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Yorick Build Guide by Exheavy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exheavy

The Unique Alrounder Solo Top Build

Exheavy Last updated on April 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to a very special Version of a possible Build for Yorick


Personally, I play him as a Melee OFF Tank for a half year now and decided to create a build so i can share my experience with everyone. I can promise and prove you that it's giving you a lot of different options. Well as you may know, Yorick is a very Early-Game dependent Champion and with my Build also very hard to play. Instead of beeing bored now, you could enjoy how to play Yorick with real fun and make the enemies look like idiots.
I recommend you to read the entire guide and not only taking a look at the items, masteries and runes.

Have fun reading and don't prejudge about me, just because this is my first guide :)

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Runes & Masteries

As you have seen the Runes and Masteries you'll may shout: "What the Fu°° is this?!" but i prefer people who consider first before drawing any kind of conclusion about me and this build.

6 Armor Penetration Marks for having a better physical damage input against annoying OFF-Tanks like Riven, Wukong or Irelia
3 Attack Damage Marks = improving your early game just a bit. I take 3 ... just to be clear the amount of Damage is decreasing if you're stacking 9 of them ( loosing 0.9 AD)
6 Magic Resistance Gylphs = Beeing less influenced from AP Carry Ganks. It's really usefull to have this runes in your Site for beeing well prepared for almost every coming AP-Gank. But nevertheless you have to play savely!
9 Armor Seals: This should be clear, cause you're almost way too squishy in Early Game and definitly need Defense-Dependent Runes.
3 Quintessence of Vampirism Now the Quintessence i recommend and take are quite a bit strange, but if you just think a moment it should be obvious that you have to take the Lifesteal Runes!
You get a total of 9% Lifesteal (w. Dorans Blade) at the Beginning isn't that great? In fact you're still dealing tons of damage while regenerating your life with a few basic attacks.
Especially against Energy/Non-Mana Champs, this is the best choice.

Coming to the masteries now...


Full Tank

Personally, i prefer the Offensive~Tanky Masteries. It fits perfectly to his Build and gives him a nice amount of Health/Defense -> means you'll have a better lane Survival and of course a high endurance. Just take a look at the Compositions and choose one which fits most optimally on your playing style or adapt the Masteries right before the game starts (take about 12 seconds if your're looking for logical conclusions how to compose your build for countering the opponent's"Solo Top Champ")

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Well, Yoricks Spells are simply amazing, all you need to know about every single one is the usage, and especially in which sitiuation you need to activate which spell.

I guess this passive isn't perceived well, may only good players in Lol know that you're extremly tanky with your passive. For each Ghoul You summoned, you'll receive 5% less damage. This is an incredible passive especially in 1 VS 1 Fights you'll definitely win. ( 15% Damage reduction )

Some peoply may underrate this Spell but it's useful for chasing your enemy with a low amount of health. Try to avoid this spell as a "Minion Last hit" function and save mana, until you buy Manamune for having a good amount of mana regeneration. In fact Omen of War is a strong Ghoul and burst an incredible amount of damage with your next basic attack. In a short time your opponent will notice that your harass-ability is way to high as beeing able to stay to near around you.

Omen of Pestilence is your AoE Slow Ghoul. It's the key for beeing the main kill source in your team, especially after teamfights, if an opponent survived, this Ghoul can secure his death and score an Ace for your Team. The Damage output is not very high and if you thought about using this as a harassment Spell, FORGET IT! Your're just wasting your mana, rememebr this is a slow and i think you could imagine for what you need to use it. the Spell you need to use for harrasing your opponent. With this spell your're summoning
a powerfull Ghoul dealing a tons of damage to a single target while your ghoul is still dealing an acceptable amount of damage after you've summoned it. In Addition you'll heal yourself for 40% of the dealt damge. Imagine you're playing Yorick while having ~300 Dmg. Your Ghoul deals 475 magic damage and is gifting you a heal with 190 health (+ the damage your Ghoul is dealing right after). Well while laning in early game this will be your main damage&harass source. Make sure you max this spell first.

