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Tristana Build Guide by Acid Reigns

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Acid Reigns

Tristana: A Complete Guide to Everything V 1.5 -STALE GUIDE-

Acid Reigns Last updated on May 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Tristana: The Megling Gunner

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V 1.5 Changed masteries due to rework. Started enemies in lane section.

Still to come:
-Finish enemies in lane section
-Full Dominion Section
-Improved aesthetics
-Whatever is requested :P

Hello everyone, I've pretty much exclusively been playing Tristana for my LoL career, and I love her more than any other! She has incredible power, range, mobility, abilities, and pure awesomeness that I have grown to adore. Her only true drawbacks are her squishyness, and her mana pool. BUT with a good team to support you, squishyness will be no problem, and with practice, and learning when to spend it, your mana will be no problem either ^-^

I am creating this because not only do I RARELY see another Tristana player, but when I do, they do not play her to her potential, at all, which disapoints me...

This guide will be an in depth one, and will teach you everything you need to know about Tristana! :D

Your position is very important, Tristana, like any good carry, is at her best being babysat by a support in bottom lane. She is also very viable to be in mid, so don't be even the slightest afraid to solo, I do it all the time, and usually dominate. Tristana has a huge burst early game, and finishing it with your ult means they can't even retaliate.

If you're with a support, make sure they truely support you properly! Tell them not to interrupt your farm, and not to KS you. That's what they have GP/10 items for! Don't let them ruin you, by starving you of important gold.

Solo top isn't really recommended, as you really don't have much of a sustain, other than your slight lifesteal. Bot with support, or mid is much better.


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-High Damage
-High AS
-Great escape/chase ability
-High range, and due to her passive, at lvl 11 highest in the game (except kog if his w is up)
-Great farmer
-Decent CC for a carry (No Ashe, but still)
-Abilities that are great through the entire game
-Her jump allows her to move through walls
-Usually not banned/picked in draft mode
-Underestimated/She's underplayed, and therefore people don't know her well
-Small and therefore sometimes hard to target (not a big advantage but still)
-Cute ^-^


-Low survivability
-Low mana pool
-Easy to make mistakes with (jumping poorly, ulting away instead of toward your team, etc)
-Easy to become over confident with
-High mobility due to her jump, but otherwise slow
-TOO good at farming/can sometimes starve allies
-No sustainability abilities (eg lifesteal, heals, drains etc)
-All her skins except her default are lame -_-

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One of the reasons I play Tristana, is because all her skills are good all game, minus Rapid Fire early. They are as follows.

Draw a Bead This passive is what makes you so strong. Late game your range will be uncontested by anything that isn't Kog'Maw's W.

Rapid Fire Isn't the best skill in the world early game, but late game it will tear your foes limb from limb! at level 5 it gives a 90% AS buff, which is too be honest, probably a bit OP. Basically lets you hit your cap very easily.

Rocket Jump Gives you great mobility, as well as a decent slow. Also the fact that it instantly cools down on a kill or assist means easy turret dives mid-late game.

Explosive Shot Early game is an amasing harass, and late game prevents healing, and regen effects! There is also an amasing passive on it that causes everything you kill to explode on death, causing damage to nearby enemies, which makes farming a breeze.

Buster Shot Is your ult, and is it ever useful! Like explosive shot, it will provide great damage when you get it, and then later give you amasing utility. The knockback on this has too many uses, and later I'll explain them to you.

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Ok so, for my runes, the Quints, and Marks are both max armor pen, with these you will crush almost anyone early game, due to your ridiculous damage output.

There are too many seals and glyphs you say? simple, Armor seals + Mp5 glyphs if you're bottom (usually the damage is physical down there) and vice versa for mid lane

The Mp5 is a must, the seals give more, but either is adequate

The sustainability is also needed. You are going to be squishy, that is a fact. You need some decent protection

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With the rework, I haven't had much time to play around just yet, but this is what I'm assuming will work the best.

The things I'm questioning the most is whether to take Havoc , or Vampirism , and whether to take Good Hands level 3 or Improved Recall

For now I'm guessing that the lifesteal will be great, as I don't usually get The Bloodthirster til very late in the game, and often not at all, so that little bit will hopefully help me. I might change that later, if it proves inadequate.

