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Trundle Build Guide by Azurewraths

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azurewraths

Trundle Indepth Guide for an Off-Tank

Azurewraths Last updated on September 15, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my Trundle guide. I would like to say Trundle is by far my favourite champion and he is pretty much the only champion I play. I have way over 500 games with him and tons of experience with how to play and how to build him. I made this guide because I didn't feel like the other Trundle guides really understood him to his full potential, or knew how to build him with full efficiency.

I have tried all the Trundle builds out there, and every type of spec and different rune sets. After trying so many different methods I felt this was finally the perfect mix of everything. You are gonna love this build, it is way different than the typical Wriggle's Lantern+ Frozen Mallet. And it also works very well, just gotta know how to play trundle properly and expect to never die and get yourself tons of kills!

This is a build for lane trundle. But later on my post shows why I choose lane trundle and how you can be almost the same level as your midder. I also added a video at the end. I am thinking of making a video of tutorial on perfect Pillar of Filth and wall positioning.

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I do these runes because at level one your Rabid Bite is very strong and with AD runes you will literally destroy them at the beginning to give you a huge advantage.I understand that other runes great with him, but since he is more on the tank spec side this extra damage is very needed and kills squishies fast.

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Honestly I've tried full Assault spec and even tried some weird movement spec combined with the other masteries. But the full defensive in the end just out performs everything else. Trundle is not a burster, and lets face it doesn't have a lot of big damage either. I felt like going full Defensive - 1/21/8 let me stay in fights/lane longer and just be able to stay longer in fights which made me do more damage over time compared to the assault spec.

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This is what makes and breaks Trundle just like any other champion in the game. I am gonna say this right now, I've played Trundle for over 500 games and a fed Trundle will generally not win you the game(sorry to be brutally honest) and Trundle performs equally the same as being fed or not being fed. I know this sounds weird and not very appealing but give me a second to explain. You are an off tank and should give kills to the main damage dealers. Also having a fully fed Trundle (fun as hell) generally won't help your team much, especially when he is just an amazing champ with items you get off of assists+farm. Don't think you need kills to be awesome, because its not true. Trundle can live off of assists+farm easily.

Now that's out of the way. Playing a normal game, who care's on who gets the kills right? I like to start off with regen pen and Health Potion + Passive lets you stay in lane forever, and I mean forever you can't be out harassed. Get the CC Mercury's Treads, and than I get Guardian Angel next.

Guardian Angel is your first major item, I know it is a little weird but getting GA at level 10 is unbelievable on the crazy stuff you can do its so unfair. You are the fastest, can't be stopped by cc, great resistances early game, and if you die doing something crazy who cares you are Trundle get back up and run away its not like cc will stop you.

Next is your offensive item, which is of course Trinity Force! Honestly I don't understand why everyone gets Frozen Mallet, when Trinity Force gives you sheen effect(extra mana),** MS ** and AS, also the Phage effect from Frozen Mallet. Don't forget it also gives HP (not as much though is down side)

Next is another defensive item based off of the other teams setup, if they are high on AD go Thornmail
, if they are high on AP go Force of Nature, and high on AS go Randuin's Omen. Personally Trundle is already an amazing AD counter with Rabid Bite, I feel that Randuin's Omen is a better choice in general. I also get Force of Nature usually just because of the MS and passive boost of the item(also don't forget your passive on top).

Next is your lifesteal and should be near the end of the game so you can just plow them down which is The Bloodthirster. All around great item, and I will no way recommend Wriggle's Lantern as an item choice. Its great for farming or at the beginning, but GA is so much better and you just don't need lifesteal with Trundle till the end of the game. He doesn't do enough damage to benefit enough with lifesteal.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Ghost all the way. With Exhaust to counter those pesky AD people, or anyone faster than you (pretty much only Singed). Exhaustis a great way to guarantee you that kill. Ghost is pretty much for more MS just so no one will ever catch you with all the MS items, MS skill Contaminate or with Ghost. With all these combined (also with CC barely effecting you) I don't see how you will mostly never die.