.. could be the reason for winning a teamfight which seemed to be impossible first.
Now if your enemies are focusing the AD/AP Carries, try to revive them as soon as possible. You need to put your whole attention on the fight, looking for which teammate is loosing how much live and at the same time you need to spam your spells like hell to keep alive and deal damge / tank damge. To take out any missunderstandings, you can use this on yourself if you realize that the AD/AP Carries are dealing nothing on Damage and you're the only skilled Player, ( happens oftenly if you're deep in Elo-Hell ) use Omen of Death on yourself to tank more damage, secure a kill or slow a enemy who is targeting a Teammate with low health.

There are quite a few other options on how to use your ult...

..Tower diving
You've killed the opponent's "Solo-Top-Champ" and you see the tower is nearly down, you can use your ultimate to dive and destroy it. Make sure your live is not low while doing this, it could happen that a annoying jungler appears....

..Taking the prevail in 1vs1 situations
There're quite a few champs dealing a bit more damage than Yorick a.e. Warwick or Nasus .. and instead of retreating you should activate Omen of Death incase you're not
lv.6, try to avoid 1vs1 fight and if your enemy plays offensive, slow and harass him.

If you want to have more detailed information about Yoricks Spells just go ahead the icons and read the effect, damage etc.

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I like these boots and they are viable for Yorick because of the high amount of CDR it's giving you. Well there're quite a few other ways to reduce your CD's but the boots are cheap and therefore it's good for a strong early game.

Well,i like the Mercury's and it's a good amount of >Magic Resist< you're getting from them. The Tenacity bonus makes you even more Tanky and resistent against slows, stuns etc. and it's just a great choice.

Manamune is a very underrated item which, of cource, i don't understand. Manamune is giving you a nice amount of Manareg., a huge mana bonus which is increasing during the game (max. 1350) and a lot of extra Attack Damage.
There a lot of people who don't get the sence and power of this item.
UNIQUE Passive: 2% of your max. mana is converted into attack damage. Each time you attack, you gain one maximum mana. (3 sec. cooldown) Each time you're using a ability, you gain 4 max. mana (4 sec. cooldown) Bonus caps at 1000 max. mana.
Simple mathematics (with this build) -> 2% of (1000 (Manamune max. stack) + 350 (Manamune) + 500 (Frozen Heart) + 250 (Trinty Force) + 895 (Manabase at 18)) -> 0.02 * 3028
= ~ 61 + 20 (Manamune: The item itself)
= 81 DMG
Now you should be in known that a cheap Manamune (2110) replaces the DMG of a Infinity Edge (3830) and of cource it gives you a nice amount of stats for a better sustainability.

You should know that this is the key for beeing a real AD-Tank, especially for Yorick.
+99 Armor is pretty good against strong AD Carries like Graves, Miss Fortune and Vayne and highers your endurance against them in teamfights.
And well the 20% CD-Reduction is given too,and in combination with the Ionian Boots of Lucidity you'll have the possiblity to >spam< your Spells on your enemies for harassing them. There's one good ability the Frozen Heart has got too. The Attack Speed of nearby enemies will be decreased by 20%, very usefull in teamfights against Champs like a.e. Xin Zaho, Kog' Maw...

In my Opinion there is only one disadvantage on this Item:
It's quite expensive if you're not fed, that means you have to farm well and perhaps "picking" kills in teamfight. Now the stats are... Let's say OK... It gives you a decent amount of Health, Mana, AD, AP and Movement Speed with an incredable Passive which is allowing you to deal a huge amount of physical damage after activating a spell.
UNIQUE Passive: Unique: After using an ability, your next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 150% of your base Attack Damage. 2 second cooldown. Does not stack with Sheen or Lich Bane.
Well this is awesome, especially if you're using this for maxing the damage input from Omen of War. Well, in late game this will deal a sufficient amount of damage to pick up a kill while your target still got 20% of his health (even Tanks).