For now I'm testing Improved Recall and how much of a difference it will make. If it isn't much, I'll go back to Good Hands

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You should never stick to one solid item build, you should adjust what you buy depending on how you're doing, and who you're playing against.

Doran's Stacking:

If you're having a bad early game, stacking Doran's Blade's can really turn things around. These help you more than most people think, and can be stacked to give you a huge early game advantage. When you no longer need them, you can simply sell them back for 70% of the gold you spent.

Boot Choice:

Your choice in boots is very important. Recently I find myself more, and more often running Boots of Swiftness, where I used to almost exclusively run Berserker's Greaves. Mercury's Treads are also a good choice, however, you need to know when each boot type is optimal. How do you know? Simple, just assess your situation, and decide what you need. If you find you are slow, which with Tristana is often the case, then get Boots of Swiftness. If you need that little bit of extra MR, or the tenacity, get Mercury's Treads. And if neither of those apply, and you're doing fine as is, get Berserker's Greaves as extra damage is never harmful. (To you at least ;D)


Now that we've got all that figured out, it's time to learn your core. Your first damage dealing item will be the Infinity Edge. You aren't building a Phantom Dancer just yet, because you don't need the AS, you just need huge damage, because with your range, you want to just poke at the enemy, not shoot them 18 times in 5 seconds. If you do have a confrontation like that, just pop your Q, and your AS problem is solved.

After that, it gets to be the time when people begin fighting, and you really do need your Phantom Dancer now, for that solid dps, rather than just an incredibly hard poke. Start with Zeal, and build from there.

Finishing Items:

Now is the part where I stop being your guardian angel, and you make some decisions for yourself. I usually find myself getting the next items in the order of Frozen Mallet -> The Bloodthirster -> The Black Cleaver, however, many cases will call for you to change things. I will list the uses, of each item, as well as situations where each is optimal.

Frozen Mallet Makes you from a paper tiger, into a cardboard tiger. You'll still be squishy, but it is quite a large chunk to add on to your health bar. The AD on this item is usually overlooked, 'it's only 20 damage'. That 20 damage is 1/4 of your Infinity Edge, and is actually quite a bit. 20 X 2.6 (Crit + edge passive + masteries) = 52 extra damage per shot, which is actually pretty good. The passive on this item is also incredibly helpful, for obvious reasons. Get this item if you need to be a bit more solid, or if you're having a hard time catching people. (If you don't like this item, and don't want it, then Banshee's Veil is pretty much a must have. You need one or the other.)

The Bloodthirster is simply for when you need lifesteal, badly. The AD is great, but the lifesteal is what saves you. If you want this for the damage, then don't get it, The Black Cleaver will provide you with a lot more damage, and will help your team do more as well. If you are putting off this item, at least get a Vampiric Scepter to hold you over until later.

The Black Cleaver is bought in two situations. 1 is when you simply need the armor pen to shut down Garen, or a similar champion, so they stop pentakilling you. The other is when you don't need anything, and you simply want more damage. Either of these are reasonable. :P

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Situational Items:

So the main guide wasn't enough for you eh? Alright, I'm here to help!

NOTE: For these items you will not want to get them in the same spot as the replaced item, as it may be too late! If you need a Banshees, do not wate until endgame to buy it, change up your purchase order a bit!

Banshee's Veil
If the enemy has a very powerful caster, GET THIS! If there is a fed Annie who can burst you down in one combo, all the damage in the world won't save you, this however will. This item has two options to replace. If you are durable enough with just this, then forget your Frozen Mallet. If you need the mallet too, then forget about your The Bloodthirster. You'll still do high damage without it, and the lifesteal doesn't help against nukes anyway.

Madred's Bloodrazor:
Get this for HP stackers (Cho, Vlad etc) OR armor stackers. For some reason people don't realise this does magic damage. Replace your thirster, or your cleaver. Honestly I've never needed this, but it could be useful...

Phantom Dancer
In some cases, you may sell you boots to get a second one of these after your build is done. They are the only viable option, because they give you MS, which you need. Even with two of these however, without boots you'll still be slow.

Quicksilver Sash:
Same as Banshees, but for when you are facing heavy CC.
Particularly useful against people like Fiddlesticks, who rely heavily on CC to kill you.

Sword of the Divine:
For a good Jax, Sivir, or any other dodge champion. Replace your cleaver.

