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Diana Build Guide by Uzumaki913

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uzumaki913

Top Diana - My Elo Also Rises

Uzumaki913 Last updated on April 15, 2013
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Hi! This is my first guide, so go easy on me. I am not experienced with Ranked Games so this may not work for Ranked, I am just here to give you an enjoyable and (hopefully) winning experience as Diana in top lane. (Yes I know the title mentions Elo but hey, it was just a joke)


Please be aware of that little fact. I have played mid Diana and I did start LoL by playing mid laners but I love top lane so much more. Without further stalling and disclaimers, lets get to what you came for.

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Pros / Cons

Diana is by far my favorite champion in the game and while she can be really simple and hard to counter, she can also be done wrong by new players and she is a little harder top lane since her laning opponents will be healthier than her opponents mid lane.


  • She is an assassin (not labeled one)
  • Lots of health and damage
  • Pretty tanky (as if Melee, Mage, Jungler, Fighter wasn't enough.)
  • Her skin is awesome
  • Great ganking
  • Doesn't care about armor stacking
  • Amazing wave clear

Cons! :(
  • Rarely countered, but when countered she is countered HARD
  • She usually has to disengage pretty quickly if diving
  • Weak until level 6
  • Can be very mana hungry
  • Her hair is ugly
  • Potential to be banned frequently (not as bad as Blitzcrank)

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I love her skill set and I think it works together all so well. She has a slow, a dash that can be used for escape or engage, a shield, a poke, and her passive even makes her auto attacks a big threat (More than just Spellsword and Lich Bane)

Moonsilver Blade

Increase to attack speed. Every third attack charges her blade to cleave nearby enemies for additional magic damage.
This passive scales very well into the game, whether its mid or late or even early, its something to look for. Can be used to hit a minion if you cannot catch a champion. The cleave damage will hit the champion if they are close but a little too far away.

Crescent Strike

Diana swings her blade to create a lunar bolt of energy that travels in an arc (a crescent) dealing damage to all enemies hit and exploding at its end. If an enemy is hit it gains the Moonlight debuff, revealing them if they are inside bushes or The Fog of War and automatically resetting the cooldown on your ultimate, Lunar Rush.
Important to mention that YES it does in fact explode at the end, meaning it can still hit enemies that it barely misses. An amazing skill for last hits as it is on a low CD and a very great consistently low mana cost.

Pale Cascade

Diana creates three orbiting spheres of lunar energy that will explode when they make contact with an enemy, including minions. Also grants a small shield on use and refreshes the shield upon detonation of all spheres.
An amazing tool to negate engages and skill shots, although if you use it to avoid skill shots ( Kennen stars or Nidalee spears) it can become very costly.


A moderate size circle rises around Diana, drawing in all enemies and slowing them a percentage.
A pretty generic slow, it draws in, which is unique, but the draw in isn't too great. Should be saved in an engagement for when they try to run, most will use it as soon as they Lunar Rush. NO!. That is counterproductive and can be a waste of this ability. The draw in can be used to get that last hit in for Moonsilver Blade

Lunar Rush

Diana becomes a living embodiment of the vengeful moon, teleporting to targets location and dealing magic damage. If the target is afflicted with Moonlight the cooldown on Lunar Rush is instantly refreshed.
Amazing ultimate, similar to Kassadin ultimate, only Riftwalk can be used for escapes and ours can't, but ours can be used again easily and his can't so screw Kassadin. DO NOT BE AFRAID to use it on a champion without the Moonlight debuff for a last hit. Can also be used without Moonlight on an enemy minion to get away from the enemy themselves or from a tower dive. In a special case against Syndra she had so much range I had to use it to engage cause I couldn't get close enough to get Moonlight on her.

All these skill sets

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This is a typical offensive tree, taking all the basic AP damage users masteries. The burst should help with the amount of health they have and help to make up for the amount of defensive runes we have. I would not recommend THESE for mid lane, although similar, as stated this is not a mid guide, but if you want then just put 2 extra points in Resistance instead of Hardiness .

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As top lane Diana I find I could use more armor for most champs
Renekton , Kha'Zix , Darius are just a few that I hate.
Odds are that most top laners will also be runing for armor, not MR. So I get a little Magic Pen to get past their natural resist and some of what they build with Sorcerer's Shoes and Haunting Guise and a little hyper-late game Liandry's Torment.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
This provides a flat 18.99 armor for Diana and along with her natural armor can give 80 flat armor late game, not including if you build an item for more armor.
As said before I really like the extra armor for this build in top lane over the offensiveness of other runes.

Here's a rune page for you top laners in Ranked that may help you with going against AP top laners such as Elise or even Kennen although he is seen top lane less since his range nerf.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
This will provide 18.72 extra MR for you and if needed you can boost it up even more with Abyssal Mask.

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As said before, Diana isn't easily countered as most champs will just die to her, but the number one character she will always lose to is...

Seriously, DO NOT TAKE THIS LANE! She will lock you down hard, get a lane swap or pick another champ. I don't know who counters Riven, my second go to is Renekton for top lane. (maybe a guide in the future for him)

Should be easily beaten by Diana, avoid his Defensive Ball Curl and you should be good. He stacks armor so Diana won't be upset by his defensive stats so badly. Thornmail isn't too bad for her and neither is Randuin's Omen.

He takes a lot of his own health early game so try to get a kill early if you can, and ask for a gank if you need, cause you being level 6 should guarantee a kill if he doesn't have his Sadism. Late game be sure to use Pale Cascade to chump over his Infected Cleaver as it does percentage of health damage and can be really nasty. Late game he gets big so you may not have enough burst for him but a single teammate should fix that.

Yes, this section is small and pretty pitiful, but I just hit 30 and haven't played against a lot of champions, so this section WILL expand and eventually will get very extensive. Thank you!

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I hope I have inspired you to think of Diana in a new(ish) light, in top lane. She is really flexible, and I have found I like her much more in the top lane than in mid lane or jungler. Or maybe I have enlightened you that you just need to pick Riven against this champion. Either way I am glad you found your way to my guide and I am extremely happy with it and ask that you comment or favorite or do something positive for me. I really hope you enjoyed this and use it in your future top lane experiences. This has been my top lane Diana guide. :)