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Shen Build Guide by Naosie

True Shen - He is a flippin ninja.

True Shen - He is a flippin ninja.

Updated on April 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Naosie Build Guide By Naosie 6 1 8,460 Views 10 Comments
6 1 8,460 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Naosie Shen Build Guide By Naosie Updated on April 18, 2012
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Well, welcome to my first every guide to a character! First and for most I would like to say that if you have any suggestions I would love to take them for the sake of everyone. Second, I would like to say that the stat's aren't very accurate, so sometime down the line I will post the actual stat's for everyone to see.

Shen is an amazing champ that can change the face of a team fight in just seconds, and with this build you will be able to not only tank, but manage to kill at the same time.
+He is a flippin ninja.
+Shen has a lot of damage output for a tank.
+Bush diving at low levels.
+Able to 1v1, 1v2, and tank a whole team.
+Good for solo lanes and support.
-Steep learning curve.
-If caught out of position is prone to die.
-True damage still hurts.

Please remember this is my first guide and I'm looking for people to tell me whats wrong so I can fix it. What I mean is if for some reason you down vote, please be kind enough to leave a comment as to why you did, so that for further notice I can help change that.
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I went with a full defensive arsenal of Masteries to back up the fact that you are still a tank, your build is whats going to decided your fate. Initiator and Bladed Armor aren't truly needed because even early game you have the damage reduction and health regeneration to withstand most damage.
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  • Greater Quintessence of Health
  • greater quintessence of Endurance
    Between the both of these you have a great amount of health to start the game, this is mostly for early game health.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Speed
  • Greater Mark of Health
  • greater mark of Vitality
    This one probably most confuses people, but hear me out for just a second. While it's nice to stack HP runes for massive health, it's also nice to keep up all that damage and attack speed as well.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • greater glyph of Vitality
  • Greater Glyph of Health
    Here we get your Magic resist for early game, and more health for the good ol' tank you are. This little bit of magic resist WILL NOT make you invincible so don't go jumping into people before level 6... unless that's your plan.
  • Greater Seal of Armor
  • Greater Seal of Health
    More health, and some physical defense for early game, again you are not invincible at all, but you can tank once your level 6.

The rune's part of this build is actually one that could be experimented with the most, I like a little variety so my runes look a little bit messed up. I would recommend going with all health marks, all armor seals, and all magic resist glyphs.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

[Heal]: Like getting called a noob for using Heal? Of course you do when your on the winning side of things. Jokes aside, heal is almost mandatory for any tank, noob or not.[/left]

[Ghost]: I guess some people could argue that you could change this one for flash, but I would say just for Shen to use ghost for the ability to close in gaps, and still have time to escape, rather then be a one trick pony and flash away or towards.[/center]

[Teleport]: I've had some people tell me that they like to use Teleport for faster travel to your towers, which is a very good idea for some one that would like to conserve their ult, and not travel.
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Ability Explanation

  • Ki Strike: Every 8 Seconds Shen's next strike dose bonus damage.
  • Vorpal Blade (Q): Vorpal Blade is the only poke that Shen has, it's ability to keep people back and do damage makes it dangerous. It creates a sword above the opponent that stays for a short amount of time, if you hit them while it's visible it will heal you over time. If you kill the target with Vorpal Blade active, it will heal you for 33% more health over time.
  • Feint (W): Protects you from incoming damage for 3 seconds (or less if it's destroyed.) While active it reduces the cool down time of Ki Strike.
  • Shadow Dash (E): Shen dash's in a straight line, taunting enemies on contact for 1.5 seconds. When taunted, opponents do half damage to Shen. Shen gains 40 energy per target hit.
  • Stand United (R): Shen can teleport to any allied champion on the map, shielding them for a short amount of time.
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Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence Order

> > >

Make sure to max out your Vorpal Blade first for both the health regen and the damage on your poke. It's also good for support in case your partner needs health regen. Shadow dash is of course needed to be second so that it takes less energy. Fient is good for the damage protection and the CD reduction for KI strike, and Stand United is self explanatory.

If you jump into a fight, use skills in this order.
1. Shadow Dash
2. Vorpal Blade
3. Feint.
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  • : This is good for starting, the regeneration allows you to keep people at bay while recovering your health and not wasting your heal early on. (Will be turned into a Randuins's)

  • : Armor... and it has the word Ninja in it, come on now. It can be replaced with Merc Treads if you feel the need for it.

  • : I had this set as Warmog's before. Thanks to Fulundry I changed it to Randuins, you still get the health and the regeneration. Add on to it some extra armor and slow, and your set to go for your tanking joy.
  • : Listen, this new item is wonderful for both it's damage, and magic resist. The best thing about it for a tank, the more health you have, the more damage you do as you lose health.

  • : Magic resist and all of your health regen that you need, a great armor for any tank.

  • : Again, this one is great for all of your armor. Also will counter most Attack Speed based champs. (Melee Bruisers.)

  • The reason why I have these two both in the items list is so that you know that you can change both of these based on the type of team you are going up against. If it's an AP heavy team go with Wit's, and an AD heavy team go with Atma's.
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Shen is a massive tank in a team fight and can help being the initiator and help if it's started without him using Stand United. Shen should be focused on trying to draw out their carries and hopefully catch them with Shadow Dash allowing your team to do all the damage. It's basically a rinse wash and repeat process.
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All in all, Shen can be and absorbent of both damage and tank if you build him the right way and play with him with the right style. Before we part, here's some examples of game's played.

[This section is subjected to be changed so long as people review, and I will soon update this section with brand new pictures with my new build.]

Please remember this is my first guide and I'm looking for people to tell me whats wrong so I can fix it. What I mean is if for some reason you down vote, please be kind enough to leave a comment as to why you did, so that for further notice I can help change that.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Naosie
Naosie Shen Guide
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True Shen - He is a flippin ninja.

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