The Bloodthirster:
There's already one in the build! OUTRAGEOUS! If you don't feel very threatened, you can get a second one instead of your mallet. This'll put your damage over the edge, to the point where it's just ridiculous. Then again, it'll make you into a glass canon.

For those games where their carry is stronger than you. Rare, but it happens. Replace your thirster or mallet

For those silly teams who like to stand really close together. It's rare, but trust me I've gotten some really easy multi kills.

Warmog's Armor:
For when Frozen Mallet just isn't enough. Replace the mallet. This thing is so easy to charge!

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Skill Sequence and Usage:

Basically, you want to get Explosive Shot to 5 ASAP! You need a level of Rocket Jump at level 2 because it is your method of initiating, and escaping, you need not upgrade past level 1 until later, as it is fairly useless besides it's utility. You'll want a Rapid Fire at level 4, not so that you can use it, as it isn't necessary at this stage, you simply want it, so that when it IS necessary, you will already have a rank in it, allowing you to get it better faster. Obviously you will want your ultimate Buster Shot whenever it's available.

Now onto usage. Rapid Fire should only ever be used in 3 situations. 1 is during a teamfight, or if you are fighting someone solo (especially early game). 2 is when you are taking a turret, or inhib. and 3 is when you are killing powerful creatures like Baron Nashor, or the Dragon.

Rocket Jump is an amazing skill used for initiating a fight (killing him) with your enemy at the start, Chasing an enemy, or due to the CD on a kill or assist, an entire team down, leapfrogging from one to the other, escaping, simply by jumping away, or to gank by either jumping out of bushes, or over a wall.

Explosive Shot as well as Ignite are your keys to harassing, and killing enemy champs early game. Apart from that it has an amasing passive which allows you to literally destroy minion waves. Late game you should only be using this to prevent healing. It's range isn't enough, nor is the damage on it. The grievous wound however becomes extremely useful late game, and will shut down not only direct heals, but lifesteal as well.

Your ult Buster Shot, has many, many uses, and even though it gets very weak late game, it still, like all your abilities, has a great utility. When you first get this, you can use it as a finisher, as it does large amounts of damage, but around mid-late game, you shouldn't be using this for damage, as your auto attack will do a lot more. Uses for this massive cannonball include:
-Early game nuking
-Escape from enemies
-Pushing enemies into crowds of allies, causing them very quick death
-Pushing enemies into your turret
-Seperating enemies
-Stopping an enemy from ulting, such as Katarina, or Nunu, this will stop any such channel, and end their ult, rendering them useless

This can be used in conjunction with Rocket Jump to really get people where you want them (eg jumping behind an enemy, and launching them into your turret, once you've done this, Ignite, and Explosive Shot them, and auto attack, and you're almost guaranteed a kill.

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Summoner Spells:

Flash is mandatory considering your squishyness.

The other is a toss up between Exhaust, Ignite, Cleanse, and Heal.

Exhaust has become somewhat standard on carries, as no one else really has room to take it. If there arent any others on your team, you should probably have this,

Ignite helps a LOT with that eary game burst, and allows you a strong early game which can transition into a strong late game. Take this if you're going mid, or if you have a lot of exhaust already.

Cleanse, is for those matches where the other team insta-locks Rammus, Fiddlesticks, or someone else with annoyingly long cc, that you need to avoid. If this is the case though, I usually just pick up a QSS.

Given the fact that Heal is more effective for the person who casts it, it would make more sense for you to take it, and for the support to run exhaust. However, more often than not, your team will not be thinking like this, and you won't be able to run it. Also, even though it's technically an advantage in lane, I'd rather have exhaust for myself late game, in case I run into a bad situation, or I see a kill I'd be able to secure if I had it.

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Early Game:

A very, very crucial part in being a successful carry, is early game farming. You should NOT be auto attacking, as this will murder your chances of farming properly. What you need to do is simply move around your minions, harassing your enemy, and whenever a minion is low enough to kill, shoot it, receive the gold, and continue with your harassment. This is the most important part of succeeding in lane, and keeping ahead of the game.

A guideline that is good to work toward is having roughly 100 minion kills within the first 15-17 minutes. Alongside this, you should constantly be working to keep your enemies CS (or creep score) far below yours via harassment. I've had games where I more than tripled their carries CS by denying him, and last hitting. A great way to deny an enemy further than just harassing him, is by making his turret get all the kills instead of him. This is done by mastering the passive of your Explosive Shot (every time you kill a mini, it blows up, and does AoE damage).

