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Viktor Build Guide by Aranium

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aranium

True Power: Unlocking Viktor's Potential

Aranium Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Utility: 9

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Hey community, I'm Aranium and it's come to my attention that Viktor is highly unappreciated by many players. I understand the lack of enthusiasm for him but from my experiences he can be played effectively in all ranges of Elo. My objective in this guide is to get people to understand how powerful Viktor can be when he's played perfectly.

Before I get started I'll give a little background info about me.

My cousins got me into DotA and from there I was totally hooked to it. It was a fun game and when League of Legends was in its earliest form, I decided to try it. At first I didn't like it but its popularity grew and soon I found myself playing LoL with my cousins. I've been a 2000 player (whether I belong there is debatable) since Season 1 and I've found myself being bored because my mains were Vladimir and Shen. Although I'm mainly an AP player, I play this game for fun and I love to experiment in normal games and sometimes in ranked games too. Eventually Viktor came out and I loved his playing style. This brings us to my first ever guide! Viktor

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Why Play Viktor? Pros and Cons

Why play Viktor at all? Everyone said he SUCKS!

The only thing Viktor lacks right now is his utility. I won't convince you to play him but if you read my guide and try him out, in a few games you'll see he's quite capable.


  • Huge burst
  • Gravity Field provides great crowd control in tight areas
  • Chaos Storm can chase off enemy carries
  • Contrary to popular belief, is very strong in laning phase
  • With Ability Power / Level runes, requires only a Rabadon's Deathcap to have massive Ability Power
  • Death Ray is one of the hardest hitting spells that can zone
  • His dance is Shufflin'!

  • Mana hungry
  • Chaos Storm is rather slow off the cast
  • Death Ray needs precision and missing it will almost always make Viktor lose a fight
  • Squishy + Needs to be close to damage = Not good
  • Requires smart and skillful play

Right lets continue.

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Masteries / Runes / Items

As far as building Viktor goes, there is very little he can do. Although ideally he was designed for being a burst carry with Augment: Death, a utility support with Augment: Gravity, or a tanky caster with Augment: Power, the only current viable option I see is Augment: Death but I'll go more in detail afterwards.

In this guide I will show how he is a burst AP carry although I will go over the other augments.



This is pretty self explanatory. For theoffense tree you'll want the buff for Ignite because it will help. The magic penetration is necessary, the AP/Level helps and the bonus AP is useful as well. Executioner finishes off the tree. The other 9 points can be put in the defensive tree for the resistant, armor, and health but I prefer it go into the utility tree. I put three points in Expanded Mind to make up for the lack of mana in Viktor's build, a point in Summoner's Insight for flash, three points in Meditation to make up for his mana costs, one point in Runic Affinity because hopefully you'll be getting a lot of blue buffs and my last point in Swiftness for the very little movement speed.

Once again it's pretty much preference on whether you want nine points in utility or defense. But when we continue to the runes you will see why I put nine points in utility.


As far as runes go, I customized it so that Viktor won't be entirely squishy early game but he has the necessary runes that he needs to be effective even later on.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

The magic penetration is necessary and due to Viktor's horrible mobility, he will take spell harass in lane. Instead of using glyphs for magic resist, using Quintessences give 14 MR as opposed to 13. Even better, this allows you to use AP/Lvl glyphs summing to a total of 28 AP at level 18. Combined with Viktor's passive The Hex Core, this will be very noticeable. As for seals, I enjoy having a little bit of armor and a little bit of mana regeneration because you can trade auto attacks in lane and still have the small mana regeneration to harass.


Core Items
Item Sequence

Rabadon's Deathcap

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Sorcerer's Shoes

Honestly if you have these items you're good to go. This will rack you with 500 AP with some decent crowd control from Rylai's Crystal Scepter and survivability. However there are still two item slots left and it's very situational.
Vs Typical Team

If it's your standard enemy team you might want a Void Staff and an Abyssal Mask. The reason I say that is because if an enemy AD carry is in range to attack you, you should be in range to kill them. However, their AP carry will definitely be looking to hit you with their spells. Also since Viktor needs to be in melee ranged to use his spells, it's almost guaranteed Abyssal Mask will be in effect. The Void Staff overall is a powerful item on characters that maximize damage such as Viktor.

