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League of Legends Build Guide Author Linear

Tumbling Vayne ~ A Competitive Ranked Guide (Standard Build)

Linear Last updated on November 18, 2012
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Intriguing Intro

Hello, and welcome to my third guide on MOBAFire, if you haven't seen my previous guides yet, check them out on your right side.

So, why did I make a guide on Vayne? Well, lately I've wondered what to buy as my next ADC champion, and my friend just happened to suggest it to me. I knew that I've played Vayne a few times when I was noob, so I wanted to try her out again, since I'm a heck lot better now. It turned out, my choice was right, buying Vayne was one of the best things I've done in League of Legends. Take it from me, if you're gonna buy ADC, buy either Graves or Vayne.

Why do people play Vayne? Well, Vayne has a really good late game, with a short cooldown escape spell, Tumble. It allows her to escape out of ganks much easier than non-escape spell ADCs. (though the range is quite small)

Now, without further a do, let's get started!

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Hall of Fame

Here, it is where I'll be posting the results of individuals who use my guide. Feel free to PM me the picture.

My Results

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Vayne's Base Stats

Health: 359 (+83)
Health Regen.: 4.5 (+0.55)
Mana: 173 (+27)
Mana Regen.: 6.3 (+0.4)
Attack Damage: 50 (3.25)
Attack Speed: 0.658 (+3.1%)
Armor: 9.3 (+3.4)
Magic Resistance: 30
Range: 550
Movement Speed: 305

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Compelling Pros / Recoverable Cons


+ // Strong late game.
+ // Great farmer.
+ // Escape skill included.
+ // Tons of damage (Phreak).
___ ______

- // Weak early game.
- // Squishy (but who isn't?).
- // Needs to know how to use her combo.
- // Requires good farming skills.

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Inevitable Summoner Spells

Flash, cannot be replaced, no matter the circumstance.
Best summoner spell in the game. Level 1 gank? FLASH! Trust
me, Ezreal guides wouldn't leave out Flash, ever.

SPACEEEEEEEEEEE Cleanse is a very interesting summoner spell, most of
us think of it as a cc remove, and it is what you think it
is, super helpful against hard cc's like Sona's ultimate.

Viable Summoner Spells

Help secure kills and counter the
summoner spell Heal. Also, if
your opponent has a passive support
like Soraka, her heal is reduced
by a huge amount!

Helps you get a little health
back, in my opinion, this is
a bad ADC summoner spell. If
you get ignited, this spell
is almost useless.

Allows you to have the
upperhand in 1v1 battles,
most of the time, your
support should haveve acquired
this summoner spell.

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Profitable Runes

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Very helpful for Vayne, as I said before, Vayne has a very low base AD and a hard time early game, with this rune, you'll last hit and harass easier.
Greater Seal of Armor: Standard. 'Nuff said.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Someone like Sona can't deal as much damage to you.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Must-need.

Viable Runes

greater mark of desolation greater quintessence of desolation

greater mark of desolation: Helps fight against ADCs or supports that has really high armor at level 6 or somewhere after 6. Example Graves and Taric.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed: Not recommended for me, but it's a good choice, helps max out your true damage stacks ASAP.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed: I would take AS glyph than AS mark, I find mark more useful for offensive. And so, this is a better choice.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Supports or APCs that deal more damage mid-late game. Example Zyra and Twisted Fate

greater quintessence of desolation: Pretty good, but I think Vayne needs more attack damage early game.

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In-Depth Look at Items

This is the starting item of any champion, we always choose to
start with this item because it gives good sustain when we don't
have a passive support and it gives good movement speed for Vayne.

This is the early game items which you should be aiming for if
you're not too ahead. The item build below will show what to
build if you're ahead of your foe. So, here we build 2
Doran's Blade for health and attack damage, then we go for
a Berserker's Greaves for the attack speed bonus it gives.
This extra 25% attack speed bonus is just really good for Vayne,
it allows you to max your true damage stacks really fast and
it can help you dominate in lane with the extra movement and
attack speed.

This is the early game fed items. As you can see I maximize
damage at a early level so then I can scare away my opponent.
Then I choose Berserker's Greaves for extra movement and
attack speed. Finally I top it off with life steal, so I can
have infinite sustain in lane. (of course, unless I'm out of mana)

This is the mid game items. By mid game, Vayne should be
a pretty big threat, of course if you play well, you don't have
to go for Guardian Angel so soon, but if you're not that good
at using your Tumble and Condemn, switch out Infinity Edge
for it. But you'll have a pretty big damage loss. If you do decide
to take the Infinity Edge path, take it on your own risk.