This will let you kill his entire minion waves, while still last hitting effectively, because they will get more damaged, allowing your minis to get them lower faster. If the lane gets pushed towards him, just let the turret nom the minions, and maybe pick at his a little bit, do not worry about killing is tower yet...

Basically, just farm minis, harass, and deny the enemy, and in duo lane PROTECT YOUR SUPPORT!

A rule you should always follow when fighting skill shot champions ( Ezreal, Lux, Anivia, etc) is to constantly run perpendicular to your enemy. This will make it much easier to dodge their attacks, and will allow you to survive, while they simply waste their mana. Similarly to this, if an enemy has a skill that will hit minis instead of you ( Volley, or Dark Binding) then you should be hiding behind your minions.

If you have room in your inventory, and the extra gold, it may be a good idea to buy Sight Ward's for the bushes on the sides of the river, this will help prevent ganks. (In duo lane, this is supports job, ask them to do it)

If you find yourself against someone with a global ult ( Karthus, Ashe, Twisted Fate etc) make sure to tell you allies when they reach level 6, this may save their lives.

NOTE: If you decide it is appropriate to jump at an enemy champion, and go in for the kill, MAKE ABSOLUTE SURE you have enough mana! You can easily die because you jump in, and then don't have enough mana to actually win! Your Rocket Jump is 80 mana, your Buster Shot is 140, and your Explosive Shot] scales depending on level (50, 60, 70, 80, 90). This means that for a level 6 attack, you should have at least 290 mana, and your [[Ignite up. Your full nuke at this point should be to jump in, Ignite, Explosive Shot, auto attack a few times, and then Buster Shot just as they're getting out of range. If this doesn't kill them, then it will basically force them to either recall, or die.

A nice trick to play if your enemy is pushing you is to jump behind him, and Buster Shot him into your tower. Be careful though, this can easily backfire if you do not land behind them, or if they move fast enough.

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Mid Game:

So by now you should probably have a few kills, and their 1st tower down, if so, help your allies by pushing another lane, and taking that turret as well.

If your allies need help defending, do that too, you've already got your lane handled, mid game is time to help your allies!

If you AREN'T up some kills, and haven't taken down a turret, keep up the push, until you are. If you're still behind, ask an ally for a gank, and farm for a bit.

If your team has any chance to kill the Dragon, take it, and keep an eye on the clock. Make a note of when you kill it, and remember that it takes 6 minutes for it to respawn. Try and time it so that your team is there and ready to kill it as soon as it respawns.

There really isn't much to say here other than that. Get your Infinity Edge, and you'll see quite the increase in your damage output.

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Late Game:

By now, your range is insane, and you can do large amounts of damage in very short amounts of time.

During teamfights, always focus the highest priority target (higest damage to survivabilty ratio) and assist your allies if they are dieing. If you win a fight, and the enemy is fleeing through the jungle, the last member of his team, remember YOU CAN JUMP THROUGH WALLS! Utilize this, and cut them off at every opportunity!

If a teamfight is occuring at the enemies tower, note that if you have minions there to aggro the turret, and you are quick, your range is big enough by now that you can shoot champions beside their turret, and move back before the turret can target you! By doing this, you can force them to either surrender their turret, or die. This is a very effective way of dealing with late game turret huggers. (Note, this cannot be done if the enemy is behind the turret, only in front of, or beside it)

And remember, though you are strong, you ARE NOT tough. Let your tank initiate every fight, if you are in a standoff, slowly pick at them, but do not try anything heroic, such as diving into all 5 of them for a penta, you can and WILL die.

Something you have to be very careful about is an enemy having Thornmail. You do so much damage at this point, you could easily kill youself by attacking someone with this, and not even realise it. Try and let your allies who do magic damage deal with those who have this.

Similarly to the dragon, you should always be aware of the Baron late game. If you have either taken out enemy inhibs, and they are stuck in their base, defending themselves, or you have just killed most of their team, it may be a good time to go and kill this beast for some extra gold, and that amazing buff! It's initial spawn time is 15:00, and after it dies, it respawns after 7:00. Just like with the dragon, if you kill it, mark the time, and know it respawns 7 minutes from then.