Vs CC Heavy Teams or Bursty Teams

It's not smart to pick Viktor vs very hard CC teams such as Taric support, Galio Mid, WW jungle etc...

BUT not all is lost for there is the wonder Quicksilver Sash. This item is so underrated. It'll save you countless times and when you're cc'd, you can't really use your spells. Viktor is more of a "unleash everything before dying" champ. If you die before casting, you're asking to lose. The next item I would get is Banshee's Veil. This is only against very hard CC teams or if the enemy has a Veigar or LeBlanc. Remember, your job is to do damage, not survive fights. Alternatively I would get Zhonya's Hourglass because of its ability power, decent armor, and great active. Your cloud will still be doing damage so this will ensure you won't die without a fight.

Vs Many Bruisers

Sometimes they'll have Lee Sin jungling, Renekton top lane, Blitz or Ali for support, and like Galio for mid. In this case you'll want a Zhonya's Hourglass for the reason explained above and a Will of the Ancients. I'm not a fan of WotA on Viktor but you need to sustain and kite bruisers.

It goes without saying, to be a good player you be able to Adapt or be removed

Early Game
I start with Boots of Speed and three Health Potion. I get two Doran's Ring ASAP and then upgrade to Augment: Death. Then I'll get Sorcerer's Shoes and work my way to a Rabadon's Deathcap. If you don't win your lane, just farm. You should have a Rabadon's Deathcap by 25 minutes and therefore you will have 400 ability power (Far more than most AP champs at the time).

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Summoner Spells / Skills

Summoner Spells

What to get:

  • Ignite This is pretty standard for most AP carries. Viktor almost always will be using this because he's in melee range so the range for Ignite is not a problem. Also it complements Chaos Storm very well and prevents any healing over the time Viktor's trying to kill you.
  • Flash Viktor is squishy and he needs this. It's almost mandatory because he can drop his spells and flash out if need be and vice versa.

  • Teleport Honestly there's only three good reasons to run Teleport. First to be able to sustain a lane versus a very strong early game champion (Hence why Veigar runs Teleport a lot). Second to be able to control objectives ( Viktor is likely to go mid. He doesn't really need it). Third to be able to gank around the map (Once again unnecessary on Viktor because he has no immediate CC. He can Teleport bottom, say hello, attempt to kill while everyone's running and if he fails, he takes the walk of shame back mid lane knowing he blew everything). I strongly recommend you don't get Teleport.
  • Exhaust It's okay because of its effect. However there's no reason to prioritize this over Ignite. If you need it to land your spells, you'll probably do less damage than if you ran Ignite. I'm not saying this is bad, I just haven't tested it much. It complements Chaos Storm nicely though.

What not to get (Not including the obvious):
  • Clarity If you're still using Clarity on most of your AP champions, you have to consider using your spells less randomly. Clarity is barely viable and I only see it on some champions such as AP Nunu. Even then it's not effective.
  • Surge Unless you're trying some new build, this really doesn't work. Sure the ability power is nice but it's really a burden to use.
  • Heal Chances are if you need to use this spell, you're in a position where an extra 300 Hitpoints won't save you. If Heal is your thing feel free to use it. Viktor is about positioning so if you need this spell you're not positioning correctly.

    Ability Sequence
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

    Evolving Technology[Passive]:Simply put, this gives Viktor 3 AP a level and can be upgraded to one of the following: Augment: Power Augment: Gravity Augment: Death. As far as passives go, this turns out to your advantage UNTIL late game. Make use of your plentiful AP early game.

    Power Transfer [Q]: Despite the range, this spell is pretty decent. The mana cost is low, the damage is strong and and cooldown is low. The effect gives you a shield equal to 40% of the damage dealt. Not bad. This will be maxed out 2nd even though its base damage is higher than Death Ray due to the fact that Death Ray can zone.

    Gravity Field [W]: As far as CC spells go, this can be very powerful if used correctly. The slow on this is ridiculously strong and top this on top of an already CC'd unit and BOOM. However this is used more to control area because no ones going to just stand on it.

