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Sion Build Guide by Twiggymocha

Top [Top] Tank Sion Guide Patch 10.9

By Twiggymocha | Updated on April 28, 2020
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #32 in
Top Lane
Win 51%
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Sion summary

SION aka

One of the strongest laners vs squishies like teemo and ryze. He is basically unkillable and when he finally dies the fight still continues in his passive. He also has a ton of cc with his q being a stun or slow depending on how long you could hold it, his e being a slow and his ult being a stun.
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Roles During Different Stages In The Game

Early Game :
1.Harass the enemy laner as much as you can, you are a very
strong laner,ALWAYS take Corrupting Potion as your first item. It gives
mana,hp and damage.
2.When you hit level 6 try to force a fight, you gain a massive power spike with
your R since you get to use your combo for free.
3.A very effective item for your first back is glacial shroud, it gives mana
and armor

Mid Game : 1. Try to get first tower, you are very strong early and can dominate your
enemy laner.
2. If getting first tower is not possible, try to get an objective
like dragon,herald or roam bot and get the tower there.
3. When you try to roam, use your ultimate the other lanes never see it
coming since they expect you to go top

Late Game : 1. You have a very strong engage, so if you see an opportunity, take it.
2. You have a lot of cc so try to defend and peel for your carries.
3. Use W as much as you can, since it does percent damage.
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Arcane Comet - With your q that stuns or atleast slows and e that slows Arcane Comet almost has a 100% chance of hitting, dealing a ton of extra damage.

Manaflow Band - Sion's early game is very mana hungry so with manaflow you will have much more sustain.

Celerity - It is a great combo with your ultimate and also allows you to roam often.

Scorch Since sion has such a strong early game I prefer scorch because it offers a decent amount of early game damage.


Shield Bash / Demolish - I recommend Demolish in most scenarios but in some match ups like vs Garen , Shield Bash will work well.

Conditioning - I feel sion has a really strong team fight kit with all of his cc so taking Conditioning allows you to tank and stay in the frontline longer.
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I always buy corrupting potion on sion because it allows you to spam abilities do extra damage and heal, giving you more than enough sustain.

First Back

Glacial Shroud - An excellent first back item for Sion because you can spam your abilities and gain armor.

Bami's Cinder- This is an insane item vs champ's like darius and fiora because it gives hp and damages the enemy with magic damage in long duels. But do not buy during laning phase if you are under tower a lot because it will trigger agro.

Control Ward- Because vision is important.


This will be your core items

Sunfire Cape - It gives you sustain pushing power and aoe damage.

Frozen Heart- It gives 100 armor which is pretty decent and also mana for long fights. The attacks speed slow is also useful in team fights.

Boots - Depends on the match up but you will buy Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi's most of the time, depending on the match up.

Warmog's Armor - gives a ton of hp and is perfect for short burst fights.

Adaptive Helm- very strong item vs cassiopia and teemo because it reduces dps mage damage, or all other abilities for that matter that has a low cooldown.

Spirit Visage - A good tank item vs mages, even better if you have a heal bot support like Soraka.

I suggest you get things like thornmail if you are vs lifesteal or attack speed adc's like vayne. Gargoyle Stoneplate is an amazing tank item because you can frontline longer and win the start of a team fight. Randuins omen is an useful item vs kiting and attack speed adc's. zz Rot is not something I build often but is good if you need to split push. I suggest you get Frozen Mallet if your team needs more damage or you tend to die first in team fights because you can slow the enemy and do more damage in your passive form.
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Passive Glory in Death - Sion's passive rises him from the dead and gives him a short time to kill his killer or someone else with melee attacks that do a lot more damage and gives lifesteal so he can fight longer, this makes him very strong against melee laners and in team fights if he dies in the middle of the enemy team.

His Q Decimating Smash - Sion's q is a certain area where if the enemy is caught in it they are slowed or if he can charge it up for long enough it will stun all enemies in the area. It also deals a ton of damage especially early game, that is why I almost always recommend taking his q first.
His W Soul Furnace - Sion's w offers him a shield. if the shield is not damaged through within a certain time period it explodes and damages all enemies in a certain area. I recommend you to take as much damage as you can before exploding it so you can maximize your use from the shield.
His E Roar of the Slayer - His E is your ultimate weapon against squishie enemy laners since it offers you range and the ability to poke them without getting into range. If you play a good riven or yasuo for example who you can not get in your q max e first.
His R Unstoppable Onslaught- His R has a fairly long cooldown at first, so use it sparingly. But it gives him a MASSIVE power spike. If you are getting ganked ult out. If you think you can outplay it ult in. His ult does more damage the further you go, so if you return to lane and the enemy is under your tower use your ult it will clear the minions and stun him automatically making him take tower damage.
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His combo

At the start of the game just take q, they never expect the damage. After I would recommend e, unless you are really getting destroyed then take w.Then 3rd obviously the remaining one.

His combo is e,w and then q. After you e he is slowed so press w so that damage starts charging up and so you do not take too much damage from minions. Then q so he is stationary for your w damage to hit. If you have your ult just engage with that then repeat the combo.
Also try to get as many auto's in as you can.
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Tips in general

Use the bush, especially if your q is maxed. This works well at the beginning of the game, when you are getting ganked and when the enemy took you to low health and you are running away. I have turned around many fights after doing this.

Here is an example of how to start the game and use the above mentioned strategy
If they are backing try to use your e to cancel their back, they will often back again, sometimes the same spot, making them an easy kill if your e got them low enough.

If you are getting tower dived use your e to slow them and then try to last as long as you can without your w so they take too many shots and can not finish you.

This one is situational, but if your lane is very far ahead and you can afford to stay away from it a short while gank another lane with your ult, they almost never expect it.

Awesome sion outpaly vs vi and camille
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Additional information

Thanks for viewing my guide!

Any comments or advice is appreciated. A like is also always appreciated. I have also made 2 additional guides one for Nasus and one for Draven. But neither is as good as this guide simply because I am a lot more passionate about Sion.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Twiggymocha
Twiggymocha Sion Guide
[Top] Tank Sion Guide Patch 10.9