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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nighthawk

Twisted Fate - On Hit Effects

Nighthawk Last updated on April 4, 2011
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Hello :3 Welcome to my TF build. This is an AS build for TF, and it's my first build, so I would appreciate if you left a comment as to what I could do better to change this build.

People currently seem to think DPS TF is the best right now. Well, I tend to agree with them. In my opinion TF doesn't have enough mana to spam his skills for the AP build, he doesn't have very good AP scaling either, and his Wild Cards can sometimes miss the enemy champ and just hit the minions around him/her.

Hybrid TF is a bit better imo, but still doesn't have quite the same damage that I want. There are only a couple of effective Hybrid items in the game, and while they are good, they aren't very cost effective imo.

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What you need

    Twisted Fate
Twisted Fate
Common Sense
The ability to know when to run and when to push
To be able to gank properly

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Best ganker in the game with Destiny and Teleport imo.
Very flexible Early, Mid and Late game (can fill multiple roles on your team, push lanes, take down turrets, backdoor, nuke, harass, farm, jungle)


Slow if you don't have Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility
Vulnerable to CC

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Loaded Dice

Pretty good passive for farming. This build is relatively cheap, so it's pretty likely you'll be done your build before most others are, and be lvl 18 before others are too. Sure he could have better passives, but it does it's job well enough.

Wild Cards

This is a pretty good ability, more so early game then late game (late game you won't really need it) it has a decent cooldown and excellent range, so use it early game when you've pushed the minions to their turret. If they're hiding behind their turret and b'ing, use this to kill them/interrupt their recall. It does a lot less damage past level 7 though, so don't level it up much after that.

Pick A Card

This is your bread and butter skill, and it's amazing. It can be hard to master getting the right card out, but once you do you'll pwn even more. Use it to initiate, use it to chase, but only use it to last hit early game, and even then, reserve it for champions. People rave about how good GC is, but RC is just as good if not better. For our purposes it's not extremely important which one you use, but try and do your best to only use BC if you're low on mana.

Stacked Deck

A great passive. Early game it's great for farming minions, and late game it'll increase your damage quite well and make you into a true nuke. The AS isn't as good late game when you have all your items, but the CDR is da bomb. Mainly I level it for the CDR and the extra damage.

Once you have your Sword of the Divine, Malady and Madreds Bloodrazor you'll be taking off an extra 400 health every 4th attack. With an attack speed of 2.5, you'll get 12.5 attacks per 5 seconds. With the full items in this build, you have 133 AD. So let's say your facing a Nidalee (in this case i'll use The top rated Nidalee build currently on the site; Xaioli's Way of the Spear guide.. Nidalee has 2443 hp, so Madred's will do 98 damage per attack. So 133 + 98 = 231. Nidalee's armor is 0 (in his build it's not, but to make this go quicker that's what i'm doing). So remembering you do 12.5 attacks in 5 seconds, you'll do 1200 hp from Sword of the Divine + Stacked Deck + Malady Your basic attacks do 231 so you'll do 231 x 12.5 = 2887.5 2887.5 + 1200 = 4087.5 damage. Now let's add in the fact that he can teleport anywhere on the map and has abilities, and you have a very good nuke, don't you? It's a bit harder to calculate when they have armor with that particular build you'll do roughly 1445 DPS + 630 Bonus = 2075. If you were actually following that as a practical exercise then i'll tell you that i'm not going to advocate going up against a Nidalee just because my build says over 10 seconds you'll kill them. TF is pretty squishy, so Nid probably will kill you first.


This is one of the best abilities in the game imo. I love it. It's amazing. Always make sure to check what amount of health your enemies and allies have. If you have Destiny and it's 1 v 2 over on bot lane, you might want to Destiny over there and see if you can't save your teammate and get a kill. DO NOT use it to get to your turret or back to base. Every time I see a Twisted Fate doing this I want to shake him by the throat. Every time you use Destiny you should be getting a kill, assist or taking a turret out. Even if you KS your teammates repeatedly, they will still love you since you can take down turrets in about 5 seconds. There is no flexibility in how you level this, it's the ultimate priority.

