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Cho'Gath Build Guide by ShockBlade Zed

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShockBlade Zed

Transformers Cho is rolling out to the MID FEILD (2 Builds :

ShockBlade Zed Last updated on August 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! players of league of legends....this is my Cho'Gath build or i like to call him Optimus Cho cause of his skin,but any who,this is my very first build,so it might be...low quality in detail,not so much information...forgive me :D lets get to the in-depth game details

P.S : Reason why i played cho cause of my friend,In-game her Summoner Name is FallenShock Na Region,she sent me this skin,i didnt really like cho cause of it's splash art,it wasnt appealing enough but this skin motivated me,i didnt know cho was sooo fun :D if u do have any comments to add..just comment away HUEHUEHUE

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

+Good sustain
+Great burst
+Very low cooldowns even when low level
+Good CC to help in teamfights
+Chances of u dieing in late-game is low
+When u get 6 stacks u feel awesome :D(dont you?)

Cons :

-Mana dependent/Mana Hungry
-Very low base movement speed
-Rupture can be dodged easly
-Frustrating to lose stacks of Feast
-Very vulnerable to dem ganks

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How to help your team with vision? quick answer..WARDS

These little eye spotting bastards are better then most players on League. :D Always leave a space for these little dudes cause they will help u alot in early game cause of the jungler or roaming players,it also helps u alot if u just ignore the mias pinged by your team u have your own mia alerting..thing :D(dosent make sense but...LETS CARRY ON YO)

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Now welcome to the fun part! WOOO *cheers* take a seat and relax and read the beautiful item helping things,i suck at inspirational things.But here it is!

Okay so if ur going with the Finishing Build 1 u have to take note of this :

[YOU ARE A GOD,lol just kidding u arent a god but u are...very tanky but ur weakness is CROWD-CONTROL! u have no get away skill,and with this Finishing Build 1,your slow af only good thing is you are very..tanky.....yep,you dont do have alot of ap but u still do damage cause..well your cho'gath,u can help yur team using your crowd control and silence from your Feral Scream

Alternatively if ur going with Finishing Build 2 u have to take note of this :

Good thing bout this build is u dont have to build warmogs as the health from your Rod of Ages,Liandry's Torment,Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives u alot of health + your Feast :D so fabulous huh? your just basically a walking nuke,uh-huh also the cooldown reduction is fairly beautiful,am i right?but bad thing is u dont have alot of sustain agaisnt bursty champs such as kata,but u do have cc so thats a good thing,ad....ur pretty mch screwed if the enemy is fed lol

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Control your lane,out cs em,dominate :D

When your rolling mid lane....Dominate your lane by csing dont risk your life doe,aggresive champs like Akali would harras the **** outta you to force you to back out or recall,csing is a must as Cho,always look at your mini map to see for opportunities to see if ur jungler is ganking or if someone is low health so u can just roam ONCE you pushed ur lane and dominated it

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Whats your role in dem fights? well let me tell you

About Finishing Build 2 :

You arent a full tank,u cannnot go in,your role in teamfights is to survive,ur Feast is a great way to secure the kills,help your teammates,tell them that u cannot risk your stacks if your at 6 stacks already make em know that if they kidding,just tell em nicely.

About Finishing Build 1 :

Your the tank,you engage,protect your adc,your casters,you are basically their guardian :D stay alive,do damage let your adc take the kills,if they cant,you take em,basically ur a big boss,but still dont risk your life if u have your stacks...dont lose em their important,but as a'll be easy to regain em :D

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Summoner Spells

Flash :

I take Flash because of its gap closening,if u get near enough u can use your Feral Scream and Feast to secure a kill

Teleport :
I take Teleport cause with tele,if ur teamates is in need you can just teleport by to the nearest ward and if u have homeguards..even better u can chase low enemies unexpectinglu...a massive tank charges at you like "RAAAAAAWR",if ur at 0 stacks it can be cute just to see u chase em with that massive speed xD

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End of the guide fellas :(

Hope u liked my guide! its my very first guide that i made,no pics,not alot of stuff but i hope its enough,i cant stress enough on how excited am i to post this,here it goes...*saves* *publishes* TADAAAA if u liked my build i'd glady apreciate u vote it up,i dont know how to do the advanced stuff like add pictures,add items to make it more intresting....but yea...sorry guys T_T have fun with these cho'gath- i mean Optimus Cho tips and build,have fun in the feilds of justice and remember...EAT EM UP