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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Fizz Build Guide by saberion

AP Offtank Top Lane Fizz - Fishing in Top Lane

AP Offtank Top Lane Fizz - Fishing in Top Lane

Updated on February 26, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author saberion Build Guide By saberion 302,719 Views 6 Comments
302,719 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author saberion Fizz Build Guide By saberion Updated on February 26, 2015
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Saberion's Fizz Guide!



Hello everyone! My name is Saberion! I have been playing league since October 2012 and I main top lane. I have played most meta champions top and I have been playing Fizz top for awhile. I'm going to explain to all of you the amazingness of top lane fizz. Everyone thinks he is best in the mid lane but he can also work very well top. The popular top lane meta right now is very tanky utility tops such as , and and also tanky AP champs such as and who provide very strong teamfighting capabilities. Fizz on the other hand is a very good assassin and AP offtank who also provides alot of aoe damage for teamfights.

Most people play him mid as an assassin and able to burst down carries and squishies in a few abilities. you can also do this with AP offtank fizz and have far more survivability in team fights. This is my first guide so don't kill me with negative comments but all constructive criticism would be appreciated.



AA = Auto Attacks (Basic Attacks)

This guide is still being updated and improved.

Table of Contents

*Pros + Cons *Runes + Masteries *Top Fizz Strategy *Items *Top Matchups *End

Fizz Champion Spotlight

Pros + Cons


+ Large Burst
+ Lots of HP and Mana
+ Good Mobility
+ Works in team comps that have other tanks/offtanks
+ VERY strong early with W which makes you an amazing lane bully
+ The outplays are real with Q and E
+ Your a Badass Fish!

- Your not a real tank
- Cant kill tanky people easily
- Can get bullied out of top if not played right
- No Sustain
- Ult is a Skill Shot

Skill Maxing Order


Your passive is very nice because you cannot get creep blocked and helps you with your already insane mobility with your Q and E.

Your passive will help alot with poking because you cant get creep blocked and the basic attack reduction helps a ton against champs that mainly use AA's.

Your Q is a very good outplaying ability because it is a gap closer and it always moves you a set distance away from your target. For example, you get ganked when you are pushed up. First thing is that you want to go into the bushes and wait. Then you want to wait for the jungler to come into the bushes and you want to position yourself so when you Q them you will dash through them and be closer to your tower. I have used this many times to juke people and it almost always works if you use your E after you dash through them.

You can also use it to catch people running up a lane if you q a creep then if you still havent caught them, you can E and if you still havent caught them you can then ult.

ALWAYS max your q last. It does the least damage out of all your abilities.

Your W is mainly an early game skill but definitely helps you kill people throughout the game, as in it it basically a built in ignite but with a 3 second DOT instead of 5.

Your W really helps bully people out of lane because of the over time damage overall and the missing health helps alot because most of your matchups will be pretty tanky.

Your E is your main outplay and escape skill. With your E you can jump over muliple walls to escape or chase people and the untargetable stance it gives you is amazing. You can dodge any skill including karthus ult if you jump at the right time.

In lane,the E burst helps a ton against ranged because of the huge burst and the gap closer.

Your ult is one of the best ults in game in my opinion. If you hit someone with it, it slows them, knocks them up and everyone around them while doing a ton of damage.

Level up your Ult whenever possible.


21/9/0 because you need kills to snowball and your not a tank. The 9 points in defense helps you be a offtank and scales will with your rod of ages extra health.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

I use Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, Greater Seal of Armor
, Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration will help you throughout the whole game with ignoring some of the enemys magic resist.

Greater Seal of Armor are just meta seals for top lane at the moment so i take them on anyone.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are where people are like "WTF, why would you take them and not ability power?" My answer to this is that fizz is a bruiser. He already gets magic resist per level already so these will scale well with him throughout the whole game.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power are the best to get in my opinion because the AP helps alot with your dorans ring so you can do some decent damage early.

Summoner Spells

Teleport is a very helpful spell in which it lets you pressure lanes all throughout the game. Almost all top laners now go for this and it is a very viable option, especially if you are going against someone that pushes really fast such as , you know you will need to recall alot or your just new to the matchup and dont know how well you will do. I have been taking teleport almost every game for top instead of ignite because it helps you teamfight with your team so well. I usually roam around with them then teleport back top so I dont lose my tower or farm.

This with your E almost guarentees your escape from almost any situation.

Other Viable Spells

You can use this, but it is a much better option to go for flash because you have 2 gap closers already and it gives you a third one.

With your w passive and this, the enemy just burns down to the ground. It helps so much when you need to pull your full combo to kill someone.

This is now a viable option because of the movement speed, but, in my opinion, you wont need it because teleport gives more utility and flash gives you a better escape.

Dont use unless your jungling. Fizz can jungle but he is a low tier jungler unless your skilled with him.

Any other spells I wouldn't recommend.

Top Lane Fizz Strategy

With Top Lane Fizz, you have to be a complete lane bully to your opponent.

Get your W first, Q second and E third.

Short Version:Early game your combo is AA with W, Q to gapclose and E to gapclose and give you extra burst, then AAing until they reach their tower.