So your skill leveling priority should look like this: Destiny ---> Pick A Card ---> Stacked Deck ---> Wild Cards

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Summoner Spells

I don't have a clear opinion about which summoner spells you should choose. The only one I think you absolutely need for sure is Teleport because with Teleport and Destiny you'll get a lot more kills than you would without them. From there it's all about your playstyle. If you're a Flash addict, go ahead and take it. Pretty well all the Summoner Spells can fit into this guide one way or another. The only thing I won't reccomend is Revive There ARE times when it's useful, but the vast majority of the time you shouldn't be needing it much anyways. It would be a lot more useful if it had a more realistic cooldown (say 3-6 min) but that cooldown is just a huge turn off. IMO the best spells to complement teleport are either exhaust or Ignite. Exhaust is better imo, but Ignite can **** up that Soraka or Sona who you otherwise have trouble with. If you're worried about survivability and how you'll get ganked, you can go with Ghost or Cleanse. Ghost is probably better imo, since you can use it to chase your enemies as well as run away.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Most of your damage relies on procs, helps out with that too.

Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration Some MP for your procs. Helps with your Pick A Card and Wild Cards too.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration Same as above.

Greater Seal of Vitality Suggested in a comment. Don't really need them imo, and you can still go Greater Seal of Evasion if you're getting Ninja Tabi.

I admit I`m not the greatest at Runes, so if you want to use your own set, it`s fine with me. He can function without runes at all if you`re that level 5 newb who is buying his first character.

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I go for 21/0/9 masteries. The MP/ArP penetration is pretty good. The Exhaust buff is pretty good, as is the CDR etc. Masteries aren't a big deal, imo this is the best way to maximise your potential if you're going nuke. You could also go 9/21/0 if you want the dodge chance for Ninja Tabi.

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Core Items

Ahhh, Items. These are what make TF so dominant on the map, and the items are relatively cheap so youll be able to complete your build quicker than others and start pwning faster too.

Core Items:

There are really only 4 items TF needs to pwn. Once you get them youll nuke exceptionally well and become a carry for your team.

Malady This item is a very cheap, great item on Twisted Fate. It gives you a bit of AP early game, but more importantly some AS and bonus damage that stacks well. Early game this will do a fair amount to enemy champions with your BA. Late game this stacks well with your passive, Sword of the Divine and Madreds Bloodrazor.

Ninja Tabi Boots of Mobility Boots of Swiftness Mercury's Treads

All of these boots work for Twisted Fate. I generally prefer Ninja Tabi for the dodge and extra armor, but you can get Mercury's Treads if your facing a heavy cc team (eg Ryze, Mundo, Teemo) If you didnt get the dodge Runes I reccomend Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness instead.

Wit's End A really great item for TF. Extremely underrated, but when you're doing 210 damage per 5 attacks it really adds up, especially when you have it with all your other procs.

Sword of the Divine IMO the BEST item for TF. Massive amount of AS, and a huge passive that lets you nuke and kill pretty well anyone not just stacking armor items.

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Situational Items

So, the point of this build is to kill things in one form or another. To help you kill things, you have your core items. But now its mid/late game, and im going to focus in on what you should get depending on how your doing.

    If your TF has gone back to his squishy roots and whenever you get close to someone you die horribly or they are pushing your entire team back, grab a
Nashor's Tooth or Zeke's Harbinger or a Frozen Mallet. Your natural AS will help you get rid of those ******* waves of minions trying to kill your turrets, and Frozen Mallet will give you a bit more health to survive more.

If your getting some kills via ganking, but theyre playing cautious and running away the moment you tele in, grab a Frozen Mallet

If your facing a bunch of tanks which are stocking armor items exlusively and you cant do any damage to them, grab Madred's Bloodrazor and The Black Cleaver

If your doing pretty good damage but have to recall back constantly due to low health, buy Zeke's Harbinger and either The Bloodthirster or Frozen Mallet

If youre absolutely pwning, get a Frozen Mallet and either a Madred's Bloodrazor or a The Black Cleaver

Full List of Items for TF

Nashor's Tooth A great item for Twisted Fate. With your passive maxed and this, you max out your CDR, while you still gain a very nice amount of AP and AS.

Frozen Mallet This is how you go from pwning to being legendary completely. Slightly underscores the need for your PAC, though you can still use PAC to initiate.

Madred's Bloodrazor A nice item, especially if they only stack health items. A bit expensive for my tastes, but if you've been fed, this would be a good item to get.

Malady A good item for TF. The passive is very good, and so imo is the magic resist reduction for the rest of your procs.

Sword of the Divine Really nice item too. Some amazing AS and adds a nice passive that stacks with your Stacked Deck nicely and adds some extra damage pretty often.

