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Evelynn Build Guide by AlwaysBetterEvelynn

Time to feed, Eve (Jungle)

Time to feed, Eve (Jungle)

Updated on June 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AlwaysBetterEvelynn Build Guide By AlwaysBetterEvelynn 13 4 39,550 Views 25 Comments
13 4 39,550 Views 25 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AlwaysBetterEvelynn Evelynn Build Guide By AlwaysBetterEvelynn Updated on June 19, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Introduction (:

WUSSUPPP, I'm AlwaysBetterEvelynn and I main Evelynn! After the patch where Evelynn lost her stun everyone says "She's useless", "Good game", "Trash". But I tested those statements, They were false. I have tried SO many different Evelynn builds, AD, AP, Hybrid, and Attack speed. AP is by far the best Build I have used to date! Hope you have the same Success I've had with this build. I don't recommend doing this build exactly. Like any good player you have to build accordingly. If you find yourself being too squishy and focused in a team fight go for a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If you need the burst go for the Deathfire Grasp! Build for whatever you're up against.
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Pros / Cons (:

Easy ganks
Extreme burst at early levels
Great jungler
Hit & Run

Oralces can delay you
Be on watch for pink wards
May get focused

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Creeping / Jungling (:

So this is the basics to most junglers, but just in case you didn't know!
So start at Blue and get a good leash so you can get through most of the jungle. Blue helps you TONS because you can freely spam your and not have any mana problems. Once you hit level 2 grab . Now if your on Skype or talking to your mid then you can construct a level 2 gank mid. If your mid is doing fine then just move on to wolves. I usually pop my health pot at wolves and then go to wraiths. Since you can go invisible you can freely gank what ever lane you want and don't have to worry so keep your eyes open for opportunities. Then go for Golems and I usually have to recall around then. I grab red and gank whatever lanes ask/need it at the time. Counter jungling is soooo easy when it comes to Evelynn. If you find them at their blue just sit there in and let them Smite and lower it's health. Then when they're just about to get it, Smite it and pop your ultimate to get out of there!
So if you're not level 30:
If you're not level 30 and don't have all your runes and masteries I would not recommend getting a Regrowth Pendant and a health pot first because your defense may not be adequate. If you're a lower level I would suggest getting a Cloth Armor and five Health Potion. I would also suggest getting a Wriggle's Lantern after for survivability in the jungle. I would suggest selling it later once you can support your own in the jungle. If you choose to get a Wriggle's Lantern I would suggest placing the sight ward at the enemy blue buff. Eve is good at stealing buffs so knowing when their blue is up and knowing when they're getting it helps counter jungle a lot! Another good place is to sight ward is top lane so your top laner can see incoming ganks. Also if you're a lower level and don't have the runes and masteries you need Instead of getting Flash I would recommend getting Surge. I would recommend getting Surge because Evelynn can get rather low health in the jungle and surge will give you the extra push you need to kill whatever minion you may be trying to slay.
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GamePlay (:

So how should I play?
Great Question! Evelynn is a top jungler because of her easy ganking due to her stealth and her heavy burst damage from AP. She is rather squishy and should NEVER lead a team fight! Evelynn is good for picking off stragglers and getting away. Stalk your opponents and wait for one unlucky victim to wander off alone, then.. GET THAT *****. People cant help but try to kill Evelynn when ever she appears so she is a pro at baiting the enemy team. OH and here's a tip! If you use your and then recall immediately you recall while invisible! Can save you in some sticky situations. You're going to be good at hit and running. So if 3 of them are together and one of them you can easily burst down, go for it and pop your ult and you should easily escape. Also don't be afraid to jump in a team fight, just not first, because if you get low as long as someone dies your ult should heal you a good enough amount to continue fighting. Also if someone is recalling at their tower and you have full health, go get them. Even if they try to run or attack hopefully you'll be able to and him and your ult should heal you enough so you can live and continue on!
I learned a lot of tips from this video and I think it's helpful for all future Evelynn players to watch! (not me)
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Runes (:

Why full AP runes?
There are many runes you can choose from when playing Evelynn. I get full AP runes because Evelynn doesn't do much damage at the start of the game so the extra AP gives her the extra damage she needs to do to successfully gank. Evelynn runs out of mana fast so if you don't have blue buff it may be good to take some mana regen runes. You can take the 5 coins Quints if you don't think you'll be making the money you need because you're jungling and not going to get all the farm as the rest of the players, but Ive never had a problem with money.

I grab 9 Greater Seal of Ability Power 9 Greater Glyph of Ability Power and 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and 3 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

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Masteries (:

That's weird masteries for Eve, why?
For masteries I go all 30 in Defense. Some people like to split up her masteries equally within all the skill tress but that doesn't make her too viable in the jungle. Evelynn is a squishy champ and you only depend on your so you're going to need the extra defense to get through the jungle and be able to gank whenever you need to.
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Items (:

So like I said before you don't always need to build this way 24/7. You need to build accordingly to the other team or the situation you're under. The reason I get the Regrowth Pendant first is because When jungling you could use the extra health regeneration and Health Potion. You then turn it into a philosopher's Stone. The reason you need a philosopher's Stone is because you're going to need the extra money to keep up with the rest of your team because you're in the jungle and if your ganks don't work out too well in the beginning you'll be under farmed and way behind in money. Then get your Mobility Boots. Sheen helps out so much when It comes to ganking. When you get a Sheen, GG. It makes your E do a lot more damage along with your Q. After this you should start building a Rabadon's Deathcap. The Rabadon's Deathcap gives you the AP you need to burst down any of the champs you're wanting to gank successfully. Grab a Lich Bane and you'll find yourself bursting the enemy team to half health if they're not too tanky. A Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives you plenty of health so you can 1v1 after you burst them down and since you have low cooldowns it should be a relatively easy fight. The Deathfire Grasp is the Icing on the cake. Once my build is full I can kill anyone of my choosing (Choosing smartly of course) with the most burst in your match.
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Summoner Spells (:

Summoner spells are relatively easy and have a lot of choices. Get Smite for the jungle because you're going to need it desperately because you're squishing as a MoFo. The next summoner spell has many choices. I chose Flash because it helps when ganking a lane. also if you're trying to go invisible after a fight but a person wont allow you to because they keep catching you, just Flash away and you're safe. You can choose Ghost if you choose to get Sorcerer's Shoes instead of Mobility Boots and you need to chase or escape. Surge is a good choice if you choose to go hybrid and need that extra attack speed. My last chose would be Exhaust because it helps your lane when you gank and with your slow and Exhaust, It'll be hard for them to get away.
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Skill Sequence (:

(This varies on what you're up against)
When you're ganking start with . Then use to slow/ burst them down and repeatedly spam your to do as much damage as possible. I often level 2 gank but it's the same process but you use shadow to go invisible and to spam damage. At the end of the game when you (hopefully) have your Deathfire Grasp start with that, then do the first sequence listed! When you hit level 3 you can grab and level it to 2 or level up . I choose to level up my because it makes ganking extremely easy and I don't need to level it up again. If you're having problems jungling I would grab or if your ganks aren't going so well. Use your R when you are going into a fight, fleeing, or chasing an opponent down.

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Game Scores :D

So you need some proof eh?
So These aren't going to be my best games but I will be updating it with some of my most recent (Not Terrible) games!

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