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Shyvana Build Guide by xXLostEnigmaXx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXLostEnigmaXx

Try and Run ( Laning Build )

xXLostEnigmaXx Last updated on November 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So I was pretty psyched When I saw Shyvana Come out, she looked right up my alley for a champ. I'm not gonna sit here on this guide and tell you that this is the only way to play Shyvana, there are PLENTY of awesome builds out there. This is a disclaimer that i HATE when a new champ comes out that it is automatically a jungler. Shyvana has no CC so why not have her dominate the lane and let your Warwicks and Fiddles take the ganks. I succeed with this build very well considering last game was 25-3-26 heh. If you have comments about the build on how to make it better, please be my guest but dont be a pompous prick about it. I'm not too good with stuff like this so the guide is gonna be pretty bare bones because i suck with computer stuff like this but i'll I'll figure it out and update it when I can.

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Pros / Cons

-Great damage and attack speed
-Great Chaser
-Ultimate is available when appropriate
-Farms like a champ
-relies on cooldowns

-Lacks MR
-Lacks CC
-Ultimate not always up for those 1v1 slapfights.
-often CC targeted.
-Relies on cooldowns.

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I took a 21/9/0 approach, wanting offense to reach it full capability. 9 points in defense for a little more tankyness to add to passive and a bit of dodge for survivability.

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Greater Mark of Desolation - Armor Penetration. Self explanatory, you're gonna want to hit hard with your . It helps early game with your combination of your .

- Armor. You're gonna need to keep some defense in lane. The reason I choose these over is Shyvana's passive on Dragon's Descent gives both armor and magic resistance, therefore comnining the two.

- Magic Resist per level. I chose these because Shyvana has a great early game, it is her late game that lacks the resist, unless of course you grab MR items. the build focuses no resist on magic so with these runes, you'll build up a bit by late game. as with the seals, they add to your passive on .

Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Same reason as your marks, hit hard, make em run.

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Summoner Spells

- I chose ghost because it combines well with your W, Burnout in situations such as chasing an enemy as well as a QUICK burst of speed away from them. Shyvanna lacks CC so she needs as much speed as possible to make up for it.

- Because Shyvana Lacks CC this works as an occasional ability to use. Once you get Frozen mallet combined with this summoner spell, you're stuck to you're target like glue. It has it's escape uses.

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People are obsessed with Shyv's ultimate, but to be honest, I get a 1/4 of my kills from it. I chose attack speed items for obvious reasons to proc her ult, but i focused on damage as well with a bit of survivability. I start off with for mobility and because before level 6, you are quite squishy without your passive. YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE WITH THIS BUILD, but you are something not to be ignored. Attack speed form , , and cover you for all you need on Attack speed. I HATE on Shyvanna because i feel like its an item that makes you bulky, but it doesnt do much else, so I rolled with , still giving me durabilty BUT the big thing with it is that shyvanna has no Crowd Control, allowing the mallet to help you "stick' to targets. allows for alot of cheap Kill steals combined with your W in battle, but the main focus of this is to be able to farm, and quickly. In a fight no one is going to want to touch you because you are roughly doing 100 damage per second to enemies with maxed and going.

are my preference, but they give no CC reduction. They may be replaced with .

If you feel you need the MR, forget and grab

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Skill Sequence and Usage

I grab at level one for MANY reasons.

1. Makes you a target melee champs don't want to focus.
2. The speed of it combined with at level one gives you great mobility.
3. In case of a tricky gank, gives you that burst the enemy wasn't expecting.
4. Great for chasing in lane, combined with and you run about at a mid 500's speed for a few seconds.
5. is in my opinion one of the best Farming tools in the game from level 1-18. It will enhance the ability to farm once you get .

You initiate your fights going -> -> repeat until low health. starts up giving you great mobility to land your with Hitting hard with the on the target, reducing their armor. When it is a 2v2 moment in lane and you've sapped one of your enemies health almost to the point of death, I then use in a path to instantly kill one of my targets, and almost as if the dead champ wasn't there, immediately focus the other one, with up hoping to get a double.

In Team Fights this is no difference. If your teams is doing well all game, save for an easy kill on a straggler trying to run or for another time. But, if it's unsure who will win, I initiate (after my tank has absorbed some abilities) in a path far enough to where I will hit the most players, but NOT overshoot the team so i am separated from my group. That is an easy kill for the bad guys. I start to immediately damage surrounding champs. Mind you that in Dragon Form, ALL your abilities are Area of Effect (AoE). for this reason i use to melt 15% of the enemy team's armor and if i'm fast enough, I use to hit all affected. Keep attacking so that you may repeat this process and stay in dragon's form to proc that sequence again, but don't overcommit to a lost fight.

, because of it's flight path can be used as an escape tool, much like blink.

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with this build the only weakness I notice with her is Magic resist, but since i take the fight to them with this build mostly, I see it not as much as a threat when you're the one doing the killing and not running sweating on your keyboard. I hope you liked it and please try it out, I've had great success and fun with it!