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Tryndamere Build Guide by Zan105

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zan105

Tryndemere, "What's this death you speak of?"

Zan105 Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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About Zan The Great

Hello Mobafire Users!

My summoner name is Zan The Great and i have been playing Tryndemere as my main for a while now, since the release of maybe Ezreal? Over the time playing i have learned a few tips and tricks with Tryn that you might find useful!

Note: This is my first build I have done and it's not finished! Due to the fact i was recently in a car accident and am still juggling my studies i might not have time to get on here often and update it but i will try my best!

Note to all who read: Being my first guide i would appreciate comments, good or bad. Constructive criticism is appreciated!

Don't forget to vote :D

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Passive: Battle Fury This is key, do your best to last hit minions to get that extra bit of Fury, it gives you double the amount for killing blows!

Q Bloodlust Bloodlust is Tryndemere's 2nd most important ability. This will give you enough lain sustain you shouldn't need potions and late game it will save you as you exit Undying Rage. This is also the safest choice for a first ability to take but it varies depending on lane.

W Mocking Shout Mocking shout is great for chasing down opponents but is not limited to that. When I want to go for first blood or am playing against a Physical DPS lane i often choose this as my first ability. Not only does it slow enemies with their back turned it also reduces attack damage of enemy champions. This makes it deadly VS. Physical DPS champions.
On a side note this ability will gray itself out whenever no one is close enough to use it so it can also be used to detect stealthed champions like Twitch.

E Spinning Slash This ability is much like a flash with a low cool down. Using this ability you can spin through walls to catch or escape enemies. On a side note this ability is very great for escaping as Undying Rage is ending. I almost never take this as my first ability. The exception to that might be if i was going for first blood on a jungling champion, it is very good for chasing.

R Undying Rage This is Tryndemere's calling card and, as you will see, is the cause of quite a few nerd rages and calls for a nerf. Undying Rage is great for tower diving or defending against people diving your tower. When you're entire team is dead and there are five champions coming to push your tower it's okay to defend because you hit R and you can't die! It's very important to pop Undying Rage as late as possible!!!! By doing this you ensure you get the maximum use of it because it simply stops your health form going below 1 instead of stopping all incoming damage!

Skill combo's from Tryndemere don't do very much because he is most a right click champion but it's good to hit W E R then back out with E again and hit Q as you are backing out.

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Greater Quintessence of Desolation X 3 = 10 armor pen
Greater Glyph of Critical Damage X 9 = 5.04 Crit Damage
Greater Seal of Critical Damage X 9 = 7.02 Crit Damage
Greater Mark of Critical Chance X 9 = 8.37 Crit Chance

In total you get
Armor Pen = 10
Crit Damage = 11.78%
Crit Chance = 8.4%

This may seem a bit weird but when you play tryn your passive will make your crit chance go up odds are between your passive and items you will spend most of the time between 70% and 100% crit chance.

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Avarice Blade Avarice blade gives you that early game crit you need as well as a bit of extra gold to get your more expensive items sooner!

Berserker's Greaves These are key because of the early game attack speed. This will help with your farm as well as keeping your fury up as you continue to go.

Zeal Get Zeal right away for the extra move speed and crit chance but don't bother with Phantom Dancers off the bat!

Infinity Edge This is Tryndemere's key item. The entire build revolves around this item so don't even think about skipping it! When building it i usually go with Cloak of Agility as my first prerequisite to this item then a B.F. Sword but as long as it gets done it doesn't matter!

Phantom Dancers Now is the time you drop Zeal and grab your Phantom Dancers. The Phantom Dancers Will give you extra move speed which becomes key to tryn, getting in and out of combat is major.

Vampiric Scepter X 2; these will give you that needed life steal to stay up until you get your The Bloodthirster

The Bloodthirster X 2 Just upgrade the Vampiric Scepter to The Bloodthirster this will give you insane damage output plus an insane amount of life steal for each crit.