Honestly, i like this item. I can't describe how great the passive is;
UNIQUE: Blocks one negative spell every 45 seconds. In my Opinion it's most valued to prevent crowd control effects. Banshee's Veil is just making you even more Resist against Magic Damage hereby you'll be able to tank against AP Carries such as LeBlanc too.

This item should be a incredible combination to nearly every OFF-Tank in LoL, and Consequently to Yorick too. I prefer buying this in Late Game, where you'll mostly lack on damage output.
Usually this should be your core-item for lategame, as it is giving you +60 Damage (+1 for killing an enemy , caps at 40) your Ghouls will deal tons of damage in lategame even though Yorick is a pure Early Gamer.

I've already seen a lot of people taking a Warmog's Armor for Yorick. But for having an acceptable damage output, you need the Atmogs Combo (Atmas Impaler + Warmogs Armor). But this isn't viable for Yorick, through his "Manathirst", Manamune and Frozen Heart are completly necessary for a long sustain on lane and since the Attack Damge bonus in percentage of Health (Atmas Impaler) got nerved on 1.5% (from 2%) the selection of a Warmog's Armor isn't very smart.

I was in love with this Item till it got nerved. It's quite vialble for Yorick if you're extremly fed and especially the amount of Spell Vamp. is improving your survivabilty in every Situation. The Active Ability is not really nececcary but if your Omen of Pestilence is on cooldown it should be useful. (Remember, only if you're FED) But all in all this item isn't a great choice for Yorick and for those who are still using this: Just play Pokemon and uninstall this game!

Actually i realized that there're lot of different usable items for Yorick, not fitting into this build. But honestly, i highly recommend you to vary your choice of items, depending on the enemies. Buying a Frozen Heart against 4 Ap Carries in the opponent team wouldn't be that clever...

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Summoner Spells

It should be obvious that Flash is the most OP Summoner Spell with an acceptable Cooldown. It's usefull for chasing and escaping and i can promise it'll save you from very critical situations although you think "Well, I'am already dead". There're quite a few other options to escape and chase with Yorick but this is the most effective one, trust me.

This summoner spell is just amazing for chasing an enemy with Low Life
but can't be used as an escape ability. Imagine a jungler like Sejuani ganked succesfully and stunned/slowed you. With flash, you could get out of the confrontation easiely without taking much damage. This is why i prefer Ghost as a chasing functionality. Always try to adjust your spell to the enemies Solo Champ, but in general, Ghost is a viable spell for Yorick.

I don't really know why people are using this S. Spell, well honestly it's not usefull for me, cause untill the first teamfights are beginning there is no need to recall (except you want to buy a few new items) But if you are sure someone picks a counter on you definitly take teleport! Once the opponent brought your Health on a very low level, take in consider to recall and teleport you back to lane.

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Pros & Cons

+ Great Harassing while you're not reglecting your farming.
+ Usefull Slow Omen of Pestilence while dealing a acceptable amount of damage in early game
+ Dealing a lot of unnoticeable Damage and not a huge amount with a single Spell like Mordekaiser or Nidalee -> enemy doesn't plays safe (Early Game)
+ Dealing Huge amount of Damage with the >W-Q-E-W-E-E-Q< Combo (Late Game)
+ Yorick is very underestimated -> Advantage for You!
+ The passive turns you into a invunerable Tank in late game if you follow my build which is based on Cooldown reductions too.
+ Extremly usefull in teamfights because of a huge Damage Output in Early- / Late-game and with a nice value of life steal, You'll surviving the Battle oftenly.
+ Tanks like You won't be focused (except you're fed) so use this opportunity in TF's to weak- or even kill the enemies.
+ Very Good Chase ability
+ Can help your jungler while he is ganking
+ Ability to revive important Players in your team (a.e. AP/AD Carry)

- Gets ganked easily
- No escape ability with low life
- Too Squishy in early Game as a "Tank"
- Manahungry till you buy Manamune
- The entire Game depends on how much you're last hitting (build is expensive)
- Hard to play, you need a lot of practice to be OP with this Item Build
- the W-Q-E-W-E-E-Q Combo doesn't works perfect in early game

Of course You can avoid a few Con-Arguments just by having a lot of experience and Skill in LoL, but there quite a lot of people who need to know how to play him correctly.

