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Annie Build Guide by sketchypete

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sketchypete

Tibbers Tea Party (Season 4 Annie Support Guide)

sketchypete Last updated on November 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Runes Breakdown

Annie Armor Support Runes Stats:
21 Armor
16 AP
8.1 Armor Pen
5.5 Magic Pen

2 Greater Quintessences of Armor: (4.26 Armor X 2 = 8.52 Armor)
These quints really improved my Annie Support. They allow you to tank quite a bit especially once you get your molten shield (lvl 2 or 3.) When these Quints are combined with Flat Armor Seals you have a staggering 21 Armor.
You can replace these with AP Quints but its riskier.

1 Quintessence of Ability Power: (4.95 AP)
I prefer to take just one AP Quint because as an active support we will take some auto attacks and limiting yourself to just one AP Quint grants you a solid 16 AP when combined with 9 Flat AP Glyphs.
However, 2- 3 Flat AP Quints give Annie a lot of kick for the early levels.

9 Flat AP Glyphs: (1.19 AP x 9 = 10.71 AP)
Flat AP Glyphs are most of the AP you will need all game and they are perfect for Annie support. These are mandatory.

9 Greater Seals of Armor: (1.41 Armor x 9 = 12.69)
Flat Armor Seals really are crucial in the bot lane.

9 Greater Marks of Hybrid Penetration:
(0.90 Armor Pen. x 9 = 8.10 Armor Pen.) (0.62 Magic Pen. x 9 = 5.58 Magic Pen.)
Hybrid Pen Marks open up a world of poke for Annie. These create a decent poke from a safe range of 625.
For harder hitting early game try 9 Greater Marks of Attack Damage (0.95 AD x 9 = 8.55 AD).
However, I prefer 9 Greater Marks of Hybrid Penetration because they scale better into mid game.

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Early Game Tips

Remind People In queue who you are (Annie Support w/ Ignite)!

How to make good use of early time and mana:
1. Cast W (get a stack of Pyromania)
2. Buy Your Starting Items (1 Pink Ward, 3 Green Wards & 3 Pots)
3. Cast W (get a 2nd stack of Pyromania)
4. Leave the well with full mana towards wherever you are scouting
5. Cast W (get a 3rd stack of Pyromania)
6. Wait to cast your next W if you are leashing a buff
7. If you start Blue side (bot right base) ward the Tribush at 1:55 / Purple side ward the dragon at 1:50
8. Enter the lane with a charged stun and nearly full mana

For Invasions always bring a fully charged W stun.

Zone people with the threat of pyromania and endless auto attacks. Your 1.75 sec stun is long. Pyromania's great peel and hard cc.

Setup a bush with a pink ward for you to camp out.

If you blow your stun early you might consider leveling your Molten Shield (E) at lvl 2 so that you can quickly get your stun back up without losing tons of mana or stealing your companion's cs. You are useless early without the treat of a stun.

When Tibbers is up mirco him to harass enemies, tank appropriate threats, provide vision and scout around.
Tibbers' aura continuously procs Rylai's!

Teammates can Teleport to Tibbers!

Always Max W first, And Upgrade Tibbers whenever possible. 2 points in your Molten Shield are nice before level 11.

Your job is primarily to support your ADC with wards and engage all in to tee up kills. Levels 1-9 you will be doing most of the damage during an engage.

Annie supports often make the mistake of getting carried away with AP and cutting back on wards. Do not be that Annie. However, if you have an unusually good start then early AP can make a dramatic difference. Just don't let it compromise vision and your teammates will respect you.

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Mid Game and End Game Tips

Engage team fights with a Flash to a stun imbued Tibbers. Flash-Tibbers isn't anything to **** with.

Roam with Alacrity upgrade Mobility boots with Oracle's Lens warding the map!

Alacrity upgrade Mobility boots help you catch people with your stuns and to disengage yourself.

Tibbers can be used as a part time Ohmwrecker with his huge HP (1200 / 2100 /3000). Let him tank turrets strategically.

When Annie is tanking a turret shot use your Molten Shield! Molten Shield OP!

Tibbers can tank dragon for your you and your weak ally. He makes impossible things possible.

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Suggested Further Reading

My Support Annie is essentially a derivative of Tabe's Support Annie. So, I suggest you read this article analyzing Tabe's Support Annie. Enjoy! Note: It is a bit outdated now that its preseason.

Riot Guide to Preseason Changes.

Matchup notes for Annie Support (from my lolking guide).

Checkout the current (Patch 3.14) Solo Queue Champion Tier List at nerfplz. Note: Annie is GOD Tier Support!

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About sketchypete's Annie Support

800+ Ranked Games with Annie in Season 3. About half were support. I hardly play her mid anymore.

I have 9.2 assists per game with Annie, more than any of the other Annie junkies! (proof)

Remind people in queue who you are (Annie Support w/ Ignite)!

Any Questions will be answered! AMA!

Hope you enjoy my guide I think you will find this build quite useful. If you like it please leave me a thumbs up. Discussion much appreciated.

Annie OP - Abuse while you can...I think Season 4 she will get hit with nerfs