Zeke's Harbinger A good item. I don't use it much but if you need some extra survivability this is what to get. Later you can either keep it or sell it if you dont think you need it.

The Bloodthirster A good item if you can get it early enough. IMO we're taking advantage of procs, and this doesn't provide any, but it can be a nice last item just to round out the amount of damage you do.

The Black Cleaver Pretty well going to be what you take if your enemies are all tanks or have massive amounts of hp. Won't get it often as it's rather expensive plus you usually won't need it, but if you do get it anybody including full blooded tanks will fall to you easily.

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Laning and Playstyle

Twisted Fate is a great laner. You can take out creep waves extremely fast with just your BA. Early game you want to take out creeps and keep pushing. When your enemy is down to enough health, use your Wild Cards on them and keep taking out minions till its ready. If they decide to hide behind their turrets, then keep taking out minions and when your minions are in their turret range use Wild Cards but dont push. Dont even use Wild Cards if they arent down to a minimum of their health, 1/2/3 bars of health is all they should have. Mid game you want to be taking out that turret while they recall back, and keeping an eye out for any ganks. Anybody with a bit less than half health you should be able to gank 2 v 1 and kill. Late game is a very short phase for you. If you arent being pushed back into your nexus you should be pushing lanes and destroying turrets. If your team is even remotely good you should have 3 turret kills at least by the end of the game. Remember though that you arent invincible, you are still squishy and if you are focused you will die EXTREMELY quickly. Morale of the story, be away from your team fights until they are about to end. Then Destiny in, gank the remaining squishy, kill him and go after the tank. You should escape with relatively good health.

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Item Order [WIP]

First, start out with a Dagger and a Health Potion. Then head to your lane. It's not extremely important who you lane against, but there are a couple of champions who it sucks to lane against.

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Threat List

Top Threat

Olaf - Champion with huge damage and a extremely annoying slow. Don't try and 1 v 1 him, you will need a partner to even do some damage that he can't just heal off with lifesteal.

Pantheon - Stupid *** Shield, but more importantly he has a stun which ****s you up and does huge damage. If you see a Pantheon, make sure you only ever poke him when your alone, and make sure to stay out of his spear's range. Just try and harass with Wild cards, or buy a Quicksilver Sash.

Swain - Can potentially be a huge pain in the ***. Stay out his range of CC and buy a Quicksilver Sash preferably (Banshee's Veil works well, hell buy both of them)

Teemo - Stay out of his attack range and if he runs after you gtfo of there because you will have a hugely hard time if you have less than full health. He is pretty squishy however, so if you play him right you can get a kill on him before he kills you with his crazy AS.

Kennen - uggh...a stupid annoying *** stunner. Wait until you get a tank there, and from there stun him with GC and bring him down a bit of health. Repeat if necessary, but don't chase him. It's a useless endeavor and he can suddenly turn around and put you in serious toruble.

Ryze - Agh, so annoying. Make sure you only engage him when you have a partner. Harass him with Wild Cards but don't get into his range, or buy Quicksilver Sash.

Shaco - Oh ****. Wait until your team gets there. Once they do, CC him but gtfo if he focuses you. He can stun you and kill you easily if your alone, not to mention is a supreme ganker.

Jarvan IV Extremely annoying champ. He has a slow and a knockup and does huge damage. You do have range on him though, so use that. Don't engage him head on though, he will almost always kill you.

Xin Zhao - Very very bad idea to engage him in melee. Be aware he isn't ranged, and if he runs towards you gtfo. Otherwise dart in, dart out and you'll still be relatively healthy.

Lux - Be extremely careful if you have low health, her ult does huge amounts of damage and has excellent range. More of a nuker than anything, but once she uses her ult focus her immediately if she is alone and she will be an easy kill.

Warwick - Huge *******. His stun is so annoying it's horribly horrible. Best thing to do is stay with a tank and stay above 50% health until your ready to engage him. And even then be careful because he has crazy *** damage and lifesteal.

Kayle - Can be very annoying with her slow and splash damage. She can be relatively squishy though, so if you have a tank go for it.

Amumu - If he's a tank, gtfo until he un-despairs, and get out of his stun range. If he isn't, the same almost applies, except you'll have an easier time killing him if he does stun you.

Nasus - With his massive slow and reduction skill, he can be a huge threat in team fights. You can potentially 1 v 1 him if your smart since he has no range, but if he focuses you with wither, gtfo.