This should be your end game build. Unless you're really ahead
and the enemy team builds no armor (impossible), switch out
Last Whisper for The Black Cleaver, with the new update
on The Black Cleaver it allows good armor penetration while
having a good attack damage bonus. Now, to the defense item,
choose Guardian Angel if you find you get focused too much,
and get Quicksilver Sash if you get cc'd a lot. It all
depends on the champions you're playing against, build what
counters them the most.

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Laning Opponents A-Z (ADC and Support)

In this section, I'll only be talking about the most difficult ones or the most common and providing tips on how to counter such pair ups.


Difficulty: 4/5

Caitlyn is pretty scary to all ADCs, because of that range of her's (650). It makes her very hard to reach and very deadly. But there's always a way to counter, you have to make sure you get last-hits without getting hit by her, and dodge her Q by side-stepping. When your minion wave reaches your tower, try to 'freeze' the lane so that Caitlyn would be forced to go somewhere else for the risk of being ganked by your jungler. If you can't quite 'freeze' the lane, tell your jungler to come bot more often then he has to, even if he doesn't get a successful gank off, Caitlyn WILL be scared of being ganked. IMO, just farm until you're level 6, because Vayne's the most deadly level 6 there is.

Difficulty: 3/5

I don't really find Ezreal challenging to lane against, because of the fact that you just have to stay behind your minion wave and farm. He has the same attack range as you, so he can't harass you as much as Caitlyn can. I choose to go super aggressive on Ezreal when I hit level 6 and bought my early game items, I do this because, with my ultimate and Tumble I can dodge his skillshots and deal damage to him at the same time. Although I'm not sure of this, but if Condemn can stop Ezreal's ult, do it! It'll help you a heck lot!

Difficulty: 5/5

I made Graves the most difficult to lane against because of his passive and his early game burst damage. Graves has a good attack speed bonus with his E, which gives him the upperhand before 6. To counter this, farm farm and farm, never go aggressive on Graves, you'll regret it hard. Try to ask your jungler to gank once or twice so then you'll be ahead of him, or else, never go 1v1 with Graves early game.

Difficulty: 5/5

I think Kog'Maw's probably the only one that can have a chance with Vayne late game. They both have % of health skill and very high burst damage. To counter this, play a little aggressive than you usually would, try to tell your support to zone Kog'Maw out of farm range, and whenever you hit level 6, just go straight in, Vayne beats Kog'Maw before level 10.


Below are all 5/5 difficulty.

Same thing as Blitzcrank his Pulverize makes you insane. Ban him if you know you won't be able to get it first.

I really hate Blitzcrank, his pull and punch combo just makes your life twice as miserable. It is the reason why he gets banned 97% of the time. To counter this, tell your captain (first guy on your side) to ban Blitzcrank no matter what, unless he has Blitzcrank and he's first pick. Other wise, don't be stupid and think you'll get it second.

I find Lux annoying instead of powerful, her snares are pretty long and can make you go mad if she lands them right. Just try to dodge, I know you probably won't dodge it 100%, but try. Tell your support to place a ward in the opposite brush, so you'll see it when she activates the skill.

Taric so op! He has a stun, armor/ad/ap buff, and a heal. He's probably the worst support you go against (other than Blitzcrank and Alistar). To counter this, you should stay out of his stun range, which means you must play Taric once to know his range, then you should be safe. Just aware that if he does stun you and you're in life threatening danger, use Cleanse, it's why you even have it.

Same thing as Lux. Zyra has really good abilities to be a support, she has a snare, knock up, and free wards. What's not to like?

Ending notes: I think Vayne is best with Nunu as a support. Nunu's speed buff is like a free Zeal at early levels and when it's maxed it's a free Phantom Dancer. Also, Nunu's ice balls slows down the enemy's attack and movement speed, which is really bad for the opposite ADC. Lastly, his ult. If your enemy tries to get out without flash, you just Condemn them back in.

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Tips & Tricks

  • Tumble as much as you can during your ultimate, because it makes you go stealth for 1 second, and being untargettable for 1 second is huge!
  • Remember to Condemn enemies into walls to activate the 1.5 second stun.
  • When chasing down low-health enemies, you can activate your ultimate for that extra passive movement speed bonus.
  • Try focusing the closest to you, even if it's the tank, as long as your positioning's good, you're good.
  • Do not ever attack people with Thornmail, you'll end up killing yourself.

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Ending Summary

I hope you liked my guide, if you did, a upvote would be appreciated. This is Linear and thanks for reading my guide! PM me for any private questions or just ask them in the comment section, I'll be willing to answer any questions.

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Change / Patch Log

Change Log:

  • November 18, 2012: Guide posted.

Patch Log: