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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malieus

Turret Bustin' Yi

Malieus Last updated on October 31, 2011
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Today I will teach you how to make a lighting fast turret bustin' Master Yi that can help change the course of any 3v3 match, whether you are winning straight out of the gate, or coming back late in the game to gank the Nexus, the other team will cry OP about your Master Yi the entire match! So lets dive in and see what makes this Master Yi so special.

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The Runes I take are an easy choice, because we are taking so many crit build items right out of the gate, you can start critting for 208 once you hit level 2. Even if the enemy brought their tank, with the armor penetration in along side the crit damage, no tank will stand for you long, with Master Yi, speed kills, we finish it off to help boost your attack speed, we are making our Master Yi lighting fast, and an extreme handful anytime Highlander has been popped. 3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation, 9x Greater Mark of Critical Damage, 9x Greater Seal of Attack Speed, and 9x Greater Glyph of Attack Speed.

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The Masteries are really just straight forward, we are making our Master Yi as effective as he can be from beginning to end. Exhaust, and Ignite equals win. I know a lot of you may be scratching your heads with Ignite, let me ask you this, how many times, in 3v3 is there a Tryndamere on the enemy team? Tryndamere is not a problem, not for you, let him lane w/ you, most Tryndamere's like to lane top, which is where your Master Yi should be anyways, when you see that fool pop Undying Rage, use Ignite, it will outlast Undying Rage, a lot of Tryndamere's will pop Undying Rage and try to escape, so as soon as you see him pop it, use your Ignite, the Tryndamere dies, you get the kill, you're team thinks you're a stud, because you were on top lane and they didn't see what really happened. Then Wash, Rinse, Dry, Repeat, keep Tryndamere busy till Ignite is up, then do it all over again, and farm away on him. Treat Tryndamere like a minion, he's good XP. After about the 4th kill, Tryndamere will cry about OP, Ignite, Your Skill Level, refer to you as Newb Sauce, just smile a way and take his turrets. A crying Tryndamere equals Justice for the invention of Undying Rage. It's my goal, to make every Tryndamere player, be forced to play a real champion :)

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Skill Sequence

Your first point should go into Wuju Style, your second point into Alpha Strike, your third point back into Wuju Style, then when you get your fourth point you can finally get Meditate. We want to Max our Wuju Style as fast as possible, because A.) it helps w/ your crit damage, and B.) whenever you initiate a fight w/ another champion, you need to be clicking that bad boy, otherwise just leave it on and boost your auto attacks. The Meditate ability can be nice, for allowing you to stay in your lane longer, but really don't put pts into it too often, we are building to be offensive, not to be a survivalist. At level 6, 11, and 16 put a point into Highlander. After all, there can be only one!

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This build is complicated, and is specifically built this way for a reason, we are throwing off the enemy. It is expensive, so we need gold generating items, and for a short period of time, you will have two gold generating items, one in the form of a
Philosopher's Stone, and the other is Avarice Blade, however you won't build the Philosopher's Stone until it takes the last item slot, and then after you've completed it, then you will be turning the Avarice Blade into a Youmuu's Ghostblade Shortly. Having Youmuu's Ghostblade and Sword of Divine together makes destroying buildings a breeze, you can also use them in champion fights. I also build a Phantom Dancer because it helps our overall theme of crit damage and speed. I like to build Thornmail, but this is all depending on the situation. If it is a Magic Heavy Team, then I build a
Banshee's Veil instead. Most Yi's pop Highlander on turrets, you won't have too. Save your Highlander for champion slaying, you're attack speed runes/items, and the fact that you will click on those two weapons, as well as you're Wuju Style make any turret drop within seconds no matter the life total. If you dropped the turret, and there is still no sign of the enemy, then I pop Highlander on the inhib and watch it die just as quickly as the turret did while my weapons and wuju are on CD, however once the inhib pops, immediately make you're way back to base, because everything you are using is on CD, the only exception to this, is if somehow the enemy didn't bother w/ returning to base, or you just scored an ace, if there are no enemies too be found, then continue on to the nexus turret, then the nexus itself, if the enemy has returned, then don't get greedy, be glad you got the inhib, go back to your base, shop, and allow you're CD's to do there thing.

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5 Tips to Playing Master Yi

1.) DON'T BE AFRAID to 1v1 anyone, you're attack speed, armor penetration, and crit damage is too amazing. Don't ever run if you decide to engage, think of any engagement as a dedication engagement, because even if you are low on life, you never know if that next swing, is going to be a crit swing, and you're crits are so amazing, that it will make the enemy cry op, how did you not die, how did you kill me, and I love this one, how many times have I heard this, it was the minions that killed me, not the champion, he got lucky. I don't know why, but a lot of people will blame a death to Master Yi 1v1 as it was the minions that got them. Am so confused and perplexed by this logic, but hey, if they want to blame the minions, just laugh it off, kill him again, and then after the death say in all, "Those Pesky Minions."

