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Janna Build Guide by Slappiz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slappiz

Trust me, I'm a weather woman

Slappiz Last updated on January 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my guide for Janna.

My main account IGN is Slappiz, I play on the European server Nordic East and I have been playing League of Legends since the beta.

My top rating for each season (solo que) on main,

Season 1: 1612
Season 2: 1918
Season 3: Platinum 1
Season 4: Diamond III

I also have a smurf account on EU West which is mostly for casual ranked games when I'm not feeling like going tryhard,
Season 4: Platinum IV

For live Janna gameplay follow: Reservation for possible spelling or grammatical errors

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Janna Commentary Video

...and one to lighten up your mood.

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Pros / Cons


  • Powerful shield that will save many lives and also boost their damage.
  • Best disengage in the game
  • Can manipulate team fights with awesome peeling.
  • Great CC with low cd's
  • Hard to gank
  • Has some cool mechanics and got potential to do some really cool stuff.

  • Weak and kinda boring early lane phase.
  • Easily killed by burst assassins.
  • Hard to master.
  • Low dmg. Even for a support.

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........................ SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE

  • Tailwind: Gives a +5% MS aura in an 800 radius for her allies. With 21 points in utility masteries, you'll have +11.5% MS out of combat! In combat, you'll have +6.5% MS. This is basically the reason you can skip boots until later, or just go straight into Boots of Mobility and move like the wind.

  • Howling Gale: Your best friend against gap closing and channeling spells. Even though we max this spell last it's probably her best tool in her kit. You can interrupt a whole engage from the enemy team. With some training and good timing you'll be able to stop pretty much anyone from ganking your lane successfully. I rarely channel this spell at all since it's really hard to land it if. But it does have some potential with a fully charged whirlwind and can be adapted to jungle fights and sieges for effective usage but it's far more superior to quick cast it to catch someone off guard or just for the interrupt effect.

  • Zephyr: Does damage, allows you to ignore unit collision, gives movement speed and slows the enemy this is the spell you want to max after E and R. The movement speed bonus allow you to roam really fast and is especially good when moving through enemy jungle to get some deep early vision. The slow it self is a perfect follow up after your knock up, it's really good for keeping enemies at distance or for you and your team to catch up to them. Can be good to finish of fleeing enemies with as well since you move faster when it's not on cooldown. Pretty much the only spell that will do noticeable damage on the enemy.

  • Eye Of The Storm: Your "sustain" spell during laning phase. Time it as often as possible to keep you and especially your ADC from taking damage from enemy poke. It also gives a nice attack damage steroid that will keep your ADC from losing trades. This is the best skill to max first on Janna.

  • Monsoon: This is I'n my opinion one of the best ultimates in the game. It scales really good with ability power and has the potential to keep all your teammates alive during a team fight. It has a huge radius and comes with a nice aoe knock back. This spell has some really cool mechanics and is one of the harder spells in the game to master. Combine the knock back with Flash and you will be able to some really flashy plays.
Here is a highlight video that will give you some knowledge of how to use your spells and the potential of her mechanics.

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Janna has several options on runes and you have to find what you feel comfortable with.

I personally like to pick up a lot of armor for early aggression with Spellthief's Edge and adding Greater Quintessence of Gold to it, to speed up my core build in case my lane has a bad start.

However you should pick your runes after playstyle.

If you tend to be the more passive Janna in lane just keeping your ADC healthy with Eye Of The Storm you're probably better off with AP or gold runes.
If you are more aggressive and trying to get control of the lane early by harassing with auto attacks you should probably go a little bit more defensive. Even taking some penetration or flat AD runes can be helpful for that purpose.

Evaluate your playstyle and try to decide which runes works best for it.

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Gold Income Items

My favorite support item when fully built. The activate+passive gives you and your teammates some really good chase/kite/engage potential.
Good starting item if you want a passive lane where you shield as much poke as possible and your ADC pretty much only focuses on farm. It has higher mana regen than Spellthief's Edge which is the main reason why you would want this item first.

I've pretty much used this item the whole season 4 against any match up. 3x Greater Quintessence of Gold and this item is always a good combo and gives you a steady income of gold during the whole game.

Decent item on Janna and gives you better trades it is a good item against supports that you can easily out trade in lane or just want some early pressure to keep aggressive lanes from taking over. It's especially useful against melee supports, Leona in particular. Put pressure immediately at lvl 1 and try to get her health low before lvl 2. It's worth taking damage yourself and heal up with a potion just to neutralize that lvl 2 engage.

