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Renekton Build Guide by C9Balls

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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Balls

Top lane Renekton by C9 Balls

C9Balls Last updated on January 9, 2015
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Threats to Renekton with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Irelia Irelia can't really outsustain, damage or trade with you. You should dominate Irelia unless you get ganked or take too much damage from creeps during a trade.
Jax You can pretty much out push him and Q him when he goes to last hit. When he turns on his E, you can stun him and dash away to avoid the stun before dashing back towards him. You should have control over the whole lane and only need to watch out for ganks. Once you're level 6, you can kill him with your full combo whenever he goes below 50% hp.
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Renekton is an aggressive champion who deals high amounts of damage and can bully his opponent really hard during the early stages of game. He is also quite tanky and has awesome waveclear.

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+ Strong early and mid game presence
+ High damage
+ Has a stun
+ Doesn't use mana
+ Good follow up during ganks

- Gets kited easily
- Doesn't scale into late game well compared to other top lane champions

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(Attack Damage Marks)
I use these because all of Renekton's skills deal physical damage and he has insane AD ratios too. The extra AD also lets you push faster and makes last hitting easier.
(Armor Seals)
Use these if your laning opponent mainly deals physical damage in order to reduce the damage taken from his auto attacks and abilities.
(Alternative - Scaling Health Seals)
Alternatively, you can opt to take these if your laning opponent only deals magic damage or if you are confident that you will win your lane even if your opponent mainly deals physical damage. These runes scale better than the flat armor runes and become even more effective when combined with some armor from items (this significantly increases your effective hp).
(Magic Resist Glyphs)
Standard choice for glyphs because there is almost always a champion on the enemy team which primarily deals magic damage.
(Alternative - Cooldown Reduction Glyphs)
This is good on Renekton because his abilities don't cost mana and the CDR allows you to spam them more frequently. Use these if you are against physical damage dealers only.
(Attack Damage Quintessences)
Same reasoning as for the AD marks, these let you deal more damage with your auto attacks and abilities while also allowing you to push/obtain cs easier.

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I use a 9/21/0 setup on Renekton, because the 21 points in Defense make him tanky and allow him to absorb all the damage for his team in teamfights while the 9 points in Offense still give him enough damage to be a threat. In the Defense tree, you can switch out the points in armor or mr depending on who you are laning against.

I've seen people go 21/9/0 on Renekton and it's good if you can win your lane hard with that setup. However, if you are losing you generally just die instantly in teamfights and become really useless. Putting 21 points in Defense allows you to still deal tons of damage while being really tanky. Renekton has high base damages so going 9/21/0 allows you to be the frontline you need to be in teamfights while still dealing damage.

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(Starting Item)
I generally start with a Doran's Shield + Health Potion because it makes you tanky and provides enough regen for you to lane against anyone. Grab this if you are against a hard lane and want to farm / outsustain the enemy laner. Recommended against ranged champs.
(Alternative Start)
Start Doran's Blade against easy laners which you can take advantage of. Against any bruiser or passive laner, you can be a bully in lane and snowball with this start.
(vs Magic Damage)
These two items are great against magic damage dealers because Spirit Visage provides CDR and increases your sustain, while the Warmog's Armor helps you survive burst damage and gives you insane health and health regen.
(vs AD)
Sunfire Cape is the standard armor item for Renekton as it helps him push, helps him trade and it makes him deal even more AoE damage during his ultimate.
(vs more AD)
Randuin's Omen is the armor item you'll want next if you need more resistances as the health and armor it gives lets you tank physical damage very efficiently.
(vs even more AD!)
Finally, Thornmail is like the final boss armor item that makes all the AD carries in the world hate you because this gives you so much armor and its passive ricochets a part of their damage.
You can upgrade your Boots of Speed to Ninja Tabi if your lane opponent has heavy AD damage or if the other team barely has AP damage / CC. Otherwise, get Mercury's Treads instead.
You can get Ravenous Hydra if you are winning your lane really hard and you want to create more pressure on the map. This lets you clear minion waves / jungle creeps and kill turrets fast, while also causing you to dish out tons of damage on the squishy AD or AP carries. I usually just leave it at Tiamat during the early game and then build full tank before finishing the Ravenous Hydra at the end of the build.

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Early Game

During the early levels (1-6), your goal is to just go ham and try to assert dominance by pushing the lane while harassing the enemy laner and make him miss cs under turret. If you get to level 3 and your opponent is overextended, you can go aggressive on him and dish out a bunch of damage. Once you are level 6, you have the potential to dive the other laner if he's half hp or if your jungler comes and dives with you.

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Mid Game

Once you take down the first turret, you can still pressure your lane, pushing it all the way to the second turret before going into the enemy jungle or looking for an opportunity to roam mid or bot and see if you can get a kill. You can also group with your team and go for objectives, like pushing mid lane and getting the turret or going for dragon.

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Late Game

At this point, you want to group up with your team and look to catch people out of position or simply push for turrets. You can also split push if you are stronger than the split pusher on the other team. Just make sure your team knows that you are splitting and that they won't get caught by the other team. If you are grouped with your team, you can coordinate dives on the enemy team together. Usually, you will be one who is tanky enough to be able to engage and tank the turret while diving.

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In teamfights, you want to go on the AD carry or AP carry (whichever is squishier or more of a threat). Your job is to soak up damage while zoning their backline from your backline. Just make sure not to go in 1 vs 5 when your teammates aren't near you enough, because then the enemy team will just kill you and your team will have a number disadvantage. You want to stay close enough to your teammates for them to be a threat to the enemies, but still in a position where their AD and AP carry have to focus you.

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Thanks for reading my guide!

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