When they come up to farm, you poke them with an auto attack and your W wont be doing much damage at first, but once you keep doing it everytime they come up to last hit, they will be very low after around 2-3 times. If they try to fight you just activate your W and fight them. If they are melee just AA them and run through the creeps. They cant trade back with you if they dont have a jump or gapcloser. Once you get lvl 2, go in for the kill if they are around 1/2 hp. Activate your W and AA them, if they flash or get far away from you, Q to gap close then keep AAing.

If they get away, just keep farming and they will come back a lower level and you can just combo them again. This is your main early game combo that you use to bully people out of lane or kill them and it is EXTREMELY STRONG against melee champions.

Once you hit level 3 and get your E just use it the same way you use your Q and you can also use it to dodge the opponents abilities. A very good example of this is jax's E. When he activates it, wait about a second then E and it wont hit you and you can out trade him. When you get your ult, use it when you have a for sure hit after you jump onto them with your Q, or save it for your last gap closer so you can kill them while they try to run away.

Mid game you will want to activate W, Q to them and E onto them then R and ignite if they start to get away.

Late game you will be completely bursting out squishies so your combo will be R for initial burst, activate W, Q to them, then E onto them followed by AA's.

Hopefully you can get a few kills out of your combo and you can start to roam. Check the opposing junglers blue/red buffs and if it is there, take it. The red buff will help you keep up with your enemy without using your Q or E and it will also stack with your W. Blue buff is simple, it gives u insane mana regen and CDR so you can spam abilities more.

If you get ahead, ABUSE IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!! When fizz gets ahead he is extremely strong against anyone that is not fed. Use this as much as you can early game because the tanky people wont have any tankyness yet and you can for sure kill them with your combo.


I always start this because the dorans ring gives you a bit of extra hp and health to take down your opponent faster, while the mana regen and passive gives you the extra mana to be able to keep poking them down with your W and Q.

I always get sorc shoes for the magic pen which helps you take down tankier targets, especially in top where tanks are the meta at the moment. Also homeguard helps you get to lane faster and also defend your base.

Rod of ages is an excellent item on top fizz. It gives you early tankyness and also gives you 80 AP when it gets all its stacks. The mana also really helps too with the lich bane and you almost never run out of mana so you dont need to worry about backing for mana.

Fizz's primary damage item. It just massively increases your burst throughout the whole game. Also, when they nerfed it, they buffed fizz's W a bunch so it even helps you out more early game.

MORE MAGIC PEN! With the magic pen runes, the devastating strikes mastery, and the sorcerers shoes, and this, you will have ALOT of flat magic pen and % magic pen which helps you take down anyone building magic resist.

MORE AP PLSSS! I would recommend only get this during late game becuase it is not worth it early. The passive only helps when you have alot of AP and when you get this late game, your damage increases drastically. This is when your ult starts to do around 1k damage and you can start killing squishies very easily.

This will make you more tanky late game and the passive is amazing. If you die in a teamfight, you can come back, cleanup, and most likely be able to get some kills or if you get caught out or are the last person on your team, you can escape with your E/Flash.

Other Viable Items

If you get any of these items, I would recommend replacing , or because the other items are very high priority items on .

The helps if the enemy team has 3 or more champions that deal mainly magic damage. It also gives you quite a bit of AP. Its passive is basically the same as magic pen and it effects multiple people and since you are melee it will always work because the enemy will always be in range of its effect.

Alot of people get on Fizz and I completely understand why. The armor is very good against AD people, but the downfall is that it only gives you 50. The active is amazing because it gives you another untargetable stance. If you use all you abilities then use , all your spells will most likely be back up. I dont use this because alot of the time you are against a mixed team and health is more effective against that and the 50 armor it gives that only works against AD champions and AA's wont be as good as the 650 health gives against everything.

is a very good item on fizz, as it stacks with his w and ignite if you took it. It also gives flat magic pen and 300 health. If you dont take this is a very good item to get but otherwise you wont need it because gives you enough health and , , and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration will give you enough magic penetration.

The is very good at bursting down tanks and if you want to take down a very high priority target.

is a very good item on fizz. It gives health, ability power and its passive gives you a slow. A downside is that the passive only works on your Q, E and your ult when the shark damages them. I would recommend getting a because the stats on it gives you more health, the same amount of AP, and the passive helps you much more in lane and throughout the game until you hit level 18.


Farming is not that hard to do on fizz compared to other AP champions. All you really have to do is last hit minions when their health is very low. Your base attack damage added to your W passive damage will more than likely get the minion. EARLY GAME you want to just constantly AA minions so you can get level 2 before them while AAing your opponent when they come up to farm.

Top Lane Matchups

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My Personal Scores

If you want me to add your scores to another scores section of this guide, comment on the guide with a link to the picture with your scores and I will be happy to add them in.


This is my first ever guide and I really hope you enjoyed it. If you did be sure to give me a THUMBS UP! I have put quite a bit of time into this guide so if it did help you and you did enjoy it I would massively appreciate if you could give it a THUMBS UP! If you have any questions or want help learning top fizz, feel free to add me on league - Saberion. Thanks again!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author saberion
saberion Fizz Guide
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