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Skill Sequence


-> -> Omen of Femine -> An enemy has been slained!

Make sure your amount of mana is high enough if you're going to use this ability sequence. It should be obvious that not every "Solo-Top-Champ" is going to be slained after you've executed your incredible Combo which is quite dealing tons of damage even if your enemy is a Malphite with 200 Armor. Take a closer look at the ability effect of Omen of Semine and you'll see although the damage is based on your physical Damage it's inflicting magic damage. And because noone who is playing against a Yorick is in known of such detailed information you should use this as a advantage. The more stupid your enemy is the more damage you'll deal!

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Basically you shouldn't use your spells (Ghouls) for last hitting the minions but if you're timing Omen of Pestilence well, you should be able to farm and harass your opponent too.
This requires a good positioning, Feel free to stay more inside the minions, there is really no champ who is able to win a 1 vs 1 Fight against you in Early Game, if he's an expired LoL Player he'll stay back so you can clear the Creep Waves very fast otherwise (Noob player) you'll be able to harass the enemy Champion easily.
There're quite a lot of people who are using every ghoul for farming even in early Game but i prefer last hitting them simply with basic attacks ( more efficient, saving mana )

Well after the first 15min you should consider a recall if...

1. Out of Mana
2. Low-Life
3. Earned 1800$
4. The enemy Solo Champ recalled

Well if there isn't any complied condition, just go on with farming your creeps.

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How to react against special Champs

Well there're quite a few champs where you need to know how to handle them. Honestly it doesn't matter how high you Elo is, i've played Lol from Elo-Area 1,6K - 695 and I can promise You it doesn't matter.

Simply said, he is the most OP Solo champion and he is extremly annoying if he is able to play him. If you're playing against him don't even try to harass him and keep on a specific distance. As you may know he can hit you with Hungering Strike heal himself for a nice amount of health, every 5-9 seconds. Well you should conclude that harassing him is just wasting of mana if you see an opponent picks Warwick just choose an other Champ, without having Mana ( Akali, Dr. Mundo)

Well, i don't like this champ and in my point of view he can't carry the team as a Solo Topper but i'am sure he'll annoy you in early game and you won't be able to kill him, even though you've got great spells for chasing. His Scrap Shield will allow him to escape from critical situations without taking any damage, try to slow him before your jungler or even yourself are performing an action.

Nasus can be countered easiely if you're harassing him well. He will try to ignore your Ghouls but after a decent time he'll notice that his life his too low and you need to use this moment for attacking him. He's a easy kill in early Game, just keep in mind: Nasus + Siphoning Strike-Farm = immortal Tank dealing tons of damage. His Slow-Spell, Wither can be annoying if the opponent's jungler tries to gank make sure you're buying a ward, even with LV1

Renekton is a funny champ and a good Solo Champ but he is useless in Lategame. If you don't feed him in Early Game he won't be able to influence teamfights because his damage output is way to low. Just care of his stun, Ruthless Predator - It can be your Death!

Since she got nerved a (few times as i know) she is not extremly strong but can be painful for you. Her Early-Game exceeds even Yoricks so be aware of Irelia. Try to avoid confrontations especially if your ward is expired, the opponent jungler can be everywhere....

Vladimir is a good counter on you. He'll be able to harass you better than you're able to do on him. His Spells have a simple Health cost and if his early-game build is based on Life-Reg you're some kind of dissed... Try to convince your jungler to gank oftenly to force him using his Sanguine Pool (he'll loose 20& of his current health)

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Thank You for your attention!

Well i hope my guide was helpful for everyone who is going to buy and play him. Please only rate this if you read the entire guide and try to keep neutral if you're not agreeing to my personal opinion.
Thank You for reading!