I tried using Flash and Ignite, but I am gonna limit this guide to just Exhaust and Ghost because there is nothing better, you are just too fast to care about enemies using Ghost and with Pillar of Filth you can lock them in AFTER they use flash. And ignite just doesn't cut it with Trundle.

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Pros / Cons

-CC barely affects him if you position him properly (experienced Trundle players will never have bad positioning)
-Has the best CC in the game in my opinion a WALL Pillar of Filth! Used properly it can actually stun them for a split second (because of path issues in the game)**this is what I call a perfect Pillar of Filth that you need to put directly on top but slightly in front of them** or it can push them backwards when they are running away (experienced Trundle player Pillar of Filth).
-Amazing off tank abilities combined with his passive and items.
-One of fastest champions in game (use this to advantage like kiting).
-And the last best part is his amazing Debuffing / Buffing skills.

-Low on the burst damage, but damage over time is perfectly fine and you will near the top of damage charts.
-Enemies using Flash is slightly annoying after you placed your Pillar of Filth, but think of it this way all you used was one tiny skill that you get back in a few seconds, and they used a skill that they wont get back for awhile.

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Unique Skills

This is the main part of this guide.
I don't look at trundle and say "ok well he only has 1 damage move so he sucks". That is not what Trundle is about. After you play with Trundle for so long you start to understand him a lot more. He can save people every few seconds, your teammates are always in need of help you are there to ignore the **** out of the enemy and the biggest thing PROTECTING YOUR TEAM with Pillar of Filth. Its so easy in team fights to deny half the enemy team by just blocking them off in jungles and pick off 1 or 2 of the enemy easily and finish the rest of them off.

If you are a tactical player than Trundle is for you. Pillar of Filth is the best skill in the game and you should use and abuse it to control where the enemy is and deny them when stuff gets bad. Plus in his Contaminate Zone he is very nasty when you soak up all their CC like nothing happened and you can run away or chase people down like it's nothing.

Don't be afraid to kite especially when you have a skill like Contaminate, its a skill to kite and a viable battle strategy while your team kills them. And at the end of the fight if your whole team is dead don't be afraid to just leave and go back to town( its not like the enemy can catch you or stop you, and even if they did catch you, use a perfect Pillar of Filth to stop them).

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Creeping / Jungling

Here is why I am lane Trundle. A lot of games you will not have a jungler on your team. Don't worry because you will go bottom ALWAYS. Get a lane partner that doesn't mind soloing for a few min and likes to farm. When you start the game ALWAYS go to the BLUE GOLEMS (the two golems). Yes you can kill them at level 1 with Rabid Bite and being fully specced as a tank (Don't use Health Potion you won't die). This gives you a huge advantage to counter their jungler that starts at the blue buff golem. Next you go back to lane as level 2 and you can make it before any minions die, just sit back and soak up free HP till you get back to near full when mobs die. Also if they try to attack u when you enter the lane because of low health(use your Pillar of Filth you are level 2)!!! and they are level 1! Continue to kill golems every time they are up, and with golem+lane exp you are almost the same level as your midder! Also Trundle is a jungler if your lane partner wants some solo exp or farm feel free to roam the enemy jungle or your own and gank a bit.

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There is a lot more I want to explain but hard to put into this guide without making it too long... I would like to say play Trundle as an aggresive tactical player know your position and know your enemies. Beat on them as much as possible, because the lane minions just give back all your HP and he is very strong at beginning level even when you out level them. Don't expect to own their team. But expect to never die (you are the off tank of course be front line and take one for the team). Don't be scared of having low HP in team fights just make sure an enemy dies before you so you get your HP back and continue fighting and use your ultimate to pretend that you are about to die, but this will put you at a huge advantage. Use this all to your advantage.

Well thanks for reading my lengthy wall text of a guide.
Video of my gameplay:
Also this video shows a lot of me saving people with Pillar of Filth and myself!