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Laning Partners:

These are champions that you should, and should not be in lane with. There are of course many champions who I have yet to lane with, so there may be some missing info in this section. These are not in order of best to worst, they are alphabetical. If someone is at the top, it does not mean they are the best/worst for you.

Great Partners:

Janna: Janna is a great champion, who will provide you with a lot of support. The AD buff on her shield is very nice, not to mention the shield itself. She hasa knockup, and a slow to help you out. Her only real con is that other than her ult, she has no real heal. However with good coordination, proper timing with her shield means you really don't need a heal.

Sona: Sona is just amasing. She has a great heal, and amasing buffs. Her ult gives a huge AoE stun, which is not only amasing in lane, but in teamfights as well. A con to her is that she is very, very, squishy.

Soraka: Soraka is one of my favorite lane partners. Her heals are over the top, and the armor buff they give is absolutley incredible! The fact that she can heal both your, and her own mana is great, and she can silence an enemy if need be. She is definatley one of my top picks. The only major cons I can think of are that if she consistantly uses her Starcall she may indanger your farm, and the fact that she's pretty much on the same level as Sona in terms of squishyness.

Taric: With this guy around, your defence stat will be pretty high, especially combined with your seals. His stun helps you in a wide variety of situations, and his ult is incredible, he's even pretty durable. His cons? He will have a hard time supporting you with his mana costs, and may need to auto attack your creeps from time to time to trigger his passive. His heals are also pretty lackluster.

Good Partners:

Alistar: Alistar is a decent partner, he can provide you with a decent heal, and he can throw enemies out of position, so you can get a lot of easy damage on them. He has no real buffs for you, however, he is a solid pick.

Blitzcrank: He adds to your killing power so much I just can't leave him out of here. Almost anyone he lands his pull on, especially post level 6. will die.

Cho'Gath: He has some solid CC, and decent damage, but he'll need to take some farm if he gets injured. He also cannot support you, he can simply give you opputunities to kill.

Galio: It isn't often you see someone play him, but he really isn't a bad champion. He can shield you, which he'll do often as it benefits him, he can speed you up, and he can slow the enemies down. His ult is great, and will usually secure a kill with your damage. Not a bad pick at all.

Karma: She may not belong here, she may be tier one. I've only had one or two games with her, and they just didn't go quite as well as other picks did. She has a pretty good shield, and an ok heal. Her speed/slow is pretty good to, but she is lacking a true ultimate spell. The bonuses from her R can't really compare to Sona's stun, or Janna's knockback. It just doesn't really seem as good to me.

Kayle: She has an ok heal, a reliable slow, decent damage output, and a great ult. Like other champs though, she tends to interrupt your farming.

Nidalee: Her heal is great, and the buff it gives is as well. Her traps are like wards, and she can help you harass the enemy with her Q. Her con comes from the fact that she will probably steal your farm. She is a pretty good partner, but she's better off solo top.

Orianna: She has a pretty good shield, some ok damage, and an ult that has great synergy with yours. An ok pick if theres noone better.

Shen: His heal comes in a strange way, but it still works, and gives you more of a reward for harassing enemy champions. His taunt is also a nice thing to have around, in case the focus falls upon you. He may also need to leave your lane in order to help allies, leaving you helpless.

Singed: Singed is an ok pick, but he tends to KS with his poison. He doesn't offer you support like others would, but he can do some damage to help you. He can also Fling enemies toward you for easy kills, as well as slow them down to cut off their escape. Together, you and him have a massive amount of DoT.

Zilean: His ult is a lifesaver (literally) and he can help you harass with his Q. His speed up/slow is also a big help in lane, yet he doesn't really give you any sustain. He's pretty good to have, but if the enemy has a true support (Soraka, Sona, etc) you're likely to lose, unless you kill them very quickly.

Bad Partners:

There are too many to list here. Most just don't have good synergy with you, they ks you, or interrupt your farm. Basically any carry, mage, assassin or off tank, is a bad choice to lane with for you.

Nasus, Sion, and Veigar

Stay away from both of these three, they WILL get your farm, and honestly, they need it. If you're in a lane with one of these, YOU are essentialy stealing THEIR farm. They don't just need it for the money, they need it to get strong.

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Enemies in Lane:

This section will cover common champions you will see in lane, and how to deal with them.

