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Tristana General Guide by CreZZe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CreZZe

Tristana: the Megling Gunner (ADC)

CreZZe Last updated on December 3, 2013
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Hi, my name is CreZZe, and this is my guide for Tristana.

Tristana, was the first champion i played in League of Legends, I just loved her. Today, she's my main champion. Up to this day, I've have probably played more than 500 games as her, but i have only played ranked with her in season 3.
This is my first guide ever. BTW, english is not my primary language. Dont hate! <3

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Great with...

Tristana is great with...

1# Leona

My personal favourite to lane with is Leona. It's a perfect combination. Leona can drag herself in and stun them twice, at the same time, Tristana can jump forward and kill the target, then she jumps back.

2# Sona

At the second place, we got Sona. I just love her ult, Crescendo. Sona can give herself and Tristana movement speed, run in and stun them, at the same time, Tristana will kill the target.

3# Blitzcrank

At the third place we got Blitzcrank. I totaly love to play with a Blitzcrank, if he succeed with a grab, you got a kill. He also got a silience, perfect against ap mid laners in late game. Only problem, he gets banned very often.

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Items: Attack Damage and Attack Speed

Infinity Edge is a great item as an early-game items.
Tons of damage, the critical damage increase is awesome.
It's a great item for early game poke.

The Bloodthirster is also a great item, but you should buy it in mid game.
Tons of damage, great lifesteal, will stack for each kill (minions, monster, champions, whatever). I prefer Infinity Edge over The Bloodthirster cause of the crit damage increase.

Last Whisper is a perfect item against a tanky team. Last Whisper does have some attack damage but it does also got some armor penetration, 35%!

Statikk Shiv will boost your damage alot! Buy it directly after your Infinity Edge and you will own your enemies. The movement speed is great for late game.

Blade of the Ruined King will boost your damage alot, against tank's too. Got great lifesteal and attack speed. You will deal an extra 5% of the target's currect health in bonus physical damage. You can also activate the item and do some damage and steal some of their health.

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Items: Defensive

I love to use Guardian Angel. If you got lifesteal and some attack speed, you have a chance to survive and kill more enemies. It will revive you to 30% health. Also gives ju some armor and magic resistance, 50 armor and 40 magic resistance.

Frozen Mallet is a great item against a team with great damage. This item will give you a total of 700 health! Your basic attacks will also slow the target by 30%.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must spell for almost all champions. I love to play with it, you can play more aggressive if you choose Flash. It's not a long way you teleports but it's long enough to escape fight's.

Barrier is a great spell for AD Carrys. It will help you alot when you taking damage. When activated, you will get a shield that absorbs around 450 damage at lvl 18.

Ignite isn't a bad choice, but i prefer Barrier over Ignite. Ignite is a perfect choice against champions with great heals, like Swain. It will apply a dot and reduce all healing effects by 50%.

Cleanse is a great choice for AD Carrys when challenging a team with many CC's. It will remove all disables and all summoner spell debuffs, but does not remove the healing reduction from ignite.

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Draw a Bead is my favourite passive of all time! You gain longer range each lvl. It's a perfect combination with Rapid Fire.

Rapid Fire is a great spell for AD Carrys. It will increase your attack speed with 90% at rank 5.

Rocket Jump is a great spell for aggresive playstyle and defensive playstyle. You can jump into fight's and jump out of fight's. You can also jump over walls and stuff like that, very usefull!

Explosive Shot is a great spell against champions with great heals, like Swain. It will reduce all healing affects to this target by 50%. This spell will also apply a dot to his target, great harass spell.

Buster Shot is your awesome ult. Buster Shot does tons of damage and knock back his target. You can also use this to escape from fight's. If your using it to kill someone, use it when they got love health. Around 300 health. Otherwise, the will just escape after your knock back.

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Skills alternative 1: Quick B. F. Sword

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I love to go for a quick B. F. Sword. Your Rapid Fire is your best spell when you got some damage.

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Skills alternative 2: Defensive playstyle

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

If your playing defensive, you should use your Explosive Shot and Rocket Jump. They are very usefull. Your Explosive Shot is a great way to poke.

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How much does your masteries improve?

Your masteries are very usefull. They will improve very much. They will increase your damage, your survivability and utility.

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How to farm creeps in ranked

1#Stay behind your own minions

It's always great to stay behind your own minions. They will protect you from several spells, like a Rocket Grab from Blitzcrank, Mystic Shot from Ezreal or a Volley from Ashe.

You will still be in range to farm minions, if they are trying to exp block you. Push them back until they are behind their minions, then you can continue as usual.

2#Your support should always be ready to jump in and help you in fights. Stun them etc.
3#To farm more easily, buy some damage as soon as possible.

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Attacking and Moving

This tutorial video will show you how to to attacking and moving.

Tutorial not made by me

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My Stats

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The End!

As i told you before, this is my first guide ever, dont hate.
I will probably do more guides, i think i will do guide to Sona and Hecarim.

I hope you liked the guide and hope to see you soon. :)
Feel free to leave a comment and like the guide!

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Change Log

-New Masteries system added
-Elixir gone from consumables

-Added Tutorial
-Added The End!
-Updated some text all over the guide
-Updated Skills - Rocket Jump and Buster Shot
-Updated Blade of the Ruined King
-Updated Blade of the Ruined King to "Items: Attack Damage and Attack Speed"

-Added Skills
-Added Skills alternative 1: Quick B. F. Sword
-Added Skills alternative 2: Defensive playstyle
-Added Items: Attack Damage and Attack Speed
-Added Items: Defensive
-Added My Stats


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