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Tristana Build Guide by Vrykonik

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vrykonik

Tristana Hybrid Assassin

Vrykonik Last updated on March 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings all. First I would like to say that Tristana can be build as traditional AP/AD and my build in no way diminishes those builds or tries to state mine is better than those options. I preferred to focus on a hybrid build as I like assassination type characters, while still retaining decent AD damage for post-bursting enemies. To do this we build all the hybrid damage/spell damage items and throw in a deathfire grasp at the end. This build is quite expensive so you'll have to do well in laning phase. This is my first guide here so forgive me that I'm not certain about how to link everything.

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Basically we are just getting the runes that give us the biggest damage numbers.

Flat armor seals x9
Attack damage marks x9
Quints of ability power x3 (bigger number than AD so that is the reason for going that route)
Glyphs of ability power x9

Remember trist has amazing scaling with both AP/AD so getting the biggest numbers possible is usually the way to go.

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Tristana's main weakness is her speed. She has incredible burst damage and sustained damage. So take 3 points in utility tree for the speed out of combat. Other than that you want to maximize how much damage you can put out. Havoc will be super important. If you manage to get full build in this guide W + E + R = 1900+ damage prior to other modifiers. 2% extra damage there is 38 damage which is more than any other talent point you could select other than archmage.

Basically we're just maximizing all her damage dealing skills. We aren't getting the critical hit skills because you're only building one crit item.

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Skill Sequence

We get explosion and rocket jump up in level first because early game they do way more damage than a tiny amount of attack speed. Not to mention explosion is great for farming minions. Remember hit all the minions down low, shoot one that is about to die and all 3 minions go pop at the same time. Very easy to CS with Tristana in this way. You shouldn't miss any minions at all using this strategy once you've practiced it... unless of course you're busy farming the enemy champion.

Also rocket jump is great to level early because the damage output and if your support catches the enemy in the wrong position you just burst them with jump + explosion + lvl 1 AS steriod and ingite. Usually this will kill bad people pretty much instantly. The AS will be valuable once your damage goes up, but early on it is pretty worthless so only put 1 point into it at level 4.

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Team work

Remember Mid-game you will be busting people down with AOE damage. I recommend jumping on targets and immediately ulting to back them off you and getting great damage in followed by explosion active on the person you want to die lastly popping your Q and attacking. Later in the game you'll have more range and you'll poke on the outside until your team has got people down a ways then you'll jump in and AOE everyone to the ground and AA the survivors to death. Remember Tristana is slow so always sit behind your team and away from the enemy. You want to use ghost to get good positioning sometimes, flash is just not enough mobility for her! Much as you might want it, keep with ghost because you'll require it to get in and out at the right times.

Don't bother really trying to assassinate in lane phase too much unless your support just catches them. Tristana gets better as the game progresses due to her absurdly increasing range, and in my opinion is much stronger than average adc's late game. When laning phase ends if you are equal on farm you will still end up doing well. Don't feel pressure to do anything risky early on as her rocket jump is an all-in ability. Save it for the perfect opportunity.

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I think the item path I went is pretty self-explanatory. Get the small items of hex gun first then small items for rageblade since they are cheap. Then proceed to combine them. You want CDR boots because your abilities without AA's alone combine for massive damage. Sorc shoes would be more helpful on a pure AP build, but here we are mixing it up so just being able to use your abilities more will help you AA more, jump more, and explode the enemies more! That is perfect.

Trinity force of course is needed for any hybrid build but we'll get that after the two cheaper items just because of the huge cost of the item. Then if you have money at the end get a deathfire for more CDR and massive AP boost for your abilities. What is 1900+ damage look like when combined with active of deathfire? Why 15% of target health + 2280+ damage of course (can you said, target is dead?)! Best part of that is we still have some attack damage items too so we won't be completely gimp in that department either! Having a solid mix fits this yordle perfectly.

She simply scales so well with both AP and AD that it seems silly to have to choose one to me. Frozen mallet is put in last but you won't get enough money to get it... but if you are uber fed having life + snare + 700 + AA range should be enough to kite anyone even with super slow Tristana.

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This build is all about giving Tristana as much AD/AP as possible. She is a very nice AD carry or AP carry but you can also go hybrid and do some obscene damage. This will prevent you having to all-in in the same way as pure AP, and you will have the option of jumping in if the enemy team hits half health and melting everyone around you. Be careful farming though. This build is ultra expensive and you'll need to get lots of CS or kills in order to make this build a reality. Other than that have fun assassinating your enemy!