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Thresh General Guide by sidakiller

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sidakiller

Thresh - I am the thing in your jungle

sidakiller Last updated on August 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Thresh was and is my favourite support champion. I don't know why but i came to the idea to play him jungle. I ruled a lot of games with thresh and his hard crowd control. I didn't thought he would be that great but he was. The most important thing with him is hitting . If you hit it it will be a succesfull gank.

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With Thresh's passive you gain extra AP and Armor. For every soul you collect you gain 0.75 AP and 0.75 Armor. You will learn to love your passive because you can go fulltank and you will have enough AP to still deal damage with the passive of . Also you won't need to buy much armor because you gain it through your passive

Death Sentence:
Deatch Sentence is the perfect ability for ganking the lanes. You pull your enemy to you end with another cast on it you will pull yourself to the enemy. So you can get enemies out of their turretrange and attack them or just stun them for a long time. When you pulled yourself to the enemy you should use the active of . If your teammate is melee you can also help him with your latern to pull him to you and then finish the kill. If you already reached level 6 you should first cast your ult and then use . So your enemies will most of the time directly flash into the fall and you have another secured kill.

Dark Passage:
Shields allies who are in the inner range of the latern. If an ally rightclicks on your latern you will pull him to you. Then both of you will get shielded. is an great escape and teamplay ability.

Thresh pushes enemies who are in range in the direction of the swing. The enemies will get slowed. You can push them to you or away from you. can also be an great escape ability. After you collected some souls will deal great magic damage on every basic attack. So you are just an beast by dealing hard magic damage on every hit.

The Box:
The Box is Thresh's ultimate. It slows the first enemie who collides with it by 99% which is a huge amount. also deals good damage. After an enemy champion collided with an wall it is destroyed. After one wall has been destroyed the other walls only slow and deal half. is a good ult in teamfights but you can also use it to catch the enemies.

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My notes

How I Jungle with Thresh:
I always start blue and I think its better because of the Cooldown Reduction and the amount of mana you need. In the jungle you should start with , then after blue you upgrade . Then you go to the wolfcamp and the witches. You will hit level 3 so you get . Then you can start ganking and play your game and with your crowd control you are a gankbeast.

A thumb up would make me really happy and I Hope you enjoy it. Have fun gaming and if you have any suggestions just write me :)


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