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Annie Build Guide by RipquantuM

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RipquantuM

Through Fire and Flames

RipquantuM Last updated on July 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Annie the Dark Child.

[Creds for the picture goes to Drace-Sylvian]

Hello everybody this is Rip and i will be explaining my way of playing Annie in a pretty short guide for advanced players, so there will be no explaining on what spells she has and what lane setup she should be in she should remain as the Mid. As you all know Annie is one of the strongest AP carries atm and when she isnt engaged in a heated combat she likes to sit down in the mid lane cuddling with her bear Tibbers while casually throwing Disintegrate to get that farm she needs to be a nightmare later on. . Annie is a very powerful mid and can prevent ganks and assist the ganking from a fellow jungler easy due to her stun passive. Pyromania

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Spell pene runes i choose you!

My runes of choice are my reliable Spell Pene runes in Glyphs,Marks,Quints and 9 Seals of Vitality. Due to the fact i want to obtain a small portion of that survability while i still have a nasty amount of Spell Penetration to pierce the opponents Magic Resistance. HP quints can work but you will lose alot of Spell Penetration and gain a good amount of Health, the choice is yours.

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The Item Build and Random Tips

is really good for the portion of Health and Ability Power gained from it, aswell as the Mp5. Tho mp5 is useless when you farm with your . At later levels your will probably take out a whole wave. I always try to recall when i have money for and one more . You might want to build a early . But i always buy a and then Now you might think that this damage is awesome! Enemy Team realizes: Annie is a threat, buy Magic Resistance!
OH MORE MAGIC RESISTANCE TO PENETRATE, BAM (NOTE: You should get Void Staff even if they dont stack Magic Resistance since if your Spell Penetration reaches more than the opponents magic resistance, it will deal extra damage)

Works for Annie, people might not see that Spell Vamp do much, but it helps you get your HP back, believe it or not. Can also be upgraded to

Surviving is hard? : , , , , MAYBE A MALZAHAR? :

Wanna oneshot harder?:

A tip that i like to share with people more than just this guide: If you encounter a Malzahar, Brand I usually go with If that Brand and Malzahar is as ***** as a 40 year old virgin. You can dodge Brands: Pillar of Flame] and when you see Malzahar is about to do that DoT,Puddle of Doom,[[Ignite and Nether Grasp You can spot it easily when he goes greedy and run away from him, and when he flashes i usually throw a Disintigrate due to the delay when it flies in the air you can usually interrupt Malzahar's ultimate. But yeah [Boots of Mobility] Run the **** away, lol. (Also helps ganking \o/)

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Summoner Spells

Ignite, Flash is essential for Annie cause after you flash and pop Summon: Tibbers, Disintegrate, Incinerate Combo you can add up a Ignite and add a few hits with Tibbers and your auto attacks before your opponent flashes in fear, hihihi. But be aware that Annie's Auto Attack range is Huuuuuge. So you can chase down him a wee bit to a very low hp and ignite will finnish him off.

Optional: Ghost, Teleport Simple, lane control teleport ganks, (Tho they can see Teleport ganks in bushes these days from what i've heard.) Ghost is also very easily explained: Run like a mofo to avoid ganks.

Never use: Clarity, Rally, Clairvoyance Simple: Why use Clarity when you can restore your mana from Disintegrate and you usually have a reliable jungler (If you premade. There as so much better Summoner Spells than Clarity. Rally: Why the hell is this Summoner Spell even in the game :P It's kind off ****. Clairvoyance: Its a support spell! Don't waste your time finding people when you farm.

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Wards and Working with your Team

Sight Ward , This is useful for both yourself and your team. Spending money on this is not a waste. You might find the moment when someone buys Buying wards is still worth it to track locations of your enemies. The dragon respawn timer is 6:00min. You might wanna remind your jungler to always keep track of the timer. [Pink: Vision Ward if you encounter a Evelynn or Twitch. Otherwise dont ward in the middle of... Middle lol.Red ones are Sight Ward and Pink Vision Ward: Locations where you might wanna have wards around. So don't be that douche AP Carry that doesnt buy wards cause you want just THAT item. You can always farm that small extra 150 gold for 2 wards easily before you hit recall. If you have pretty good ward control and your team says buy a core item, then you should :)

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Team Fights and Mastery Explanation

The key to a succesfull teamfight is to burn people down making them look like Brand afterwards. So a Tibbers on the whole team is a good Tibbers. Especially when you have a Pyromania Stun ready. You might wanna find a safe spot for you to cuddle with Tibbers before he turns into a big killing machine with massive furry paws. When you find the moment to pop Tibbers you can Flash into the team fight and burn down everybody. Flash should be used for escaping if you dont need to Flash-Tibbers, Or as i would like to call it: The Annie Explosion. Which is her whole Summon:Tibbers, Incinerate and Disintegrate Combo in a team fight. Besides having a furry bear friend to burn enemies. Annie works very well with Warwick for tower dives and ganks in different lanes. Since his Infinite Duress makes Annie get a rly good shot to throw a Pyromania stun onto her opponents. Then burn them down with your other furry friend: Tibber's. Now for the Masteries: I choose the 9/0/21 cause in the Offense tree. You get a 15% Spell Penetration from your Archaic Knowledge . And a small portion of CD Reduction and Ability Power. You might wanna go for Utility Master if you have a reliable jungler in your team for the Golem Buff duration increase. I go with 2% Movement speed instead of 3%. Since i pick the mp5 increase instead. I don't really have a good reason why to have it, its totally up to you whether or not to have it.

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Thanks for Reading this Guide.

[Been playing good ol' Vlad for a wee bit, fun chap.) Giving feedbacks is appreciated. If you didnt like the build. Then i suggest you to spare me the complaining and watch another guide. Best of Regards from RipquantuM xox


If people requests it, i will shoot some of our teams ranked games and upload it in this guide.

(^.^) <3