At this point in the game you have the choice of dropping your Avarice blade for something or just upgrading it into a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Usually I drop it for a The Black Cleaver which gives me a bit more damage output and some armor penn.

If the game goes on to an insanely long point and you have lots of extra gold something i like to do is sell my Berserker's Greaves and pick up a 2nd Phantom Dancers. The move speed is only slightly decreased and this greatly increases your attack speed.

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Summoner Spells

The Good

Flash Flash is great for just jumping in and killing the opponent or escaping over a wall

Exhaust Exhaust is really good for early game VS. other physical DPS characters or chasing down those speedy characters like Singd Gangplank

Ghost Although i never take it I see a lot of people use Ghost with tryn. The speed it gives you can be helpful and it can take the place of flash because Spinning Slash acts much like a flash.

Smite Smite is a must have if you're playing Tryn jungle but I'm not going to go into that very much in this guide.

Cleanse Used to be a lot more useful back when it would get rid of DOT's but can still be helpful when escaping.

The Bad

Heal Not terrible but you shouldn't need it with Bloodlust

Teleport Actually a pretty good 2nd choice, lets you get back into the lane very quickly

The Ugly

Revive I r teh noob

Fortify Tryndemere be no tank!

Clarity Fury?

Rally You really shouldn't need it

Clairvoyance Let a support take it

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Play Style


Tryndemere be no tank!

Tryndemere is a glass cannon! Don't even think for a second of building survivability though!
The only survivability you need is life steal! By the time you get a high level with life steal + crits = full health in like 2 hits...

When you're playing tryndemere the best time to engage in combat is anytime with tryndemere! Only have 100 HP? No worries, pop Undying Rage! When you have no health but somehow can't die you're bound to spike tons of nerd rages from the other team! What fun!

But no seriously Tryndemere can engage in combat at any time he likes just so long his ultimate is up! The key thing about his ultimate is that it doesn't work like Kayles! You have to pop his ult at the last second just before your health goes below zero. This will take a lot of practice to perfect but over time you will figure it out and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The other key thing about Tryndemere's combat is the exit. Sometimes when i enter combat i like to use Spinning Slash to get in but it's more useful to exit. As Undying Rage is ending its key to spin away and hit Bloodlust to get that extra bit of health. If times correctly you can outlast most DOT's and sometimes even Karthuss ult.

Other Things

When you're laning it's sometimes best to hide in the bushes, pop out and poke the enemy. Odds are you will crit on most hits and early game crits are deadly!

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There are a few styles of Tryndemere in lane. The firs style to think of is the overly agressive Trynd. Overly Agressive play is actually doable with Trynd because of Bloodlust. You are able to attempt to zone your enemies by staying on their side of the minions.

NOTE: I wouldn't try this unless two things are present. A) You have a set of Crit runes. and
B) The lane you're against are not Ranged DPS or casters. It's hard to keep them away from you if you can't get close enough to hit them. It's also hard to keep them away if you're unable to hit them for a large amount (Critical Strike)

The next style to consider would be the Defensive Trynd. Defensive play is really good when facing early game ranged DPS or Caster champions. Just simply stay behind your minions and farm when you can. Wait till the enemy is overly aggressive then lunge out and punch them in the face!

The third style of play (One of my favorites) is the Crouching Tiger hidden Tryndemere. In this style you wait in the bush, when they get close you step out and whack them. This really annoys the enemy team and can get you a lot of early game kills if done correctly.

KEY NOTE: Mocking Shout can be used to stop enemies from farming! If used correctly it can lower their damage enough that they will misjudge their last hitting on minions and lose the kill! Doesn't work every time but at the very least wait till they turn their back and just hit it, it's really annoying to them!

NOTE ABOUT THE NOTE: Whenever you hit Mocking Shout and make the chicken pop up over their head make sure you type in chat "YOU IS CHICKEN!!!" It's demoralizing :D