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Gangplank Build Guide by ThebestGP


They will remember you

By ThebestGP | Updated on November 2, 2018

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Gang plank

Hi, Butlicker back at it with another guide today. Today's guide will feature my man GP and persuade you why to play him. Gangplank is a high damage mobile champion with the most unique build sequence of any champion in the roster. He isn't as good as he use to be since the mana nerf, but is still an amazing top laner due to not having ANY bad match ups if u can adapt to your opponents play style. In this guide I am going to teach you my thoughts on how to personally adapt to any situation and come out at the top. Remember, do not be afraid to create your own sequence of pathing and item building. This is just a basic guide on how to generally play Gangplank, different characters and players with be the real test of your knowledge of this character.
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Standard item, its to gain gold and to sustain health off random item drops.
Gangplank does not have hard cc, that makes him an easy target for early tower dives, but have barrels placed and ignited before going into perfecting.
Helps you sustain in lane and have extra Q's to harass. Also allows you to withdraw from using w since its heavy on mana cost and be the cause of you leaving lane early.
One of your main damage items is going to be your ultimate, you want it as low as a cool down as possible for team fights. also having that extra one to two seconds off your q is also important in team fights.
This allows you to get close and personal with high dealing damage characters and having you come out on top. Remember try to use trial of fire as much as a harass tool as your q.
Helps nullifies damage from flat damage doers like veigar and burst champions. It also helps you tap out your health at 4 to 5k instead of 3 and increases your damage out on your titanic hydra.
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laning phase

Against most champions your laneing will be the same. Stay in the middle of minion waves so that if your opponent hits you, they take minion aggro. Leave into bushes after every q to take less minion aggro. Place barrels on minion so melee characters won't go in. Place barrels in bushes so range characters don't know where your going to place the next barrel. If u land a barrel don't be afraid to run up and auto attack with trial of fire, the speed boost will help you chase or escape. Try to get in two to three autos before leaving so the trade is worth it. Barrel cd is pretty long early game so use it sparingly. Try to use q to harass rather than farm since you get less gold of q early if u kill a minion. Buffs on ult won't really matter intill laning phase is over. Don't be afraid to use ult to clear waves on other lanes to stall first tower gold. Auto minions early so that when you get close to tower they just don't steal your gold. Stay in front of minions to deny levels and gold from champions that won't get close to farm against you.
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When it comes to warding, you can either ward your side blue entrance or if your on purple side, the other side of purple wall instead of tri bush. Make sure you have a barrel placed so that when someone does try to gank you, you have the speed and slow boost to escape. If enemy jungle has pushed bot go aggressive and push your wave, consistently doing damage to the opponent under there tower. Don't be afraid to take turret damage because most of the time you won't get hit by it. As I said in my previous guides wards are important, but understanding your opponents jungle pathing and distance to reach a destination is crucial. If you know this, you could survive with even the lamest champions. Your team is probably gonna be dumb with their warding, so ward objectives once you get trinity force or when your way ahead in gold.
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Team fighting

Being a more tankier GP alot of your damage is going to be off your autos, Trial of fire and Titanic hydra. Don't be afraid to just go up and throw a few autos or Q's in the way. Have your opponents waste all of there ultimate's on you instead of your carries because steraks gauge and your W should keep you alive long enough to get off an ult, barrels and few autos. Unlike the damage build, this build should allow you to 1v1 any champion especially in team fights, it does still take thought and skill sequence but with a little practice its a little more practical than going full damage in solo que. If team fighting isn't going to well, you can always go into split pushing lanes since trial of fire and trinity force helps you clear towers very quickly while warmogs and steraks helps you stay alive. while in a 5v5 team fight place barrels on your teams carry if the opponent has alot of engage. If you guys plan to engage run in directly having there tanks or damage confront you and as soon as the opponents are clumped up on you, use your ult and then barrel set up. The ult should signal your team to go in and make it harder for your opponent to discharge your barrels.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ThebestGP
ThebestGP Gangplank Guide

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