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Not Updated For Current Season

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Leona Build Guide by blurque

Tank Twisted treeline Leona

Tank Twisted treeline Leona

Updated on December 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author blurque Build Guide By blurque 7 2 51,027 Views 6 Comments
7 2 51,027 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author blurque Leona Build Guide By blurque Updated on December 11, 2012
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This is my first build here on mobafire. I decided on a Leona build for TT partly because it's unconventional but also to see if others think a bit the same about her part there as me.

This won't be a guide that will teach you all the details of how to use Leona's skills and combo's, there are plenty of guides that do this perfectly well. This guide will give you just a quick reference you might want to look into of how to build her on the twisted treeline.

This will be short guide, I won't explain all the choices I made, if you however have a question, don't be afraid to ask. Aslo remember items are always situational, if you're up against a team with Riven, Sivir and Rammus, just stack armor like a madman.

Remember everyone has it's own playstyle and that this guide may very well not synchronise with yours. This is the way I build her, which synchronises well with my play style. I recommend to first try this in a co-op or normal game before using this for real. Try to experiment with other items as well to see if you can find something that works really well for you.
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Pro's and Con's

    Strong CC
    very tanky
    good ganking power
    Hard to farm with
    needs a few items to get going
    low damage
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greater mark of armor penetration This is my mark by choice, it helps you do a little damage early on and enables you to farm a little. Other possibilities are mark of attack damage and mark of scaling health to help you farm and give you tankiness respectively.

This will give you a huge armor boost early on making you nice tanky. There are no real other options for seals.

Since you will get a lot of magic resistance early in your build you can make this one scaling to get better in late game. Other options are Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and it's scaling equivalent.

This will increase your early game damage for you to make ite easier to farm. Pretty much any Quint that increases your tankiness, your CDR or your ability to farm is good.
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Since this guide is about a tank Leona I spend most my points in Defense. Getting CDR in offense and MS in utility. These masteries will make you a lot tankier both early game as well as late game. The CDR will enable you to catch fleeing enemies or to gank more often. The extra MS will be very helpfull to set up a quick gank.

One of the Options you might want to consider is to take Perseverance in the Defense tree. This will give you a bit more health regen. Your core build only has Overlord's bloodmail to get health back quickly so this mastery will help you in this aspect very well.
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At the start of your game take Boots and a Ruby Crystal.
Then build quickly a Wit's End to help you farm and get some MR. Buy a Chain Vest for the armor. By now you should be quite tanky already. So now that your survivability is ok, you should be a bit faster, therefore taking your Mercury's Treads, they also grant MR and tenacity which will make you even more tankier.
For Leona health is a better stat than for most other tanks since she already gains a serious amount of bonus armor and MR from her Eclipse. Therefore investing in a Giant's Belt is very cost-effective.
Building your Chain Vest into a Glacial Shroud will give you some CDR which will help you use that Eclipse more often (which makes a huge difference) and enables you to stun with Shield of Daybreak more frequently.
For Some extra health you can now upgrade your Ruby Crystal and Giant's Belt into Overlord's Bloodmail, followed by a Iceborn Gauntlet for extra damage and CC.
I like to get an Aegis of the Legion after this. Not only makes this item you a true tank, it also helps your teammates stand stronger in fights.

Your core build usually is:

In most games you won't get this far, however if you do..
Your final item is fully situational. It depends on your team and of course on your opposing team. If your enemies have huge magic damage buy something with magic resist, if they have huge physical damage, buy armor. Viable stats for items in this final slot are health, armor, magic resist, CDR and pretty much anything that grants you extra damage. Remember that health is due to your Eclipse usually more cost-effective than armor or magic resist.
My personal favorite item is Black Cleaver since it grants bonus damage, CDR and a bit health.

Always think about what you're going to buy. Do you really need it now, or is there something else that is more usefull? Don't always build what you're usually building, sometimes another item is much more needed than what is listed in this guide. However the core build given above will prove to do pretty ok in over 90% of the games.
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Skills & Skill Sequence

Your passive gives your teammates more damage, this is more than you might think. Therefore it could be a good idea to not spam all your abilities in once but space them out more so your teammates will be able to consume the debuff. This also works for Iceborn Gauntlet. Do be carefull however, if they flash away before you can land Shield of Daybreak can be a missed kill.
Because of this skill I recommend you to lane with someone, the damage will be much higher. I prefer to lane with champions who have damage over time skills or AoE damage over time so you can still spam your skills without wasting the damage of Sunlight. (among others: Teemo, Fizz, Singed, Morgana, Anivia, Brand, Tristana, Gangplank, Cassiopeia, Darius, Twitch)

This grants your best cc and strong single target damage. Take a point early for the utility it grants. Max it simultaneously with Zenith Blade.

This skill will grant you a lot of bonus armor and magic resist, and enables you to get Sunlight on all your enemies with one skill. Therefore it is best to max this first, but take first point at level 3.

Take this skill second so you can do her famous Zenith Blade Shield of Daybreak combo. Max it simultaneously with Shield of Daybreak.

Just max it whenever you can, too strong in fights not to get it, enough said.
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Summoner Spells

For your first summoner spell either take Ghost or Flash. both of these can be used offensively as wel as defensively, they can give you an escape as well as a kill. I personally prefer flash because of the surprise effect it grants.
Your other summoner spell can be Heal, Exhaust, Barrier or Cleanse.
Others aren't really viable.
Cleanse is usually not needed since you have tenacity and Tenacious .
Barrier is very tricky, you can use it to block heavy burst or to lure enemies to a place they don't want to be in. However enemies have the tandacy to focus you less when you have this skill, and you're a tank so you want to be focussed.
Heal can be used to lure or to help your teammates survive a bit longer in teamfights, especially with the change this has become very viable.
Exhaust however remains my personal favorite. It reduces the damage of an enemy insanely AND slows him too. A good use of this spell can thus grant both escapes and kills.
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Play Style

Early Game
In early game you want to focus on farming. Farming creeps is pretty hard with Leona since you are likely to get quite some punishment form your opponents. When you have your Wit's End however you are able to do some jungle camps and gank now and then. I recommend however to stay in lane most of the time. Find a balance between laning and jungling/ganking.

mid game/late game
The mid game usually starts when you get your Giant's Belt. You're pretty tanky. Stay with your team and initiate with Zenith Blade for your team. Stun their most dangerous summoner with Shield of Daybreak and get Sunlight on all your opponents.
When you've won the team fight, push. When you've lost.. well, that shouldn't happen.
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Final Words

I hope all of you have a great time playing Leona on Twisted Treeline. I hope all of you will try it. If you liked it, come back and rate, if you didn't like it, come back and leave a comment on how I should improve this build.

Thanks for reading and good luck all.
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