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Tryndamere Build Guide by loszavera

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author loszavera

Tryndamere - TOUGH and DEADLY - the tanky Tryn (5v5)

loszavera Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to tanky Tryn

Hi y'all :)

I have played tryn as my main for quite some time now and even though the typical high AD crit builds worked great for me on 3x3 matches (or lucky 5x5) i just couldn't get consistant wins on 5x5. Two main reasons behind this are:
1. In high elo or ranked matches there is no real use for Tryn (he is neither a ranged carry nor a high endurance solo laner, while jungle works but there are many better junglers out there),
2. He is sooooooooooooo hard to farm with early game when against competent opponents and either dies or doesn't do much for a long, long time.

So, I decided to try make him a valuable asset during all game phases(not only late game) and give him a proper role in the team. The typical roles are:
-physical DPS
(where the tank or melee offtank is a jungler while the other takes solo top)

The role I figured would be suitable is something between an offtank and DPS. That means he can solo top or team up with someone in case, for some reason, there is no jungler in your team.

I know it may seem wierd to build a tanky Tryn, but think about it:
1. He has the 5th highest base HP count out of all the champs in the game,
2. He can be immortal for 5 sec,
3. There's an item called Atma's Impaler that givs you crits(duh!), armor and (with his HP) a LOT of damage.

So let's see what happens...

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Pros / Cons

1. This build can solo top (finally a role for Tryn in 5x5)
2. Enemies will not expect you to be so resistant and waste a lot of skills on you if focused
3. Practically just as heavy in damage dealing as AD crit builds
4. Can teleport to and instant kill an unguarded turret
5. Very versatile (1v1, tanky, assasin, pusher, dragon slayer)

1. No lifesteal (trust me. you won't miss it)
2. A bit slower runner without Phantom Dancer (made up by the mobility from teleport)
3. Lacks armor penetraton in core build (so used mainly to drop squishys)
4. With bad team composition may leave your team low CC

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I use standard crit chance marks and quints, armor seals and MR glyphs. This should be self explanatory. Crit chance for early game damage and healing and resistances for survivability.

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Typical 21 in offence. Instead of going for more defence I prefer leveling faster - faster leveling means more HP, so Atma's gives more bonus in addition to survivability, therefore the 9 is invested in utility.

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Unique Skills

This is a build for people who know how to play Tryn, so I feel this chapter is really pointless.

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Of course you are Tryn so you HAVE TO get Infinity Edge, but besides that? hmmm... I don't think anything else is a must. My main goal was trying to get the crit chance and AD as high as I would with The Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer but still be able to withstand some damage. Te defensive runes were a start, but that's not enough. The two items that proved perfect were Atma's Impaler and Wit's End. Along with Mercury's Treads you get about 130 armor and MR throughout most of the game while keeping crit chance and attack speed as high as ever. This is a huge difference in comparision to a "bare" Tryn.

The max damage is still around the 1000 HP mark, so it's basically the same as with Bloodthirster, while offering so much more. The only thing really missing from this build is lifesteal. And, trust me, I gave this a lot of thought. But, here's the thing:
- early game life steal won't help you as much as health pots because you might be harrassed and not get many hits in.
- mid and late game your heal is so powerful that it is enough to keep you at high health.
Besides, think about it... what gives you a better chance of surviving a fight? Lifsteal or armor/MR and tenacity? Tenacity shortens stuns(so you don't really need cleanse), and whatever damage they output, you receive only a fraction of it. So, whatever life you would have stolen, you make up for in not losing it in the first place. Additionally, you can't lifesteal when you are stunned or when the enemy's out of range.

Honestly, I used to be addicted to lifesteal, but with a champ that has so much inbuilt heal, the Bloodthirster is just a waste of gold that can serve you better in defence. There's also another reason I hate Bloodthirster... You are Tryn. playing him well means getting yourself into very dangerous and close escapes. Every now and again they just don't work and you lose your stacks. I've noticed that with Tryn you can go into a fight, kill three, die, let your team destroy an inhibitor. And you know what? That's ok! During late game feeding is not nearly as important as positioning and getting map control. So, I can honestly admit I might die in a teamfight and not waste gold on super expesive items that make you fear for your life.

Generally it's best to stick with the item order at the top:
Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion first, then Mercury's Treads and so on. There's one thing though that my item build doesn't include. If you recall after getting your second Cloak of Agility and you can't afford a B. F. Sword yet, its better to finish your Atma's Impaler instead of buying a Pickaxe. This way you get more AD and it keeps growing.
After I grab my Infinity Edge, Atma's Impaler and Wit's End I have a lot of Armor, MR, AD, Attack speed and Crit chance. The only thing I could really go for is more HP - which in turn gives me even more AD. The obvious choice is the Frozen Mallet. The slow is really just a bonus.

The sixth item is totally situational. It might be the lifesteal you miss, or more resistance, maybe a zeal for more running speed or some Armor penetraton for klling tanks. Your pick, but if you've come this far - you're probably gonna win anyway. Tryn built this way is just a big late game monster as normal AD crit build Tryn.

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Skill Sequence

Nothing original here. One point in E, then you max Q as early as possible and keep W and E about equal with a slight priority to W. Of course your ultimate is top priority.

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Summoner Spells

Ok. I admit it. I can't play without Flash anymore. But guess you can use Ghost or Exhaust here instead. I just love the way flash can be used for a super escape(along with you Spinning Slash) or to catch up with a fleeing target way out of range.

MY second spell is (I admit) a wierd choice. I go for Teleport. Let me tell you why. Tryn is fantastic for bringing down a tower fast. So when you see one unguarded - teleport there and it goes down in 6 seconds from full health. You can also use teleport to help your teammates out in fights or (you are solo top) get back to your tower after purchases ASAP.

Cleanse is a great spell, but with 35 tenacity and more resistances than usual you won't really need it to make a clean escape. Just wait till the stun is over and flash spin away (usually with your ulti on). Sometimes you may even decide to stay and score that double or triple kill suicide. It is really worth it in many cases. But if you have heavy CC opponents and really need a cleanse, then you can buy Quicksilver Sash instead of Wit's End and grab an attack speed item before Frozen Mallet as your sixth item.

Any other spell is a waste on Tryn.

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Be VERY careful early game. The idea is not to give away kills. The good part is you won't desperately be trying to regain life from lifesteal and therefore risk dying. Just calmly last hit when safe (you can use spin to last hit and flash away if in danger). Dont be afraid to recall - you have teleport and XP mastery maxed, so you won't be behind in levels.
Once you get your Mercury's Treads and Chain Vest, you can start getting aggresive. Maybe teleport gank someone, or try push your lane.

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Creeping / Jungling

One more VERY important thing. You are not the team jungler, but you do have insane damage and endurance with your crits, armor and heal, so if dragon is up, go and kill it right away. This really helps your team out a lot and may be easier for you than for your jungler in some cases. Also, mid and late game kill all the jungle creeps whenever you're near them (just leave blue for your teammates). You really need the gold.

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Team Work

You're going to be a loner for a lot of the game. Try convince your team that it's better if they just play safe and defend, while it's your job to solo top, solo turrets and keep slaying that dragon. Occasionally you teleport into a gank or teamfight. But, of course if you're needed BE THERE FOR YOUR TEAM! Oh! and buy a sight ward every now and again. There's never enough of them.

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So you have a heavy AD champ with near 100% crits (that deal near 300% damage) able to resist a lot of damage and be anywhere on the map at any time. What more do you want?