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Twitch Build Guide by Prophecy8

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prophecy8

[Twitch] - The OP Rat.

Prophecy8 Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Hey folks, how are ya? That's my revamped build of this awesome champ that you guys call Twitch, a stealth rat who put fear in everyone, making them waste a lot of gold to counter it (i love when they waste 400g for an oracle xD). I play as Twitch since last year, err.. 11 months playing as the rat <3 i love him so much, but whatever, let's start the guide.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

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Pros / Cons


+ Really great carry, can destroy enemies with auto attacks of death!
+ His super ult gives you the champion penetration ability!
+ Stealth!!!!!!!!!!
+ Can scout for your team.
+ Put fear in your enemies, since you enter MIA everytime you go stealth.
+ Easy to escape with ambush (except if they have oracles..)



- Squish.. I mean.. A LOT.
- Since you're the carry, every enemy will try to kill you.
- Oracles and wards stop your scouting/escaping with ambush.
- Hard to learn his positioning.
- No items = No damage (need to get fed)
- Easy to counter with exhaust..

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21/0/9 Like all AD carries.

Offensive Tree:
Like everyone, except that i get 4 points in Alacrity because of the AS who helps early game, and just 1 point in Brute Force because i think some AS is better then 2 AD points.

Utility Tree:
- 3 Points in Good Hands, 10% less time dead really helps late game.
- 1 Point in Perseverance just because we don't use Teleport or Ghost.
- 4 Points in Awareness, because that make us more strong than our enemies, and who don't want it?
- 1 Point in Utility Mastery because of the improved time with buffs. Who don't want more time with your red buff? :3

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

  • greater quintessence of desolation: I get armor penetraton runes, 'cause late game they help you a lot with damage, since everybody has a nice armor amount, and with that you can kill basically anyone (:
  • greater mark of desolation: Same as the quintessences.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: I get flat magic resist runes, since Twitch have a low amount of MR, so that make him not too much squish for mages. Help in survability early game.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: I get flat armor seals because with that I can stay in lane more early game, taking less damage from minions/physical based champs.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust: Slow, damage reduction, really nice spell. Good for chasing and escaping!
Flash: So many uses. Used for escape, positioning, chasing, etc etc etc.
Cleanse: Basically a must at ranked, since they focus you a lot more with exahusts, stuns, etc. Really nice choice, I get this in the place of exhaust when I use it.

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Ability Explanation


  • Deadly Venom: Twitch's passive. Does true damage over time, and increases at each stack, up to 6 stacks.
  • Ambush (Q): That's the amazing skill who your enemies fear, your stealth!!!!!!!!!!!! That increases your attack speed, and the duration of stealth rises each lvl. You can do so much with this skill.. scout, use it to increase AS for backdoors etc.
  • Debilitating Poison (W): This is your only CC. Have a high mana cost and that's why we just put a lvl at lvl 8. Increase the slow duration and percentage the more poison stacks your enemies have.
  • expunge Expunge (E): This ability does magic damage for each poison stack you have, and it hits hard, so stack as many poison you can before use expunge. That's nice too since you can get the kill (ks) with another allies.
  • Spray and Pray (R): Ultimate!!!!!! With this you can destroy an enemy team in seconds, if they are in the same line. Your attacks will go through the enemies and this have a longe range. You have 5/6/7 shots when you use the ult and you get an AD increase in the duration.

We want to max out expunge because with that we can get easy kills and harass hard the enemies. After that we max Ambush for the attack speed bonus and we max Venom Cask last since the slow at the first level is all we need.

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  • : That's awesome because increase your attack speed and with the zeal we get early game we don't need to take Boots of Mobility .
  • : Nice combination of AD, AS and Armor Reduction in each hit! You can get Madred's Bloodrazor in place of The Black Cleaver if you're facing enemies with a lot of HP, like Cho'Gath .
  • : Hard AD with critics and the unique passive make your critics hit even harder!
  • : Your defensive item, awesome agains casters but if you're facing hard, i mean, hard CC, you should consider getting Quicksilver Sash . You can take Frozen Mallet too if you don't need the magic resist.
  • : Who don't want AS, critic, and move speed? Awesome item who fits well in the Twitch's carry role.
  • : I get this item late game, since the life steal can help me receive some of my damage back, this is nice to counter Thornmail , since I heal myself while I get reflected, "lowering" the Thornmail effect too.

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I will explain what to do Early, Mid and Late game in this section.

Early Game

Try to last hit as much as you can, but don't just auto attack the minions, ONLY last hit. This will be easy if you're mid, but if you're laning with someone they will get last hits too, getting hard to farm. Harrass with your auto attacks and if you can stack 2~3 poison stacks at your enemy, you can use expunge. Try to enter the stealth when you're not in enemy range so they can't know that.. and if you think you can kill, you have your exhaust for it, you hit hard at early game too and you can do it.

Mid Game
At this point you probably have your Boots of Speed and Zeal , and with this you have a nice mobility. With that you can go for ganks to get gold for your B. F. Sword , so get stealth, Spray and Pray , and at the end expunge for easy kills! (Use Exhaust just if you really need this, don't waste it with easy kills). Just remember to don't walk in the map with no stealth while someone in the other team is MIA, if that happens you're probably dead cause you're really squish. In team fights stay behind your team to don't get focused and wait they use their stuns/exhaust/etc to pop out stealth.

Late Game

At this point, if you're doing well, they probably have an oracle or two, so don't scout, or you will be dead and they will attack your team and they will die, cause they need you to do damage. You can probably 1v1 everyone at this point but if you have to do this, make sure there are no MIAs or they can go to you while you're doing your ~stealth assassin~ job.
Take down turrets and try to backdoor, cause you have a nice AS and a really nice AD, and you can take turrets/inhibitors down really fast.

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You must have be behind your team mates, behind your tanks, because if the enemies get you you're dead. Twitch is so squish, he can die so fast in team fights.. Try to shot from a place they can't go to you or something like that, that's hard to master, but with time you learn what to do.

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The End

So now I finished my way to play Twitch , I wish the people who read this like it, I think it's a good way since I always get nice scores with it. My inspiration is the Xaioli's Build and I learned a lot reading his build through the months, but now is time to show my own. Comment everything you want, with asks etc and I will answer any doubts or argues.

Btw I'm on US server and my name in game is Prophecy8 .
(PS: Really sorry for my bad grammar, english isn't my native language.)

And please, try testing the build before voting!

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.