Mid Lane Champs:

Akali: I've heard from a lot of people that she is very viable in mid lane, however, I have never gotten to lane her, so I cannot provide help :/

Anivia: This is an annoying one. Avoid her Q at all costs, if she lands it on you, and has her E up (she will), you will take massive damage. Do not try and dive her unless her egg is down. Additionally, if you manage to egg her, and she hangs around, ask for a gank, and try and kill her while she's vulnerable.

Annie: A very, very powerful little girl. Don't let her harass you without hurting her back, and stay clear of her when she has Pyromania up. One advantage you have while it's up, is that she won't want to waste it on a minion, and you may be able to damage her farm this way. Also, when you DO see her burn it on a mini, make sure to make her pay by immediatley attacking her once it's down. Don't hang around in lane if you're hurt when she dings 6, she's very likely to burst you.

Brand: I have a LOT of trouble with this guy. his range is better than your, his damage is better than yours, his move speed is better than yours, and his survivability is better than yours. This is going to be a hard lane, play passive, and try to farm. DODGE THOSE PILLARS!

Caitlyn: Well she's gonna outrange you at the start, but up close you can do a lot more damage than her. Make her waste mana by dodging her Piltover Peacemaker, and try not to stand close enough to your minis that she can hit you and them both with it. If you feel healthy enough, you may be able to kill her at 6, just try and dodge her, and get a bit of your own harass in before then.

Cassiopeia: She used to be an easy lane, in my opinion, but she's been buffed quite a bit, and sadly I haven't played against one since then. DO NOT get poisoned, and if you do back away immediatley. I wouldn't try and combo her until she is low, as she can deal quite a lot of damage in a straight out fight.

Ezreal: Try and learn his movement patterns, and predict when he is going to strike, so you can dodge it. Like any other champion, don`t let him harass you for nothing. If he forces you back post-6, be ready to dodge his ult. He is quite squishy, so you can hurt him pretty badly, but you`re squishy too, so look out.

Gragas: He's very durable, so don't waste too many attacks on him in the beginning, he'll just heal it back. Just try and dodge those barrels as best as you can, and look out for him throwing you into his tower. Basically just farm. Farming minis and getting gold > harassing him, and watching him heal it all back, because you can't really do much to him, and then not having any farm.

Karthus: Dodge Lay Waste as best as you can, and try and get some good harass on him. Warn allies as soon as he hits 6. He is very squishy, if you can avoid his Q, and look out for Wall of Pain, you should be able to kill him fairly easily.

Kennen: He isn't so bad. I find Thundering Shuriken extremely easy to dodge for some reason. Back up a bit every time he rushes at you, and make sure to get off Explosive Shot and a few attacks. If he ults you, you should ult him away immediatley, that thing is ridiculously powerful.

LeBlanc: You won't win. That's all there is too it, you'll lose unless she's very bad. The good news? she sucks late game. Just try and stay away from her, and get some farming done. Late game you'll destroy her.

Lux: Speaking from personal experience, you'll probably destroy her, but you must be quick, and good at dodging her skills. When you're up close fighting, make sure to move around in between attacks, to make it harder for her to hit you with her skills. As with Ezreal if she makes you B post-6, get ready to dodge her ult.

Malzahar: I've never played against a good one, but I do play him myself, somewhat, and all I can tell you really is to stay away from the mini with his E on it, that he's likely to put his Q behind you so that you run into it yourself, and that after level 6, if you see him W you, flash out of there immediatley, because he's about to ult you.

Morgana: The trick here, is to get a lot of damage done REALLY fast. Start harassing level 1. As soon as you see her pop her spell, dodge it, and then Explosive Shot her, and shoot her a few times. She has long cooldowns, and won't really have an answer to this, other than to run. This is incredibly important, because if you wait for her to get higher level, then it won't matter any more, she'll just walk up, W, and walk away, and she'll get free farm, push the lane to your tower, and free heals. At that point you really can't do much, especially since she's so hard to gank, therefore you must get an advantage early.

Nidalee: Make absolute sure to dodge her spear every chance you get. If she is putting a lot of points into heal, and you can't really hurt her, then don't bother trying, just farm, and try and kill her every time your jungler comes by.

Orianna: Once again, never seen a good one, so I can't tell you anything really.

Ryze: Try and get Explosive Shot off, and then avoid him whenever it's on CD. He has very high sustained damage, and you can't deal with that yet. Just slowly harass him, and then try and nuke him when he's low.