    Death Ray [E]: This is one of the strongest non-ultimate spells in the game. Although its base damage isn't the highest and it's ratio is just above 0.6, top that with Viktor's naturally high Ability Power and his Augment: Death and you have a REALLY strong AOE spell. This is the bread and butter of Viktor.

    Chaos Storm [R]: What frustrates me with Chaos Storm is the long cooldown and the unreliability of it. There is a small delay before casting it and considering the range is already small, sometimes you'll miss your ultimate. It happens to everyone but more frequently with Viktor. The mana cost is too high and the range is stupidly low. However, if you land this, IT WILL HURT. At rank 3 Chaos Storm initially will do a pretty big burst but if you actually let it stand on someone for the entire 7 seconds it will deal over a thousand damage. (Psst, put it on their carry!)

    I would go with my original skill order but feel free to level Power Transfer before Death Ray. Both are really good spells and against champions that like to trade like this guy -> Vladimir, leveling Q is actually better. The damage on Death Ray is not comparable with Augment: Death though.

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He doesn't but if you can do it and it works, you are awesome ^.^

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Laning Phase

Laning is very important. Here are things to keep in mind.
  • Do not use Death Ray early on, it is very mana consuming and the damage it deals is pathetic early game. Of course you can use it if you feel like you need to last hit some creeps under tower or if you need it to engage, but don't try to harass until it's ranked a bit higher.
  • SPAM Power Transfer. It practically costs nothing with the mana regen. Also since the enemy is looking to trade hits, make sure you auto attack them once before walking back. This way, if minions attack you, they'll do no damage because of your small shield.
  • Dodge spells. This is obvious but Viktor cannot take free damage or it will strongly add up.
  • Play aggressively but safely. Ward one side of the map and stay close to that side. You'll have vision if the jungler comes. Also if they have a Warwick, or some passive jungler, don't be afraid to extend. But at the same time don't overextend too frequently. Make sure the other AP carry knows who's in charge.
  • Deny while CSing. This is fundamental. Make sure you're last hitting but if they try to last hit, hit them with your spells.
  • If you kill them make sure you push out the lane ASAP and then back up. You want to deny them farm to the tower. Don't be stupid and hang out with 50 HP though.
  • Take wraiths. It's very simple, land a Death Ray on all four wraiths (With practice you'll get it) and then Power Transfer the big one. Don't do it early game but later on when you get Augment: Death. You'll be able to kill them all almost instantly.
  • Be cautious and alert. Keep your eye on the map at all times.
  • Almost never get Gravity Field early game. This is where many Viktor's go wrong. Just putting one spell in W will negate Viktor's damage. Besides your burst is so fast you won't need it until team fights.


Ahri Her mobility is annoying! You'll cs and do well in lane versus her but overall you won't kill her and she'll do more in teamfights than you will.

Solution: If this matchup already happened get your jungler to camp mid before she's level 6. Worse comes to worse, don't bother fighting her and just push unless her ult is down.

LeBlanc She's the definition of anti-fun. Her damage is stupid. She has a long silence and snare. She can blink and she'll kill you in a safe distance.

Solution: Actually, you destroy Leblanc in lane before level 6. Make sure you spam your Q and E. If anything, just deny her farm. She can't trade with you because with your Q and E combined, you'll do more damage than her Sigial of Silence. She also runs out of mana fast. Oh yea, don't forget to auto attack that scrub. Play passive when she is 6 though. Get blue from your jungler and just push the lane, it should be easy.

Twisted Fate He's squishy but he's hard to deal with because of his ability to farm and gank other lanes.

Solution: Be aggressive as hell, force him to Gold Card you. If he even tries to auto attack minions, you punish him. If he tries to ultimate, you silence him with Chaos Storm

Xerath It's not the laning phase but in teamfights. A good Xerath will wreck your team while you watch helplessly. He can also farm vs you safely and burst you from afar.

Solution: Don't let this mofo win! Make sure he regrets using his Locus of Power and make sure you hit him while he's trying to farm. DODGE! At level 6 your Chaos Storm should beat him but make sure you use it while he's in the middle of chain casting.

Mordekaiser He pushes, he has a shield, that's not cool.

