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Udyr Build Guide by rawrf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rawrf

uder life stealing

rawrf Last updated on April 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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basic armor seals and scaling magic resist. armor pen for the marks, but attack damage for better early game is a option. lastly the movement speed quints for this build to be effective one of the major things is being by a enemy and always hitting them the more movement speed the better.

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get summoner's wrath for both its ignite and ghost buffs. most of the rest of the build is pretty standard with the exception of butcher i get it cause i don't go for a lot of crit damage when i play life steal games as such. with the defensiveness i get more armor then magic resist cause you need to get in peoples faces in order to do damage.

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i normally follow this set up ;however, if you need more early game life steal then put more into turtle then bear.

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early game advantage

at the start of the game before you buy put 1 point into tiger and use that ability this insures your first hit will do that bleed damage even if the attack speed duration runs out. buy the starting items and run to top lanes furthest bush. wait for the enemy top and once you can easily get him in range run out and hit him once then activate tiger again and hit him again. this puts 2 dots on him dealing around 370 damage including the basics. i've gotten people to base right after this followed with a /all wondering how you did it, or simply forcing them to use 1-2 of the 3 pots. this idea of pre tigering becomes even more deadly the second you hit level 2. now instead of just putting up 2 dots pre tiger in a bush wait for cd on it, run out and hit the enemy top now instead of reactivating tiger hit bear and stun him followed with the second tiger. at this point he doesn't know whats going on and if you want you can throw a ignite in there with a few more melee attacks for the kill.

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mid game

if you have been successful with this so far you should be more ahead then your counterpart ;however, sadly the pre tigering becomes a little unnecessary. as you can see one of my 2 main focuses in this build is speed. boots of swiftness with alacrity, ghost, and the movement speed quints this is for quick bear stuns and the ability to get out when ever you need. if your being chased down activate switch between bear and turtle bear obviously for the speed and turtle for any ranged shots the the chasers might have. if your jungler is sitting in bush waiting for a gank a quick way to get your oponint is to bear then ghost to him get the quick stun then tiger by now your jungler should be on the target as well.

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late game

the other main point of this build is the life steal end game. i normal don't stray out of turtle during this part for the 18% life steal on it alone plus the 15 and 12 on your items not including blood thirster's passive. uder(as i like to call him) has a high amount of health just cause of the champ he is plus the runic ends up around 3000. hes naturally tanky and with this insane amount of life steal he becomes pretty hard to kill. yet hes even harder to get away from with all this speed and his stun its pretty much impossible.