepage is very very very inportant.

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With my mastery setup I´ve fixed Akali´s passive(10 ad will trigger it) this gives you 8%ish spellvamp IT HELPS A LOT. So for quack sake pick the offense masteries exactly nhow I put them. On the other hand what about the 7 others? I play Akali as a Magic dmg brusier, why? Cause it´s flippin unbeat able, so I pick mu last seven on defence. But feel free to place the LAST SEVEN not any else as free as you want.

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In this build I´ve got some new things because of the new season things, like DFG I didn´t use it so much on Akali before but now OH MAMA. DFG will now AMPLIFY your DMG by 20%!! How epic is that the dmg is just A+. The reason I don´t start with boots on Akali have I never thought of so feel free to begin with them. I use the extra ap to harras/outzone the enemy. After your first recall you should buy hextech revolver(dat spellvamp) and for QUACK SAKE don´t forget to buy wards! I don´t care if you have a support, you will buy wards even if you play solo top! remember the support is not your mommy it´s your savior(hopefully) You can´t expect a plank to become a flippin rock. you have to buy wards!!! get it? then carry on, second B buy full boots and start roam( if you can, cause you shoud not leave your tower while it´s pushed at max for obvius reasons. The most inportant here is if you know you will forget to use your DFG like everyone else then don´t buy it(not that hard, right?)

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Skill Sequence

When you´re in the lane try to harass as much as possible, if you fail with this no problem. Akali is quite weak pre 6(yeah right) but after lvl 6 the will beg for murcy. but be sure to have 3 stacks up befor you jump´em. when you have your ult and plan to jump on the ememy for maximum dmg first throw a Q on them wait for the cooldown to reset(Akali´s Q have longer duratation then it´s CD) then jump use your W E, Q again basic attack. If you can kill them without risking your own life do it, if not it´s just a harass(walk away from it).

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Pros / Cons

PROS: Cons:
OP Vision wards/oracle will quack somethings up bad
high burst Her best skin is unavalible :(
good escape tool
Will rape the enemy AD/AP
extreme survival
can carry games

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I have a great picture(not done yet) so I´ll upload it soon. But the basics is to ward your
river place your ward at the way to the jungle(a bit higher then baron) then you will have good time to react and surive/maybe even get some kills. Second ward their blue buff. BUT NOT SO YOU CAN SEE WHEN THEY TAKE IT, you shall ward it so you can take it and see what happens on the other side of the wall. Trust me on that one I´ve had a couple of breakdowns cause of the fear IF their jungler would show up. So ward on the ither side of the wll for your safety. Did I mention you should place wards here and there cause it´s not the support problem and noeone elses.

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When you enter a teamfight what will you do? Rush for the enemy darius or for their ad/ap carry? Ofcurse it´s an easy answear you will attack their most isolated carry so you can finish him/her up without worriyng about someone else. Then go for the next carry then feel free to kill anyone.

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When to not pick Akali?

I´ve only foun 2 champs that are suicidal to play against as Akali. Renekton it´s something with this malformed croc that just counter akali as hard as it can. Even if you are in your soulshrood he can kill you with ease so just don´t pick Akali if you´re up against him. 2.nd no surprise Lee Sin the reason? not ony his anti stealth device but his jumping. As akali you want the target to be slow and have no escape tool. But Lee Sin is more jumpy then Akali + he can kick her out if he feel for it.

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End of story

This is it. My guide please rate with your mind. And the most inportant, tell me what I can do better and what you like about my build. Have many hours of fun with my build

"Akali is the one to rule´em all" Darius

// jocke med skeden