Sion: He's an absolute ****. He'll just stun you, then blow you up with his shield over and over. He did get nerfed recently, but I dunno if that'll make a difference or not. I've only laned against him mid a few times, and every time there really wasn't much I could do. Sorry but I really don't have much advice, I'd recommend not laning against him.

Swain: Well he's a very strong champion, but your E is pretty much the bane of his existance. As long as you can dodge his Nevermove and avoid the laserbird, then you should be ok. E him whenever he ults, it'll help a lot.

Tristana: Just hope it isn't me, cause you'll lose ;) In all honesty though, this is a fair fight, and there isn't a lot I can tell you. Just be aware of what she's probably gonna do, and don't get caught by your own tricks.

Twisted Fate: I don't think I've seen him since his nerf, so I don't know what to say really. He isn't that hard, just look out for the gold card, and dodge his cone, because it's really, really easy to dodge :P

Veigar: Be aware of when the stun is coming, and try and deny him Q farm. His ult won't hurt you as much as it would hurt another AP carry, and you can always jump over his E if you need to, so he really shouldn't be a problem. If he starts to get strong, buy some cheap MR.

Vladimir: Try and deny his heals as much as possible, and make sure your jungler waits til either his W is down, or he is very out of position to gank, so he can't just pool away. Get away from him as soon as he ults you.

Xerath: He really isn't all that hard. Just dodge Arcanopulse and try and get some good harass in early. Watch out for his ult though, it's pretty strong if he hits you all 3 times.

Zilean He has huge range and damage early, so look out for that, but he also only has one damage spell. Play passive early, and then destroy him later on.

Duo Lane Champs:

I'll add this later, I can't really right now :/
I'll get on it soon though :D

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Tips and Tricks

This section is kinda self explainatory :P

-If an enemy is extremely low on health, and hugging their tower, jump at them, and immediatley ult (or E R if you have to) and as soon as they die, jump away again. You'll get the kill and only take one or two tower shots.

-If a teamfight is happening near one of the first towers in mid, you can sit at wraith camp, and shoot people through the walls very easily. The same can be done through the walls at each base.

-If you time your ult perfectly, you can stop powerful spells such as Infinite Duress, or Nether Grasp. They will use it on you, and though you are supressed, your shot will still hit them, interupting them, and ending their channel. You'll probably get called a hacker though :/

-Watch for an enemy using his/her skills. Morgana, is one example of a champion who has long cooldowns. In lane, watch for when she casts her skills, and try and harass her as much as possible before they come back up. Similarly, focus Annie as soon as her Pyromania is down.

-Watch how your enemy plays, if you quickly develop an understanding of what kind of player he/she is, you can easily counter it. Knowing how an enemy will react to a situation is a large advantage.

-If an enemy is standing near thier minions, make them pay by killing the minis, and causing the player damage from Explosive Shot's passive.

-Your Rocket Jump is an amazing ganking tool, do not fail to utilize this.

-Watch out for Kog'Maw his range is higher than yours when Bio-Arcane Barrage is up.

-If the enemy has a stealth champion, either you or your lane partner should get some Vision Ward's, or an Oracles Elixer

-If an enemy is doing well, counter build them, and they will pose no threat anymore.

-When communicating with you team, ask them to do things, do not tell them. People respond better when approached with a positive attitude.

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So far, I don't have too much to say on this...

A few things I've noticed however are that Ignite isn't a very good summoner spell, because there is no laning phase, which is where you were using it the most. I've been trying different ones, and so far have been veering towards Exhaust. You may also replace Flash with Ghost if you choose, as getting around the map is very important.

Keep to the same basic build, and skill order, it works just as well. Of course you will replace items with their replacements, such as Sanguine Blade, and Odyn's Veil

I'll add more to this as I play. As it stands I've only actually played a handful of games on Dominion, and even less as Tristana....

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This is the build I have come up with after months of nearly exclusively playing her, and I find it is what works the best, you can always change some things up if you like, that's half the fun of playing a character. Remember, I started reading builds too, but experimenting is the key to developing your skill!

I'll be glad of any support you guys give me for this build, and I'll be glad to see some constructive criticism as well, I always like to improve things ^-^

However please do not just downvote for no reason. If you downvote, I'd like to know your explaination, and what you think could make it better.

Thank you all, and I hope I have helped you