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Sion Build Guide by Asfastasican

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asfastasican

Typical AP Sion (Dominion)

Asfastasican Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is similar to Tsunamiie's build from solo mid. It's not really a copy of the build since it's a lot different for Dominion, but I figured I'd mention it and give the guy credit. I'm posting it for for my own reference mostly. I wanted to make this guide short and sweet but I never knew about the 5,000 character limit. :(

EDIT (9/27/2011) - I'm trying out Hextech Sweeper and I like like it more with my play style of poking and kiting. Sheen and Lich Bane are great, but I try not to melee much unless I pop my ult.

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You start off with a , and 2 . Since you can't stack Prospector items, this is the most common sense starting setup of items.

You typically get your then grab a Hextech Sweeper. If return back early after dying or getting bursted and you have 330-700ish gold, and an , you can consider getting a Kage's Lucky Pick. If you do get a pick, turn it into a instead of getting a Hourglass in the late game.

You can buy the items in different orders, which means if your farm is good just grab a off the bat then get your Hextech Sweeper after. You can buy any components you want in whatever order you want as well.

After Deathcap and Sweeper, immediately get in whatever order you like. It will give you a lot of magic protection and a nice clickable if you remember to use it and time the clickable aoe well.

If the game is still going on, start building a to top off your armor and give yourself even more ap.

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We get magic pen reds. Since the Dominion buff doesn't give magic penetration, these reds make sure you do solid damage all game.

Ap per level yellows bolster your ap by the late game. Normally, a lot of caster builds and even some ad carries consider getting mana regen per level yellows. In Dominion, mana regen runes and items are a bad idea. It's very hard to go oom even without mana regen in Dominion. Since this is the case, you can afford to go with force runes.

You also pick up ap per level blues because you can afford to. You will get sufficient magic resist and magic damage reduction with Odyn's so there's no use getting those as alternative blues. Sion's shield helps absorb a good amount of damage during most fights as well.

Magic pen quints will further ensure you will get the most damage out of your ap all game long. I prefer kiting people around as opposed to some hybrid ap sion attack builds out there. Having a lot of magic penetration means every stun or shield will hit hard and give the enemies a headache to deal with.

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Skill Sequence

Your and are very powerful and should be maxed first. Max first then .

Getting one point in is fine from the start, because of the extra damage and some of the health gain you get. DON'T FORGET TO TURN IT ON THOUGH! The health gain you get from your creep score with Enrage helps more than you think in Dominion.

You can start getting points in your whenever you feel like it or just max and get your ult last. Every game is different so you have to ask yourself if you need or not on a game to game basis. There are sometimes where you can just go without it and keep putting points into just for the extra health gain.

There will be situations where you are low on health and level up in the middle of a lane. You can always put your first or another point into then turn it on to use it. Your ult is also useful for buying time to cast another shield or stun. It's also useful to turn your ult on and start hitting enemies around you in order to heal dying allies nearby.

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Here are some tips for playing AP Sion in dominion.

- You can decide to push lanes and easily do so by using by stunning the big minion and shield exploding them all.

- Usually as an AP Sion player. you want to run around to poke and kite your enemies with your and . By putting points into those skills first, you don't have to use your ult and sit still to auto attack. Quite frankly, other than protecting you, enemy carries will still be able to burst down you (or anybody else in Dominion for that matter) with a focus fire. Using your ult to gain health back will either buy you time to let you cast your other two spells or save teammates in a team fight.

- You can attack points by stunning defenders with , stepping towards them for a moment, blow your up in their face then take a step back away from the turret.

- Play defense. With your and your and even , you can hold points pretty well, unless they zerg you or use Garrison.

- If you want to wait and see if an enemy will try to ninja one point or another, you can always sit on the speed shrine in between both points and wait for them to make their move.

- Ever since trying out Hextech Sweeper, I've found it useful for a number of things. Besides the ap and cdr, you will find it easy to chase enemies even if they dive into a bush or run around a corner. You can use the clickable to spot stealth by guessing where they are or misting the area around you. You can also nail Akali in her shroud very easily and that's good because she's a popular pick. And of course, you can just mist a bush to reveal enemies that you think may be waiting to gank you or hiding in general.