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Lux Build Guide by ChaosInc

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChaosInc

**** U LUX: Shield + Beam = RAGE QUITTERS!

ChaosInc Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Yes, yes, another Lux guide. Although greatly similar to shm0's guide, the main difference is the item build. In fact, I started with that guide first and tweaked it from there to my playstyle. I'd advise starting there, then come here if you are looking for another option. So there ya go, giving credit where credit is due. Moving on now.

"**** U LUX" is something I hear more often than not, thus the title. If you follow this build and have some skill with the champ, you should be hearing the same as often, if not more. If not, then you're doing it wrong and should probably be using another champ. Truth hurts, but there ya go.

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- Most people who play Lux will claim that this is the best skill out of the 3 standard, and they are half right. It's an excellent escape mechanic and hold while you charge up your Finales Funklen, but the truth is any good player going against you is going to pick up some Mercury Treads to counter you. Because of this, it's not really worth leveling up until later since all you are really going to using this for hold them in place and the duration doesn't increase with rank.

- Your second most important skill. Late game, this + Lich Bane + Rabadon's Deathcap = WIN! The key is to use it as a damage attack. Yes, you heard me correctly. It's about timing. Each time you gain the shield effect it triggers your Illumination, so the trick is to cast it, auto-attack for a chunk of damage and take some damage to get rid of the shield in the process. When the rod returns to you, you gain the shield effect AGAIN, meaning your auto-attack hits for a chunk AGAIN and you are shielded once more, leaving you a buffer to shoot your Finales Funkeln for the kill. If you have failed to kill anything that isn't a tank, again you are doing it wrong.

- I cannot express how important it is to use this correctly. It is your harass. It is your damage. It is your escape. It's literally EVERYTHING you will need during the match. You will want to get this maxed ASAP.

Finales Funkeln - Lux's ultimate. Do not be afraid to use this whenever you think you can snipe down an opponent. If you've ever played a sniper in a FPS, I don't need to tell you that it's best to lead on your target when you fire. 9/10 times they'll walk right into it, despite the giant red beam announcing the shot.

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- If you are solo laning (which you should be), this is your best choice to start out with. Lux's hitpoints are pretty low throughout the game so any little bit helps, especially at the start.

- If you are laning with someone else (doesn't matter who really), you can skip straight to this item. If the game is going well in your favor, it's a faster step to getting your Mejai's Soulstealer. Once you become awesome at dominating mid-lane, you can even skip Doran's Ring and go straight here. If you do, however, you better be damned sure you can survive without the extra HP buffer.

- Assuming by this point you have a few kills under your belt and are about level 6, this becomes your baby. At 20 stacks + Rabadon's Deathcap = 234 AP BY ITSELF, assuming you aren't feeding for some stupid reason.

- By this point the mid should be starting to build up some MR or have swapped out with someone who is. There's a good chance that your opponent is moving faster than you and is becoming more aggressive. Despite what other guides say, I've found that getting boots sooner helps a lot more instead of going for more AP. 20% magic pen is nothing to scoff at. Besides, if they aren't stacking MR, that means you're just doing that much more damage to them.

- The start to the end. Do note that this doesn't add your AP just yet, just some extra attack damage (go ahead, read it closely if you think otherwise), but it does add some extra kick with the effect of your Illumination. An top of that, as noted before, every time you gain your Prismatic Barrier effect (timed correctly of course) procs this. Meaning if you are smart enough to throw your rod, then run away from it for a bit, you'll bypass the 2sec effect CD and have another power shot. Don't worry about going all the way to Lich Bane just yet. Instead, let's try to boost that AP damage a bit more with something better:

- Here comes the pain. 140 standard ability power + 30% bonus off total AP makes your everything you do that much more painful. Not much more needs to be said at this point.

- By this point you should be making money very easily, so may as well get the rest of your goodies from this item. Go ahead and finish it off. If you prefer to get this before your first Rabadon's Deathcap, it's certainly fine, but that's just that much less damage you're doing while your opponent is stacking up their AD/AP to try and outdamage you and your shield.

You can buy of the following in either order, depending on your needs at the time. If you're going against a lot of MR/tanks, take the staff first.
- ANOTHER DEATHCAP? Yes, another one. True, you will not get another 30% bonus, but it's still the highest, non-stack dependent AP item in the game, which means your Lich Bane hits that much harder as well. I've experimented with other items instead, but honestly nothing beats the additional 140 AP when you're out to quad/penta kill their team.

- Needless to say, tanks are beefy and/or a lot of your opponents have started taking some MR items to cut down on your insane hits. An additional 40% spell pen will nullify their silly attempts to tone you done and even add some more AP to boot.

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Items to Avoid

Kage's Lucky Pick - Completely not worth the extra 5 AP and gold when you can exchange that cost into getting your Mejai's Soulstealer sooner.

- By the time you can afford this item, you should be up to 20 stacks and be on your way to having your first Rabadon's Deathcap, which is a far superior investment all around.

All CD Reduction Items - Yes, tossing that Finales Funkeln every 24 sec may be nice (max possible CD reduction), but that's not gonna help much when you can't kill people with it. You have to trade out too much AP to bring your CD that low. Instead, grab yourself the blue buff and maybe a Elixir of Brilliance if you're really that hell bent on getting your CD down that extra 1-2 seconds, but in reality you're just wasting gold.

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Mid-Lane Guide

Soloing mid-lane becomes a cakewalk once you realize one simple truth: YOU need to be the aggressor. Most experienced players know they're going to have issues going mid against a skillful Lux player and for good reason. The key to early lane domination is predicting your enemies movements and some key things to keep in mind:

  • It takes some time for your Lucent Singularity to reach it's target, especially if you're throwing for max range. If you are throwing at max range, aim BEHIND the enemy champ. 9/10 times your opponent will try to move away from you.
  • If you hit with Lucent Singularity GO FOR THE EXTRA HIT. Lux still has amazing range even with her standard attack. Most people expect Lux to back off after landing the singularity... and most do completely forgetting the Illumination effect. This is the difference between a good Lux player and a bad one. You can easily ping down an enemy to the point they have to recall by level 3 and still have full health yourself.
  • Your level 2 spell greatly depends on how you are doing. If your opponent is being equally aggressive and you are trading hits back and forth, grab Prismatic Barrier first. It can literally save your *** even at rank 1, plus give you another advantage in being aggressive; Once they see you have your shield up they think twice before attacking for little-no damage. Meanwhile, toss another Lucent Singularity in their path back. ;)
  • Use your Prismatic Barrier as a decoy. Most players get tunnel vision while playing and the moment they see something flying at them they try to dodge it. In this case, they think it's a singularity. Toss your rod directly at them. If they turn around, wait and throw a singularity along the same path your rod is flying back at you. About 80% of the time your opponent won't notice in time and walk right into it, scoring another hit for you. If they move forward instead of back, simply reverse the process. Once the rod comes back, it'll shield you again and they'll scramble back.
  • If your enemy is low on health and begins retreating WATCH WHERE THEY'RE GOING. 9/10 players run in a straight line back so they can get behind their turret faster. Low and behold, your Finales Funkeln shoots in a straight line! Even if they go into the shroud they have more than likely stopped just past their turret and have begun porting thinking they're out of sight, therefore safe. Prove em wrong, shoot in the direction they were heading and have some extra money. This would be one of the primary "**** U LUX!" moments. =D
  • If your lane is empty, such as after a kill, feel free to head to either other lane to help them out as long as you have decent health. Don't worry about their turret, it's not going anywhere and it'll take you a million years to down it until you get some gear. If your health is low, port back immediately. People who try to stay on low health tend to end up dead. Don't push it; It's not worth them getting a kill. Go back,spend your gold and head back down the lane. Your victim should be back to take another beating.
  • Lastly, don't forget to hit the jungle mobs. At about 10-12 stacks depending on your gear at the time you can take out the entire wraith packs over the wall with Lucent Singularity. There is no sense in passing up free xp and money!

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Duo Lane Guide

It's pretty much the same as mid-laning, except with 2 people instead of one. In this case, you need to play more defensively if you are laning without a healer (which most likely is the case). If you happen to be lucky enough to have a healer with you, go ahead and be aggressive again.

  • Remember that your Lucent Singularity lights up bushes. Use this to your advantage.
  • Don't be afraid to "kill steal". Ignore any crybabies on the subject and don't whine yourself about it. The funny thing you'll learn is that if you don't go for the "kill steal", the opponent will likely flash away near their turret and get away. Whether you get the assist or the killing blow, a dead enemy champ is a dead enemy champ. Meaning they're not making money and not getting xp. Let the elitists worry about their uber kill counts. You're here to help win the match, and last I checked the most killing blows at the end doesn't mean you won. It's as relevant as who killed the most minions.

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Vs. Mid Strats

The following is based on my experiences in mid and are not the "ultimate error-proof

Seriously, with the nerfs Ezreal took a while ago, this champ is easy to mid against. Get your shield up to level 2 and his attacks pretty much tickle you, even his Trueshot Barrage. The only trick is to anticipate his Arcane Shift, which will quickly become predictable when he's using it to dodge your Light Binding. Throw a Prismatic Barrier to get him to waste his teleport, then proceed to eat his face per usual. When played right, you can easily rack up 3-5 kills before having to port back and spend your 2-3k gold.

- Easy
Some would like to say Annie is OP and owns mid, but you can easily prove that wrong. Your power combo early game eats her alive. Keep up the pressure with this combo and you'll have her basing all the time. When she summons tibbers, bind, shield and back off.

- Easy
Ashe is easy to counter in mid if you remember one thing: her Volley will hit minions and stop before it hits you. Use your minions as a shield and as soon as her volley hits your "shield" pop off a Lucent Singularity + auto. Repeat until dead.

- Easy
Since his nerf to two turrets and AoE doing damage, this champ is pretty easy to mid against. Stay back and let your minions grab his turret aggro, then kill the turret. If Heimer approaches, throw a shield up, pop a Lucent Singularity on him and watch him back up again. Lather, rinse, repeat every time he throws new turrets down.

- Medium
The only thing that makes Caitlyn difficult is her starting damage and range. If you can properly learn to anticipate when she fires her Piltover Peacemaker, she becomes a breeze to fight against. Also remember after forcing her to base, take care of any traps on the field while she's gone. They do negligible damage, but can really hurt your escape routes if you let them pile up around you like a minefield.

- Medium
Although the fire effects are nice to look at, they really have more bark than bite. Don't be afraid to keep the pressure on him and you'll find that he's just as squishy as you are.

- Medium
The only thing that makes Fiddle difficult is.... well everything. In this case you don't want to play too aggressively until you know you can score a kill on him. Until then, make sure to keep your distance from him and take shots when you can. If you play it smart, you shouldn't have much trouble.

- Hard
If you are against Anivia mid, kiss kills goodbye, especially against a good player. You have to kill her twice and since your killing blows will most often come from fleeing champs with Finales Funkeln, you'll quickly discover you'll "kill" it behind their turret, allowing birdy to res with full health for free. Your best bet is to try and keep it at bay until you can get some backup DPS to help you kill the champ twice. If you do manage to get a kill or two, consider yourself either lucky or against a really bad Anivia player.

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10/16/11 - Initial release, vs. mid stats not complete yet

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  • Add more champs for the vs. Mid section. There are a lot of possible mids and gonna take time to cover them all.
  • Rune section