Rammus - annoying. If he is a tank, gtfo. He can still be a nuke with pure armor, and don't forget it. If he isn't a tank, be careful because he may out damage you and he is an amazing chaser.

Udyr - Very very bad for you. His stun is annoying and he is a nuke, he will rip you down without a thought. Even as a tank he has pretty good damage output, so be careful around him.

Blitzcrank - Stay out his way if he is close to you...if he is 1 v 1 you shouldn't have much of a problem due to his **** damage output, but in a teamfight you'll want to be out of his range, or you'll die so quick you won't be able to curse those wabbits.

Morgana - Very annoying CC, and can be a nuke. Relatively squishy but still very annoying for you. Buying a Quicksilver Sash will neuter her a little bit, but still be careful.

Urgot - GTFO out of his range, and just get out of there completely. He has super bad CC's for you and is tanky enough for you to be ****ed up and still nuked.

Jax He is a nuke, and you are not AP. If he starts stacking dodge, gtfo because you won't do anything to him, and he will kill you. Simple as that. If he does not stack dodge you have a slightly better chance to kill him, unless he is tank. If he is tank ignore him and run away if he focuses you.

Ashe - If it is a dumb ashe, get her first. If it is not, stay out of her range until you are up a couple of units, she is a nuke and will slow you like a lil *****.

High Threat

LeBlanc Is extremely squishy. However she can be a huge nuker and kill you easily. Remember that and stay out of her range if she has full hp and you don't.

Renekton Try not to engage him. If he's a tank or offtank, ignore him, and if he is a nuke, stay out of his range because he will slice and dice you to death.

Dr. Mundo - Very annoying as a tank. If he is a tank, stay out of your team fight till he is gone.

Vladimir - Very annoying. Ignite or Executioners can greatly help with him, but don't target him first and stay out of his range.

Akali - No real good CC to speak of (her cloudy thing isn't 'that' great), but she will nuke you down like your a gerbil. Stay away from her if she tries to focus you, and never ever 1 v 1 her if she goes Ap or Hybrid.

Nidalee - Not your top priority. Don't focus her till your team has an advantage in numbers, and don't 1 v 1 her. Exhaust and Gold/Red Card can be useful against her, but she is an amazing chaser with a heal, don't underestimate her.

Veigar - Get a Quicksilver Sash against him, and make sure you don't have much AP. A good veigar will eat you alive once your stunned, but he's pretty squishy if you aren't stunned.

Karthus - A hugely huge pain in the ***. Uhhhh...just stay away from him and hide behind your tank if you can. Don't ever 1 v 1 him because you will end up dying, and don't try and harass him either.

Twitch - His slow is annoying, and can be a pain. He can be a hard nuke, but be careful if you can't see him and try to always engage him with a partner.

Cho'Gath - Extremely hard to kill and has huge nuking potential. Stay away from him and you'll do fine.

Garen - A good Garen is baaad news for you. A bad Garen is a relatively easy kill, he is still pretty squishy.

Janna - Extremely annoying with her knockup and slow. Great escaper or chaser, but she is extremely squishy. Engage her with a partner if you like, but especially watch out for her early game, her HG does huge amounts to you.

Mid Threat

Irelia - Can be an annoying nuke. Her TB is annoyingly good slow/stun and she can deal damage. If she is a tank, ignore her and stay out of her relatively short range. If not, you might be able to win 1 v 1.

Karma Can potentially be annoying. She's a great farmer but is squishy and you will kill her easily. However she is a good support and her slow is deadly. Stay out of her range if has full hp and you don't. Often the best approach is to simply overwhelm her before she can harass you.

Sivir - Can be annoying, but more often than not you'll outdamage her and be able to kill her easily if she doesn't run. Be careful about chasing though; her boomerang blade can **** you up.

Miss Fortune - A nuke, plain and simple. her CC is not very annoying to you, but she has good range. be careful of her early game, and don't engage her till late game, where you should be able to outdamage her.

Malphite - Annoying in any aspect. His slow is stupid bad for you, as a tank you can't do much to him and he has a shield. However if he isn't tank you can potentially kill him 1 v 1. Careful of his ult.

Katarina - Can be annoying, but you should outdamage her. If you don't engage with a partner.

Corki - He's a nuke, but has more range than you. Don't dart in and dart out because he'll win that battle. Wait until you have a partner, stun him and try and go to work.