2.) FEAR NO ONE, I don't care if they are tank, range, dps, it doesn't matter, everyone just dies. Now you have to play smart, you need to always be in the top lane, because this is how amazing you are, and if you happen to see a Caitlyn, then stay close to your turret till you get Highlander, once you get Highlander hide in the brush near you're turret, make her think she ran you off, or you went to shop, or simply you're just MIA, then rape her with Highlander, your crits, and her squishiness, just isn't even a contest. You can 1v1 any champ, any time, any day of the week, so do it. Jax, not a problem, I laugh at Jax, because even if he has dodge up, one swing and a crit is all I need. Garen, champion candy, go ahead and swing around in a circle, I'll wait till you're done then pop a Highlander and show you what is really up. Cho'Gath, just pop your Wuju Style and tell him to eat this. Xin Zhao, I don't even know why a Xin Zhao tried, this Master Yi is greater then any Xin Zhao, any time, any place, hands down, Xin Zhao is just a snack. Just be smart about what you are doing, and what it is you came to do, that is all I am saying here. Don't go chase after a Shaco in the brush, he wants you in the jungle, make him have to man up and come to your lane. Think of the top lane, as you're lane, and stay in it, don't chase, or you'll hear Admiral Ackbar shout, "It's A Trap!"

3.) DON'T WORRY about jungling for buffs, allow the enemy to collect the buffs and then bring them to you, because upon their death, you just got the buff for free, and no buff is going to save them from you. However at level 11, Dragon is now you're official pet, go see him everytime he is up. When you first fight dragon at 11, be sure everything is available and when I mean everything I am referring to Highlander, Ignite, Wuju Style, and possibly Youmuu's Ghostblade if you have already gotten it, most likely you have, then after you slay Dragon, you can decide how difficult he was or was not, and then come back and see him again and decide what you are going to burn on him, eventually, you will not burn any cooldowns on him, you will just pop in, say hi, and collect your buff.

4.) KILL THEN KING, kill the champion, then take his turret, it's that simple, once you hit level 6, any turret is fair game after you've killed the champion, push hard w/ Master Yi, make the enemy fight near their turret, that way when they die, the turret is like a gift wrapped present waiting for you to open it. Also when you get your timing good enough, if you slay the enemy, while you're Highlander is up, then all you're cooldowns are immediately available, so if you're low level or don't have Youmuu's Ghostblade yet, then pop Highlander on the turret, if you do have Youmuu's Ghostblade, then pop that instead and save Highlander for the other champions that are on their way to try to save their turret, a turret cannot be saved against a turret bustin' Yi, Not even Teleport, which why some newb would use Teleport on a 3v3 map, is beyond me, but it does happen. The 3v3 map is too small for Teleport, stop wasting one of your summoner spells :p Lets recap, You've killed the champion, you took down his turret, the gank is coming, you pop Highlander, you kill the first incoming, then repop Highlander and kill the other fool that decided to come see what was going on, the only thing going on is this little thing I like to call a feed! :)

5.) AFTER YOU HAVE DESTROYED the top lane including the inhib, go back to your base, then go to bot lane, the super minions can handle top for awhile, typically this occurs between level 8 and 9 of your Yiness. Typically both turrets are still up on bot, and you are just going to go down there, make this a team fight if they are nubs, make it a demolition if they are preoccupied w/ the super minions, some enemies, see super minions as a chance to farm gold, let them, because while they are farming gold, you are already pushing on there bot inhib. You can back to back drop turrets like they are nothing. By the time level 11 hits, all the turrets are done, both inhibs are down, you just slayed Dragon, and are cruising to the win. A typical game, for a turret bustin Yi, is GG before surrender is even an option for the enemy team. Typically, I like to be in the enemy base around the 9 min mark, and just farm them for kills till about 14:30, then I just go to the Nexus before they can quit. If you're up against good players, then most likely you are looking at 20 to 25 mins a game. You're teammates also may vary your time table, especially if you get stuck w/ two random feeders. *shudders* I don't wish that upon anyone. This build can 1v3 though, if necessary.

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Thank You

Thank You for taking the time to review my guide. Please feel free to vote on it, but I ask that you try the build out before you vote, that way you can give positive feedback as to why you did, or why you did not like the build. All questions and comments are welcomed, I do read them, and will respond to anyone who has a question or a comment. Best of luck on your Master Yi, and may you win all of you're 3v3's!