Solution: It's a really bad match up although in teamfights you'll do more damage. He'll almost always win the lane but just be careful.

Karthus Slow, Lay Waste keeps you from getting close, outdamage you, he's dangerous.

Solution: Poke him with Death Ray repeatedly. Make sure you get CS because this isn't a fun game.

Anivia Honestly just like a Karthus except with less damage and more utility. Although she is squishy, Viktor isn't a sustained caster so it's very problematic to deal with her in lane as you will have to kill her twice.

Solution: Anivia is one of those underplayed but very powerful champions. I suggest you ask for ganks (preferably from a jungler with hard cc). If her egg happens to be down, you shouldn't have a problem killing her 1v1. It's just that once you use all your spells, that's just enough to kill her one time and she's likely to run away. Play safe and farm, deny her farm early game.

How to lane versus common AP mids

Vladimir Trade with him early game. If he dares come near you later on, drop all your three spells on him with ignite. He'll think twice.

Cassiopeia Try not to take more harass and be safe when you're both 6. You definitely can kill her if you poke her once or twice with Death Ray but beware of her ultimate because she can kill you just as fast.

Ryze You stomp this guy. This lane shouldn't be a problem because he needs to come near you to damage you.

Annie Same approach as Ryze except make sure her stun is down before engaging or she'll burst you first.

Malzahar He's not a threat in laning because you can dodge all his basic spells. But once he gets his ultimate make sure you pop your Chaos Storm on him first. He'll try to put a pool down and silence you so you have time.

Gragas Auto attack this guy in lane and make sure you abuse him because he packs a punch! He shouldn't be much of a problem for you though

Kassadin Anti-mage. Scary right? Nah, you auto attack him, Q him, and E him and he'll be destroyed in lane. He's a problem late game though but nothing to worry about before that.

Morgana You can easily kill her but if she's smart she'll farm vs you. Play very aggressive and try to deny her.

Brand Dodge his spells but make sure you use your Death Ray while dodging. He can't kill you with his full combo early game but you can kill him.

Sion Try to break his shield. He's not the best matchup but he's not the worst. I'd be more worried about his Cryptic Gaze and their jungler.

Swain You shouldn't have a problem because since his damage are mostly DoTs, your Power Transfer should negate most of the damage if you use it to trade. When he's six, there is no way he can out sustain your harass if you spam Q and E unless he has a blue buff. Since he needs to get close to do damage, you can burst him. Should be fairly easy.

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Team Work

It goes without saying this game is not 1v1.

To use Viktor effectively, you must have a team that revolves around you.

Here are some complements
  • Sona She's ideally one of the best supports for you. Her ult will allow you to quickly place Gravity Field and pop Chaos Storm. Ouch!
  • Warwick It'll take awhile but his ganks are free kills for you. You just need to follow up and unleash your spells. Make sure you use your Chaos Storm EXACTLY when WW's ultimate finishes so that the person will be silenced. However if Chaos Storm will kill them before the ultimate finishes, feel free to drop it.
  • Skarner Same reason as Warwick except I suggest dropping Chaos Storm earlier and using Gravity Field to where your Skarner drags them.
  • Ashe Her arrows picks you up a free kill
  • Vladimir If you have a Vlad top lane, let him go in first and blow his load before you blow yours. It works out nicely.
    What's the point I'm getting at? Viktor functions well with a hard CC team.

    In Team Fights make sure you always
  • Try to burst someone out of the fight ASAP. Your damage is incredible, don't underestimate yourself.
  • Try to get your Chaos Storm to follow the enemy AD carry or use it to interrupt something. Even if it doesn't kill the AD carry, use it to scare him away. If their AD carry is not there, it's a 4v5.
  • Stay back but stay involved in the fight. Make sure you try to hit your Death Ray on as much enemies as you can. Make sure your Power Transfer is never on cooldown either.
  • Look for escape routes and use your Gravity Field to stop them. Also you can use it to prevent their support from reaching the AD carry. They don't have to step on the Gravity Field to be influenced by it.
  • Look for low HP targets. THEN KILL EM!
  • Make sure you always have an escape route
  • Death Ray has a long range if you start it from the tip. Just because you're low HP doesn't mean you can't do damage!

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Right... Here I'll try to show why the Augment: Death is the only viable one.

Augment: Power: +3 Ability power per level / 220 Hitpoints / 6 HP Regen per 5 / 30% movement speed upon using Power Transfer.

Rant: Your job as an AP carry is to deal damage. Champions such as Swain can tank because their skillset allows them to do damage and heal. In reality, 220 Hitpoints is nothing in a teamfight. It'll help you in lane but that's about it. Besides, the movement speed boost is nice on paper but in reality is not useful. Don't ever think you can outsustain or tank an AD when he gets a vamp scepter because you won't. In fact, the best way to best an AD is to kill him before he kills you.

Augment: Gravity: +3 Ability power per level / 200 mana / 10% CDR / 5 Mana per 5 regen / 30% cast range on Gravity Field

Rant: It's not horrible because it gives a lot of utility and fixes Viktor's mana problems. But the question is: Is Viktor a burst or sustained damage carry? I believe he's a burst which is why I wouldn't go this. But the 30% on his Gravity Field is very useful. I might test this out more.

Augment: Death: +3 Ability power per level / 45 Ability power / 30% extra damage on Death Ray

Thoughts: I already explained that Viktor's kit is supposed to do damage. This is perfect for him. As long as you're wise with mana and you don't get caught off position, there is no reason for you not to get this. You'll burst down enemy carries faster and this allows you to zone better. Besides, a good Viktor's most useful spell will be this. Still in doubt? By 25 minutes you should have your Rabadon's Deathcap meaning you should have 400 AP. Pretend whenever you cast a Death Ray you'll actually have 400 + (400 * .3) = 520 AP. Awesome right? Yea but it's still more than that! It scales off the base damage on Death Ray too!

Disclaimer: By no means am I saying Augment: Power and Augment: Gravity are horrible. In fact I was testing Power and I'll show you below. Not many people played around with Power and Gravity though which is probably why it doesn't seem good. Or maybe Death just does Viktor's job easier.

Here's how I look to see it

Augment: Power = Wriggle's Lantern
Augment: Gravity = Zeal
Augment: Death = B.F.Sword

Spoiler: So far I wanted to try out this Viktor Build

Item Sequence

Lich Bane

Sorcerer's Shoes

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Hextech Gunblade

Deathfire Grasp

Lol, it looks wack but the idea is to use your two items first. Then Power Transfer hence slowing them with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and the auto attacking dealing decent damage from Lichbane. Your sustain will be strong too because of Gunblade. Also they'll be constantly slowed while you gain movement speed. It's just an idea.

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My Tips and Tricks

Here are somethings I do with Viktor that are effective.

  • If you click your Death Ray on top of an enemy champ then quickly slide it, most likely the Ray will hit.
  • Since Power Transfer doesn't shield you until after it does damage, you should use your auto attack on the enemy so that even if they trade auto attacks, theirs will do no damage.
  • Death Ray requires no casting time or channeling meaning you can position yourself while it's moving. At the same time, you can back up and kite with it.
  • Get Augment: Death before your Blasting Wand. It's really good if you land your Death Rays.
  • If you have Augment: Death at level 7, go to the enemy wraiths (or yours) and use it to hit all 4 of the wraiths. It takes practice, sometimes you'll only get 3. The idea is to start off from the big wraith and slide it towards your side so that the one that is furthest away will run towards you and still will be hit by it. Afterwards Power Transfer the big one. The 30% damage from Death Ray will finish them off. It's nice, free, experience and gold.
  • Use Gravity Field to force enemies out of an area. Remember, if you place it down, just because they don't land on it doesn't mean it's useless. You're keeping them from that area. Ex: Baron, Dragon.
  • Likewise, use Gravity Field on already CC'd units to ensure the stun.
  • Let Chaos Storm live its full potential. Think about the damage it does if it is used all 7 seconds.
  • Death Ray gives vision!!!
  • Your total burst is one of the fastest and strongest. With quick fingers you can unleash your power.

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End Note

Thanks for reading. This was my first guide and I'm hoping I enlightened some players out there.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I don't bite =]


Metal is Perfection

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3/1/12 - Fixed grammar and broken icons