The activate has some damage and a slow effect which can be combined with your whirlwind to have a 100% hit chance and works like a good engage/disengage.

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Core items

Used to be my favorite build on Janna. It's cheap (considering the stats it gives you), it has utility and it comes with a nice healing debuff that spreads like a plague during team fights thanks to your Howling Gale. It gives 35% cooldown reduction (with masteries, but can easily hit 40% by taking 4 poits in Sorcery) and gives you enough mana regen to sustain team fights.

The more mainstream build. Comes with a really strong activate with Mikael's Crucible that can be super important so save someones life. You'll never go out of mana with this build and you get some magic resist as well.

This is a mix of the two builds above which I'm currently using on my Janna. I tend to play a bit more aggressive with this build, especially during laning phase. Starting with three Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation allows you do some early trades to waste the enemy bot lanes potions. Janna is a perfect champ to do "bad trades" with early if you're laning against a non-sustain comp. Go aggressive with your shield and be annoying as hell. Imo it's worth going aggressive and using two healing potions early if you can manage to force the enemy ADC to use his potion. When this is done you can easily out sustain the enemy laners by shielding all incoming poke and doing some low risk trades.

All three core builds are great and I personally prefer the 3rd one but I use them both since I like to mix things up and improve my versatility with Janna.

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I have two options for boots when I play Janna

Crowd Control heavy team on enemy, these are the once you need if you just can't keep it from finding you. Gives some magic resist which is always appreciated and you still move fast like the wind.
I've experimented with Mercury's Treads - Captain in a few games when I use my first build. I really enjoy playing Janna with Barrier, you can do the most crazy baits with it and the boots allow your team to follow up on it faster and it works surprisingly well.

Just having these on Janna is like playing the game on fast forward, we can roam really fast, easily ward wherever we want and still not lose to much xp for it.
In some games I buy Boots of Mobility the first time I back and 1x Stealth Ward + 1x Vision Ward. If I do this I head straight for the enemy jungle and go for deep enemy jungle vision. Images below to see how I do this.

For Blue Side:

For Purple Side:

This will allow your team to keep track on the enemy jungler and play accordingly to his poistion. Your teammates will love you for this and gives your team the knowledge when safe plays can be made.

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Situational Items

  • Team doing good and you're pretty much healthy after every single fight.
  • If team takes a huge beating while fighting and enemy team pays no attention to you.

  • Team going low and you seem to take a lot of mixed damage.
  • Also good if you want some extra soft CC for team fights or disengages.

  • Enemy team has a dangerous burst engage or a lot of magical poke.
  • Pretty much always a good option

  • Keep getting assassinated by physical assassins.

  • You are immortal and no one has the skills or desire to kill you.

These are the items I most frequently build after my core build. Find what works for you and remember to have fun. Lich Bane or Iceborn Gauntlet are always fun options if your team doing amazingly well. Be creative and find what works best for you.

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Summoner Spells

I've been using Barrier in almost every ranked game season 4. Using it to bait the enemy by putting myself in weird positions to make them think that they got the upper hand and you just soak all their burst and leaves them without anything offensive to use on your ADC while she safely picks up the kills. Sometimes you do have to Flash out to get away safely but it's worth it if your ADC keeps getting kills.

People has been like "WTF, JANNA!!! BARRIER, OMG!!! REPORT THIS JANNA!!" - EUNE diamond Players 2014, the whole season. But It works and it's my favorite playstyle with her. It's especially good vs Blitzcrank and Leona who always seems to fall for it.

Other usages:

  • Use it combined with low health to make them overextend while your jungler is on the way to gank.
  • Tank tower while diving.
  • Keep you healthy in team fights so you can focus shields on teammates instead of worrying about your own safety.
  • Soak skill shots that would otherwise kill your teammate.

Always flash. Got so many usages. Combine it with your ultimate to do some crazy plays. With your whirlwind to get that escaping enemy or to cancel a critical channeling spell like Fiddlesticks ultimate etc.

When I'm not using barrier I use this. Perfectly timed exhausts can change the tides of a team fight and win you the game.