Fiddlesticks - Squishy, but be careful of Drain. A good Fiddle player can still **** you up, and that taunt is super annoying, but on a 1 v 1 you should be able to potentially beat him. Potentially.

Gangplank - Can be annoying, but no real CC to speak of and can also be squishy. Shouldn't have much of a problem with him.

Zilean - Don't focus him and don't try and poke him. Inevitably he'll have low health and you'll have high, and then you can think about getting him if you have team.

Soraka - Can be extremely annoying. Don't focus her unless your team does (which they shouldn't)

Shen - Stupid *** taunt. Unfortunately he's an incredible tank, don't focus him. Thankfully for you the only thing which can get you in trouble is his taunt. Stay away.

Galio - Very annoying. Don't focus him unless he's non tank, in which case even with his ult you should be okay with him.

Anivia - Can be annoying if she is good, or easy kills if she's bad. Be cautious, but ignore her for the most part.

Caitlyn - She has amazing range and excellent damage. She's harder to deal with early game then late game, but you don't want to hang back if you have full hp and she doesn't...that will only push your lane up to the turret. Instead just rush her full on if you get a couple of items, because she is extremely squishy and has no real escape mechanism...only the net will help her.

Sion - If he is a tank, ignore him. Otherwise stun him and then wittle down his shield if you can. He shouldn't be doing huge amounts of damage to you, but if he is, be careful.

Trundle - If he's a tank, leave him for other fish to fry. If he isn't he is squishy and you should be okay with him.

Low Threat

Cassiopeia She can be an annoying stunner/slower, so watch out for that in team fights. However 1 v 1 you should have no problem with her as she has no burst damage.

Nunu & Willump - His stun will eat you alive, as will his ult. However that's about all he has to hurt aware and engage him when there are no minions around so he can't consume one.

Taric - nearly the same as Sion, but Taric does more damage.

Sona - Can be extremely squishy. She is very little threat to you if she is support.

Tryndamere - Easy kills for the most part. If you have a partner just stun him and get rid of him. he can still be a great escaper though.

Ezreal - Squishy as **** and pretty easy to kill. He can be an annoying escaper, but not that hard.

Evelynn - Extremely squishy but can be a pain early game with her stealth. In lategame though, you can probably take her out pretty easily. Don't chase her if she stealthed, or buy a oracles elixir.

Master Yi - Usually pretty squishy, but annoying. No slow if he doesn't have an item, so go ahead and try and get him 1 v 1. Be aware you can't target him when he's in Alpha Strike, so just retreat from him if you can.

Kassadin - Don't bother casting spells around him. If he's a tank ignore him, and if not he should be relatively squishy, in which case you can probably get him, but don't chase after him.

Malzahar - Squishy and easy to kill, but if he ults GTFO because you will probably die quickly if focused.

Gragas - A good Gragas can be extremely annoying. However if they go AP or tank ignore them. His barrels can be easily avoided and the only reason you shouldn't be able to take him is if he goes AD/AS/Tank in which case you may not do all that well without a partner.

Poppy - If she focuses you, run away. She can nuke you down easily but often over extends. Make sure you have a team to bash her on the head when her ult runs down. Also extremely squishy.

Annie - The only reason she's annoying is tibbers. If she goes tank focus on Tibbers not her, and if not beat her down with a stick.

Twisted Fate - Most of the time you will outdamage them if they are not using the same build as you. If they are, wait for a teammate to catch up.

No Threat

Kog'Maw - Relatively easy kills for you if he is bad. Squishy as hell, but his ult can **** you up. Run away once you kill him.

Mordekaiser - If he isn't a tank, he can still be pretty squishy and you can go for him. Just engage him if he doesn't have minions around him though...he can easily farm them and leave you on low health. If he is a tank ignore him.

Tristana - An amazing escape ability, but is extremely squishy. Shouldn't have much problem with her.

Heimerdinger - Not a huge deal. Can be annoying to you with his pokes, but doesn't have as much range as he thinks he does. Watch out for turrets though, they do a fair bit.

Singed - The only way he is effective is if you chase him..stay out of his range and you'll be fine.

Alistar - Don't focus him and don't go in his range, and you'll be fine.

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Well thats my build. Ill try and update it occasionally, and I will defenitely look at any comments you make and reply as fast as I can. Remember that Twisted Fate has amazing potential and you just have to be a good player to make use of him. Hope you enjoyed :3

If im forgetting something or you have any questions/think I need more detail then just leave a comment and ill remedy that.