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Janna Build Guide by NirvanaBunny

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NirvanaBunny

The Winds Change the Battle

NirvanaBunny Last updated on April 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Bunny here! I know this isn't much of a surprise anymore, but I love playing support. While Janna isn't always a popular pick with the team, that doesn't mean she's still not a good support.

Janna is not a support having much poke, nor does a lot of damage. The important aspect of Janna is her CC, not as aggressive as that of Leona , but pretty good.

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+ Good disengages
+ AoE healing
+ Very strong passive
+ Can be built either AP or CDR/Aura
+ Slow and Knock-up
+ Wave clear with higher levels of Howling Gale or AP


- No sustain
- Cooldowns might get annoying
- Weak laning phase compared to supports such as Sona , Nami , and Thresh
- Squishy

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........................................................................... Synchronizes well with


All these champions deal high amounts of damage and decent amounts of poke. Champions such as Caitlyn , Varus and Jinx have nice range. Your Q ( Howling Gale ) will be your best friend in protecting ones with no escape, such as Jinx .

...................................................................................... Counters


Keep an eye on Alistar because he can easily just W+Q you (though he can't really do it without Flash ). After a few Ws Ashe will have some mana problems, so you that to your advantage. Ezreal won't be much of a problem, though he can get really annoying. Just try to kill him or his support early game. Since Jinx has no escape, CC is your friend. She can be knocked up and slowed down easily if you can get close enough to her. Leona is countered easily by Janna, you can always disengage her E.

...............................................................................Gets Countered By


Caitlyn has nice range, so try to keep your ADC and you away from it. It is almost impossible to dodge some of Annie 's attacks, so just try to play passively against her.

~Note: Goings against Alistar , [annie]] , all depend on how your ADC plays just as much as you. You can easily win against these, but you can also easily lost your lane to them

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The wind aids Janna and her nearby allies, increasing their movement speed by 5%

ACTIVE: Janna summons a mighty whirlwind. On reactivation or after 3 seconds, the storm will fly in the direction it was cast, dealing magic damage to enemies and knocking them into the air for 0.8-1 second. The damage done, knock up duration and distance traveled by the whirlwind increase for each second it channels.

PASSIVE: Janna is aided by a wind elemental, gaining movement speed and ignoring unit collision.
ACTIVE: Janna launches the elemental to deal magic damage and slow an enemy's movement speed for 3 seconds (capped at 80% total). She loses the ability's passive benefits while it is on cooldown.

ACTIVE: Janna surrounds a target ally with a wind shield that absorbs incoming damage for 5 seconds. While the shield persists, the target will also gain an attack damage bonus. (This ability can be used on turrets. If a shielded turret kills an enemy champion, Janna will receive the kill).

ACTIVE: Janna emits a powerful blast of wind, knocking back enemies by 875 range and then channels, releasing curing winds that heal allies every half-second for 3 seconds.

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Passive/Aggressive Runes


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Armor

*I take Glyphs for Magic Resist because I consider them as the best support runes for bot lane early on. Especially when laning against poking supports like [lulu] or [sona]
You can replace the MR runes with Armor if you wish

*Armor Seals are a Must-Have against an ADC(or Marksman after the new changes :D)

*Armor Penetration Marks because all the damage you deal is attack this can help A LOT early on

*I take Armor Quints in place of Gold Per 5 seconds because you will often find yourself being poked by their ADC and it'd be nice to have that extra armor on

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Passive Masteries

~These masteries are my normal support masteries. Since Janna will be playing passively, there's no need to go overboard with them

Aggressive Masteries

~These are my AP masteries. Since Janna will be aggressive, it's best that she do at least some damage to her enemies to help stay in lane and even in team fights--though it's not NEEDED
You can also use the support masteries if you wish, just be sure you're still AP heavy

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Notes about Skills

You want to rank up Monsoon whenever possible as Janna because the CD goes down by 15 seconds per rank and the healing also greatly increases, even though that is not the main reason the spell is most frequently used for.

Eye Of The Storm will give you the best ability to trade in lane, mitigating the damage your AD carry takes and increasing the damage of both his auto attacks and his AD scaling abilities until the shield breaks.

Zephyr is next because Howling Gale is mainly used on Janna only for the utility, which it has already at rank 1. Leveling up Zephyr will allow you to move around the map faster and the improved slow will allow you to peel better for your AD.

Howling Gale is primarily used for utility. The mana cost also increases more per rank than any of Janna 's non ultimate abilities.