Janna is better at shutting down champions and protecting her teammates than killing enemies. I personally don't like this at all on Janna and find Exhaust way more useful. It's not a bad option but it doesn't really suit the way I play her. And If our team is in need of healing reduction I just build Morellonomicon

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Early Game Tactics

Janna is one of the weakest supports in the early laning phase but I'd personally like to put pressure early to have the first few waves pushed into the enemy tower. The first 2 minutes are pretty much safe from ganks so getting early pressure by helping your ADC push the minions is imo always a good idea and getting level 2 before the enemy gets it because you really want your disengage before the enemy puts pressure on you.
Except that try to mitigate as much damage as possible with your shields and don't waste mana on unnecessary whirlwinds.

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Mid Game Tactics

After the pretty much always boring early game you'll become a much better support. Your shield is kinda strong and and you should get some good wards out. Getting/Keeping dragon control is a priority with your warding.
Other than warding, stay close to your ADC and try to push objectives. You have good peel and can disengage most threats easily.

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Late Game Tactics

Keeping people alive is your main priority. Peel for your team, spam shields and slowing bruisers from reaching your carries. Using Monsoon at the perfect time to save your team from losing a team fight.

Try to stay close to all your teammates while staying away from taking to much damage. All games are different and it's hard to say when the right moment is to use whirlwinds, shields and ultimate but I'll usually try to hit as many as possible with my knock up. Shield the one that I that particular moment seems to be taking most damage (or if we have a good frontline that can take a beating I'll usually put my shield on a physical carry to get more damage for our team). The ultimate can be really tricky because of the knockback. It has the potential of keeping your team alive or if you mess up... saving the enemy.

You really have to think about your positioning when using Monsoon. Pushing the enemy to your front line at the same time as healing it is usually a good idea but sometimes you just have to use it even if you are going to keep a enemy from dying just to save one important teammate.

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Support Matchups

Keep harrassing him and try to punish him everytime he has his CC on cooldown. You should be able to disengage him but be careful for his flash knock up combo.

Try to survive laning phase. You can't really trade with her and her all in is scary. Keep your ADC safe and try to stay healthy.

Getting hooked by Blitz can be devastating but you should have no problem keeping the distance from him. When he misses hook seize the opportunity and punish him with auto attacks and try to keep him low, he is no threat to you when the hook is on cooldown.

Braum can be really annoying to lane against. You hit him but he seems to be made of stone. They engage and he just soaks all your CC with his shield and seems unstoppable, his poke hurts and if you get stunned you are pretty much dead. So how lane vs him? Keep distance and try to keep your ADC as healthy as possible try to find angels on the direction of the shield to bypass it if possible or hold your CC until the shield is down. You most likely don't want to have a straight up fight with him before he has been worn down with some poke.

Easy to disengage, easy poke to shield. Karmas poke is pretty much at the same damage as what your shield will absorb. Time your shield and you won't have any problems sustaining vs her. She will however bypass your shield when using mantra so keep using your minions to make it difficult for her to poke.

Janna counters Leona good in the early levels. You can easily stop her engage with your whirlwind with some practice and should have no problem punishing her with auto attacks. At level 6 she becomes a greater threat depending on which ADC she is playing with. Be careful to not get hit by the center of the ultimate and you should be fine. Keep bush warded during lane phase or focus on controlling it.

Nami can be a hard lane. Her kit is pretty much on par with yours but she got better trades than you and more sustain. Playing carefully and if you're able to dodge her Aqua Prison it's a winnable fight. Go for early lane control vs her and push them back into the tower if possible.

Pretty much the worst match up for Janna. Her early damage bypasses your shield and surviving laning phase can be a real struggle if she is aggressive. Play passive and try to shield as much poke as possible.

Stay away from her starcall and keep poking her, no point to try harrassing the ADC. Focus Soraka and this should be easy. Pick Ignite vs her.

No threat at all. If he stuns, just whirlwind and disengage. Punsih him with auto attacks and make him waste mana on healing. Should be a easy lane.
Easy lane if your able to keep distance and dodge hooks, good way is to use minions as shield. Getting hooked will probably end up with you using your flash. I always shield myself if the hook is coming near me just in case, and somtimes I'll be able to make a quick whirlwind and get out before I take to much damage.

This vegetable hurts but the lane completely lacks sustains so she will most likely try to push lane early and keep your lane under tower. Try to out sustain her and punish her, if she gets low on health she will not be able to pressure your lane.

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Slappiz Corner (ignorable)

Bad English and not so aesthetic but it's a guide at least. Feel free to ask me about Janna or the support role in particular in the comments section.

Leave a comment on improvements or if something is missing.

I'll add some more video footage to the guide when I've a enough to make another video (LoLreplay isn't always friendly).