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Summoner Spells

this spell recommend more than any other alternative. With the recent buff to increase range, you can come before the enemy champion, slow to get back to Zephyr , throw in the air with Howling Gale and if necessary use Monsoon . In addition, harm reduction is remarkable to escape or resist.

As an alternative to Exhaust , but not recommended. Janna does not have enough damage to be effective, while having CC, do not consider it the best option.

Heal is a viable alternative to exhaust but is countered in lane by Ignite and is in general weaker in lane than exhaust. The cool down for Heal is also very long, but the spell can still be very effective in teamfights, especially vs AoE based compositions.

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Items of Situation

locket of iron solari
This item provides a great magic resist aura and active that can be useful against heavy AoE based AP teams. If the enemy team has multiple sources of magic damage or AoE damage it can be a great pickup for teamfights.

Good item to get if you need CDR and AP. The active is nice as well and helps you pressure side lanes with a promoted minion. You also generate gold for all minions the super minion kills as if you has killed those creeps which is nice for gold flow, but not the main reason you'd go for this item.

This item provides you with an easy way to start fights and get a slow onto targets from a long range. Another reason to pick up this item is that you'll be even harder to catch with the added movement speed from the item along with your Zephyr

zeke's herald
zeke's herald 's aura I find to be useful, though only needed if you're team seems behind and is losing team fights. It grants each allied champion 10% Lifesteal, which could be the cause of winning a team fight or not.

Technically Frozen Heart isn't a support item, but it's supportive(ish) so it goes here. I'd prefer the tank to buy this, but it's still a good item against heavy AD/AS teams.

If none of your tanks get this, you can. Some nice HP, armor and a slow active.

Technically this isn't a support item at all, but I keep it as an option because of the bonus AP it gives and it's active.

Nice shield against AP Heavy enemy teams and nice passive

abyssel scepter
Nice aura and MR, plus some AP to go along with it

I like it for some of the extra CDR, but it's not always needed.

Is not a very gold-efficient item, it is rather good when paired with AD champions who use attack-speed to deal more damage

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Janna does not have a strong laning phase, but proper use of Eye Of The Storm and Howling Gale will allow you to survive the laning phase and then become immensely powerful as the game drags on.

~ Janna is one of the weakest 2v2 supports for many reasons. She brings little damage to the lane, she has abysmal AA range, she has no sustain (unless you ult to heal your AD). This is a joke, don't actually use your ult for sustain), and she lacks hard cc with a long duration unless she gets a fully charged Howling Gale off.

While she does lack in 2v2 laning, she excels in other areas of the lane phase. Her kit is immensely useful for escaping ganks, trying to gank a Janna lane is almost pointless, especially if she has Flash up. She also can set up ganks well with the CC from Howling Gale and Zephyr.

To make it through the laning phase, you need to use your Eye Of The Storm correctly. If you waste this ability you will give up all of your pressure in lane and the enemy duo will walk all over you. To use it properly, either shield when damage is about to hit your AD, such as an enemy Buckshot already in air, or use it to amplify damage your AD is already doing, such as if his auto attack or Volley is traveling to the enemy as you shield. If you use it randomly while he is CSing, he will often not be able to take advantage of it and you will either get zoned afterwards or be forced into unfavorable trades.

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Rules as a Support

You go bot lane with an AD carry. If it's not AD, it changes nothing.

You don't take last hits when your ally is on the lane. You are allowed to farm as long as you're not farming when someone else is there. This means you can take last hits, when they go back and you stay behind, but don't push.

If you do farm when you're (hopefully) temporarily alone on the lane, don't push the lane. Just last hit. People are very sensitive about this even if it's the jungler, but imagine how they'll rage if you steal your carries farm.

Harass the enemy if you can, try to outzone them by harassing them to low HP and putting yourself in a position that forces them to go back outside the farming range. If you're the one outzoned/harassed hard, heal your ally and make sure he can last hit safely.

Buy and put wards and beware of ganks, inform your own jungler of the enemy wards and set up ganks.

Your carry is your 1st priority. Protect them at all costs, even if you have to sacrifice yourself to do it. That doesn't mean suicide though.

Don't be greedy. Don't take kills unless you have to or you're the only one who can. Don't killsteal intentionally, but sometimes it just happens, so be a nice guy/girl and apologize. Some buttlicking doesn't hurt with all these sensitive people around.

Watch whole map, not just your own lane and ping/inform your allies of approaching enemies. Pinging Miss-pings and maybe even writing on the chat goes to this section and even if your mid doesn't say anything, but the enemy is gone there, you can ping it instead.

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Change Log

~Updated for Season 5

~Fully Updated